Saturday, 31 August 2019

The Marigolds are on

And I am in the kitchen not the dining room. I have decided that I can get more sorted if I can get on in the kitchen a bit at a time.  So here we are with bright yellow Marigolds on working my way through a little then resting a bit.  My energy levels are not what they should be at the moment.  That is why I am resting a lot.  It will take as long as it takes but this time hopefully everything will be sorted out.

We had ham and salad baguettes for lunch.  We have had pork pie and cheese for supper.  I am to cook the chicken and then will use it for a main meal probably on Monday night.  We have a small piece of beef with all the trimmings for lunch tomorrow.

My radio has been relocated to the kitchen.  It would appear that part of the problem with one of the fridges had something to do with a certain cat demolishing the contents of the top of the fridge the radio was on top of the fridge.  Still not sure whether the other fridge is out of action or not.  If it is it is but I want to try and save it if I can.

I topped up yesterday on some ingredients i.e. Arrowroot, polenta, and two bags of rye flour and some couscous.  I Also bought cornflour.  I sorted out my stock pots into new containers and labelled everything so that I could find things easily in the cupboard.  Still a lot of sorting to do but am doing a little at a time.  I did say I was going to reclaim the house and I am doing it gradually.  Just a lot slower than I would prefer.

I have also been doing some research into some further projects.

I am also hoping to get the small dehydrator on the go this evening.  I have breadcrumbs, panko, croutons to dry and also mixed veggies, kale, spring onions all bought reduced to put on for use with soups, in soups and also casseroles and stews.  Every little helps as they say.  Will pop up a separate post on this  shortly.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



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