Saturday, 28 June 2014

EU Gone mad

I am really partial to Potted Beef - well that is what we have always called it and I have fond memories of going to my Nan's and for Sunday tea we would have her big home made baps made in the Rayburn and then spread liberally with Potted Beef.

Anyway I was browsing in a very well known Butchers to me, a Butchers from my childhood today in Stamford and went in to have a look around and I espied a tray of what was called meat paste so I asked what it was made of and I was told Beef - so I said Potted Beef and he said yes but I cannot call it that!  

So it made me wonder what in fact our Euro Members/MPs whatever you call them, are actually doing  when there are many more crucial problems to deal with and fund especially when you hear of a long held British product not being allowed to be called by its proper name but now has to be called "Meat Paste".  I am of course talking about Potted Beef.  The latest ruling is that because it has an additional ingredient in and  is not just Beef  it cannot be called Potted Beef. I was  bit bewildered by this because I have made Potted Beef at home and it has been made of just Beef - oh and of course salt and pepper which in this country (and many others is known as seasoning).  I think I may be missing something here but not being allowed to call a long held favourite by its true name is tantamount to ridiculous just because it has salt and pepper added.  What a load of Tommy Rot.  Things like that make my blood boil.

This country has many traditional foods which do not need the EU's permission as far as I am concerned.  This is interfering in what are traditional foods peculiar to this country and thank god for the little differences and our customs. They are slowly eradicating them one by one so eventually we will all be clone countries.  How boring.  Before they are finished we will need permission to breathe.  Hands off British food.

Oh by the way does anyone know where I can obtain Hogs Pudding round the Peterborough area, my step-son had it at a restaurant and has taken quite a fancy to it.

What are your views about the Potted Beef.  Would love to hear from you.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Being Tight, being Thrifty

Sorry have been away for a little while real life has got in the way and quite a lot has happened since I posted last.

We like a chicken Korma every so often you know the sort, buy the sauce in the jar, cook the chicken (usually thighs) with onions and then add the sauce.  A simple chuck it together meal but one which is going to come under scrutiny as the sauces are too sweet nice but sweet so I am going to look into making my own sauces and freezing them down.  Its not really home cooking in its truest format, but it could be given a little tweaking and if I batch prepare then freeze I am going to end up with a nice little stock of essentials to rely on from the freezer.  

OH has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes so it is even more important now than it was before.  However I also like Naan Bread and I tend to buy the Clay Oven Companies Naan Breads which are bigger than a dinner plate and come in a pack of three for the price of £1.39.  For one reason or another on the last couple of occasions they have not been eaten probably due to the fact there has been at least a second if not third serving left and I thought OH would eat up the bread to accompany the rest of the Korma which as it turns out he hasn't.  I cannot eat a full one so this evening we have had Chicken Korma together with Naan bread but instead of serving a whole one I have cut them in half and frozen the rest for another day.  I have popped them flat into freezer bags and the beauty is that they will be there when I feel the need for another Korma or Curry and I have not wasted anything. There are now five bags containing Naan bread residing in the freezer. We have to look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. hopefully!

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