Friday, 24 February 2017

A small start to the Hexie quilt

I have made a very small start to my hexie quilt and am going to try and sew a couple of pieces a day.

Still loads more to do.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Patchwork Quilts and WIPs

I have recently invested in a new patchwork effect cotton quilt for my bedroom as the other one was getting a little tired but will be reused elsewhere as there is still a lot of use in it and I like to keep warm. It was not terribly expensive but I am pleased with it.  It looks pretty and fresh and should go well with my cream metal bedstead. I tend to have a country cottage theme as the base for my homestyle as it is very forgiving when you blend old and new.

In the meantime back at the Ok corral I have been busy sourcing cotton fabric by the fat quarter by the metre jelly rolls etc .  I have also stick piled and started to prepare the fabric so that I can start making my own quilts from shirt material already stashed and brand new fabrics as well.  I have also invested in a brand new pair of Fiskers shears for general dressmsking  use as I now have my Accuquilt to play with on the patchwork front.

As well as machine made quilts I also want to have a hand sewn hexie patchwork on the go and a little while ago I ordered some pretacked hexies in creams and pinks and greens the colours of my bedroom. This will be a long term project but the lady i obtained them from off ebay had used Laura Ashley or Cath Kidston fabrics and mstched them well.  She has also saved me a little time.  However her personalised service and beautiful presentation is delightful.  Each pack of hexies is displayed on a printed display card personalised stickers with a lovely little note attached.

I think these are rather lovely.  Her name is Alison and she tradeson ebay as farmhousetraditions (4531).  I am looking forward to placing further orders with her.  Its helping me no end as it means I can start hand sewing straight away and is saving me time in the cutting and tacking.  She is also very approachable.  I have found her service to be utterly delightful.

However before I start playing I need Oh to build some shelves in the computer room so that I can organise a lot if not all of my craft stuff so that I can locate things a lot more easily than I can at present. This relates not only to fabric and kits but also to threads for sewing embroidery silks needepoint wools loads of cross stitch and embroidery kits that I have collected over the years etc etc plus new kits.

So there is a lot in the offing to do.  I am particularly excited about the hexie quilt though.  I am really taken with that.  Will have to maximise my time now and probably do a little each day.  Might even take some into work to do at lunch time.

Catch you all soon.

Pattypan xx

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Listening to the Radio

I am not sure whether its a generational thing or not but I was bought up listening to the radio its just something we did as a family.  My mum and dad always listened even my brother and my partner listen.  However my sister in law and nephew cannot abide itEven now I listen when I can.  I am currently missing it like heck.  My last one hit the great radio in the sky recently and I am looking to replace it to listen too when I am cleaning or cooking.  Its doing my head in.  I shall have to see what is available purchase ine and then get back into a routine.  Its not just the same without it.

Do any of you listen or is it something off your radar in this day and age. If you do listen what channel or type of music do you listen to.  My taste is quite ecclectic as I like classical as well as other musuc across the genres.  The only type I am not too fussed with is jazz and then not all of it

When I was growing up the radio was part of the daily routine to which to set our own personal calendars.  The same asvon a Sunday dinner we used to listen to Family Favourites and of a Sunday evening the Christie Minstrel show or Sung Something Simple.  Happy days where music marked the passing of time.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx


Well I succumbed I have been and bought myself a DAB radio and its brill.  Situated on one of the fridges in the doorway between kitchen and dining room so Ibhave the benefit of music whilst I am in either room.  Its brill.  Very pleased .  Currently tuned into Radio 2.


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Kitchen Helpers

I hit the Charity Shop yesterday and found two slow cookers in excellent condition and not too pricey.  They were in better condition than two I already have for cooking so my original two are going to be used for soap making and for continuing my candle making.

Oh has also eventually built up a small kitchen work trolley with a couple of shelves on to give me a little more room for food preparation which is proving to be extremely useful.

Now just have to get him in the right frame of mind to tackle a couple of more projects for me.  I have to choose my moments carefully.

We had the Gas Engineer come out to check the boiler and the cooker yesterday.  The hand thermostat has given up the ghost and is not talking to the main boiler. We gave to have a new one sorted out but also apparently the boiler needs a separate fuse box to isolate it should there be any problems.  It currently does not have one and the Landlords Agent apparently will have to provide an electrician to arrange for this before she comes back again. Its just the depth that varies.

My foot is more comfy now and I have overall once I got used to it enjoyed my time at home although I have been greatly restricted in what I have been able to do on the household front.  Because my foot is now more comfy it will not be long before I return to work.  I have asked them to be gentle with me as I will be going back i to the fray on full duties. I am sat down so that should assist with any problems with my foot.

I have also bought some primulas for some tubs I have so I need to get them sorted over the next couple of days or so.  They always give a blast of cheery colour.  Will have to see what else I can find to go with them.

Right I now need to get a wriggle on.  I have Cottage pie to prepare for tea with a lovely melted cheese topping and served with veggies.

Catch you shortly.

Pattypan xx

Monday, 13 February 2017

Its getting a tad expensive

...being at home that is. I have had mu
ch more time to browse things and one or two things have dropped into my craft basket for use at a future date that is. I am getting things sorted for doing my patchwork.  Getting fabrics in place discovering what a Jelly Roll is and how to turn them into quilts.  I have also read and saved a tutorial
  My Go Accuquilt cutting equipment is starting to arrive and I can see I will be making my own Jelly Rolls in due course. However we will start slowly with recycling the shirts.  I have also ordered different sized bias binding making tools so that I can also make my own bias tape.  Something which I was taught to do at College when studying my dressmaking o level. So on a practical level I am starting to get organised.  However have not had time to do anymore to my hot water bottle covers although am part way through the needlepoint although have not done any since the last post.  I am in theory trying yo take control and organise things on every level in an effort to find yhings when I need them on a paperwork front and on a crafting level. My foot is starting to settle down and I will shortly be returning to work.

I am hoping that being organised and keeping on top of things ie a monthly paperwork night putting filing away and recognising bank accounts will give me more time to be focused on my crafting for the rest of the month especially after Oh resumes his fishing.  I have realised I need the crafting time for my sanity as much as anything and I have enjoyed that precious me time not only to craft but also to think and mull over things.  It has in its own way brought a sense of peace and clarity.  Something which I have not had in a long time which has been very restorative in itself.  When we are bumbling along on the wheel of life sometimes because we are so busy trying to deal with situations or events that are foisted upon us that we do not always see the bigger picture.  For me that is time to do my crafting and create and make the things I want to in an effort to make my home very individual but very comfortable.  I have the skill set and ability to do so and for me its now about making the time to do the things that are important to me.  That is what I am aiming for in any event.

Do you have similar goals or something different you are aiming for.  You are more than welcome to share here if you want to.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.  



Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Go Accuquilt

I ordered one of these last week together with some dies.  The machine has not arrived yet but the dies have and they look very promising. So much so I am itching to play but ovbiously I cannot.  However the dies would appear to be sturdy and substantial and their is a registration scheme for the dies which in turn will keep each owner updated as to which dies are available.

I ordered heart dies in 2 inch 3 inch and 4 inch sizes ideal for a heart quilt or useful for applique and recycling fabrics giving a greater degree of accuracy for the cutting. A rectangle and the Dresden plate. The little rectangle is the one I want to use for my recycled shirt material quilt but the Flying Geese will be a good one to use for this too. I am thinking blues lilacs purples at the moment.  I am so looking forward to playing with this as I can see so many possibilities.  If I can get to grips with the quilting and patchwork this will feed in beautifully with my handmade Christmas approach to Christmas 2017.  I am very determined to get this licked.  I also think these dies can also be used with old embriidered damaged linens etc fussy cutting the decent parts out and reloving and using old fabrics instead of them being stuck in the cupboard. I can see an awful lot of possibilities with lots of the crafts I already dabble with.  Now I just have to wait for the machine to arrive. I am getting excited at the prospects and to learning something new.

Yes this system is expensive and I have made a considered purchase in this regard after very careful thought and knowing my limitations with a rotary cutter. Without it I doubt I would ever make a quilt. I hate wasting fabric and going wrong on the cutting of tbe fabric.  So I am hoping this will do the trick.

I really must get those shirts stripped down so that I can play when the main machine arrives. Now its between the rectangle and the Flying Geese as to which quilt will start first with. Decisions decisions.

Meanwhile I still have other projects in hand which I am pottering aling with.

Catch you soon.  Pattypan xx

Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)