Sunday, 31 March 2019

Manic Sunday

I have somewhat a bit of reputation for starting things at odd times of the day.  Last night/this morning was no different in the greater scheme of things.

I had planned on cleaning the fridge out the other day before I went shopping but for various reasons this did not happen at all and in the end I did the shopping and then had nowhere to put the fresh stuff.  Doh moment or what. So that is why last night when most people were going to bed I got stuck in and stripped the fridge out and cleaned it and then popped all the new stuff back in.  I still have another fridge to do but that will be next weekend.

Like today next week is also destined to be very busy/  Two days of this week I am on a course with the DWP and the rest of the days I have other engagements as well.

I did not get to bed until 4:00am (actually 5:00am) and then when I did get up about 9:30am we had a cooked breakfast and then I started in the garden again.  So far I have spent about 8 hours in total on the garden and I still have a heck of a way to go and this is just the herb garden part.  However I did venture down to the jungle and all my trees have survived yippee.  Today has been mostly spent emptying plant pots into the garden recycle bin and putting the good ones in a pile to wash out another day.  I have also found other herbs and some other plants that have also go through the colder months as well so quite pleased although I would appear to have lost my Lemon Verbena.  There was an awful lot of rubbish as well which was sorted and bagged with like for like items.

Once I had finished that stint in the garden I then emptied the van of a load of boxes from the unit.  They were popped into the back yard and then I collated all the rubbish in the front garden and we went on to the tip.

We then walked Missy down by the river and then when we came home I set too and started cooking Sunday lunch a piece of beef and all the trimmings. I went to boil my potatoes for roasties and the hob would not light properly so I cleaned the top down a bit as sometimes that can be the issue and then sent for the Engineer.  He soon had things working for me but it did hold me back a little.  Tea was lush and I have at least four meals out of the meat which I am pretty pleased about.

I am currently in the process of sorting my hair out and tidying it up a bit and I have a wash on and have some boxes to move around a bit so it will be another late night.  Not as late as this morning though.  I also have a relatively early start tomorrow.  Since changing the clocks I have been all over the shop.  Normally I am quite good time wise but I have had no notion of it today.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.



Happy Mother'# Day

I received a surprise bunch of flowers from my step son and they r lovely.  Will have to post picture later on.  We are a blended family and P and L have their own mum'S and two step ones as well.  So it is lovely heartfelt gesture that is very much appreciated.

Our mums have passed over but are still thought of with lots of love and still very much in our hearts and thoughts.  So make the most of your mum whilst you have her abd give her lots of hugs. We wish we could hug ours the thing we miss the most.

Catch you soon and all you Mum'S out there have a super day.

Pattypan xx

Saturday, 30 March 2019


From the earlier post.  

Today started off fair and bright.  I walked into town, as yesterday whilst in M & S I had seen a nice piece of beef that was not too extortionate in price and for which I will get at least a couple of meals out of and also meat for the freezer in gravy; and also for some sarnies.  I am glad to say it was still there.  I also bought a chicken, some strawberries and cream and cheese and then walked back again.

OH had booked the van in for an MOT. It failed as he needs two new tyres and a rear light was not working as it should, but otherwise no hidden surprises. In reality we could have done without this. That is booked in again for next weekend.  However it is a necessary evil as OH works the other side of Peterborough to where we live and it is too far for him to walk.

When I got back home OH was not too long before he came back and he then nipped me to the Italian Shop in Fletton to buy some Italian sausage for tea to be served with mixed roasted veggies which is a favourite meal here.  (We have since had this and it was delish. It was a mixture of potato, sweet potato, onion, celery, carrot, red sweet Italian pepper, and cherry tomatoes with lots of garlic cloves as well which were all roasted in the oven and then the sausage added to cook once the veggies were nearly done).

Once home I set too in the garden and was out there for about 4 hours.  I have made a start and got rid of quite a bit of rubbish, but there is still a long way to go.  This is just the herb garden not the main garden.  I am hoping that the weather stays fair so that I can get out for sometime each day to really start to get it under control again and then get my seeds on the go in the growing houses.  I must say it was really nice to be out in the fresh air.

When we walked Missy down by the river there was a lovely vibrant red sunset, however there was a definite nip in the air and my hands went really cold.  It is nice and warm in the house at the moment although we do not have the heating on.

Much work to do as usual here and it looks as though it is going to be another late night with an early morning as well as weather permitting I want to get back into the garden.  In the long-term have a shed to paint, fences to treat, planters to paint.  I would also like OH to put some shelves up under the windows to put some planters and which in effect will form a window box.  I have brackets for this.  I would also like to do this on the front of the house although I want the planters screwed to the shelves so that they are not easily taken.  I also have my hanging baskets to sort out.  I have found the liners and some of the retracting lockable brackets that can be lowered down for watering and feeding the baskets as well.

It is a big birthday for me soon.  I would quite like some plants for window boxes and hanging baskets rather than any material presents as I get so much pleasure from flowers and the garden.

I am going to keep my eyes open for a wooden or a couple of wooden tables and chairs for the garden which I can overhaul (probably on ebay or freecycle) so that we can sit out in the garden if it is nice of an evening and enjoy being in the fresh air.

My Hollyhocks made it through as have my violets, wild strawberries have self-seeded although I seem to have lost my Rosemary and sage plants.  I had three varieties of sage, a variegated golden version, a standard sage and a red sage. I use a lot of sage so I am hopeful I can replace these.  My hydrangeas did not make it and my two crab apple Golden hornet standards have made it through as have my fig trees.  I will have to check further down the garden for other plants when I can get there however sadly I have lost my bay tree standards; both of them which I am quite sad about.

Plants I would like this year are aubretia, a couple of scabious, all herbs (I have already bought three climbing roses and the maincrop potatoes.  I do need onions and shallots and garlic, rhubarb and salad potatoes). Some of my fruit bushes have made it through too but I shall check further on them when I get down the garden a bit although I shall keep my eyes peeled for a few more.

I also need a washing line putting up so that I can take advantage of getting the washing dried outside.

Right am off to tackle cleaning the fridge.



P.S.  And we have to turn the clocks forward an hour to take advantage of the daylight hours.

Gardening bits and bobs

Yesterday I purchased main crop potatoes.  Rocket and King Edward.  The garden is a mess and my dad taught me that to clear ground and get a good workable soil to grow potatoes to start with.  As potatoes have been so dear recently I decided to do something about it.  I will look to see if I can get some salad ones in as well.  So now to chit the potatoes.

I also bought three roses all climbing ones from the £ shop.  We will see how things go with those.  There is a pink, lavender and red one.  I need to put up an arch or something at the end of the herb garden so that there are no nosey neighbours peeking through.  I have some trellis so will have a word with OH to see what can be done.

I now need to get a little done in the garden and get the growing houses cleaned and on the go.  I have lots of seeds now to get the compost and to get busy growing.

I also have my eye on some violas, and want some basic herbs in the herb garden to get it going again.  The herb stock needs replenishing and the grape vine needs some kind of framework our side of the fence. It will come.  Will purchase some to start with and then grow the rest from seed.  I need to get going.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch up later.



Friday, 29 March 2019


I have had the lurgey again and have only just got my voice back.  Must be all the dust from the clearing out session which is still ongoing.  I really need to get out in the garden but until I get a little clearer in the house that is  not going to happen.  Not good as really I need to be out in this lovely weather.

Its been a really busy week here and me not being well has not helped at all in fact it has scuppered a couple of things I was going to and I hate being incapacitated in any way!  Too impatient by half.

Next week is going to be even busier as I have a couple of day courses to go to in connection with getting a job.  I have also been on a couple of Agency job sites as well.  I do not particularly want to temp for an agency as they tend to milk you for all you are worth, but it may come to that.  Will have to see what happens.   Just hope that what they are sending me on is helpful.  I personally think that I am the wrong age but as another friend pointed out to me it is the end of the financial year so people will wait until their new budgets are in situ before they do anything.  I also think that this who ha with Brexit is up-skittling things as well.

I am appalled at how the MPs are behaving.  The country has voted and decided that they wanted out of the EU.  The MPS are only in situ because of us and they are not reflecting the overall will of the people.  Everyone seems to have their own personal agenda which is contrary to what was voted on and decided on.  Perhaps the whole system needs to be changed.  Perhaps the MPS need to re-apply for their jobs as they are certainly not reflecting the overall decision.

Whilst no fan of Mrs May the woman has been handed a poison chalice.  Whoever was sitting as Prime Minister would in reality be in the same position.  She has tried to negotiate a way out but is hamstrung by the indecision and internal squabbling that is going on within this country.  Politics in this country is a total shambles at the moment and what sort of message is that giving out to the world!  We are hanging ourselves by our own petard!

The time for a referendum about the EU was and should have been before we went into it.  However that was denied us by Government.  I think in future large decisions should not be left to Ministers alone but should go to the country.  I am not enamoured of how a lot of MPs conduct/ or have conducted themselves recently.  All they are doing is undermining each other and the country and leaving a lot of unnecessary bumpy molehills in their wake.  Not satisfactory as you and I pay for this shambolic behaviour.   

Right grump over.

I do not often talk politics but at the moment this is really unacceptable behaviour.

Have a couple of appointments today so must really get a wriggle on and I have not had my breakfast yet.  Perhaps that is why I am a tad grumpy.  Hopefully normal service and mood will be resumed soon.

Take care and enjoy this good weather

Catch you soon.



Monday, 25 March 2019

Sunday Round Up

It has been a busy day - an early start and has been non-stop with no let up.  Starting to get stuff sorted and balanced though which is a good thing.  Don't feel too good at the moment though bit stuffed up with a sore throat.  Fingers crossed it isn't as I could do without the lurgey at the moment.  

We have had a nice tea  - not a joint this week just some double lamb chops served with potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and Yorkshire pudding.  It was quite tasty.  I then treated myself to a couple of fluffy pancakes with sugar and the juice of a Sicilian lemon on.  they were delicious am now completely stuffed.

Have not done too much tonight watched a couple of programmes and it will not be long before I hit the decks.  My back is gipping me too.  Probably all the lifting up of boxes up and downstairs.  

Still finding lots of lovely stuff.  Found my Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Dinner service which has been -repacked in bubble wrap.

Was a bit peeved though as I had a box of vintage musical steins which I had found at the charity shops over the years and a sandwich platter with matching plates. Two of the steins and the sandwich platter were smashed to pieces.  So not a  happy bunny in that regard.  These things happen. The only other casualties so far are a couple of green hock glasses.

Right had better get a wriggle on.  Catch you soon.



Sunday, 24 March 2019

Oh what a beautiful morning

It is cold in the house.  It always is when the sun is out which it is this morning.  The sun is high in the sky and promising so much hope for tomorrow.  Makes you feel good about things. A lovely Spring morning.  

I am sorting the next tranche of boxes and manoeuvring them into place - easier said than done. 

Somewhere along the line I have to find a home for my mother's knitting machines all three of them plus associated gadgets and paraphernalia about 10 boxes in all.  That will have to evolve although they are getting in the way so may have to get them into the loft.  Then there is all the wool and the pattern books.  I am not sure I will ever use them at the moment but will see.  Then there is all the wool which is currently bagged and in the loft.

Yesterday I found more of my green glass and my various Angel figurines and lots of other goodies although some of them are going to have to be thinned out in due course.

We have had a lovely fry up for breakfast.  That should last us until later on.  I have to unload the van re-arrange the contents in the house and then with going to the unit tea will be later today.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



Catch you soon.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Progress Report

Sounds like I am back at school!   No fear at the moment.  Lots of hard work has been going in  behind the scenes and that is why I have been so quiet.  Lots has been done although it does not look like it and lots more is yet to happen but ever so gradually I am getting sorted.  I have spent most of yesterday so sorting We are off to the unit today to retrieve more items and then negotiate where they will go or whether they will end up at the Charity shop.  Lots more rubbish has disappeared and I am off to the charity shop again on Monday morning to take some more items to them.  They are now closed for the weekend.

I have a very large heap of magazines to sort out as well.  That will be time consuming too.  Oh well as I have said before tiz only the depth that varies!

Catch up later am on a mission.

Pattypan xx

Friday, 22 March 2019

Auto-Immune Disease Hope

I follow the Homesteading Family on You Tube and this week's post made interesting reading and in many respects validates many of my views concerning auto-immune disease that I hold and the belief that food is a good form of medication.

A lot of people have auto-immune disease without realising it.

Check this link out here for the main ones but there are loads of others as well.

and for a full alphabetical list of the disorders please go here

Hope it helps nd gives you food for thought.

Catch up soon.



Another lovely day

All this spring lovely weather is making me fidget and itch to get on and do some sorting in the garden.  I have seen some violas that I would quite like but hey ho will have to see how things go.  I am hoping to start on the tidy up in the garden in the next few days that is if the weather holds.  I get very cold very quickly and so it needs to be a little warmer before I start as otherwise I will end up starting something and then end up having to come in which is not what I want to happen. I want my time outside to be effective.  

I also need to get the growing houses on the go. So lots of tidying and sorting out.  I also have to paint the shed, and also a set of planters in the same colour as well as sort out some support for the grape vine  A lot to do out there but first I have to get all the stuff in the house sorted.  

If I can spare a few hours here and there to get things started that will help  -probably as a result of me going stir crazy in the house and a need to escape the confines of four walls.

Today I met another friend who I have not seen for a few weeks.  I had a lovely catch up with her.  My longest suffering friend.    

I am off out on Easter weekend on 19 April in the evening to a concert by the "Illegal Eagles" who are coming to the Cresset in Peterborough and as am a fan of the Eagles in any event and this group are not bad I am looking forward to going out with my mate and her husband also a good mate.  This is their belated Christmas pressie to me.  

I believe that during the day we i.e another friend and I are going to the East of England Antiques Fair which I have never been to before and am very much looking forward to.  So a couple of lovely things to look forward to. Easter weekend is going to be busy.

Then on 24 May 2019 it will be back to the Cressett to see Folk singer Kate Rusby.  G has treated me and my friend  to the tickets.  I love folk music or music that tells a story and Kate's stuff is particularly good and a lot of it is written by her. 

Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

There is also a documentary about her here

Tickets are still available at the following link.  You will ned to register with the site before booking tickets.  The link is here:

I first came across her a good 10 years ago purely by accident and have liked her ever since.  

Another artist I also like is Seth Lakeman.

I seem to have a penchant for proper Folk music.

Right had better get a wriggle on.  Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 20 March 2019


Today has been a lovely day the best part of it spent with a very good friend.  Trouble is when we get together we end up talking the hind leg off a donkey and we end up having a couple of refreshment stops as a result.  Just wandering enjoying each other's company.  All very relaxed, no pressure from either one of us and just simply enjoying being with each other.  What I call a wart's n all friendship.  Those kind of relationships are very special indeed.  

We just wander about window shopping, putting the world to rights and not necessarily buying anything at all.  A very good friend indeed.  The day ends up going far too quickly  and then it is time to go home again.  However it has been a really good day.  

The weather has been relatively mild, the sun has been out the first day of spring and a full moon this evening with a clear sky.  

Before it got dark we walked Missy in relative lightness and whilst walking her I came across a small patch of lovely wild purple violets.  Such a simple pleasure and a snap back to the past.  My father taught us about wild plants from being nippers and it reminded me of days when we would walk and find loads of beautiful wild violets.  Although I always associate the month of April with violets - I know it can be variable.  It was such a simple pleasure but a very gratifying one it so lifted the spirits - not that I was down just a very natural beautiful sight.

Going back to memories, last night I was on You Tube and inadvertently came across some music clips by the New Seekers and Judith Durham.  Now that really took me back to my childhood to Uppingham C of E Junior school, the Headmaster was Mr Hall and my class teacher was a Mr Ainge.  I would be about six years of age.  I remember a trainee teacher coming to the school she was lovely and both her and Mr Ainge to make life more interesting to us taught us the words to  a couple of songs namely Morning town ride and a world of our own and I will never find another You.

It was a happy time for me and before we moved to Peterborough.  I had expected to stay in Uppingham and finish my education there before moving on to the secondary school.  In reality that was not to be for me.

Peterborough was a shock to my system and happened a year later. It was a shock going from a tiny town school to a big city school.  Funny have not thought about that time in ages, I think it must be to do with all the clearing out I have been doing in the past week or so. Happy memories none-the-less for the best part.

It's funny how things or a piece of music can trigger intense memories from some 54 years ago.

Right had better get a wriggle on still loads to do.

Catch you soon.



Tuesday, 19 March 2019

New Product to try

At the weekend, we went to the Harvest Barn Farm shop new to us place to go for wholesome food much of which is grown on the land and has very few food miles.  

As I have said, I went for a sack of  potatoes and came back with a sack of reds for £9.  They are brilliant. The skins are not thick and you get more of the potato for your money.  They are not large but what I call nice roasting size which suits us. 

I also bought a large cob farmhouse bread loaf which was lush and indeed am still using; made and baked within a five mile radius of the shop. Perfect for slathering on home made strawberry jam. I have also had with some home made pork dripping from the roast pork I cooked at the weekend.  So everything is getting used up.  

Whilst there I came across lemonade drinks called Mortuacienne which comes in a variety of flavours.  I chose Mandarine and it was lovely.  It is a little pricy but you are getting a litre bottle.  It is also an old fashioned pressure stopper bottle that I can re-use.  So a drink and a bottle that can be re-used.  It tasted wonderful.  It is very sweet but I loved it.  I shall be buying that again and will be adding to my bottle store as I go along and recycling so a win, win win as far as I am concerned.

I had not come across this brand before and so I did a little research on the Internet.

I certainly enjoyed this lovely refreshing drink.  Sweet yes, but not cloyingly sweet like a lot of pops that you get from the supermarket have.  It made a nice change.  I think that this would be particularly refreshing on a hot summer day and as I have said will increase my bottle store relatively cheaper as well as reusing resources and recycling them. 

Please note this is not an advertisement for specific products.  I mention them as I have found the shop and products I have come across to be of a very high quality - which is my own perception and opinion.  No remuneration has been received or offered.  If I find good things I like to share them with my friends most of whom are foodies and who I think will appreciate quality items.  I think the Farm shop is going to be a useful little venue for those in the Peterborough area or indeed for those visiting from out of town.

Meanwhile back at the ranch operation declutter is still ongoing.  Now I am running out of boxes as some of the ones I had in use had collapsed.  I might have to go and pay a visit to the supermarket to see if they have any boxes available.

Catch you soon.



Sunday, 17 March 2019

Sunday Musings

It has been another  busy day here.  Managed to get all the boxes into the house from the van which was collected from the unit yesterday.

Whilst I was bringing it in, the weather got really rough and windy.  We had a heavy rain-shower everything went black and it came down like a ton of bricks.  Then stopped for a while and then started raining, then sleeting and then a heavy hail storm of large pea sized hail.  It went bitterly cold and even though I was wrapped up warmly to bring everything in it was absolutely bitter.  The actual weather forecast was fair for this area no mention of any rain, sleet or hail!

We then went back to the unit.  Picked up another van full of stuff which I have yet to bring in but that can be done gradually.  We are back there again at the weekend.

We have had one accident down to one of the cats jumping on one of the boxes and breaking a couple of green glasses but otherwise as far as I can tell everything seems to be in safely.

We have had a late tea, the roast pork, roast potatoes, shredded spring cabbage, kale tops (there is a specific name cannot think of it at the moment) carrots, and cauliflower with lashings of gravy and apple sauce.  Was very tasty and there was lots of crackling too.

Am now in the process of preparing OH's clothing for work and also his pack up.  We have the heating on as it is bitterly cold.  Temperature earlier on was 6 degrees with a wind-chill factor of -1.  Supposedly will be down to minus 2 at approximately 4:00am so I want the house nice and warm.  We need to be comfy as do the animals.

It will be back to sorting out and taking stuff to the charity shop tomorrow and then stacking the boxes in the spare room.

I have a couple of lunches this week but for the best part am going to be getting stuck in with the overall sorting.  Its a case of stack this and that and then when a new batch of stuff comes in needs re-organising and re-stacking so that you get the optimum benefit.  I have to keep shuffling away with it and then should get everything in.

Right am off to finish off.  Hopefully will catch up sometime tomorrow.

Take care.



Saturday, 16 March 2019

A bit of a catch up

It has been a manic week, as this week has mostly been for me dealing with decluttering, taking stuff to the charity shop and re-sorting and stacking those items I am keeping little by little and of course chucking out any rubbish. We ended up having to go to the tip as I had sorted out such a lot of stuff and decided to dump stuff I was going to use due to time constraints.  However as I say the Charity shop has benefited considerably.

I have found loads of stuff I had forgotten about.  I even found a small occasional table that I could not remember buying. 

We started today by going to the tip first.  On the way back we called into a new to us Farm Shop and were very impressed with the produce.  It is called the Harvest Barn and is on the back road to Ramsey.  Lots of good wholesome food different brands to what we are used to seeing which was great from my perspective as there were no end of new flavours available.  Needless to say think will be going back there are some point.  Not necessarily the cheapest but lots of lovely food . We had called in for a sack of potatoes as  I decided that I was not paying £12.50 for a sack.  I have a sack of reds which were £9.  Will see what they are like but normally I have found in the past that red potatoes make good eating.  They also have a nice cafĂ© area and serve Sunday lunches at £7.50 per head.  

We then went on to our unit and bought back a load more stuff to the house as well.  As I say, it is a thorough 32 years clear-out.  Although all consuming at the moment it will pay off in the long run as I am deciding what I really need to keep and that which can be passed on.

After coming back from the Unit I have added more stuff to the stash.  I found in the unit a couple of water colour paintings that were bought back from Venice by my Great Aunt Kit as a present for my grandmother.  They were always hung in her front room/best room.  They will need re-framing as the frames that they are in are extremely fragile but it was good to see them again and once re-framed they will be put up in the lounge.

I have also located my lead crystal decanters, some of my green glass collection, some of my glass cake stands so far.  Once I have everything in the house I will be able to marry up like with like and get it packed together.  I have also come across some more of my 1920's vases as well as my stash of vellum bound classics.

I am now absolutely shattered and am not going to be long before I go to bed.  

We are off to the unit again tomorrow to gather more stuff and then get that sorted as well.  I have planned for Sunday dinner tomorrow, roast pork, roast potatoes, shredded cabbage, mashed potato, carrots and broccoli and am looking forward to that.

Right I had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you shortly.



I have also been sorting out on the clothes front.  11 years ago I was a size 24 - because in the past I have yo-yo'd with my weight I have hung on to the larger clothing just in case.  However I have gone down at least six sizes in the meantime and I have gone through some of the clothes and sent them to the Charity shop also.  So it really is being a sort out all the way round.  

I have also found my stash of Christmas panels so I think once I have this sort out concluded that I will spend some time making these up to get them out of the way with.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Deep in 32 Years

of accumulated items for sorting.  Yes I have started with a vengeance.  I am taking a few minutes out to post this being as I have not posted for a day or two.

Operation Back Bedroom is well under way.  The whole house has been turned into a disaster in the process but I have turfed out loads of rubbish and rehomed lots of items. This is going to be ongoing for at least a week or two the sorting etc. I had collected together a load of old jeans for turning into a rag rug.  Some of the bits are cut and in use but the others were taking up too much room so they are being sent to the recycling section at our tip.  There are also some old jars I had put to one side which are also going there.

Found loads of stuff and UFOs I had forgotten about.  Loads of stuff which has outlived its usefulness with us has been relocated to the Charity shop for them to make funds and for someone else to get some usefulness out of said items.  A scanner, fax phone, money sorter, old plant stands, chair, lots of machine knitting wool, ordinary wool, a bag of fabric scraps, some old part works no longer needed, clothes that are far too large for me now and lots of other items have also found there way there.  

I have also found loads of items which I can utilise in the house as well so it is turning very much into a positive experience and cathartic in so many other ways as well.

In the process of sorting I have found some of my Christmas decorations that I had been unable to find and they are all sorted now together so that I can find them next time.  Mind you am still finding loads more but as long as they are all roughly all together and can be easily accessible then that is the main thing.

I am also going to be having a good sort out on the magazine front at a later date.  I have craft, sewing, knitting and gardening magazines to sort through decide which ones I would like to keep and then pass on those cannot keep.  It is not that I don't want them but I have nowhere to keep them at present. 

I have also found material I bought to make some suits so it looks as though will be revisiting the dressmaking at a later stage too. Think there might be enough fabric to make trousers too!

I have also located the card table that came from my Nan's. It needs some TLC but at least the green baize is in reasonable condition. It is a collapsible one.  Have also found a load of games as well. I like to play board games at Christmas.  Family tradition Christmas and summer holidays when we used to be in the caravan.

One of my vintage 1930's pictures OH has cut it down to fit a pine frame I also had in house.  Am very pleased with how it has come up.  Compared to what it looked like with the frame it has really set it off.

I have plans for some further pieces to be so displayed.  I have bought several pine frames over the years and I have a stash of larger frames that some of my embroidered treasure collection will go into.  However I only had the one small sized one so will need to source three more of the same size and a larger one of 1930's embroideries to show them off to their best advantage.  I tend to buy pictures with nice frames for next to nothing and then just replace the pictures.  The three other embroidered pictures have frames but they are really grotty and need replacing the frames being too far gone to revamp.  Hopefully when I find suitable frames it will give them a new lease of life.

I have a very large beautiful crewel wool embroidered panel that I won on Ebay that came from the States.  I am going to get OH to sort that out next. I have a suitable Pine frame.  I may need to string it to a backboard before it is finalised.  Will confer with OH on this when it comes to sorting it out.  If it does need stringing then that will fall to me to do.  I may have to source some more backing board though as that I have in stock is not quite big enough although it is ginormous.

I still have not been able to locate my phone it is in the house somewhere - that somewhere being questionable at present. I use my phone camera to take most of my photos.

Right back to the millstone. 

Hopefully catch you soon and update what else have been up to.  

Catch you soon.  

Pattypan xx

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Its a pity I don't own a Guinea Pig

Many years ago I had a beautiful second hand Guinea Pig called Bubbles.  She was ginger and white and when she came running across the floor to us which she did squeaking her delight as she came she used to look like Mrs Tiggy Winkle wearing a straw bonnet with a bow underneath.  She was rosetted and wonderful.  We lost her in her sleep one really cold winter and I have never forgotten her.  To make matters worse the same day as we found her we asked mum what we were having for tea that night and she turned round and said "Bubble and Squeak".  Both my brother and I burst out into tears as we couldn't bear the thought of eating our lovely little friend.  We have never forgotten that.

The reason I am stating that its a pity that I don't own a Guinea Pig is that for the past two hours I have been shredding old bills and bits and bobs that are no longer current and way over due the shredding.  The shredded paper would have made very good litter for a pet.  It is now in the recycling bin.

I am getting stuck in, in the back bedroom.  Going is slow and the reason I have dealt with the two big bags of paperwork is that I had nowhere to put it and it was in the way of me getting onto the next section of the bedroom and the stash of stuff that I have there.  So just best to ditch it.  I have kept relevant stuff.  No doubt there will be more to deal with as I go along, but at least that is another item "tackled".  

I have found lots of wool and I mean a lot.  As it is expensive and as some of it is for part-finished projects and belongs to my UFO pile none of it is going out.  I shall try and store it all together though so that I can find things easily.

There is lots of other stuff and so I suspect I shall be missing for some while.  I need to generally sort it and stack it as I have some more stuff to get in. Then and only then will I invite my friend over to help me catalogue and sort out those items that I do not want and those I very much want to keep.   Too much but it is as I said going to be a very big sort out.  Lots of lovely stuff some of it inherited so space has to be found for it somewhere.  Too many memories of people no longer with us which I am not ready to let go of yet.

Earlier on when OH came home from work we had a steak and onion sarnie each and it went down a treat.

Right back to the coal face.

Catch you soon.



P.S. The recycling bin is now full of old jeans (originally for a clippie rug project) but will be able to build up supplies again once I am more organised so for now - also full of lots of shredded paper.  Full to the gunnels.  The recycling bin will be emptied on Wednesday.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Scrubbing brush at the ready

Am quite pleased have had a good day on the cleaning front although still far more to do.  Have just stopped for a few minutes break before I start again. But I am starting to make progress.  When I do a deep clean I clean absolutely everything and I mean my kitchen gadgets, baking tins and everything gets a good seeing too.  I have also managed to wash one part of the wall down, a couple of door frames and a couple of doors down as well.  I always love it after giving everything a good clean as it always smells nice and fresh.  

I have used the last of the tea towels and am waiting on the tumbler to deliver more before I start off again.  Should not be too long now.  Floor will get done once everything else has been tackled and everything back in its place.  I have a new scrubbing brush ready to use.  Even though I get stiff I prefer giving the floor a good going over with a scrubbing brush as to me it brings things up ever so much cleaner.  Really need new flooring but that is going to have to wait a while as it needs it through the house.  But we will deal with that a bit at a time.

Right here we go again.

Glamourous life style I lead! not!

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 7 March 2019

Bitterly cold day

and it has got colder as the day has gone on.  The wind is now really really rough and we have rain.  It was heavy going bringing heavy shopping back in it and I had to keep stopping to put my hands in my pockets as I had forgotten my gloves and I kept losing the circulation in my hands.  Got here in the end though.  

I do not think I will be going walkies with OH and Missy this evening.  Will get the chicken on and the veggies for tea.  That should warm us both up.

I didn't go walkies.  I stayed and cooked tea.  Served roast, stuffed chicken with mixed vegetable leaf mix (a frozen mix from Waitrose which cost £1.11) and which will do us two meals. With the price of food at the moment portion control comes into play quite a bit. The mix consists of the pointed sweetheart cabbage, savoy cabbage and spinach.  It is roughly chopped but it is tasty and helps pad a meal out. Any kind of green is good for you. We also had swede and carrot crush, runner beans and mashed potato with lots of gravy and it was very, very tasty.  Comfort food of the highest order.  

The remnants of the chicken will go into a chicken stew and then a stock from the bones for soup.  Must get the maximum amount of goodness and use what you have to hand to make it go as far as you can. That has helped me get warm.  I have also had the heating on as it is bitterly cold out there.

Tomorrow we have a small rib eye steak each with some, peas, side salad and home cooked sweet potato chips and maybe some home prepared onion rings.  Probably will have chicken stew on Saturday.

It is going to be all systems go from tomorrow.  Got a lot of stuff going on and OH is on holiday Monday to Wednesday next week.  There is no peace for the wicked.  

Have some washing up to do shortly will get that out the way this evening so that the pots are ready again for tomorrow night's tea if so required.  I have a stainless steel curtain pole in the kitchen to hang all my saucepans on/off.  Where it is, is not making the most of the potential space it has.  I have in mind to re-sight it so that I can get more of my pans onto it and out of the way. I have lots of butchers hooks to hang off of it. I am going to have to speak nicely to OH though as I am not very good with a drill.

I intend to get a tray of eggs tomorrow a 30 tray as it is used for baking and also for eating for themselves.  

Potatoes are £12.50 per sack i.e. 56lb 1/2 a cwt.  Will make my mind up on those tomorrow.  I like to have a sack of potatoes in house as when things are tight or expensive like they are at the moment you are assured of a meal of some sort if you have some cheese, eggs, milk, bacon, and onions.  We are not proud here as long as it is a good meal and tasty that is all that matters. On average that lasts us about six to eight weeks.  We do not have potatoes every day either.  I keep them under the stairs in the house where I can get to them and where they can keep relatively cool. My onions are also kept in there as the pantry is a little too warm for fresh veg.  It is more of what is known as a dry larder.

I also need to get my act together on the cooking for the freezer project.  I have a pressure cooker and intend to make my own stewing steak pie mix in it.  Mum used to do this and although my nemesis is making pastry I am determined to try and do something on this front.  I have a couple of electric pie makers a two pie one and a four pie one and I was thinking of making some in these and then freezing them and then cooking them through again in the pie makers (to save on cooking in the oven).  Still an idea at the moment but I think it is feasible.  It would be good to have different options on the pie fronts too. I was thinking apple and other fruit pies as well individual ones.  However I was also considering doing large family pie sizes as well.  See what I can come up with and how it works out price wise.  

Frozen pastry is getting expensive and I was taught how to make puff pastry at school so I think it is going to be a question of re-acquainting myself with the process of making pastry.  One thing I do know is that this year I shall be raiding the wild larder as much as I can and squirrelling it away in the form of jams, bottling (hedgepick pudding mix), liqueurs and jellies and also pectin (from any crab apples).  I know I do anyway but I think I will be going out more than I usually do armed with my shopping trolley on the hunt for all things wild!

Right washing up here we come.

Catch you soon.



Job Fair

I am in the throes of "tarting" myself up to attend a job fair at our Town Hall in Peterborough.  Never been to one of those before and I suppose it will all be a learning experience.  It was "recommended" by my "mentor" at the Job Centre. 

The thing is I am not really the "war paint" and extremely smart type without a hair out of place.  Smart comfortable casual a different thing but I always feel when I have to do these things that this is not me and that someone is taking over my soul! My hair is like a raging fire all over the place and no matter how I try and tame it there is always something out of place.  I have found in the past that it takes me more time to look after my hair when it is short than at the current length.  At least I can pop it in a bun or have the choice of other styles.  Now to find the curling tongues!  Deep sigh.  Well I suppose I do have to look presentable.

Catch up later on.




Got all sorted out even put nail polish and makeup on which is unheard of.  Hair was washed first thing and it definitely was a bad hair day. It went everywhere and I had used an anti frizz syrum!

I walked into town. The wind was terribly rough and nearly blew me off my feet.  It did not do my hair any good either.

Anyways,  nothing doing for little old me. If you wanted to train to go in the Royal Navy, (I think I am a tad to old for that or maybe they might want an ancient mariner), be a security guard at big events, being a carekeeper in a home or want further training there was plenty but not for what I was looking for.  Also what was on offer was not in my contemplation zone. If I retrain to do something else I want it to be useful and for me to enjoy and give something back and not just be pushed into something again for the sake of things. So it looks like it is down to little old me again to find something out of the hat!   Back to the drawing board.  At least I have been and had a nose around.  

Anyway dearest Bovey Belle, Brylcreem.  Yes I know what Brylcreem is/was as my darling father used to use it and it bought back a rather poignant memory of what a holy terror I was as a child.  At the time period I am talking of I was about 17 months old. I was a Dad's girl and used to follow him all over the place chatting to him all the time.  Even when he went into the bathroom to get shaved.  I used to see Dad plaster on the Brylcreem and it seemed a normal event for a 17 month old and so I decided to try it for myself.  Dad came looking for me as he thought things were a bit quiet (a sure sign I was up to something I shouldn't be) and found me in the bathroom, my hair and face lathered with Brylcreem and I was just about to use the razor to give myself a shave!  

Moral of the story is don't do things in front of littlies that you don't want them to do.

Needless to say I was stopped, told off and lectured and apparently it took  mum ages to get the grease out of my hair.  

Not long after that I managed to lock myself in the bathroom. It was a tiny bathroom with only a tiny window like you have in a pantry in it.  I had somehow or other managed to lock myself in and could not unlock the door.  Dad did his best to get me to unlock it but it was not working all I was doing apparently was giggling my head off as I thought it so funny especially as he was part way through the window.  Equally he did not want me to get upset and cry and then panic. As he was quite a small build in those days, he managed to wriggle in part way through the window and with the aid of the clothes prop managed to shift the lock.

After that the bathroom was out of bounds to me and the door kept firmly shut.

As I have said before if there is a wrong way to do it I will normally find it, and in retrospect although maybe not funny at the time we end up laughing our heads off at things.

I prescribe tp the ethos that laughter always is the best medicine.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)