Sunday, 11 January 2009

There but for the grace of god go I

Just a thought for the day - after all it is Sunday, the day traditionally given over for contemplation and care of others.

We all get downers from time to time in our lives - usually when we get a little frazzled at having to cope with whatever is flung at us in our day to day lives and sometimes ends up too much to cope with. We end up rushing around looking after other people and their problems and nobody seems to be taking any particular notice of us
. Okay, we then end up chucking the rattle out of the pram and feeling all sorry for ourselves. This is the inner ego rising to the surface. We all do it - it is just to what degree. This is a learned behaviour and mind set we get ourselves into which, if we aren't careful can tend to colour our take on life and have very negative tendencies and bring us down even lower. Behaviour patterns are repetitive and you can get stuck in that rut of Why me? Lets turn things on its head and say Why not me? Like the glass half full rather than empty interpretation. This way of thinking helps put a much more positive complexion on our everyday lives and situations and helps us cope more easily because we have a hope that everything is going to get better i.e. looking for the silver lining. It also helps our understanding of others; people only tend to really to relate to what happens to people if they have an understanding (from personal experience) of what that person is going through or experiencing. If they do not have that life experience they are offering left floundering as they do not know what to do for the best. Each of us has our own journey and road to travel pebbled with situations and experiences.

In the present financial climate of today nobody is safe from unexpected situations or things happening to them. Let us have a little compassion and if possible help for others in these situations and rejoice in the fact that there but for the grace of god go I.... it could all too easily be you.


  1. Good luck with your new venture into the world of blogging. I'm looking forward to reading your posts :)

  2. Thank you Alleybea - I am slowly getting to grips with things - although things are not always going where I want them to but I am learning - very fast. Leanne has been very helpful in pointing me in the right way. OH is going to lend me his camera so I am hoping to have a go with photos in due course - I have a lovely little digital one but I have lost a button off it which means I cannot zoom in or out on things. Well off to the drawing board on that. I hope you enjoy my posts.


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