Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Lightbulbs - a little secret

The other week I had an incident where five light bulbs went in the house and I needed to replace them.  I originally went to Wilko they had screw in light bulbs.  I don't.  Mine are all bayonet fittings.

I then checked out Dunhelm and because I needed the bulbs I bought them and parted with £26!  Ouch.  Had no choice.  Up until then I had been buying packs of bulbs usually about five to six but these are getting rarer and rarer to find.

Yesterday I nipped into B & M and found bulbs at about £6 a pack but there were in some of the packs six bulbs; but they were cheaper than Dunhelm.  Come pay day I intend to stock up on a few so that I have a ready supply.  So if you have a B & M near you go and check them out.  Will save you a lot of money on light bulbs and other bits and bobs.

I traditionally have nearly always kept a stock of different sized bulbs but with bringing all the stuff back into the house I cannot always find what I am looking for despite having a rough idea of where or where it may not be.

Just thought that I would share.

Catch up again soon.



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  1. You'll have to keep a little notebook of which room things have been stored away in. Lightbulbs need to be accessible so when you find them, put near the door, with contents written on box? We have a box which lives in a specific place in the junk room.


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