Sunday, 22 September 2019

Countdown to Christmas 2019 - Day 93- Christmas Decorations Toy Soldier Clothespin Ornaments

Now for a little project using traditional old fashioned clothes pegs.

I have always been fascinated by the Nutcracker Ballet, especially at Christmas since I was a small child.  This December I am going to see my first live Ballet and it is the Nutcracker.  I am super excited.  It is my Christmas present from my friend.

As part of my Christmas decorations I have a collection of German Nutcracker Soldiers, all dressed differently.  Some are automatons and others have musical movements.  The bulk of them were found many years ago reduced in the Works bookshop.  I picked them up for £5 apiece and I think that there are five of them.  

I love traditional wooden ornaments.  They have a naivete about them that strums the emotional strings.  It is also a big part of childhood Christmas traditions like going to see Pantomine and of course the rich tradition of story-telling.  However, this little set, is not only actively making something special but is reflecting those story telling traditions and the special Christmas magic that is all part of a traditional British childhood.  Well it was mine.  Full of music, story-telling, burning log fires, lots of family members spending time together, lots of good food.  The children's party pieces, Charades, dancing, ballet slippers and dancing shoes and gathering around the piano to sing Carols with Dad playing and singing.  Those are the memories I have of early Christmas celebrations spent at my Nan and Pops.              

These are definitely on the list to make.  My clothes pins/pegs are all in a stash ready for working on but I need to get hold of some acrylic paints from my local craft shop.  I might also make some individual Busby hats to put on top of the cotton wool ball hat and I think to protect the paint I would give a coat of varnish.

These little soldiers also bring back memories of my Dad playing the piano at home.  He used to play the Parade of the Tin Soldiers around Christmas.

Hope that this brings back a memory for some of you.

Dad had started to teach me how to play piano before going away to train for a job.  I was very interested in learning to play and Dad had taught me the scales but when I went to practice Mum used to holler at me for making a noise.  Because she yelled I did not go near the piano.  Dad concluded that I was not interested once he was back home and got rid of the piano.  I still have the piano stool where the sheet music used to be stored.  I have promised myself that I will eventually get my own piano and decidely late in life take lessons.  That is on my "Bucket List".  Must learn how to read music soon.

This post has decidedly been a mix of memories, happy times and of making heirloom ornaments for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



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