Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Bits and Bobs and Getting ready

Been busy getting ready for this wedding at the weekend and trying to  make sure that we have everything that we need to hand.  Just have a few things to sort out tomorrow and I think we should be more or less set for the day.

Going back to work today was a bit of a shock to the system especially after the lengthy weekend.  However I have booked off a week at the end of September my first real holiday this year when I may go off to see some of my cousins as well as potter here at home. 

Whilst I am off I want to get the Christmas Cakes and the Christmas Puddings done then so I can tick them off the list and put them up securely and safely wrapped.  However they will be fed in the intervening period once a week and then stored in metal tins in the pantry.   I bought a set of three tins a few years back in two different designs. They only get used at Christmas/  One set are a red tartan and the others are a cream background with a garland design on them.

The puddings once cooked also keep and mature fairly well. I usually use a combination these days of cider and rum.  We use rum in the white sauce as well.  Another one of my tweaks the original recipe called for stout.  I always replace the foil topping but keep the greaseproof intact and mine seem to keep fairly well.  My Nan had a lovely cold terracotta tiled pantry that even in the middle of summer was lovely and cool and which was ideal for storing long term preserves in, including the bacon and the salted meat.  I have two old metal steamers that belonged to my mum.  They do not look very elegant and one of them was given to mum by my Nan so they are quite elderly.  I hang on to these steamers as they are nice and deep ideal for a Christmas pudding and the puddings are cooked in these. The steamers available to buy today are just not deep enough - I know as I have some.  I have tried other methods of cooking the puddings but they do not come up as well.  I provide my brother with a cake and pudding and loan one of the steamers out for them to cook the pudding in on Christmas day.  I shall hang on to them for as long as I can as despite not being very elegant they are extremely useful.  After Christmas the bowl comes back and the steamer,  Works well for both of us - he gets home made cake and pudding, I like baking and cooking anyway its what my Mum would have wanted.

I also want to do a lot of sewing so before this holiday I want to get the house tidied up so that I can do what I want to do on the week's holiday for a change and I have an awful lot to do as I need to do some Christmas presents in any event.

I have thought that I would do some wash bags and make up bags.  I have procured some cheap shower curtains to use as a lining.  I can get some pretty fabric from the market so we shall see how things go on.

Lots of ideas at present always the ideas.  Now need some serious time to get some stuff done I don't suppose I will get much done until the weekend in any event buy it does not stop me trying.  I am desperate to get some crafting done but time is not very plentiful at present.  As I have said before I seem to concentrate better when I have no distractions.   I will get there eventually.  Now I need to get confetti, wedding paper and a card.  

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Planning for Christmas 2017 Part 4.1 Starting the food stash

Its not just about gathering things together with crafting, which I have been heavy on in the last couple of posts and which may not be to everyone's taste.  In the bigger scheme of things its about planning forward.

One of the things I tend to do is to add a few items extra to the basket each week in the run up to Christmas.  I have already started (a little earlier than usual).  Dried fruit has been on offer at my local CoOp two bags of fruit for £3 - which when it comes to dried fruit is not bad. So it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.  I have four bags of each which should take us through.  This however only relates to raisins, currants and sultanas which are the basics but I also added in mixed peel and cherries.  The dried fruit I have in stock is going into the home made mincemeat which I will start shortly. I will post separately about this. Home made mincemeat is far superior to the bought stuff although that plays its part if you do not at present have the funds, time or space to actually have a go.  Each of us has our own priorities and guidelines as to what we can and cannot do.  We create our own Christmas's this is just what I get up to.  The food is a big part of Christmas and I try and provide good eating not only for us but for the extended family as well.

We love fruitcake and Christmas pudding.  I usually make my brother one of each as well as plum loaf.  For the past couple of years I have not left the loaf long enough to rest but this year I have a plan of action, which is below if you want to have a go as well together with links to recipes.


Things to do

Start to add items to the shopping trolley.  Items with a long stop date.  Even if you do one thing a week it will soon build up and be less to fork out for later on. Take advantage of offers on baking consumables and especially dried fruit.  Especially if you are going to make your own Christmas cake and Christmas pudding.

Make your own flavoured sugars.  I make vanilla sugar and use it when I bake in cakes and also decorating the top of and in home-made custard.  It costs about £3 for two vanilla pods and all I do is find a big jar put the sugar in and then push one of the vanilla pods into the sugar it is well covered and then put the lid on and leave it for a few weeks.  Lavender sugar can be made the same way.  To buy it costs an absolute arm and a leg.  You can use caster or granulated.  As the pod is whole you can then use in its own right for egg custard etc.

Buy tinned goods with a long stop date.  Having tinned fruit and beans, tomatoes etc in the pantry gives you a lot more scope  when it comes to making meals and baking as well.

Don’t forget the freezer stock up there too.

Bottle peaches in syrup.

Bottle pears in syrup.

Spiced Pickled Pears.

Mulled Pears.

Mixed white fruits in syrup.

Mixed red fruits in syrup.

Make home made pasta sauce.

More Apricot Jam and Apricot Chutney.

Make Five spiced peaches.

Make Chutneys from seasonal ingredients.  Especially peach chutney use the fruit whilst it is available and does not cost the earth.  Carry forward to September if not available to you at this time.

Make piccalilli.

Take advantage of Victoria plums and bottle some for later use in puddings but also to make some Victorian Sugar Plums for Christmas.

Do pickled onions and shallots. Carry forward to September if not available to you at this time.

Make home-made wines and beers and ciders either from fresh ingredients or kits.

Make Mincemeat.

Look out for wild mushrooms especially puffballs they are delicious and can be preserved.

Make Christmas cakes.

Make Christmas Puddings.

Make Pickled Red Cabbage


Make home-made sausage rolls and open freeze them without cooking.  Pack into a suitable number say 12 and bag them.  Then when you want some take out of the freezer and straight into the oven to cook.  This will save time when you have so much else to do.

Make home-made Pork Pies and freeze uncooked.

Make Home-made feasting pie and freeze uncooked.

Make mince pies and do the same as well as coconut cheesecakes and pastry tart bases for jam tarts filled with your home made jam.

Make fruit curds.

Make Nan’s Plum Bread

The week before Christmas say a couple of days make the pork pies, feasting pie, and cook the ham.

I will be updating  regularly and will probably put up  as a post in its own right.

Rather than specific dates I have grouped these into monthly things to achieve although specific dates i.e. stir up Sunday I will mention the actual dates.

One thing I will mention is if you see things now that you want for your own table especially things like cranberry sauce, redcurrant jelly check the sell buy date and if it into next year buy them now if you can afford it and pop it up in your stash.   Checking sell by dates is one of the keys to being able to put stuff up and away now.

I use both fresh, frozen cranberries or pre-bought Cranberry jelly.  I always make fresh cranberry sauce to go with the Turkey and it has orange zest and Grand Marnier added to it.  I just love it. In the run up to Christmas when the Cranberries start to appear in the shops  I buy and freeze the Cranberries when I can get them on offer as come January I start again with making homemade cranberry jelly to last us through the year.  I would just mention that Cranberries if kept in the fridge do keep quite well - I have bought them and kept them in the fridge a couple of weeks before Christmas as come actual Christmas if you do not get what you can while you can it becomes a bit of a rat race in the supermarkets.  That's why I do as much as I can beforehand.

I have a big red box that I add my Christmas bits and bobs to which is under the stairs out of the way so that someone cannot help himself.  Often I outgrow the box and then I have to find other hidey holes in which to store said bits and bobs.

When the shops start with the Christmas display they often have offers on with these which I also try and take advantage of.  Things like tins of sweets that sort of thing - although I am not as keen on the sweets as I used to be as the chocolate is not the same nor the fillings.  Why mess with something when it was perfect as it was.  However it does provide some nibbly bits when watching TV or if you have a few people over.

Buy red and white wines now  I think prices go up on things in December so get the wine now either a bottle at a time or on offer and pop it up.  There is no need to buy mulled wine.  It is very easy to make.  I am the only one in the household who loves mulled wine especially on a cold winter night.  Warms you up.  I did not want to waste it so I bought myself the smallest slow cooker that I could and I have the wine from this  a glass or two a night so I am not technically wasting any.  You can use white wine as well and cider.  So pop the bottles up whilst you can and whilst it is cheaper.  Buy a few bottles of this and that and if buying spirits take advantage of the offers is the best way of dealing with this. 

I have never made a bitter before and I have a kit.  I have plenty of bottles as I recycle them from bought drinks.  Crown caps and cappers can be obtained from Wilkos or other specialist shops.  So this will shortly be made, perhaps with one or two other kits.  I will see how I get on.

I try and do as much as I can prior to Christmas as I not only have the food side to sort out but also the crafty stuff so I intend to go into operation Christmas..  Sorry I am a Christmas nut.

As this post has taken a little longer than anticipated and as I have let my fingers do the talking and idea after idea has fallen out so I intend to extend this into the next post.

Catch you soon.



Sunday update

Phew, I got my lie in this morning thank goodness and I have had a slow day so far.  I have been cleaning but still a lot to do as when I clean I always bottom everything out and everything is scrubbed within an inch of its life.

It has been a really warm day here - too warm for me to be outside and I really did not want to be cooking.  So I decided that I would take us out for Sunday lunch.  We have therefore been to the Fitzwilliam Arms (also originally known as The Green Man) in Green Man Lane Marholm.  It is a delightful thatched pub that also does really good food.  We had my mum's wake there, but its one of the pubs that my Dad and I used to frequent for our monthly night out for a drink. In the winter months it usually has a roaring fire as well.

Here is a link to the website which shows the actual pub - its lovely on the inside too,  So if you are ever in the Peterborough area its well worth a visit for a meal.

We have both had a roast beef dinner.  I have starved myself most of the day as I was looking forward to going out for a meal and also as I cannot always eat a plate of food as my appetite is not what it was.  However today I more or less cleared it.  It really was lovely.

We have not had starters or pudding but have enjoyed everything we have had all washed down with a shandy for me and a Rosie's Pig (both on draught) for other half.

Now back to reality, a bit more cleaning before I sit down and watch the TV for a little while.

I have a short week this week just three days at work in order to get ready for the wedding.

Right I need to get on.  OH is now comatose!

Catch you soon.



Planning for Christmas 2017 Crafting Part 3

On a bright Sunday morning it seems a little insane talking about Christmas planning and plotting, but in reality there are not that many weeks left until Christmas and if making stuff yourself if you work full time - time is indeed of the essence so the most of every spare minute must be made.

When I was turfing the study/craft room out I found several boxes of bought Christmas cards and a couple of rolls of wrapping paper.  I know I am going to make some cards (hopefully and that is my intent) but they will be for family and friends and there will be the work ones and the colleagues ones.  Its good to wish everyone something good and is a positive vibe in this sometimes colourless world of ours.  But Christmas is vibrant and so full of life.

So I need to start early in getting Christmas cards and wrapping paper all sorted out.  I also intend to do some little trims and little ornaments from the Christmas tree and also some garlands out of paper but also from natural materials.  Last year I bought a lot of cinnamon sticks and I have also dried a lot of orange slices and I intend to do more.   When I trim the bay tree shortly there will also be the bay leaves to dry and to use in decorations. I have also sourced a lot of little tiny alder cones and also some teasel heads.

I want to have a go at making my own natural greenery wreaths and garlands and I am hoping to get some Spruce or green leaves in the run up to Christmas and fortunately I have that week off so I should be able to go for a walk and forage som. I  already have Ivy in the garden to have a bash at making my own. 

I also have a lot of artificial garlands which will blend in well with real ones.  I bought two wreath bases last year which I did not get to use so will look out for a few more as they not only make lovely door ornaments but also beautiful table ornaments.  I also have a stash of fir cones.  Whenever I see them I always pick them up and bring a few home.  I just wish I had an open fire/log burner as there are all sorts of lovely things you can do with them to scent and decorate the home.  If you do have an open fire or log burner and have children get the kidlets (if you have any) to collect cones and little twigs when you go out for a walk so that you have some kindling for starting the file.  You can do this even if you do not have children.  And with candles to offer soft flickering lighting you can indeed create a lovely ambience and warmth.

I also intend to make the majority of  my presents this year.  With my sewing machine and stash of fabric and crafty bits and bobs.  

I have already bought some dies for paper cutting etc.  Two little boxes that will make little present boxes/favours or for hanging on the Christmas tree.  Something effective that does not cost the earth. Just the price of the card and the original cost of the die and a little time.  Makes a little present so special and pleasing to the recipient.

Snowflake and star boxes below they are not very big but ideal for putting something small in and its different.  So if you wanted to make some beaded jewellery you have a nice little package into which to pack it in.  Or you could in an appropriate coloured card use them for surprise tree presents.

And I have also bought Christmas fabric, ribbon embellishment, pom-pom makers two different sizes.  I had thought to make a pom-pom garland or two as well.

Since starting this post I have also acquired some other bits and bobs all for Christmas crafting predominantly from the Works.

There are the see through Christmas baubles yet again for the tree useful for popping in a tree present.  They are shown in half as there are two halves in the packaging which twist together.

Some dancing fairies.  I don't know what it is I always associate dancing fairies with the Nutcracker suite ballet and specifically with Christmas so for me I have to have fairies.

There are then the little Swedish style decorations I thought that some could go on the tree, some garlands and wreaths and some for use in Christmas presents.

There are then the dies for card making and making decorations.

So a few more useful bits and bobs for the craft stash to be utilised between now and Christmas.

There is more to come yet.

Catch you soon.



Saturday, 26 August 2017


I have spent the best part of the day in the hairdressers.  I have had my grey hairs removed and a colour popped on - I don't do grey hair I am afraid.  So I have had it tidied up a little bit in readiness for the wedding next week.

I had an idea in my head that I wanted my hair to be up a bit as I don't do the hair round the face bit.  Even for work I wear my hair up simply because I have earphones on a long wire, a computerised toggle/key to enable me to pass through the building and that is round my neck and my glasses and I get in a bit of a mess from time to time - so hence the reason for my hair up.

I had thought about a French pleat but Tony (my hairdresser) thought it might be a little too severe for me and she has come up with a very simple pretty hairdo that will be relatively simple for me to do at home but which is very much me.  I am not a fussy person about myself - I look after everyone else but not myself so much, so I am making a bit of an effort. I have had  a colour, a wash a trim and then a set; the curlers  have also been in to give my hair at the front some height.  But the overall effect is pretty, wavy and has the main front part up and into a pretty twist a the back.  If I decide to let my hair down later on it will be wearable as it will be wavy and curly.  So sort of kills two birds with one stone.

I have also decided to get into good habits and to keep my colour up and so I have booked a repeat appointment for six weeks time to try and keep it under control.  Its really only the front bit that's a bit freckled the rest is for the best part my original colour.

Today was the only day available to me for the hairdressers as with working full time I did not really have a lot of choice and perhaps not the best time to get one's hair done  especially when I have a load of cleaning planned this weekend. I have just bleached the passage out whilst the moany neighbour is out so that's one thing off the list.  I have the pavement in the front garden to do yet.  Perhaps after we have been to the tip tomorrow.

However having my hair coloured and trimmed today has put me in good stead for next week.  I am having my hair done by the hairdresser for the wedding and have an appointment booked so I am doing my best to look presentable for my stepson and OH.  Don't want to let the side down and don 't want to look like "mutton dressed as lamb" either.

So stage one of operation wedding completed now to get the other things for the best part sorted over the weekend so there are no last minute panics.

Catch you later.

Pattypan xx

Wine Cake

A few years back whilst at work we had clients that we did some work for who didn't have much but who were a lovely couple.  As a thank you both my boss and I received one of her special "wine cakes" and it was delicious.  I have since been looking for a recipe but have not come across one and I assumed it would be similar to a Christmas cake and so I had set my intent to have a go at one this Christmas as something a little different "something for the tins" to pick at over the Christmas period.

Whilst browsing this morning (Saturday) I have been mooching through a new to me cook book called better baking page by page and I have come across a recipe for wine cake.  Apparently it is best made 6 to 8 weeks before required as it needs maturing time just like a Christmas cake, so by my calculations for the diary of to do things we are really looking at the beginning of November this year (2017) as the fruit needs to soak in the wine a week before you actually mix the cake up.  This sounds really good and my mouth is watering at the thought of this!

Anyway ingredients list - this also not only provides for Metric and Imperial Measurements but American cups.


150 g/5 oz/1 cup of sultanas (seedless white raisins.

150g/5oz/1 cup of raisings

100g/4oz/ 3/4 cup of currants

75g/3oz/ 1/3 cup of glace cherries quartered (quartered candied cherries)

75g/3oz/ 1/2 cup of mixed chopped peel (chopped candied peel)

120ml/4 fl oz/ 1/2 cup of Sherry/or Red Wine

150g/5oz/5/8 of a cup of butter

150g/5 oz/3/4 cup soft brown sugar (light brown sugar)

4 eggs

100g/4oz/1 cup self-raising flour (self rising flour)

100g/4oz/1 cup plain flour (all purpose flour)

Pinch of salt

1/2 teaspoon of mixed spice

25g/1 oz/ 1/4 cup of ground almonds


Make the cake 6 to 8 weeks before it is required, and about a week before making it.

Mix together the sherry/or wine together with the washed and dried fruit, cherries and peel, then pour over the sherry or the wine and mix well.  Leave to soak, stirring frequently and keep covered until needed.

Grease and line with a double thickness of greaseproof paper (non-stick parchment\0 a 20cm/8 inch cake tin (pan).

Cream together the butter and the sugar until soft and fluffy.  Gradually beat in the eggs.  Fold in the flours, salt, spice and almonds. 

Drain off and keep the liquor from the fruit and then mix the fruit with the cake mixture (batter).  Stir well until well mixed in.

Put into prepared tin (pan).  Smooth the top and bake in a preheated moderate oven (160 degrees C/325 degrees F/ Gas Mark 3) for one hour.  Then cover the cake with foil, reduce the oven temperature to 150 degrees C/300 degrees F/ Gas Mark 2 and cook for a further 1 1/2 hours until firm to the touch.  Leave to stand in the tin (pan) until nearly cold.

Remove from the tin/pan, prick well and pour over the liquor from the dried fruit.  Wrap the cake in foil or greaseproof paper and leave for 6 to8 weeks to mature before decorating as appropriate to the occasion whether it be a birthday, or other special anniversary or Christmas.

Makes one 20cm/8 inch round cake.

Looking forward to making this.

Catch you soon.




Is it when one is trying to have a lay in the world and his wife come to the front door! Maybe luckier tomorrow. Right being as I am now awake I had better get a wriggle on. Catch up later.  Pattypan x

Friday, 25 August 2017

Friday night catch up

Its been a busy old week with one thing and another but that is about par for the course here these days.  I am supposed to be doing housework but I have opted not to as I am absolutely shattered.  Oh has ordered pizza as a treat and we are awaiting that to be delivered.  I might do a little bit of ironing in a bit  just to get some of it out the way and onto hangers and then popped away.  If I keep nibbling away at it, it will go down eventually.  But in all honesty I am cream crackered so I do not intend to do anything too strenuous but will get stuck in tomorrow.


The pizza was very nice and I am off to bed now.  Been waking up 4:30am to 5:00am most mornings (when I am usually up at 6:00am)  this week and it has kind of taken it out of me.  Fortunately the medication I think is starting to work; my feet do not hurt as much and I am not stumbling as badly as I was so fingers crossed this will ease things up a bit.  I want to get up reasonably early so that I can get on with things a bit.  Have an awful lot of sorting out to do.  Thank goodness its a long weekend this weekend and for me next weekend.  I am only at work, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week.  Yippee.

Catch you sometime tomorrow.



Cinnamon Sticks

Last year I invested in some cinnamon sticks 1kg off Ebay to make some candle holders - I have made them previously about 6 years ago but they have gradually fallen to pieces so my intention was to do some more.  However with being hospitalised for my foot I never got round to it.  However it is down on the list to do this year.  The cinnamon sticks were quite tall specifically for the purpose of tall church candles which I absolutely love come the winter months as they make a house really cozy and the scent of cinnamon as the candle holders warm up is lovely.  In case you had not realised I am a lover of cinnamon as well.

I have a lot of books especially crafting and cookery books where I have seen decorations made out of large cinnamon sticks and yet I have never been able to source them.  This evening I nipped into Tiger as recently I have picked up bunting packs and also jam jar covers and material for patchwork and I wanted to see if they had added anything else.  Sadly there was nothing extra today but I always check out the herbs and spices section as they always have good value packs but have something that little bit different.  Today I spotted cinnamon sticks over 1 foot long and three to a pack for £1.  So I nabbed what stock they have as I have a Christmas decoration(s) to make.  I may go back tomorrow to see if they have added anymore and if they do I may have to add some more to my stock.  You never quite know when you will need a long cinnamon stick!

I plan to make some stars out of them tied with some of my Christmas ribbon.  Here is a rough mock up just the parameters need sorting and then fixings and then decoration.

What do you think?

I also found out today that I have the week off before Christmas and all of Christmas off until New Year which has pleased me a lot as it means I can get on with the practicalities of cooking doing seasonal things as well as enjoying Christmas I have a lot to make up for last year.  OH did not enjoy his Christmas meal although he did not do too badly credit where credit is due so I think he is secretly rather relieved I will be back on duty!

I know its Christmas orientated again - I just cannot help myself.  I am also if I can locate my book hoping to start the embroidery panels for one of my Christmas quilts.  At least I can sit of an evening and embroider the panels until all done and then make up the quilt once the panels are completed.  

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 24 August 2017

Rock on Tommy or should that be ping!

I met OH through mutual frends who had found happiness within months of being divorced.  In fact I think they met in the solicitors office.  Wishing everyone to be as happy as they were they started introducing single friends to single gentleman.  I came within their orbit and so did OH!

Anyway they had set up a previous date for him and things had just not worked out and I hear all sorts about how not well it had gone.  I asked what he was like to look at and my friend said a little bit like Bobby Ball and his catch phrase was Rock on Tommy and he also wore braces and would ping them as part of the act. So when they arranged the same for me I insisted that they came to as there was no way I was going to be left with someone I did not know in the middle of nowhere and if things were difficult at least I would have someone to speak with.

We had arranged to go to a local restaurant which had quite a good reputation .  We walked in OH walked out.  It turned out that for our first date all his work colleagues were in the restaurant.  We ended up going really out into the countryside to a very small pub and had a meal out there.

Friends were not at all sure that things had gone well and we dropped them off.  On the way to dropping me back home he asked me out to another dinner at the end of the month which when I told my friends about they were gobsmacked about.

Roll on many years.  My Step-son is getting married at the beginning of September and he has hired suits for the wedding party.  OH included.  They tried the suits on all of them were given braces, so the gents all assumed that they would be provided.  Suits have arrived no braces.  So at dinner today I got a message asking if I could please find OH some braces!  I jokingly said to the girls at work that I had received a cryptic text and instead of using the word braces I changed it for the word suspenders!  There were one or two interested comments as a result.   At dinner I met a friend so I was unable to go in search of Rock on Tommys and as it was late night shopping tonight I nipped into the Centre and thankfully was able to locate some braces (or should that be suspenders).  Fortunately he approves.  So that is all nicely sorted out phew!  I did not think I would be able to find a set.  I think he might rue the day wearing braces as they are very pingable!

I have also treated myself to a DVD Their Finest with Gemma Arterton so I shall look forward to watching that sometime over the weekend.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Viatmin D

I have been for an appointment with the Nurse at the Doctor's surgery this afternoon.  I have been trying for the past six weeks to get but with various situations with other members of staff it has left us rather light on the people front so I chose to delay going,.  I know I should have gone earlier but it really was not possible.

I also had a review on the arthritis front.  Ostensibly I had gone for vitamin D medication which has been ordered by the Consultant at the hospital on a regular basis from now on in as my levels are particularly low.  Its something that seems to happen with people with immune system disease which shows up in the various different types of arthritis (I have osteo and rheumatoid) but also with long term immune disease like Raynauds, Scleroderma, Sjorgens syndrome Lupus antibodies,  etc. Sometimes the  Doctors forget to mention it.  I have an eight week course to take and then she has told me that I need to take an over the counter prescription vitamin D.  Especially in the winter months when we do not have such regular access to sunlight.  She indicated to me that she herself especially takes this during the winter months.  Apparently a great deal of the swelling on my joints and stiffness is to do with the lack of vitamin D, which I had not appreciated.  So if you have similar problems it might be worth a chat with the GP just to make sure that you don't need it more than anything else.

Thought I would share.

Catch you soon.



P.S.  I have also lost a bit more weight.  Which I am pleased about.



Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Christmas Bits and Bobs

I popped into The Works at dinner time today (Monday)and ended up spending more than I had anticipated.  They had loads of bits and bobs in for Christmas decorating, and crafting; and apparently they will have more in later on in the week.  Ostensibly for Christmas some of the bits could be used all year round like the ribbon.

Please note this is just me letting u know what I have found out and about on my travels. I have no connection with said company apart from buying stuff in my own right.

Packaging for Christmas pressies

Some berries to add to Christmas wreaths, packaging, or garlands.

A big pot of PVA for £3

A  wooden cut out Angel for the fireplace or window cill or you could have them hanging from a chandelier or the like.

Further wooden cut outs

Another stamp

Metallic mesh for decorating garlands and the like

Some crayons for colouring in.

Wooden Christmas tree cut outs for putting on packaging, garlands, and wreaths amongst other things.  Oh and some paper scissors.

Seasonal stamps including holly leaves, santas face gingerbread man and fireside scene

Larger wooden cut outs to create free standing trees for the table or window cill.

See through Christmas baubles ideal to put a little extra tree present in for family members or friends and then hang them off the Christmas tree.

So not a bad little haul.  Very pleased with the ribbon.

The goodies have found their way into my Christmas box.  I have a big box full of all sorts of bits and bobs just for Christmas so that when I come to play I have lots of bits and bobs all in one place.

Are you planning Christmas decorations or the like yet.  Would love to hear or is just me getting into the Christmas spirit a tad early.

Catch you later.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)