Monday, 19 August 2019

Lazy Sunday

We have not done much today.  OH has kipped a little re-charging after the extra work he has done this week.  I sat and crocheted.  All 20 squares are now worked apart from three inches on the last side of the last square.  I am not sure but I do not think I have any more of the grey at home which is the outer colour and which at the moment will be the surround colour as well.  It is much quicker to work each area of each square in bulk and in sequence.  Has taken quite a bit of time of the make.  I am still undecided but I may as yet still add another set of four squares so we are up to six rows x four i.e. 24 squares.  I have enough of the turquoise to do this.

I watched a good programme on BBC2 this morning with Tom Kerridge called "Top of the Shop" which is basically a competition for artisan producers.  I have been watching it for a few weeks and am thoroughly enjoying it.

I also watched the Ulster motor bike grand prix which was very good.

Later watched the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe; not sure what went on but quite a bit of the film seemed to be missed.  I think something went wrong in the playing of it.

We had roast chicken, boiled potato, kale, carrots and peas for tea.  The chicken was one I got from Aldi a much larger one and it was very tasty.  I have at least another couple of meals out of this one chicken.  It was very tasty and went down very well.  We finished off with strawberries and cream again afterwards.

Then this evening's viewing has been Poldark and then on Blaze Knightfall (a storyline based on the Knights Templar).  Both were very good.

OH is home tomorrow.  He has an eye test to go to at the surgery (part of his diabetes testing) tomorrow.

Right must get on.

Catch you soon.



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