Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Introducing the kittens

Molly had kittens five weeks ago  this time  five of them.

 I have just started to wean them and to handle them a bit - they are not too keen at the handling part but they each did suckle a little milk and one of them tried to suckle my finger.  I also took the opportunity to try and take some photos - they are as they are but that is part of the charm for me.

Getting them all together without one of them doing  bunk is nigh on impossible one of them always manages to hide.    I must say I am pretty smitten with them but then I absolutely love cats and kittens.  They are so sweet.



Monday, 24 February 2014

Sometimes You Just have to cheat

It  has been my first day back at work today and I have paced myself although my back and hip are playing up quite a bit at the moment.  I will spray up with some Biofreeze before going to bed with a nice hot water bottle.

Knowing that I would be tired after the first day back I sought to do something quick and simple for tea (and to make sure OH was fed and watered properly)and invested in a Pork and Red Wine Conchiglie Pasta bake served with a side salad and tons of garlic bread.  All bought -something I do not normally do as many of you know I normally cook from scratch.  It was not too bad and filled a gap.

I ran out of  bread and so nipped and fetched some for Oh's packup which is now done and dusted in his packup box ready for tomorrow.  Whilst out I came across some small lamb chops that had been reduced 4 for £1.23 so I bought 2 packs and together with some mint jelly they will form the basis of tomorrow night's tea together with some seasonal veg. Nice and cheap and we do like lamb so this will make a nice treat.

For the rest of the evening I have been sat working at my needlepoint Rose cushion insert.  I am concentrating on the floral design first and will work the cream background later on.  I shall keep at this until it is completed.  It is coming along quite nicely and will be another good job done and dusted.

I am itching to do some crotchet  - I might go as far as starting to collect some wool but this needlepoint is on the list for completion first.  I have a box into which I place completed projects which need finalising either framing, blocking, mounting or making up  - everything has a place and a purpose.

Right I seriously need some shuteye.

Catch you soon



Sunday, 23 February 2014

52 Week Challenge

Sadly due to recent events I am lagging behind with the challenge.  I shall endeavour to catch up as quickly as I can.

Now where was I  - oh yes working a Sue Dakin design of the Lake District a long stitch kit and I had managed to run out of wool.  I need to locate a couple of more skeins of different thread which will probably occur around pay day which in effect puts that particular project on hold until I get the threads to resume the same.

Resting up and doing nothing in particular is not normally my style but I have had no option in light of recent events but needless to say I am now itching to get going again on some of my needlework.  I had started a small Coleshill wild rose needlepoint sometime ago so that is the next one I will attempt to complete - I cannot guarantee that it will be done in a week but I should be able to get some of it worked; it is something not too taxing to start with. I have already worked one of these panels previously which are intended to be cushion inserts in due course.  I think you can just about pick out the bits I have actually worked the Roses near the middle.

I still have a way to go and then the background will be worked in cream.

Many apologies for not keeping up but I hope to rectify that soon.

Love and Light



Friday, 21 February 2014

Sorry I have been missing but there has been a very good reason

A couple of weeks ago I managed to get a chest infection which resulted in me having a week off work to try and knock said infection on the head.  It was anticipated that I would return to work on the following Monday.  OH went off to work I was up going to get my breakfast, get myself ready for work and I do not remember too much after that until late afternoon when my Personnel manager came looking for me as they had not heard anything from me which in itself was unusual.  I groggily answered the door covered in blood whereupon she called the Ambulance to me and thereon in things are a bit vague but needless to say I ended up in hospital for three days.

It would appear that I had had a grand mal epileptic fit (I have had epilesy since I was about seven years old, but during the past 8 years or so not on medication) and during the collapse had fallen on a glass and brass candle lamp which glass shade had cut and lodged itself in my arm causing a three inch gash by three inch in depth wound.  The hospital think that the collapse was caused by the chest infection which in turn had given me an extremely high temperature.  Unfortunately my system does not cope with high temperature and my body's response tends to be to close down when in such situations i.e. when I have a high temperature.

I underwent emergency surgery under general anaesthesia on the Tuesday morning to wash out the wound, re-stitch and ascertain what the damage was. It would appear that whilst I was in Theatre I reacted to medication that they gave me In the circumstances I consider myself extremely fortunate in the circumstances specially as I have also as a result of this injury ascertained that I have an extremely rare blood group - and the hospital did not have any of my blood in and have subsequently ordered said supplies in from the National Blood Centre.  I was looked after by a bunch of lovely young people in the Short Stay Ward at Peterborough City Hospital most of whom were Forces Personnel and I must say I have had the most excellent care whilst I was resident. I was popped on an antibiotic drip for the chest infection and then given a further prescription of oral antibiotics as well and have lots of bruises, and puncture marks from where they have had gadgets in or have tried to take blood; my veins tend to collapse in fright (they are deep anyway). Everything is a bit vague as I was not firing on all cylinders but I have been  bit more with it since Wednesday of this week.  My arm is sore but is healing well.  However I have had a lot of back pain and bruising coming out since then, although I am getting more comfortable day by day.

As a result of this incident I have had to go back on to anti-epileptic medication more as a precaution than anything else and although not totally happy about it I accept that it is probably safer and wiser in the short term.  The added bonus being that the newer medication will be far better for my system than the ones I was on previously.  I also have to go and see the Consultant Neurologist at the hospital in due course as well.

Epilepsy tends to be a hidden condition one that people do not understand and they relate it to mental illness or instability when in reality it is a freak electrical surge within the brain which literally short-circuits everything.  We all have brains and therefore have the capacity to develop this condition it can happen to anyone it is not choosy.  Fortunately I have always been brought up to work within the boundaries of the medical conditions I have, but that does not mean to say that they dictate what I do and don't do.  I try things and see.

I have been extremely lucky in the circumstances but could I please ask each one of you reading this post if you would familiarise yourself with the following procedure in the event of someone sustaining an epileptic attack.  Reading this could help and make all the difference to someone and can help limit the damage.

Thank you for reading.

I am one of the lucky ones and am looking forward to returning to work.

Love and Light



Monday, 3 February 2014

Weekend round up

It was OHs birthday yesterday and poor soul  was poorly and spent most of the day in bed.  The cold seems to have gone to his chest.  I therefore made a big pan of home made onion soup to try and keep the bugs at bay. I had intended on cooking him a nice meal for his birthday but that had to be put on hold until today.  Unfortunately he seems to have passed the bug on!

It was shopping day yesterday where I stocked up on the monthly supplies of food inlcuding plenty of fresh veg from the veggie shop plenty of bargains I bought Seville Oranges for £1.67 per kilogramme and I have a couple of different recipes to make during the week; some plums for plum jam a good dollop in home made rice pudding or jammy steamed pudding springs to mind and some lemon curd, home made lemonade, lemon chutney and lemon cordial is also on the cards so it looks as though I am going to be busy during the week that is if this cold keeps at bay.

Whilst at the Coop they have had an offer on for New Zealand shoulder of lamb for about £5 to £6 a piece and that is what we have had for teat today served with roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, sweet potato roasted, parsnip roasted. Home made cauliflower cheese and mixed veggies. Very nice it was too and we have a repeat performance for tomorrow nights tea.  Most people ignore the shoulder but you can get quite a lot of tasty meat off this cheaper cut which is just as delicious as the leg.

I am hoping to have a baking day next Saturday to help fill up the pack up boxes.

Catch you later



Drop Scones/Scotch Pancakes

Of late I have spent a lot of time browsing at foods available in the stores and which I refuse to buy on the grounds of that I can get more for my money by making them myself.  The only time I deviate from this is if they are reduced to silly prices.  I went to the Coop yesterday and they had 6 scotch pancakes for £1.  Now on a realistic basis you would have to buy two packs of these at least for a family of four and more for larger families.  

The cheapest plain flour was £1.25 for a (approx 3lb) 1.5 kg bag of flour so you could effectively make an awful lot of these from just the one bag.Drop Scones/Scotch Pancakes are very easy to make and you get between 18 to 20 pancakes from one batch of the mixture. So why buy them they take very little time to make.

When the children were at home I regularly used to serve these to them for when they came home from school or for inclusion in their packups or for serving with fresh fruit and yogurt for pudding or serving golden syrup on.

Here is what you need:

8oz plain flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 tablespoon caster sugar
1 large egg
1/2 pint of milk

They take approximately 4 minutes to cook


Sieve the flour, baking powder salt and sugar.  Make a hollow or well in the centre of the dry ingredients add the egg and just over half of the milk mixing to a smooth batter. I use a balloon whisk to do this.  Gradually beat in the rest of the milk until you have a nice thickish batter.  I use a griddle but you can use a greased frying pan you only need a little fat or oil it does not want to be drenched. I was always taught to watch for a blue haze coming off the griddle or frying pan which was the indicator that the pan had come up to heat.  Drop spoonfuls of the batter into the pan forming circles and making sure that they are equally spaced out.  Cook for about two minutes by which time bubbles should have started appearing in the batter when the tops are covered in batter flip them over with a flat bladed palette knife and cook for a further couple of minutes and cook on the opposite side.  Keep the pancakes in a clean folded tea towel to keep warm until all the mixture is cooked then serve warm with butter and jam, honey or syrup or with fresh fruit and yogurt.

Will make about  18 to 20.

If you have any left over you can use the next day but I personally think these are best made fresh as required.  

Its saving pennies on little additions like this that will give your purse more flexibility and purchasing power for those food items you really do want.

As part of my 52 week challenge I want to make things like this rather than buying them and next time I am going to have a go at making my own tea cakes

Catch you soon



Sunday, 2 February 2014

52 Weeks Challenge

It has been an extremely busy week here and I have managed to get some more of my long stitch kit tackled but have run out of threads. It is a while since i have had the kits so it is a little off putting that I have not had enough threads to complete but I decided to plod ahead anyway and complete the kit as best as I can and then outsource for similar colours.  The wool used is paterna  which was discontinued at one stage but I think I have located a site which I think may be able to help but there is no use sending off for one colour when I may well need more.  At present I have run out of a bright white and what is referred to as slate on the pattern but which is more like a steely blue.  In any event I shall persevere and do what I can to save on postage and packing in the long run.

i have also managed to join a couple of further squares on my cream, green and yellow crotchet blanket so although not completed further steps have been taken towards that light at the end of the tunnel so all is not lost.  Its just that sometimes despite the effort put into projects things take a little longer than initially planned and I am trying to focus rather than go off on a tangent.

Probably when these two projects are out of the way I will be able to get back to some machine sewing. I have some tablecloths started which need completing and it would be nice to get them out of the way next. Hopefully will get more time this week.

I am not giving up or giving in.

Catch  you soon



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)