Monday, 15 July 2019

Sorting more seeds

It is a bit grey and overcast here this morning  I said it would be an early start as I have a lot to do in the garden.  However it is chillier this morning than it has been.  I am going to make myself a pancake shortly for breakfast but in the interim before I go down I am sorting out some more seeds to sow.  I am all out of sync on the growing front and am just really pushing my luck and trying things.  However we shall see how things go.  Next year is going to be different as I hope to have recovered the greenhouse by then and be able to get an earlier start on things.  This garden overhaul is causing a lot of work but it will be worth it in the longer term.

As part of sorting out the garden I have some planters which are ideal for sowing a few crops into them direct.  I am specifically at this moment talking about spinach, mixed salad leaves, wild rocket, some lambs lettuce, carrots just to get me started off before I can get the garden cleared and separately grown plants in.  It will be a way of adding useful food items to the kitchen budget for next to nothing as well as adding freshness and goodness to our diet.

I have been very pleased with how the seeds I have sown so far are coming on in leaps and bounds.  At present I can only locate some of my seeds so will have to make do with those for the present.  It will be something or nothing.

I am very pleased with my grape vine this year.  There are several clusters of grapes forming and they seem to be filling out.  I have never had fruit so I am not sure what variety it is or whether it is a white or black grape.  I am grateful nonetheless fingers crossed for the first crop this year.

Before I start in the garden I have a lot of hauling rubbish bags into the front garden to do.

Our roast dinner last night was very tasty and thoroughly enjoyed.  The majority of the meat that is left will be going to OH's pack up this week.  However there was a near enough disaster this morning.  He had gone off to walk Missy.  When he leaves the house he takes with him what he needs for the day and leaves it in the van.  Then on his return he drops Missy off at the back door and I take her upstairs with me.  This morning I received a frantic phone call just after he had left the house.  After going to the trouble of making his sarnies for him last night he had then gone off without them and could I possibly retrieve them and hand them over to him when I collected Missy.

Sometimes they have too much to think about!

Needless to say he has gone off one happy bunny with his sarnies to work and left me with Missy who is hibernating under a throw.

Catch you soon.



P.S.  Hope it warms up a bit later on.

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