Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Oh what a beautiful morning....

 .......oh what a beautiful day in the words of the song from Oaklahoma.  

The weather for the time of year has been absolutely glorious even I have ventured out in the sunshine for vitamin D and without a coat.  I am hoping the weather continues for the rest of the week then I will be able to get into the garden.

Sadly today I have other tasks that take precedence but it is not for the lack of wanting to get stuck in.  I am housebound today unfortunately.

We went off to the tip to get rid of some old TV.s and computer screens as well as loads of cardboard from recent deliveries.  We got to the tip and it was our turn to go in and we were told that they were closing the tip as there were just too many people inside.  We therefore chose to come home and will go back a little later.

Very frustrating but it is how the cookie crumbles. 

We were greeted by a very unhappy Jack Russell.  She does not like being left, but we chose to leave her today for practical purposes.  If we go anywhere without her she tends to "cling" to us when we do return.  We think she has some kind of attachment disorder as she does get into a right two and eight if left.

This afternoon I did a little sorting in the garden.  Rubbish sorting, and got a lot of stuff sorted out.  Tomorrow the procedure will be repeated.  

We also paid a second visit to the tip.  Successful this time although still very busy.

We have a load more stuff to go and so are planning on an early trip to the tip to get rid of as much as we can tomorrow.  If we have to go again later in the week so be it.  It is slowly dealing with an issue which is gradually being resolved little by little.

My fruit trees were unwrapped today and they are budding.  Still waiting for the other trees to arrive.

This evening I have been doing more embroidery.  Have completed another motif in the second red colour and things are moving along nicely.  The weather forecast for tomorrow is meant to be good like today has been which I am pleased about after that though tiz meant to get colder again.

Right am off for an earlier night being as am up early in the morning.

Catch you soon.



Monday, 29 March 2021


Was grey, but warmer although the wind was blowing slightly when we got up.  I honestly did not think that the sun was going to shine, but it has turned out to be a very pleasant day, and one where I am wanting and itching to be out in the garden.   

We sorted out some more of the rubbish to go to the tip. After we had that sorted, I then unwrapped my strawberry plants (now 24 of them), and gave them a drink. They are doing well too. 

On first inspection my trees seem to have made it through okay (I had wrapped them up as well), but they do need pots of their own and I need compost as well.  Hopefully that will get sorted out during the week.

Tomorrow the weather is meant to be better.  I hope so as if it is I will take advantage and get out into the garden to try and sort it a little.  I need to get down to the bottom of the garden to get the greenhouses sorted.

We have a roast chicken with all the trimmings for tea this evening and are looking forward to that.  After that I shall then set too with my embroidery again.  I am determined to get this done as quickly as I can.  I am enjoying the routine of being able to sit after the work of the day, and sew.  It is very rythmical and soothing (well I think it is). I am getting very excited about some of the projects before me.  There are some super kits to work.  I sort of lost my confidence as to whether I could still do it a bit, but this lap quilt is helping an awful lot with that.  It is not perfect, but that is part of the charm of working needlework.  Those little tiny errors form part of the charm of the piece, but are also a good teaching aid in that you will not repeat that mistake in a hurry.  They make it your piece of work.

We shall be going off to the tip for tomorrow but the car is more or less loaded.  There is a load more stuff to do but this old equipment that is going to the recycling part of the tip and cardboard packaging from recent deliveries so it will be well out of the way.

Our three patio trees have not arrived yet.  There is a Cherry, Pear and Apple trees yet to arrive (for the patio). They are to go into planters too.

Once the greenhouses are up I can get set too with the seed planting.  That is the bit I love doing, but there is a lot of work to get done to achieve this.  If the weather holds good that will help an awful lot.

Right am off to dish up dinner and then resume my embroidery.

Hope everyone has had a lovely day.

Take care



Sunday, 28 March 2021

Having a rootle

In other words having a good nosey into bags and boxes in the back bedroom that I haven't looked at for ages.  Finding kits and wool that I had forgotten that I had bought and my fingers getting itchy as a result.  I have been disciplined though and am not starting anything else until I have the current projects i.e. my cross stitch and embroidery Christmas lap quilt, my decoupage project box and my scrap wool blanket (unless of course I come across a small UFO project that can be finished quickly).  I have not done anything on the lap quilt for the past three evenings but intend to get stuck in again tonight. It has been giving me a lot of pleasure in being able to work and focus on this and I have missed working it.

My finds today were some extra large men's shirts, bought for general crafting and also for doing some patchwork.  You get about a metre of fabric out of a man's shirt for about £2 to £3.  Bargain.

These once cut down will be packaged into small bags in readiness for using for patchwork primarily but also other projects as well.

Here are some I have prepped beforehand.

There are quite a few packs of this.  Think it will be when OH goes fishing or is allowed fishing before I will be able to get to the sewing machine.  Something I am looking forward to as like to use the machine and I still need to learn bits on my machine in any event.

I also found a load of Aran wool that I had forgotten I had bought.  I already have a load of cream in the back bedroom elsewhere.  I had bought pink and green.  I think I had bought this for a crochet blanket.

I also found another couple of kits.

The first is a Christmas sampler and the second is a scenic view.  There is a lot of embroidery thread in this kit.  That might be the next new project after the Christmas lap quilt has been completed.  We will see.

I also spent some time sorting through a previously started kit; I think I have lost some of the threads somewhere.  They will be in the backroom just not where they should be,  It will be like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack locating it; however am sure it is there somewhere.

We were going to have roast beef and all the trimmings for tea tonight but OH is not really hungry so that is being postponed until tomorrow. I am not that hungry in any event - for the best part we eat very well and I know that we are lucky, but I like simpler food too.  OH is not enamoured of my choices but every so often I rebel and have something to eat that I like.  Take for instance last night I had chicken and chorizo Tortellini in Tomato and Basil sauce and it was lush.

The weather has been cold and extremely windy (plus lots of rain) which I have not been too impressed with as its too cold to go out to play.

I have just looked at the clock and just do not know where the day has gone.  That's because the clocks were sprung forward this morning.  Will take me about a week to get used to this, but I do like the lighter evenings.

Right am off to do some embroidery.

Catch you soon.



Friday, 26 March 2021

Bit Better

 I have been a little unwell for the past couple of days but am now a lot better than I have been.

Today has been more normal, but as a result of being unwell, I have not carried out any work on my embroidery for the past two days.

To make matters worse, I have had a flare of the fatigue which I frequently suffer from as well as some other issues and so in reality have not been able to do much but rest.

Today I have taken things easy again, and I cooked a meal fillet steak with all the usual trimmings.  It went down very nicely but I could not eat all of it but that is the way the cookie crumbles.  Nothing was wasted I had assistance.

I did however receive a lovely gift from OH today.  He has bought me this dress ring.  He knew I liked Opals.  He has treated me to this lovely Opal ring.  It has purples, reds, pinks, turquoise, purple and gold tones in the stone itself.  I am extremely chuffed with this.

I am very lucky.

It will be another easy day tomorrow although I might nip into town as there are a few bits I need to pick up in relation to projects at home.

I will leave you with a shot of Missy, who has been in cheeky mode this evening.

Catch you all soon.



Thursday, 25 March 2021


 Have been off colour again.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow



Charting the progress of my lap quilt = Week Two


Here is the follow on post to  Week One of progress on my lap quilt.

Time input carried forward from last week is currently

31 hours and 15 minutes

Thursday 18 March 2021

I spent part of the evening working a Holly Leaf motif photo below then started working this wreath which has slowed me up to do as it is more fiddly.  I worked from 8:00pm  until 11:00pm only some 3 hours only due to me not being 100%.  I have found the smaller items more fiddly than some of the larger ones as I am literally having to count the crosses to make sure that the placement is correct like you would with a counted cross stitch project.

Total time engaged 34 hours and 15 minutes


Friday 19 March 2021

I have managed to complete all the firs colour Dark Red I have been working on the wreath motif this evening.

I started working at 7:30pm until 11:00pm = 3 hours 30 minutes

Total time engaged 37 hours and 45 minutes


Saturday 20 March 2021

I have managed to complete another motif all this particular Dark Red colour in any event tonight which was the Bell motif. I have also started the baubles on the Christmas tree.  However I will photo that tomorrow.  The work on these larger motifs has been slightly difficult in that it has been like normal counted cross stitch where you have to get the stitches in the right place so there has been a lot of counting going on.

Spent another 2 1/2 hours tonight on this from 7:30pm  working until 10:00pm.

Total time engaged 40 hours 15 minutes


Sunday 21 March

I took the night off.  No work done whatsoever and there was a programme that I wanted to watch.  So I played hooky!

Total time engaged 40 hours 15 minutes


Monday 22 March 2021

I finished the baubles on the Christmas tree.

I have also started on a different colour this time Red which is more like a cherry red.  I have also run out of the dark red thread.  I have ordered some of this and some other threads for another project.

Here is the Christmas tree with the baubles worked in Dark Red.

I also started with the new Red thread the rest of the wording on "Noel" and got this completed.  There is just a bit of back-stitch outlining to carry out on this motif

I have also started on the Christmas tree base.  Will show that photo tomorrow once that is completed.

Time engaged 7:30pm until 1.30am i.e. 6 hours.

Will be back on the case tomorrow.

Total time engaged 46 hours and 15 minutes.


Tuesday 23 March 2021

Engaged 7:30pm until 1:00am 5 hours 30 minutes

The Christmas tree base completed.

One of two Reindeer saddles completed.

Santa's Sleigh outer detailing carried out.

A small heart with cross stitch lattice work which I think looks very pretty and effective.

The second of the Reindeer saddles

Total time engaged 51 hours and 45 minutes


Wednesday 24 March 2021

No work carried out as I was feeling decidely cream crackered.  Had the evening off and chilled.

Back to the stitching tomorrow night.

Total time engaged thus far 51 hours and 45 minutes


I am extremely pleased with the progress being made and very surprised at the amount of time I have spent thus far.  Will do another update next week.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 24 March 2021


 Well our Cheese Box delivery from the Fine Cheese Company of Bath has arrived today and of course we have had the inaugural tasting and we are well pleased with the cheese selection which is called "Spring for the Moment".  It consists of a goat's cheese called Golden Cross - this will be lovely with French bread toasted and melted with a fresh herb oil drizzled over.  However it has a good robust flavour very different to other goat's cheese that we have tried and we liked it straight on its own.

Baby Baronet is very different as well which is made with Organic Jersey milk and the texture is very creamy but very different to what you think it will be it is also quite strong would be good melted or served hot with crudites.

Beauford is a delight.  You can smell the flowers of the Alps and it is full of flavour.  Reminded us of Comte or Gruyere but softer textured but much more floral.  Very tasty.

The Gorgonzola al Cucchiaio is soft, creamy and not as strong as you think it will be but that really is lush.

The Lypiatt to us came over as the cheese with the most nose but it is terrily nice.  The texture is very creamy and has more texture than you think.  Has a bit of a zing/acid flavour.

Very chuffed with all of them  The box cost £49 but you get a chance to try cheeses that you would not normally have access to and try some new ones and find some new favourites along the way.  We shall certainly be having some of the above again.

The product is well packaged with recyclable packaging and two ice packs in the box.  Each box is presented with a booklet on how to care for your different cheeses and a leaftlet describing the box you have bought and the different cheeses within it.

The website for the Fine Cheese Company in Bath is

I have also picked up the threads that I had ordered for the next project after the embroidered Lap Top Quilt has been finished.  I have prepared a separate post on this which was posted earlier this afternoon.  There are some free pattern links within that post.

I managed also to do a lot more stitching last night.  Will update on Thursday.

We had a chicken curry using the Balti sauce.  I as usual had copious amounts of yogurt.  The sauce was lovely a little spicier but still very tasty.

Catch you later.


Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Free Diana Vingert patterns


I have spoken of this lady before namely Diana Vingert, who sells on Etsy but also has her own shop.  For those of you interested in having a go at  a new hobby Diana has produced some freebie patterns which are available here.

She has her own shop here as well:

Also check out her main patterns and kits via her Etsy store which is here:

I have to go and collect some threads soon from Hobbycraqft and have bought in the threads needed for the third free pdf pattern which will be my next project after my cross stitch/embroidered lap quilt which is currently being worked.  I have some vintage linen I am going to work this new pattern on.

Just thought I would share for those of you who want to have a go.  Even if you only download the pdf patterns you will have them for when you do want to play.

Catch you soon.



Recycling a cardboard box Decoupage Part One

OH had a delivery of an item for his fishing, the outer packaging of which is an ideal size for keeping my current embroidery project in, particularly my lap quilt with my frame.  I had been using a shoe box but that was a bit of a squeeze.  This holds everything just nicely, keeps everything to hand and keeps everything clean.

It would be a pity not to use the box because of its logo.

Here it is:

Let's turn it round

That's better!  Yes you are reading it correctly although perhaps instead of "Carp" it should have read "Crap".  Please excuse my sense of humour.  OH goes fishing in some wild and wonderful places where there are no facilities available and so he is providing for himself.

In this house if it can be revamped then I will use something more than perfectly suitable for something else.  A case of "Waste Not, Want Not!

I have therefore decided that to make it more "lady-like" and pretty for use that I am going to decoupage it.  I have a box of Victorian decoupage images and I think that these will be ideal for covering the outside of the box just using the images and PVA glue.  Will see how it goes.

Here we go!  I am going to work this alongside working the embroidery.  Will pop up some pictures shortly.

Catch you soon.



Sunday, 21 March 2021

Sunday Potterings

 Not a very early start to the day.  Well to tell a lie it was I was awake at 7:00am but fell back to sleep for another three hours so you could say I had a bit of a lay in!

Since getting up have been pottering around in the house and done a bit of food shopping as well.

We had roast chicken for tea tonight.  The chicken from Stilton Butchers.  Was not too bad. Served it with plain boiled potatoes, shredded buttered cabbage, carrots, peas, broccoli and cauliflower.  Also cooked some whole garlic heads and had some of those all nice and gooey with the chicken as well as some roasted red onion and lashings of gravy. The bonus is I now have some for during the week.  I absolutely love garlic. I do not always do mashed potato as both of us like boiled potatoes that you can crush down with your own fork, which also soaks up some of the gravy and has a bit more texture.  This is how my Nan used to do potatoes for the best part and my mum the Mash!

Needless to say that it has gone down very nicely and was tasty. Sometimes simple food is the best.

I am having a night off from the embroidery tonight.  It was late when we had tea and I have a programme that I want to watch as well.  So tonight is night off and I will return to the project tomorrow night.  I have been very good working the project every night.  I feel a little guilty that I am not working it.

However I do want to have a look at some of my books so shall be browsing through them.

I must get up early tomorrow as I have a lot of housework to do,

Right am off to look at my book.

Hopefully you have all had a lovely day.

Take care

Tricia x

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