Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Everything is okay

I am just really busy at the moment trying to get ready for my holiday.  Will try and get a post up tomorrow.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.



Saturday, 18 July 2020

Time Alone

I have had some space to myself today as OH went on his first official fishing trip of the year.  His son had been pestering him for weeks to go fishing with him.  Needed some one to one time with his Dad.  I eventually persuaded him to go.  He has come back having had a good day.  The sun has really got him and especially on his face and knees.  He has Panda eyes as well.

OH has been a fishing nut since the age of six.  He was a match fisherman, fishing rivers, drains and local competitions at which he was pretty successful. He also worked for many years in the fishing trade selling fishing equipment to the shops and private lakes. He then went off the fishing for a bit and has in the past 15 years or so been predominantly fishing private lakes and waters where you have to pay a hefty fee for the pleasure of so fishing.  Today he has been to a local set of lakes where you just pay for a day ticket  Apparently he had quite a few fish.  I have in the past been Fly fishing in my own right with him, but I do not have the patience he does and I cannot hack the cold. I have also done a little bit of river fishing but mainly to keep him quiet it really is not my thing.

Whilst he has been out I ventured into town as there were still a few bits I needed for the van.  However I did not manage to get everything I needed as I could not carry it home.  The trolley was full so will go back during the week to collect the rest.

I bought fruit in Waitrose.  Was meant to get back but did not get there. I needed more salt and some Lavender plants.  If I get time may nip back tomorrow.  Want the Lavender for the front garden.

I went to the £ shop and found lots of bits in there including some spray paint for a couple of projects I have in mind.  Will share more on that another day.  I do have to go back there though this time specifically for the food section.

I also paid a visit to Wilkos.  When I went last time they did not have any stain remover powder that I add to my wash which fortunately they had today.  There were a few items for the van from here but I have to go back for some other bits here as well.

I also bought a bit of tinned stuff today from B & M to kick start my Tinned Can Pantry section.  Yet again will have to go back to get some more bits squirrelled away.  I had wanted a trolley when I went in but had to use a basket as they did not have any available. There were good prices on Branston Baked beans, tinned fruit Mandarin Oranges at £0.50 per tin, jellies, and I bought three salt grinders for £1.60 each filled with Himalayan salt, white, pink and black.  Tinned salmon and Tuna, I bought a can of Ye Olde Oak ham (always useful in the pantry for emergency sarnies or visitors - also nice with home made chips).

I popped into to Holland and Barratt specifically for Arrowroot but they were out of stock.  I have bought Malt Extract, Porridge Oats, Spelt flour, Black Poppy seeds, veggie powder and a couple of other bits and bobs.  All useful stuff and all adding to a soon to be re-stocked pantry.  This way round I am able to keep tabs on the pennies and getting useful stuff to be added for good eating.

I have a whole load of preserving to do over the next few days including Strawberry and Rhubarb jam, Strawberry jam, Blackcurrant Cassis, Plum Jam, Long Keeping Mint Sauce, Tarragon Vinegar, Rosemary Salt, Souper Mix, Dried herbs (various), frozen herbs, various, Apple Sauce. Bottled Apricots, Bottled Packham Pears in syrup, Piccallili, Plum Chutney.  Looks as though am going to be up early again in the morning as we have the fish man to go to as well.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Back to the Caravan

Today, via Dunhelm to get some more items for the caravan, mostly the basics for the kitchen which we managed to get.  There are still a few more pieces to get but those are in town and I might pop up on Friday to finish off.  The back seat of the car was full again.  I also did a small grocery shop of tea, coffee that sort of thing for the van so that we can grab a drink when we are down there.  We have a squawking kettle  Cannot have a caravan without a squawking kettle!  OH loves it not!

We then went on and I started cleaning, and putting items in place.  Couple of places might get switched around a bit, but that will happen when we are on holiday.  Basically we want to keep necessities that you would use everyday in the van so that we can just hitch her up and run when we want to go somewhere.  I need to get some more groceries but that will happen over the next week or so.

Here are a few photos of the caravan with some of the items bought.  We have fitted most of the shelves and cupboards out with the rubberised shelf matting to stop things slipping and sliding.

The storage tins and the knives and knife block on the worktop.

A side view down the length of the van towards the sitting area.

My Bumble Bee Gin Glass it is a large glass.

OH's Humming bird one.

The promise of some Gin for two - need to get the Gin yet though.

Glasses hung up in the Drinks/Cocktail Cabinet.

A closer look.

A view of the kitchen looking towards the bedroom.

The bedroom area.  The bed shape is angled at the bottom and so when choosing a duvet, cover, sheets pillowcases etc. I forgot to take this into account and I ended up buying a King sized Duvet.  As a result it is not hanging as nicely as it should.  I had also forgotten that one side of the duvet would not be able to hang down.  I possibly could have got away with a double.  Well you live and learn.  However everything is extremely comfortable.  The bathroom is through that door to the side.  There is a skylight above the bed and so with a bit of luck will be able to watch the stars.-

Wardrobe area.

Back to the kitchen.

Looking towards the seating area.  We had thought this area to be two single beds.  However it would seem that you can turn it into a double.  Excuse the shopping, I was still unpacking.

Very gradually therefore we are starting to get to grips with the van and getting it organised.  We were after comfort more than anything else.  This should suit us both just fine especially with the hobbies we have.  Time to see some of those beautiful places we have in this country.  We are very lucky.

Catch you soon.



Tuesday, 14 July 2020

We have a Caravan

We arrived for our appointment to take ownership of our caravan this morning.  There is still some work to do in that the awning canopy had not arrived but is due this Friday so the work will be done then.  However the solar panel has already been installed.  

We used Pioneer Caravans at Eye 

We must say that we have been very pleased with the service and support that we have been given throughout this matter.  Totally professional with a "nothing is too much trouble" positivity  We also have the caravan in secure storage with them.  Thanks to Steve.

Steve, gave us a thorough tour of the van and showed OH the operating systems. He now (OH) has to work it out for himself.

We had left Missy at home and after matters had been concluded and we had bought more items from the shop, (we still have more things to acquire but I shall go back into town for these).   We then went home, retrieved Missy who was waiting downstairs for us and not a happy bunny at having been left in the first place.  I then collected all the items purchased thus far and loaded them into the car.  We stopped to get something to eat along the way and then started to load up the van with the new acquisitions.  I must say that we are both very happy with the van.

The caravan has a private bathroom area, with flush toilet, hand basin and step in shower with a proper sliding door shower enclosure.  Has central heating and lighting both main and digital as well as spot lights; Heated towel rail, storage under the sink, mirror and corner cupboard.  There is also a laundry bin.

The main bedroom has a built in wardrobe with shelving underneath, double bed with storage underneath, cupboards all the way around tthe top of the bed and sockets and a sliding door.  In both the bathroom and the bedroom there are windows with shades and fly netting as well as ceiling windows that can be opened up.

The kitchen area has a full sized fridge and ice box with cupboards above and below, a unit to the side with three drawers in, a cupboard above the microwave, and sockets.  On the other side there is the cooker a full size one, with a work area with a cupboard underneath and then a sink and drainer to the side.  There are a range of cabinets above these including a drinks cabinet with lighting so my two fancy Gin glasses have been place in there., There is then the seating area  with a chest of drawers and a small slide out table.  There is a full sized table but that is currently under the bed.  There are ceiling height cupboards surrounding the seating areas.  There are large windows and sky lights as well.  The door is a stable door the door which means we can let the fresh air in.

OH has indicated that as long as we are on an electric hook up I should be able to use my electric sewing machine.  I therefore plan on taking some of my pre cut squares and jelly rolls with me.  If OH is going fishing means I can do something I want to do as well.

Missy was pleased to be with us as usual and seems to have made herself at home.  We had bought her a bed to lay on, however it would seem that she has voted with her feet and finds our cushion much more comfortable thank you very much.  Little beggar!

OH keeps joking (well I hope his joking, that now we are mobile and have a caravan, that to pay for it I need to whittle a load of pegs!) Cheeky blighter.

Needless to say we will be backwards and forwards getting it ready and sorted in time for our holiday.  Getting excited as have not had a proper holiday for 11 years.

Catch you soon.



Monday, 13 July 2020

Busy Doing Nuthin!

Well maybe not doing Nuthin, but lots and lots of things.  I started a further purge of the rubbish today.  There is a corner in the dining room that has been getting on my nerves and so I set about that.  Was up at 8:00am OH was flat out so left him too it and started sorting another load of boxes, washing and cleaning everything as I have gone along. Washing everything slows things down but it needed doing. 

Although the house is now currently a mess and a state of chaos,  as things tend to get sprawled out a bit, with me putting stuff back where it belongs or its relevant room.  I did not manage to complete the corner but am about half way there.  I am starting to notice a difference spatially as a result which is quite frightening as it would appear that I am starting to get organised!  Now that is frightening.

I will not be able to get back in there tomorrow as we take possession of the caravan and have to sort that out ready for a holiday.  Have all the stuff purchased so far to take down as well and the gas, water, and a whole host of other things will also be bought tomorrow. I shall be pleased to get those items out of the house. We have taken the view that we might as well get it as we want it and then will be sorted and we can then concentrate on other matters.  

The tow bar was fitted today.  It is a removable one and OH is pleased with it.  The chap has done a good job.

I have some more stuff to prep for the freezer tomorrow as well which will provide a useful stock of veggies to go to as needed.  I also have my veggies to make this year's batch of Pam Corbin's Souper Mix stock  That may get made tomorrow evening.  I also have some Tarragon Butter to make.

I also managed to pick up four tins of plum tomatoes for 25p a tin, so that will form the basis of my new pantry stock in respect of tinned goods.  I do need to go to B & M though and have a look as to what is available there.

Wednesday though will be back in the dining room.  It must be done  concerted all out effort.  Then can concentrate on the next room.  I also need to sort out all the crockery under the dressers as well.  Really the dressers need stripping, sanding and re-varnishing.  I have had them 40+ years and they have been in constant use.  Will see how things go.

I received a lovely little gift from a neighbour who has been growing Lavender in her garden which she was cutting this morning.  That cheered me up no end.

Right better start pottering to get ready for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



Sunday, 12 July 2020

A country walk

I should have posted this a while back, however as we repeated the walk yesterday, it reminded me that this post was in abeyance and still current.

It has been a lovely warm and bright day here in Peterborough.  It has been a lazy one for us finished off by a nice long walk with Missy for her constitutional. The location is Castor Backwater and is off a lane of this terribly pretty village.Missy always seems to enjoy this particular walk. It is one we tend to go on when we have a little more time.

Wild in all her glory alongside the railway track which we have to cross to get to the walking area down by the river.

Sheep are normally in this field but today it was empty.

Safely over the Railway track into glorious unspoilt farmland.

With Deep Hedgerows

Looking back towards the Railway gates

Now moving to where the river is

Little one wanted a drink but could not get to the water as it is a steep bank so OH cupped his hands to make a bowl and got her what she wanted.

The river at Castor Backwaters swings back on itself in a series of loops and bends but it is still a pretty river and is a popular place for families and children as it is very sheltered and ideal for sunbathing.

There is lots of sprawling beautiful unspoiled farmland

Shadows captured in time

Looking from the river over to Castor Mill.

OH with his partner in crime.  A few weeks ago she could hardly walk and now due to the meds etc she is on is springing around like a puppy.  She is always smiling. She even went for a bit of a paddle.  It is so pleasing to see.

I had not appreciated that this site was here and we have been coming here for years.  There is a lot of history in Peterborough itself but unlike a lot of other places quite a lot of the history is underground.  I had not appreciated that this site existed.  You would not think such a settlement had or was there as it is just exceptionally pretty countryside.  The link for further information if you are interested for Durobrivae is here:

Today as I have said Missy went for a bit of a paddle.  There is a film but have not worked out how to do these yet!

I hope you have all had a lovely day.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)