Monday, 30 April 2012

What a difference a day makes

The weather could not be more different here today we have bright sunshine that is peeking into every nook and cranny of my home invading and brightening up everything.  So different yesterday when it was mostly rain all day. It is still blustery but the light is putting a different complexion on things.  It will not be long before I wend my way to work for another hectic day.

I hope you all have a lovely happy day and hopefully I will be able to pop back later on.

Catch up soon


Sunday, 29 April 2012


Good evening everyone

I have had a brilliant weekend in fact it is coming to a close all too soon.  I went to a fabulous workshop with my friend and mentor Jacqueline Lesley yesterday where she introduced colour and auragraphs to our tool box.  It was a wonderful day where I was with like minded people; some old friends and some new friends.  It was all very enjoyable and I will do a  separate post on this later on in the week. 

I went back to my friend's home after the workshop don't know where the time went but it was gone 11 pm before I got home. I think we managed to polish off a couple of bottles of red wine between us.  Lovely Jubbly.  So I didn't get to the veg shop yesterday at all.

Today started with OH bringing me breakfast in bed -  [not sure what I had done to deserve this but it went down very well in any event] which was a nice surprise but the weather has been absolutely abysmal today.  Its been a North Easterly hooley and torrential rain.  I had to go out as we had run out of milk (because of my absence yesterday)and OH took Missy out and she came back drenched but a quick dry down with her towel soon got her sorted out - she hates being wet.

We have had a lovely tea tonight I managed to get a lamb shoulder at a reasonable price and I roasted that and then served it with roast potatoes, new potatoes, calabrese, peas, runner beans,carrots and lashings of gravy and it went down very well.  We have the remainder for tea tomorrow night as it will be quick for me to do before going out.  For pudding I managed to get a tray of strawberries which were surprisingly nice considering they were not English, served simply with sugar and some double cream.  It was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed my tea.

 I have a bit of a busy week this week;  I have some major changes which start with my job tomorrow; I am not sure how it is going to work out but will have to suck it and see.  its always the same at the beginning of May for weeks and weeks I do nothing and then all of a sudden I am here there and everywhere all good fun though.  I am due to go to a healing group tomorrow evening (if our hostess is up to it).  Wednesday I have the Psychic and Spiratual Fellowship's monthly meeting   Thursday I am another year older; Friday I am due to go to my friend's home; this is the friend that used to live over the road; however she has moved to a village outside of Peterborough and this will be the first time I have seen her since she moved.

Right upwards and onwards have to get ready for a busy day tomorrow.

Just take it steady and keep safe wherever you are




Just a quickie

I have had a fantastic day today, filled with love and lots of colour in the company of very good friends and also making new friends.  I had hoped to post this evening on what I have been up to, but being as I have been late home, it is wet cold and miserable I am going to toddle off and get under the duvet and hopefully have a dream or two; one never knows sometimes they are like buses few and far between and other times i get dream upon dream.

It is seriously chucking it down here and the wind is getting up a little bit I have two contented moggies in the warm here both on a settee each both happy; Missy is with his master's voice in the computer room (he ison the computer playing KOC (Kingdoms of Cameolot)

Catch up sometime tomorrow

Take care


Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday night catch up

Evening everyone hope you are all well and life is treating you well. Some good news this week that after three years out of work my OH has managed to obtain a job - which we are very grateful for he starts the second week in May.  So a little bit of good luck has come our way.  We know we are lucky.

I am likely to be missing for most of tomorrow as I am attending a workshop which I am looking forward to.  So no trip to the veggie shop tomorrow for me.

I have had a rough week with the dampness and rain, which has seized my system up to some extent and so I have been taking extra pain killers; but most nights this week I have had disturbed sleep either waking because I am uncomfortable or to come downstairs.  It will pass it always does. I have been doing my exercises despite the discomfort.

I have had a take away for tea this evening a prawn balti with a rice a real treat very mild but very tasty.

This evening suffering from thank god its Friday syndrome I I have been sat watching the tv in the company of my cats.  Demetri (Houdini) hasn't come in for the past couple of nights but he is snuggled up fast asleep on the settee with me at the moment.  Squeak is on top of the other sofa also fast asleep.

Right I am off to bed, have an early start tomorrow.  Hope you all have a lovely day will catch up later tomorrow.

Take care



Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Caravan Weather

In the office where I work at the moment we have windows that we cannot open and air conditioning.  We can look out though and see what is happening out and about.  Today we have had torrential rain and it has come down in shed loads and puddles huge ones have formed in seconds.  Today has  reminded us all at work of the kinda weather we used to have when we went on holiday as children.  Happy days for all of us but days when there was loads of rain and we ended up being in the caravan playing board games, listening to the crackly radio  noses pressed up against steamy windows, big sighs at being kept in; and then escaping at the merest lift of the cloud, or the sun coming out or the cessation of rain completely or into light drizzle going to the chippy, getting fish and chips or just chips and eating them out of the paper, with them going soggy if the drizzle persisted.  Perhaps looking  back we see things through rose coloured glasses; but then we did not expect much we accepted what we were told.  If we perchance asked what was for dinner we would get a comment back like "If it goes round you will be getting some" or the like.  Children were then still to a great degree "seen but not heard".  Because wages were lower we didn't ask for things for presents; we were lucky if we had a present let alone many presents.  We had no expectations but we were happy and if perchance we did ask for something my father used to reply "One day" and if he could afford it we would have and if he couldn't there wouldn't be a sniff of it however by letting us down gently this way it was not refusing but it wasn't dampening our dreams either  So very different to today's youngsters who must have this and must have that latest designer label but who lack one thing the older generation have which is not easily won.  Patience.  Everything comes to those that wait.  Today has definitely been caravan weather and a day for reminiscing about the past.

Hope you have all had a lovely day and that you haven't been dodging too many puddles.

Catch up with you all again shortly

Love and light



Learning to dance in the rain

I was passed on an inspirational quote by  friend on Facebook and on looking round You Tube I found this version which I think you may well enjoy and it's raining here in Peterborough

I think its sentiment is rather beautiful and I love the poem

We should give thanks for many things

I am learning to dance



Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Even Eagles need a push

I found this on You Tube recently and it struck a chord with me - I hope it resonates well with you too

We all need to learn to soar and to fly



Late on Parade

Its been a variable day here in Peterborough and we have had rain againt this evening; the cold and the damp is really affecting my movements at the moment and my joints which tends to slow me up a bit.  Oh well these things are sent to try us but at the mminute I feel very much like the Tin man.

Sorry its so late in the evening/morning that I have been able to post; it has been a particularly busy day; a very busy day at work then the servers packed up and we were unable to use our system so we ended up doing those jobs like filing and sorting out any rubbish; by the time we got back on the day had almost gone.

Since getting home, we have had tea; I didn't fancy too much  my appetite isn't what it was and so I just had a pork and apple sandwich and OH finished off the remains of yesterdays lunch; the extra crumble got frozen the other one is in the fridge for tomorrow nights tea; which is going to be chicken kievs with a selection of veggies and then pudding to follow.  (choice of jelly and strawberries or rhubarb crumble and custard).

This evening since I got home I have been playing on the sewing machine with some patchwork and I have worked a patvhwork panel which is going to be turned into an extra sized pot holder; it is in pretty pale blues and yellow.  I am not used to doing patchwork it is something I am going to get to grips with but at my own pace and a little bit at a time.  I will show photos later on in the week once I have the pot holder sorted and finished.  It has come up better than I anticipated and I am quietly pleased that it has come up so well; it is enouraging me to have another go at something else; I have all sorts of ideas buzzing around.   The creative urge is certainly surfacing again.

OH has an important appointment tomorrow for which he needed some clothes ironing major problem though  the ironing board cover has collapsed.  Never mind; come 9 p.m. I set to and decided I was making a new ironing board cover (without a pattern) which I have subsequently cut out, overlocked stitched down and then elasticated.  It too has come up extremely well and seems to be a good fit at the moment.   Yet again I will show photos later on in the week - hopefully I will have managed to hem and stitch the tablecloths I cut out and overlocked the other weekend.   I still have another cover yet to make, but that may happen later on in the week.  I have used a turquoise blue gingham which looks quite cheerful and at least with me making the cover it can be washed and will not disintegrate.  If I get anything else sorted I will also post some photos.  I quite have in mind that I would like to make some pinafores and some other bits and bobs in due course.  I am pleased to be getting to grips with the sewing machine again it has been a long time.

I have subsequently ironed three or four shirts and three or four pairs of trousers for OH to have a selection of for his appointment tomorrow; better to be safe than sorry as often what I would put out he wouldn't be in the mood to wear so if he is given a selection he can take his pick.

Righty ho, am going to have to skidaddle and get some shuteye

Take care be safe wherever you may be

Love and light to everyone - catch up soon



Sunday, 22 April 2012

I forgot to tell you last night whilst calling for his lordship I saw a shooting star and I made a wish.  What was unusual was that it wasn't high in the sky and it looked as though it was a falling one heading for a garden further up the street; but I still made a wish all the same.

Its been very cold and wet here this afternoon and into the evening. (I have had to put the heating back on) At the moment it is raining cats and dogs; even Demetri found his way in through the window he is now cuddled up on the settee fast asleep - Squeak is on the other one.

I did a little baking earlier on a couple of batches of coconut cheesecakes and two rhubarb crumbles one of which is destined for the freezer and I made four batches of pastry in the food processor. (still have to use this up probably finish tomorrow night.   I am quite chuffed with the pastry it tastes really good if I do say so myself but for some reason I always make very short pastry.  My mum has told me that apparently my grandmother did as well.  Pastry has always been a nightmare for me.  I have cold hands until it comes to making pastry and then they heat up and get over hot and thats where it tends to go all wrong. I therefore intend to persevere over the next few weeks or so.

I shall make a couple of batches of muffins tomorrow night when I get in, some of which will get frozen.

We have had roast pork with all the trimmings for tea and that went down very nicely too and there is still plenty left for tomorrow night.

I have work tomorrow and it looks as though it will be another long week.  I have enjoyed my weekend - I have taken things easy for a change and have quite enjoyed being at home just pottering.  I was intending to hem some fabric for tablecloths. I have already been round them on the overlocker now all I need to do is mark the hems up, pin and tack them and then sew them on the sewing machine.  I am trying to do all like jobs together so that I can zip along either on the hemming or the sewing machine stitching the hems up.

Right its time I went to bed and got cuddled up under the duvet.

Take care and be safe wherever you are

Catch up soon



Sunday Brunch


We did not have breakfast early this morning as although being up early (a certain little cat escaped last night and wouldn't come in) and I was anxious to make sure he was okay.  We had brunched about 11.30 a.m. utilising some sausages that needed using up and some bacon but I also found in the freeze (which I am currently emptying) r some fruit pudding, cherry tomatoes, some hash browns and together with four fresh eggs (2 each) we ended up having a substantial breakfast/brunch washed down with mugs of tea.   which was very satisfying and very tasty.  

I quite regularly when I can get hold of them cheaply enough freeze about 1lb of cherry tomatoes at a time.  All you need do is wash dry and bag them and then just pop into the freezer.  I then cook them from frozen and they are easil obtained from the freezer to add to different meals.  I use them in home made pizza cooked up with some fresh herbs too.  very tasty.

We then walked Missy; the breeze is very cold here in Peterborough and stormy grey clouds are gathering; the wind has also got up compared to what it was.

On the way back we popped to one of my favourite garden centres and I had a mosy round.  Lots of lovely things as usual one or two which I would quite like.  However I was particularly taken with the trees.  I would at some point like to plant my own orchard put roots down creating food and also helping reduce harmful chemicals in the atmosphere.

I had a wander round the book store the other day and found a book that I quite liked the look of; I may well ask for it for my birthday at the beginning of May.  The book is called Grow something to eat every day by Jo Whittingham and from what I have seen of it on the book shelf it is a cracker.  I went into Waterstones however the price was £15 there whereas on Amazon it is a lot cheaper.

I am shortly to start some baking and preparing some different puddings for choice of for tea and use throughout the week together with some cake baking; I am in the mood for doing something and making sure that there is food available to eat readily but also trying to use up what I already have to hand.  I shall be gone for a little while but I am intent on enjoying having  a play.

We are not having lunch until later on today.  I have planned for roast pork, apple sauce home made stuffing, roast potatoes and parsnips and sweet potato, carrots, peas, cauliflower and broccoli.  That should do very nicely and then if there is any meat left over (it is only a little joint this week) it can go into sarnies with the home made apple sauce. 

Right I am off to play

Catch you later



Saturday, 21 April 2012

Foodie things

Today for me has mainly centred around food; pennies are extremly tight again at the moment most of the money we have going on heating and electric but you still have to feed yourself so in the first instance I went trawling through the freezer (I am currently trying to use up the contents of the same) to see what I could locate meat wise not having enough pennies left over to get meat only veggies.  I  Came out of the freezer with a pack of mince, some pate, some crab pate, a pack of butter, some turkey kebabs, a joint of pork for tomorrows dinner, some blueberries, some blackberries. (blueberries for some blueberry muffins tomorrow and a blackberry and apple pudding probably a pie as I have some cooking apples to use up in the fridge.   I have also made a jelly for pudding during the week.  I have some strawberries in the freezer and intend to make a sponge flan case and combine everything which should make a change.  A sponge flan case is an ideal base for a baked Alaska and the base itself is very easy to make.

 I might even make some raspberry and white chocolate muffins and also some pear and chocolate muffins as well. I intend to do some baking tomorrow.  I bought yogurt today and also some coconut for making some cocount cheesecakes.  If I get time I might make a sponge cake and some cup cakes as well as some scones. I have some nice home made strawberry jam and some cream so might do a cream tea will see how things go.  A little bit of baking helps pad everything out

I also went to the veg shop and came back with 2kgs of tomatoes, a tray of eggs, a bunch of mint, two hispi cabbages, a cauliflower, 4 lemons, 1kg rhubarb (making OH a rhubarb crumble for tomorrow's tea).  I have carrots, some cauliflower, sweet potato, parsnips, plenty of potato and onions, some broccoli and some sweet peppers already in so plenty to go at. Might make a fritata and some potatos bravos for Monday night's tea.  I try and choose ingredients that can be used for several meals rather than just one meal and that way I get the maximum use out of them.

The mince has been used in home made chilli for tea tonight utilising both tinned and fresh tomotoes with a can of chilli beans out of the pantry; and then cooked in the slow cooker for about three hours or so and then  served with some tortilla wraps, home made mint raita, mixed salad leaves, salsa mix, (I had no cheese) so supplemented dairylea cheese portions crumbled over the mix and they were delicious.  The mint raita was just a pot of yogurt with fresh chopped mint leaves incorporated together with a couple of teaspoons of mint jelly and then chilled in the fridge for a couple of hours.   We then popped the tortillas onto a plate and built each one up with a layer of lettuce, a layer of chilli then the mint raita and the salsa then the dairylea and then wrapped each one securely starting by folding over the bottom and then folding in either side and then folding in half to stop any drips.  It went down extremely well; I have never known a bag of salad go so quickly in this house.

I really needed to buy more stuff but you have to make do with what you have to hand when things are really tight and you have your back up against the wall.  This type of experimentation can lead to creative cooking.

I am hoping to get some salad stuff planted soon so that I can have a fresh supply of salad for use through the summer months. which will all help.  Hopeflly will ge able to get some seeeds sown tomorrow.

I am not going to be late out of bed tonight, I am still tired another snuggle down is required as I seem to be lacking energy again at the moment.

I am hoping to go for a walk in the morning and if it is dry enough collect some nettles to make some nettle soup.

Right I am off to bed

Sweet dreams and take care


Getting into good habits

I am currently trying to be very good and getting into good habits with doing various things around the house; particularly with me working full time - I am trying where I can to make my life that bit easier so that I can get to do some of the enjoyable things rather than just be working working and working and whirling round like a dervish in full kelter.  As a result I often end up getting totally worn out and no energy to do even simple things.  I am making a concerted effort to do things as I go along rather than leave them and then blitz them.  Its not massive things just small things and getting into a new mindset which is always difficult to start with when you are implementing a new regime but anything worth doing is worth doing well.

  • Like if I have a book out; before I get another one out put that one back; and
  • If we have tea in the front room take the plates out straight away and get them into the dishwasher; and
  • when I go shopping buy only those items that I need - letting the need prioritise the pennies rather than the wants or would likes;
  • making do and using what I have where I can or substituting items if I haven't got them; being creative and practical;
  • planning our meals a little more than I am used to;
  • I am currently in the pros of stripping the freezer out so that it can be switched off and defrosted.  I will then be able to repack it back up; the idea to stock up with special offers or bargains
  •  writing a shopping list for those items that I have run out of and then when I get paid at the end of the month they will be incorporated into the monthly shop.  I know it sounds silly but at the moment I have run out of nearly everything to do with gravy that I can do.  I use Oxo cubes quite a lot but only ever buy them from the pound shop a big box only costs £1 in there but locally the smaller box is well over £1.46 for not so many cubes; come pay day a couple of batches of stock paste will be made up and put into the pantry store;
  • For the dirty laundry I have a large wicker linen basket - the washing machine only goes on when I have a full load for the machine; equally if I use the tumble drier a full load only goes on.
  • clothes are got ready the night before so that there is less of a rush in the morning;
  • shoes are cleaned the night before also;
  • pack ups are done and put in the fridge night before also;
  • table is laid for breakfast in  the morning and the pots are placed in the dishwashwer where possible after use and popped on if there is a full load;
I use up as much of the vegetables I buy each week as I can; waste is not an option and if there are bits and bobs of different veggies left over a batch of veggie stock is made.  I also freeze down my own vegetables where I can so that I always have a standby or a shortcut when it comes to cooking; in all honesty I do prefer fresh veg but we have to be practical here and use what is available to us. It is early days and just tentative  teeny steps so far but from small footsteps giant strides can be made.   I will see how things go.

Catch up soon



Early one morning just as the sun was rising...

Just a quick pop by to say good morning.

Well it was lovely sunshine here first thing this morning; it was that which stirred me and the fact that I was warm (the sun was streaming through the windows and me being me was under the quilt and getting slightly overheated). So up I got and enjoyed a few hours peace and quiet on my own just pottering enjoying the peace and quiet  a cup of tea; and enjoying listening to the birds singing their songs and just generally being in the moment after another very busy week.  Just letting myself go arrh!  That has been a rare pleasure.

Mission accomplished I was ready to get stuck into what I have today today and it starts raining; gentle rain from an overcast grey sky.  We very much need this rain (my joints don't) so upwards and onwards as they say I still have things to do and I want to get the best from this day of ours.  I have regular chores to do but may well do a bit of baking later on.  May make some breadbuns and attack the freezer to see what I can liberate from there.

catch up later on hope ou have a lovely day



Friday, 20 April 2012

Weather report

We have sunshine Yay - no rain at the moment.

I arose before dawn this morning and came downstairs and caught Demetri in the act of debating whether he should go through the window or not.  He had the window open - I think OH came downstairs and did not close the doors properly.  I really do think this cat should have been called Houdini.

Thank you for your kind words - I feel a little brighter today (that may be due to the sun it always makes me feel better puts a smile on my face.

Will be back later on

Hope you all have a lovely day



Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rain and more Rain

It has rained and rained and been blooming cold even the cats have decided  not to go out preferring to stay in the comfort of the house where it was warm and food to hand.  I have had a couple of severe Reynauds attacks this week and I have had gloves on; trouble is it takes me at least half an hour after each attack to get the circulation back in my hands.  The damp has also affected my joints.  Never mind upwards and onwards.  creak creak creak now where is the WD40!

I cooked liver casserole tonight for tea having prepared it last evening and potted it up ready just to switch the oven on, and then just doing some mashed potato.  OH was impressed and I enjoyed it too despite not being too convinced when I broached what I was going to do with it.  However you will not get me eating it his way. i.e. blue.  It has nicely warmed me up though as I was hungry.

Its like a rest home for cats here at the moment both are sprawled out don't want to go out thank you very much both in the land of nod and sweet dreams.

I am going to have an early night as I am a little down and tired and am probably best wrapped up in my duvet with an early night.  We have to deal with the hand of cards that life sets us and sometimes things are not easy for one reason or another.

Catch up soon promise



Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Quote of the Day

"It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and  regret"

Jackie Joyner Kersee

Liver and Onion Casserole

As previously indicated on Saturday I picked up two mystery items from ASDA for 53 pence and 63 pence accordingly.  I apologise unreservedly to my Vegetarian friends or those of a sensitive nature on what I am about to write about now, but getting a cheap nutritious meal is on my agenda these days as a priority and at these prices I could buy ten packs pop the in the freezer and only spend about £6 to £7 per month and I wouldn't get through all that liver in one month.  You can of course also fry it and serve in a Mixed grill or utilise the pigs liver in making faggots or in pate.  Or add bacon and make it a liver and onion casserole.  The choice of recipe is yours but this time round I am talking about hearty warming casseroles.

I am primarily  talking about pigs liver.  OH commented that it must cost about 20 pence a pack for the packaging at least which puts the liver at an even cheaper premium.  A cheap nutritious meal can be made from this and I will readily admit that I have to be in the mood to eat this so I do have some sympathies for those of you who are going Yuk.  What is Yuk is the way my OH eats it;  He eats a lot of fried liver but it is what is referred to as "blue" which means that it is literally showed the frying pan and then straight out.  I will not go into graphic detail here but needless to say I will not touch it this way at all.

I on the other hand prefere my liver properly cooked.  The recipe I use is simple but nutritious and makes a lovely warming meal for very little money.  One of these packs will make a large casserole for two.  However there are some things that I do before I start cooking with liver.  If your liver has been defrosted let it thaw. Once thawed dry it down and then pop it into a little milk as this will help draw any bitter juices from the liver and give it a nicer flavour. Leave it for about an hour to soak.  Discard the soaking milk.

take a couple of onions and slice them into rings. Dry off the liver as best you can and then  Coat the liver in a little seasoned flour and Gently fry the liver in until just browned.   Place the onion and the liver into a large casserole dish with about 1 pint of water or stock, a couple of stock cubes, some pepper (I use white pepper) and the liver and some mixed herbs.  Put on the casserole lid and leave to cook in a medium oven gas mark 4 to 5 for at least an hour.  I then add slaked thinned cornflour and any other usul flavourings that you would use to make your gravy and then leave to thicken up.  The gravy should thicken and be very tasty.  The pigs liver should be cooked through and tender when you test it with a knife.  Serve with mashed potato and a green veg such as cabbage or Kale or carrots. 

It is far tastier than it sounds; often people say Yuk without having really trying the ingredients.  Half the secret of enjoying food is finding a recipe that works for you and your family.  Go on give it a whirl at 53 pence or 63 pence for the meat you haven't really got a lot to lose but quite a bit to gain.

Go on have a go and try it

I love this especially on a cold winters evening.

Sorry to get you all excited and then disappointed in one fair swoop but I was in a "teasing mood".

Take care until tomorrow



Sunday, 15 April 2012

Quote of the Day

Well meant are the wounds a friend inflicts but profuse are the kisses of an enemy


Sunday roundup

Sounds like  am rounding horses up in a Rodeo!  Get along there ladies and gents.  (Cheeky mare that I am)!  I am feeling a lot better in myself than I have been, although I still have the remnants of a headache from the Migraine but a lot more workable and I am more comfortable than I have been.

I have had a very busy day but good day today my Mum came to dinner.   This is the first time this year I have seen Mum since Christmas despite three attempts to get together; weather and illness calling the process off but we made it at last . Have had a brilliant time with her; I treasure the time I spend with my mum its important time and she is a lovely lady.

Had a lovely dinner roast full leg of lamb cooked on a base of mixed veg  and a little water and cocooned in silver foil.  Slowly cooked with its tin hat on Gas Mark 3 for about an hour and a half and then the foil is taken off and the heat turned up to gas mark 5 and the meat browned off until cooked and then the meat is put on a meat platter covered with its foil again and left to stand for about half an hour to "rest".  Result drop dead gorgeous lamb that is moist and full of flavour.  Dont waste the mixed veg in the bottom of the pan either pop it through a ricer or through a sieve and add stock to the resulting mush that comes through the sieve.  This mush makes the most delightful gravy full of flavour and packed with lots of vitamins and most of all flavour. It is a bit of messing around but I can tell you it s seriously worth it.  Served with home made roast potatoes, baby parsnips, and sweet potato and roast shallot cooked in the home made pork dripping.  Sides served carrot and swede crush, petit pois, cauliflower and broccol gently steamed.  Not a dirty place in the house.  The lamb was delish moist and full of flavour polished down with a glass of Crabbies Ginger beer - bliss.

Needless to say mum and I had a good chat and put the world to rights, reminisced and talked about frugal living prompted by the fact that I bought something yesterday in fact two packs of something weighing 634 grammes and 534 grammes for 63 pence and 53 pence respectively.  OH loves this but we strongly disagree over how it should be eaten - my mum concurred with me at this point when she found out what he does with it and those of a sensitive nature might well be put off for life!   All will be revealed in due course.

It has been a long but enjoyable day today but at least my home is back to being somwhere near how it should be. I am back to work tomorro and  I am out tomorrow night at a friend's home for the evening.

So before I crash with an early night  let me just say

Take care, be safe wherever you may be

Love to all


Good Morning

Good morning everyone what a beautiful day it is; I have been up since the crack of dawn around 5 am it has been nice and crisp chilly not uncomfortable as early morn slides into day and the sun is out in all her glory.  Mornings like this make me feel invigorated and it is a pleasure for me to see the day in this early as normally I am tucked up fast asleep.  I have a bit of a problem in that I am more inclined to be an owl and start doing things at the wrong time of day. Can't just be sat doing nothing not my nature. Needless to say this has completely confused the cats.  Squeak refused to get up when I did and I left her covered up in the middle of the bed (she sleeps on top covered by her own blanket). Demetri has been in and out like a fiddlers elbow cannot make his mind up whether he is in or out.  At the moment he has just had his brekkie (still no sign of Squeak) no doubt she will come down shortly balling for her food.  Pampered mogs.

I am gently pottering do a little bit of this an a little bit of that; my mum is coming for late lunch and I have been getting dinner prepped.  We are having a leg of lamb its a firm favourite here but the price isn't so we only tend to have it when it is on offer.  I usually do it studded with garlic and rosemary however mum isn't a fan of garlic so will do it plain today just for her.  We like it that way too but by choice bung in lots of garlic.

Right upward and onward have things to do and life is for living it is not a rehearsal so I am off to enjoy my day - I hope everyone else has a smashing day too.  Hopefully I will catch up with everyone later on am off to enjoy the promise of this fantastic new day.

Love to everyone



Saturday, 14 April 2012

Evening everyone

Rowan, Rose, Kadeeae, Trudie and Shagrat thank you all for your good wishes; it is very much appreciated.  Its ages since I have had a migraine as bad as this one has been; I used to get them quite regularly at one time. I take after my father in this respect it seems to be a bit of a family affliction.

Shagrat I have epilepsy (which is controlled without medication at the moment) and I am light sensitive(strobe lights in a disco hypnotise me not a good thing). Because I am on a computer screen at work all day and then I play on here in my spare time I have probably been on longer than I should have; so I am trying not to be on as much at the moment and hoping to do other things when I feel a bit more with it.  Although in all fairness I do need new glasses as I can now no longer see the needle on my sewing machine, so thank you for the timely reminder at the moment I only need glasses for close work.  Will have to get that sorted in the next couple of weeks or so I think a trip to Specsavers is on the cards.

I have had my first proper meal for the past couple of days tonight; have had home made egg and chips and boy did it taste good.  Served up with sliced Tiger bread. So I am now full.  Simple food is often the best.

You will be pleased to know I am taking it easy (although It doesn't fit very well with me) I am doing as I am told on this occasion. [chunter chunter]

Hopefully I will pop by tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good Saturday evening wherever you may be

Love to all




Sorry I have been absent for the past few days I have had a very bad migraine which apart from the killing headache predominantly behind my eyes I have also had flashing lights, sickness and upset stomach.  Its left me feeling very washed out and fragile and definitely not firing on all pistons.; think it is down to tension more than anything else and it is something I am going to have to tackle and I thought I was doing so well. Its ages since I have had a real bad one like this.  I have been in bed most of the time as I have found that all I have wanted to do is sleep and I am off my food, just drinking plenty of liquids.  Ah well hiccups happen every now and then; going to have to dust myself down and start all over again.  Hopefully things will get back to normal in the next few days or so.  Please therefore bear with me.

Catch up soon



Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Quote for the day


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Today's Roundup

It has been a busy day at work today; quite a few members of staff are still away from the office; and after the horrendous day I had last Thursday I had a lot of files to relocate, and I still have quite a lot of filing to complete as well.  Managed to get quite a bit done but still have a long way to go; with four lawyers it gets more than a bit hectic at times; bless their cotton socks.  Never mind.

I got a good nights sleep last night, but I was very stiff again this morning; am going to have a couple of paracetamol before going to bed tonight; it will be later as I have quite a bit left to do in the bedroom.  Have found even more stuff I haven't finished so that has been decanted into a large bag and is going to come downstairs so that I can work away at it in the evenings.  I have four little crotchet scarves which will not take much doing so will probably tackle those first; then there is my knitted blanket all the squares are knitted just need the balance of them sewing together and then the rib finished off; then the tea cosy where the needles broke (I haven't got a clue where the pattern is at the moment that is in apple green and cream) and several cross stitch kits; a cross stitch sampler that I must finish for my bedroom which is rather pretty and my three crotchet blankets.  I am hoping to get back into a regular pattern next week with doing a little bit each night.  I have also sorted out the first pile of fabric for being attacked by the sewing machine at the weekend; once they are made up that will provide me with more space to work.  There is a fleece door curtain to make, a kitchen sink skirt in yellow gingham, a couple of ironing board covers, three or four table cloths, bread cloths, a couple of table runners.  I have also found four boxes of fashion typed wool that I had forgotten I had got all in different colours and a bag of baby wool in pinks and yellows and then there is my long forgotten clippie rug made out of old recycled denim jeans.  It will be nice to get some of this lot completed and I am going to set up a post where I post photos of the projects I manage to complete that way you will now that its not all talk but some action too.  I can quite happily keep myself occupied, and can never quite understand people who say they are bored.  Sorry its a word that just isn't in my vocabulary.  I have found a knitting pattern for a jacket that I would quite like to knit in purple probably a winter project certainly not at the moment.  That has been put to one side.  I have also found some more patchwork fabric which I think is going to be suitable for a hexagon quilt; and this is all stuff I have had for years.

Right have to get on - its going to be another late night by the looks of things.

Catch up soon

Love to everyone



Radio days and Old Old songs

Now I am perhaps showing my age or is it perhaps the way I was bought up.  I was born into a musical family; unfortunately I do not play an instrument but I do love  and have an appreciation for a wide paramaeter of different types of music.  My Dad played piano, church organ and cathederal organ as well as the violin and the mouth organ.  My grandfather played the Banjo, and the squeezebox. My Uncle played the drums and the Banjo. My nephews both play the flute.

The other day whilst sorting through some bits and bobs I unearthed some of my grandfather's sheet music; now that brought back some memories as my grandfather used to keep both my brother and I entertained by playing the banjo and we would be bawling along all heart but sometimes out of tune.  In fact as a family we used to have a sing song and used to create our own entertainment.  We also used to listen to the radio a lot on a Sunday morning when it was family favourites, where loved ones were connected with their serving forces family overseas etc. and also Sing Something Simple a radio programme on a Sunday evening.  Inevitably we would be travelling back home from my grandparents when this programme was on and all of us used to sing along in the car on the way home.

Last night I retrieved from under my bed a box full of cassettes one of which I have dug out to listen to again.  It has some real oldies on it and some of you perhaps will not know the songs and others of you will remember them  very well.

The cassette is named "Hello Children Everywhere" based on the radio programme of the same name from the 1950's.  I was born in 1959 but I still know these songs. 

Puffin Billy

Nellie the Elephant

I know an old lady

How much is that Doggy in the window

The Runaway train

When father papered the parlour

The Ugly duckling

The Owl and the Pussycat

Big Rock Candy Mountain

The little shoemaker

Tubby the Tuba

Teddy Bear's Picnic (If you go down to the woods today your sure of a big surprise,  If you go down to the woods today you'll never believe your eyes)....

Where will the dimple be (On the baby's knuckle or the baby's knee where will the baby's dimple be, babies knee or babies chin, seems to me it will be a sin if its always covered by a safety pin, where will the dimple be)

The King's New Clothes

Etc etc.

Pure nostalgia all of it

I latterly went on to get a CD version with different songs on, which is in my CD chest and which I haven't quite got to hand at the moment.

Brought back some happy memories  of dear ones long past and blew the dust off a couple of old cassettes.  Its funny what you find when you are tidying up.  Sort of takes you back to a different  time and a different place.  Time travelling of a different sort.

Right upwards and onwards.  I hope to be back a little later on.

Catch you soon



Quote for the Day

"People's affections can be as thin as paper; life is like a game of chess - changing with each move"


Monday evening roundup (on Tuesday morning)

Sorry I did not get back to you last night  as things got a bit late and I did want to get to bed.  (although most of this post was written then so please excuse the tense as it may not be quite correct).

Monday Night ...... I have still been pottering away in the bedroom.  Have managed to get some of my clothes put away (Squeak was helping and trying to put herself away in to the wardrobe in the process.  Its nice and dark in there and a nice hidey hole away from everyone.  She was removed quite quickly.

Still loads of ironing to do but that can be done later at night.  I am mindful of the young family next door at night as they have young ones and I don't want to put the vacuum on later on, whereas I can get on with the ironing later as it is something you can do at unsociable times.  I still lots more clothes to get put away; and more work in that I have some skirts to put new zips in so some more work for the sewing pile.  However it has been a productive day, despite me being very stiff from a flare with the arthritis.  I have had to top up with paracetamol again today which helps a little with the pain -  I just have to keep going.  Fortunately I do not have to walk to work tomorrow, I think that would finish me off at the moment.  However it looks as though it will be a busy day in any event.

 I have still got to keep at it so will be another busy evening tomorrow night hopefully will get a bit straighter then.It feels good to get at least some of the work achieved, although still a long way to go.  It doesn't make it any easier that I am shifting clothes from one rail to another and then re-arranging to get the best use out of the rails possible - I have a lot of clothes.  I have also found fabric for two cord skirts, a green and a brown.  A navy blue tweed for a jacket, skirt and trousers.  Purple suiting for a skirt, jacket and trousers.  Loads of patchwork fabric in pinks.  I have been collecting these for a while as I would in the future like to have a go at the wedding ring quilt.  I have pinks, greens and creams in my bedroom (Country diary colours); however still have quite a lot more to collect although I have plenty of plain pink.  I also have a fair bit of patchwork fabrics in blue, lilacs but still have a way to go with these.  I have to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and if I collect a little bit every so often it is easier on the pocket.  All the material is cotton.  I am even saving little tiny bits as I can always use them as well with folded patchwork projects as well.  

I really am itching to get swinging away with the sewing machine.  I have popped all the straightforward stuff into a box so that I can just wade my way through it a bit at a time.  I also have some bread cover cloths to make for popping over the bread whilst it is proving or when it is cooling.  I have chosen cheery gingham fabric in red and white green and white and blue and white for this purpose and have had the fabric for sometime.  I also have some large green check fabric for a table cloth for the large pine table in the dining room and some left over curtain fabric to make a pretty undercloth.  That is all neatly stacked ready for work to commence.  Once made up I will then be able to put out the way and be able to use said objects when I need to.

Its been a busy day looks like tomorrow is going to be just as busy.  

Catch up soon



Monday, 9 April 2012

Tea time

We have had chicken and chips for tea; rotisserie cooked chicken which was moist and delicious and then home made chunky chips sprinkled with pickled onion vinegar (I never waste the vinegar from a jar of pickled onions) this together with a pinch of salt gives the chips lots of flavour.  I had pickled onions as well today although quite frequently I serve with sweet chilli sauce and bread and butter.  Goes down a treat.

Have been beavering away in the bedroom; have found a heap of UFO's including two cardigans,  a turquoise blue one and a purple onea needlepoint panel of roses (for a cushion insert), an art glass window panel, a wild strawberry panel a photo frame done in fabric and the list goes on.  I have also found a huge pile of fabric which is also going to be converted pretty quickly into some table covers (my guess will be that I will start these at the weekend probably Saturday night when I get a few hours to myself will whizz through them on the overlocker

It is still very cold here and the wind is blowing a bit of a hooley bit miserable but we do need the rain; I am going to get on again.  I found the second bag of knitting needles and I have managed to match a few more pairs up.  I still think there is another bag somewhere along the line.

Right am going to get on again If I am to restore any more order to the bedroom and actually get into bed!  Catch up soon.



Potato Masher v Potato Ricer

I have always been an advocate of the potato masher the metal perforated base type like my mum always used to use.  So much so it has always been one of my instruments of (torture) choice.  However a little while back I invested in a potato ricer, and I have found that the potato comes up much lighter and airier than with the potatoe masher and that there is not always a need to add a dash of milk and some butter with them (always good when you are trying to lose a few inches). I have also gone on to find out that it mashes carrots and swede equally as well too.  All you have to do literally is open up the ricer, add steamed or boiled vegetables too and then just push down the handle making sure that the contents empty into a bowl and ta da mashed potato. I just run a spoon around to combine and there you have it nice light fluffy healthy vegetables.  It is especially good for doing the swede and carrot crush that I regularly make for the freezer.  

So which camp do you belong too ladies, the spud masher or the Ricer and if you haven't tried the Ricer yet then give it a go, although I would shop around on price as these gadgets have gone up in price a little lately but they are well worth it.



Getting in a tangle

It's wet, horrible and cold here in Peterborough and  my arthritis has flared again, so I am as the saying goes not firing on all cylinders.  The heating is on as a result, but funnily enough OH is the one feeling the cold today.  It has been very quiet here today; and I am busy doing things honest.

Well in the name of getting tidied up  bit more and getting my sewing stuff a bit more organised I have managed to get myself into one mother of a tangle.  I decided that some wool that had got a little grubby needed a wash; it was tightly wrapped and I hand washed it and then put it into the tumble drier to gently dry it.  I knew that I should have listened to my inner voice but I thought well no it will be alright and I was hoping against hope that it would stay like that.  You have guessed it - its unravelled the lot and the wool is needed for a particular purpose so I will have to sit patiently one evening later in the week and re-roll the lot. Talk about a cat's cradle.   More pratt me!  More than a cat in a tangle!  Perhaps this may well serve as a warning to other's just don't do what I did!  I have said before that if there is a wrong way to do something then I will find it guaranteed!

However I have managed to get one of my knitting bags sorted out and all my matching needles are now wrapped in their needle holder and my bag has all the needle and stitch holders, row counters, row markers, stitch markers, crotchet hooks etc etc all sorted into it.  So at least I stand a fighting chance of locating what I am looking for now. All odd needles and sock needles have been kept separately as I have lots of odds and ends, but I have another knitting bag to go through yet; my mother in laws.  This is not boding well; I intend to pass on any extra sets to the local charity shop or any bits I no longer want.  So we have partial organisation as well.

I am also sorting out the UFO/items too and making sure everything is where it should be so that I can then get on with the next object etc as everything will be together. It has been quite interesting finding out what I had actually started.  I think that is for another post though.

Right I am off to do some more; its slow progress but at least it is all being sorted out and any rubbish dispose of along the way.  Before you ask this is part of the bedroom sorting out as these bits and bobs have been put out of the way in my bedroom in a hurry.  The sorted ones are going into a spare drawer.

Right am off to get some toasted hot cross buns and a mug of tea

Catch you later


Quote for the day

What goes around comes around!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Last call

Well tea was very tasty and very warming it went down a treat.  It has gone cold here and I have succumbed and put the heating on; although I haven't had it on during the rest of the day but at least we are snug in the house including our wanderer who is back on my old jumper snuggled up.  Too cold for the scamps.

I have been finding bits and bobs I had forgotten about as I am tidying up including a pack of patchwork squares that I had already cut.  they are the ideal colourway for some pot holders or a couple of placemats, blues and yellows.

And yes we have had an Easter egg each.  I received one from work and so I went and bought him one as well so that he did not feel left out.  I also have one for my Mum, my lovely nephews and also my step-grandson.

I hope you have had a lovely day wherever you may be

Catch up tomorrow



Sunday afternoon

Hope you have all had a nice day; nothing special going on here at all;  we walked Missy this morning OH wasn't feeling too clever and didn't really want to walk her but that isn't fair on her so I made him go and I went with him  It was a nice walk; the sun was trying to shine through but in any event didn't and it has been grey damp kinda day interspersed with rain showers.  We do so need the rain and the boardwalks where we walk Missy were looking well replenished and back to normal which is a blessing as it is very much a haven for wildlife of all descriptions.   

Nevertheless I have been busy in the bedroom -major cleaning going on and sorting out.  I have already had the stuff out from under the bed, hoovered, washed all the skirting boards and window sill and had my bedside chest of drawers emptied out, and taken out and re-sorted. I have also washed the carpet down the side of my bed as well just to freshen things up and that's my side of the bed  all spick and span and sorted.  The middle was dealt with yesterday and now to do the other side. I will probably start that again after tea

 My rocking chair is all nicely polished and gleaming again.  I had a sit down earlier and just rocked I nearly dropped off to sleep and that would have kinda defeated the object. My rocking chair has a history; many years ago we went on holiday to the Lake District and whilst there found a fantastic pine shop.  I love pine furniture but what I was astounded to find was a bentwood fiddle back rocker.  It was love at first sight and OH ummed and arhed and in the end said I could have it.  I then got the benefit of a second holiday some eight weeks later because that is when we went back to collect the rocker.  I have had it ever since.

I am just waiting for tea to cook; we decided to not have a roast this weekend bearing in mind time is at a premium, so we are having cottage pie with cheese crust and shredded buttered cabbage for tea with chocolate mousse for pudding.  All home made of course.

Anyway I am going to get my tea.

Catch you all later on



Quote for the Day

Wherever You Go

Go with all your Heart

Easter Morning

Happy Easter everyone

We have gentle rain here at the moment; ll good stuff for mother earth and for ourselves.  I have been outside the back door with a cup of tea in hand, just standing and listening, with the bids singing, chickens clucking and crowing and doves cooing; it is not warm but it is not cold either; nature coming awake a most glorious welcome to each day.  The sky has been grey so far, but the sun is making a big effort to come through.

My cherry tree is just starting to come into blossom, I am hoping that this year we will get the cherries instead of the birds.  It is quite gentle mornings like this when I wish I had that plot of land where I can plant my orchard just like my grandparents did all those years ago and which trees many of which were still going strong sixty years after being planted.  They still produced a good harvest; but the chap who bought the bungalow sold off the surrounding orchards as plots of land for sale and completely wrecked the ambiance and peacefulness of my grandparents home.  He also took out the 8ft high copper beach hedge and the thorn hedge on the front of the bungalow and nearly everything else my grandparents had nurtured and grown. 

There is an ambiance and peacefulness to living in the countryside and becoming one with the countryside.  One of my favourite books Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee expresses this so beautifully you could be there in the countryside due to the magic of his words.

It would seem that my morning peace has been shattered a little dog has just found her way down to me and wants her morning cup of tea; if she is stirring that means OH will not be very long behind her.  so my stillness and peace shatterd for now I am off to make a cup of tea for her ladyship and myself.

I hope you find peace in this brand new day and that you have a lovely Easter Sunday however you are celebrating it.  I think I will make myself a couple of boiled eggs for brekkie too.

catch up later on



Saturday, 7 April 2012

Catch up and Ideas for storing things

Earlier today the cats went missing; and I thought Demetri had gone out again and I knew Squeak would be upstairs in her usual place on the bed.  I went up to start tidying my bedroom and what did I find, but Squeak had a new bed fellow - the missing Demetri.  This is the first time I have copped him on the bed but he was there for a good couple of hours and Squeak didn't bat an eyelid.

I have been pottering in the bedroom this aftie trying to tidy away all those girlie bits and bobs.  I don't have a dressing table but have two mismatched chests of drawers at the bottom of my bed, on which on the top I store most of my girlie bits and bobs.  I currently have long hair which for work I wear tied back  either in a twist bun or pony tail as it gets on my nerves when I am working, but when I am at home I like my copious waves to run free. and I like it to be clean.  As a result I have loads of hair slides,  scrunchies, clips, hair bands, hair wraps, ruffles etc but every so often I tend to have a good sort out and put eveyrthing away so I can find what I am looking for when I need it.  I am the same with my faux earrings and necklaces and even my good stuff jewellery box has been tidied out today. 

 I keep all my scrunchies on a couple of pine paper roll holders, as the scrunchies go straight down over the central pole and it keeps everything nicely stored away; I tend to colour coordinate them so that I can find things when I am in a hurry; then they don't get put back until I have a good sort out like today.  Trouble is it is time consuming and does get a little while to get sorted, but at the end of the day it will make everything tidy again.   The main assault will get done tomorrow.  Once this room is well and truly sorted I can then get the ironing done and everything stored away in its proper place so everything is nice and tidy.  There is a method in my madness.

I also have three wicker picnic style baskets in graduated sizes which I used for keeping my hair bands, hair slides, hair pins, clips etc together with three graduated small oval tins with rose design on for my hair grips, hair pins for doing up in a bun  and other hair clips in.

 I also have an old glass tea caddy which I bought a few years ago at my first ever auction for £5. I bought it to store beads in.  The lid has got a little damage on the underside over the years but I can at least see the contents.  Simple things like this can be reused and refound by using them in a different way to that which was originally intended.

My two chests of drawers  also got sorted out and I sorted socks in pairs, tights in another, underwear and nightware  etc etc.  I also put up the most delightful tin tole ware flower basket hook in my bedroom - I won this in a give away from my good friend Rose and it goes in so well with the bits and bobs I have in my bedroom.  Thank you Rose I am well chuffed with it.  the colours match in with two mirrors with decorated frames (different sizes same design on) which I also have in my bedroom.

Today was also the day when I gave my nails a long over-due manicure a little bit of tlc time; my nails do tend to get badly neglected, but I aim to do them a lot more regularly than I have been doing.  I tend to get hang nails and then end up ripping the nails, so I think I am going to pop myself back on the cube of jelly a day regime to see if I can improve the quality of them as well. I only tend to wear nail varnish if I am going out somewhere special.  It takes ages to dry on me in any event as the circulation in my hands is none too good because of the Raynaud's syndrome and I have been told by my  nail beautician that as a result the nail varnish takes a lot longer to dry on my nails.  I very rarely wear makeup as such either although I do have some but am just not in the habit of wearing it.  My father didn't like me wearing it and so I have as an adult tended not to wear it; I am extremely lucky in that I do have a very good complexion.  I might have a go at my toe nails tomorrow.

Well must get on hope you have all had a good day.  Would love to hear if you have recycled an object into your home and used it elsewhere and given it a different use

Catch you soon and have a lovely Easter

Love to everyone



Quote for the day

Dreams take flight when you follow your heart

It was cold here last night; it was also very wet we had some more of the wet stuff that we so badly need around here as we are under drought conditions. Today has been rather lacklustre too it is grey and we have sporadic showers more wet stuff gratefully received;even the cat has come in from the cold.  We have given up on the window front as it was causing us more stress than him.  being woken in the morning by a prehestoric wail is enough to drive the banshees away too.  Bless him he is a creature of habit as are we all really.

Easter weekend the first usually busy holiday weekend of the year important to those who earn their living this way or are connected via a subsidiary service. Hard work but there are benefits too.   I must admit that I wish I had of been going away for a break come Thursday night gone, but there we have it, one day the wheel will move back and bring a different momentum into play.  We are put on a track for a reason for a lesson to be learned somewhere down the line, the lessons being indivual to us all; all it will take is for the wheel to be in the right place and for serendipity to intervene and changes will follow.  Ultimately  being in the right place at the right time and it is not what you know but often who you know that makes all the difference.

My momentum seems to have left me for the past couple of days, so I really ought to try and get my mo jo going again and get a wriggle on; things to do in fact lots to do.

Catch you all later on




Quote for the day

"Its only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realise your true potential"

Barrack Obama

Last Post for today

Sorry I have not been back sooner I have only just got in.  I have had my friend making the first block of her patchwork quilt  which consists of four smaller blocks; she just has to stitch two halves together to make the bock.  My friend is buying  this as a part work in this country.    You will find the link here - and a picture of the quilt which Laurie you asked for a picture of.  she has really got stuck into it tonight

I hope to get this partwork when the Art of Crotchet partwork finishes in a month or so.  It is quite a pretty quilt.  Just click on the tabs to navigate around the site.

Needless to say because I have been getting her cutting, measuring and sewing and making sure she has been stitching it the right way I am a little tired and this post is short and sweet as a result.

I hope to do a little crafting myself over the weekend, but tomorrow I have to tackle the bedroomm and the front room and then there is a big pile of ironing so I do not think I am, going to get into any kind of mischief anytime soon.

Catch you all tomorrow

Take care sleep tight



Friday, 6 April 2012

Today thus far..

I haven't been able to settle to much today - especially after the frantic activity of yesterday; so I have just come too gracefully not done too much, done a little blog hopping on favourite blogs, and just enjoying the non-activity for a change.

Demetri did not manage to get out yesterday evening, but he has started chewing his way through the tape that held the window though although so far unsuccessfully.  He got thoroughly frustrated this morning and he woke me up coming up into the bedroom and yowling very loudly at me and then I upset him by letting him out the back door!  He went off in a huff!

He came in early afternoon wanted feeding and then wondered off - I was on my computer the next thing I knew I could hear gentle snoring I looked around and he had sunk himself into one of my large cushions fast asleep snoring his head off and stayed there for quite sometime.

I haven't had the heating on at home today, but it has now gone quite chilly apparently we had a frost overnight which I am not surprised about but it could have an effect on all the blossom that is out or just coming out.

We have had fish, home made chips and mushy peas with bread and butter for tea and it went down very well and filled a very big gap.  I was a tad hungry.

I am off to my friends shortly who lives over the road.  She wants to have a go at a patchwork quilt and I believe we are going to start that this evening.

Hopefully I will be back later on.

Enjoy your evening



Easter a time for celebration

In years gone by because of hardship and having to make the most of what you had on a daily basis, festivals and celebrations such as Christmas and Easter were something to look forward to not because most of all the food shared then was different to ordinary fare more exciting. Ingredients that we take for granted now were very special then  and expensive; things like currants and spice. These festivals were something to look forward to, a time for giving thanks and a social occasion with its roots very firmly placed in something very serious.  A time for remembering.  Something to look forward to and we all need that even now.

A festival that encompasses both Christian and Pagan traditions really the festival of birth/re-birth.

I have been rootling back on some of my past posts and re-share some of them now for you to look at bearing in mind I seem to be somewhat of a compulsive blogger!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter however you may celebrate it after all each of us is very different

With love



Quote for the day

What goes up must come down!


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Yay I'm on Easter Holidays

I have had a particularly busy day at work today its been non stop all day as Lawyers are going on holiday and I was on my own as my colleague was also on holiday and not due back until the middle of next week.  However, I received a surprise  I have my first Easter egg from the firm all the staff received one.  That's enough about work as I am now on holiday and don't go back to work until Tuesday.  

Since being home from work I sat and relaxed for a little while; I then went out to see a friend for a little while longer, and then when I came in around 9.00 p.m.OH sent for a prawn balti with rice and Naan for me.  I was just in the mood for one and it went down well.  I am now in holiday mode Yippee and we have the card back.  Phew!

Going back to last evening though Houdini did it again; I yelled at approximately 5.30 am again no response so I left him to it and went back to sleep. It would appear that he has thrown his whole body weight against two doors which were quite firmly closed and he has managed with persistence to get through. However there was one variant when I did get up to get ready for work sir was ready sitting by his breakfast bowl and I was met with him howling for his breakfast.  So this time he did come in.  This cat seems to have his human well trained.  He is asleep at the moment but he will not be going anywhere fast tonight.  We have secured the window.  Bit of a spoil sport but enough is enough.

I am hoping to get a bit of craft stuff done this weekend .  I am pretty shattered tonight.  It is bitterly cold again and the colours in the night sky fluctuated from that really greeny aquamarine to night blue/purple black with shades of pink and lilac inbetween; the sky was lovely and clear with the stars extremely clear and little light polution tonight and the moon nearing peak fullness lighting up the night sky.  I have the heating on and it will not be long before I go up to bed perchance perhaps to dream.

Catch up tomorrow

sleep tight



Quote for the Day

Quote for today

Better to have a thousand friends and not one enemy!


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Good Evening

Last night I went to bed early for me; it was cold and wet and off I trundled up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire; all the animals were in safe and sound.  At 5.30 a.m. I had to get up to come downstairs and noticed that a certain cat had escaped the house. I have to keep the bathroom and toilet doors closed but I think OH had been down and not closed the door and so the ratbag escaped. He has developed this habit of rattling the window catch and working on it until he can escape.  Me thinks he should be called Houdini - and they say that cat's aren't clever.

At 5.30 a.m. precisely there is me hanging out of the little bathroom window calling the cat.  No answer so I went to the back door and down the garden in my dressing gown (not a pretty sight) ; it was chucking it down.  I called him, I could hear him he was calling back but would the little ratbag come in - no not on your nelly.  He thought it was great japes to get mum out in the rain getting wet and refusing to come in.  I was not impressed.  I ended up going back in and just leaving the window open for him to come into the dry. 

When I got up no sign of the cat.  I subsequently trundled off to work and by the time I got home this evening OH had not seen him all day.  It has been tipping it down with rain all day - we need the water, but it has now been raining for 24 hours more or less non stop.  As I had to be out tonight to the Fellowship at 6.05 pm I decided to have one quick call and in it comes running; moaning all the time becuase it is still raining .  In for his tea and then expecting out again.  He has been confined to barracks this evening whilst I have been out he has been  kept in the warm.  I do not intend fro him to go out again this evening. He is currently perched on the settee appearing to be dozing.  Butter would not melt and all that.  Little Tyke.

Fellowship was good again this evening and it has been a busy night.  It was lovely to meet up with my friends again, even if only just for a brief while and we had a very good Medium demonstration by Val Morrison.  Very entertaining and good quality messages.

As I did not manage to get any tea I have had a quick sandwich some crisps and a glass of drink,  I am now going to go and get myself snuggled under the quilt and get myself warm with my hotty bottie and hopefully some decent shut eye.  I have an early start in the morning as I have to walk.  I am praying to the Weather Angel to hold off the rain whilst I walk to work.

Sweet Dreams everyone wherever you may be.

Nighty Night



Quote for the day

The trees may wish for quiet, but the wind will not subside


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Chocolate and Pear Muffins

I am rather partial to home made Muffins and this particular recipe when I fancy chocolate, sweet and moorish fills that spot beautifully, try them and I think you will agree. I first made these when the children were at home (quite a few years ago and it was in regular use then although it is a little while since I last made these (made them at the weekend just gone). This is a Leslie Waters recipe.  Another one of my paper clippings unfortunately I am not sure which magazine it is from.


5oz self raising flour
1oz cocoa powder
pinch of salt
2oz plain chocolate drops
1 large ripe pear
2oz brown sugar
1 egg
8fl oz natural yogurt or milk
2oz melted butter


Preheat your oven to gas mark 6/200 degrees C/400 degrees F

Lightly grease 12 standard muffin or patty tins

Core the pear and cut into small dice.  In a large bowl sift in the flour, cocoa powder and salt together.  stir in the chocolate drops brown sugar and the diced pear.

In a jug beat together the egg, yogurt(or milk) and melted butter.  Add this wet mixture to the dry ingredients and stir until the flour is just mixed. (do not beat the batter until smooth). [It is important not to over mix the muffin mixture as this can create a heavier denser muffin as it knocks a lot of the air out]

Spoon the mixture three quarters full into the greased wells bake the muffins for 20 to 25 minutes.

When cooked remove from the tins and place on a wire rack to cook slightly and serve warm dusted with icing sugar or with clotted cream.  These really hit the spot on the chocolate front and the pear helps keep the muffins moist (you could always use apple if no pear available).



Its raining here this evening and it has gone cold and damp and it doesn't seem to be letting up at all looks as though it is in for the night.  I have had to put the heating on as it has gone cold again; my hands in particular.  We desperately need the rain, but after the mildness of the last few days it has got rather chilly very suddenly.  Fortunately we haven't had snow yet, thank goodness for small mercies.

I am busy pottering tidying at the moment ready for another day another page to write.  Hopefully be back shortly



Quote for the day

The quote for today was triggered by a post that Trudie left me and something half remembered from my distant past ; something quite simple in principle but something not easy to do


To thine ownself be true

William shakespeare

Monday, 2 April 2012

Cupcake Collars

As you all know last year I bought myself a cupcake baker from John Lewis - please see the link here.

 In all reality I haven't had much time to play, but come the beginning of May it is my birthday and I thought I would start planning a little ahead with consumables, and things like that and recipes and I though you might all like to have a play as well hence the reason for this early post.

The other day  I met my good friend Margaret who is generally into crafts of all sorts and who is very responsible for me  doing crafting of different types. Margaret is the good friend who told me I could craft and that each time I did something I would learn and that there was no such thing as "can't".  Margaret is a beautiful needlewoman in any event but one of her passions is making her own cards and papercrafting.  I was talking to her about cupcake collars and how expensive they were and was there a paper punch in the shape of a cupcake collar or a stencil that I could use for either pricking out a design or punching one.  Cupcake collars to buy are expensive they look beautiful but I cannot afford £5 or more a time and as I have lots of crafting consumables at home that I could potentially make use of.  Things that you would not necessarily think of using like paper lace doilies, (easily picked up for next to nothing) pretty wrapping paper, paper punches that you already have lace templates etc.  Crafting CD's with paper background prints that can be printed off the home computer. Paper texturing boards a little lace trim or maybe even some card glitter to give your collars some bling.

Tonight I went mooching on the Internet and I have found the following links which has different sized templates for the cupcake collars.  The website itself looks very interesting for cake decorating generally too some smashing cakes there is you have a mosey and the attention to detail is brilliant.

So I am going to have a play with these and see what I can come up with and will show the results in due course.

I also found some pre-printable cake collars which look quite fun and can be printed off  for your use at home on the home computer.  At the end of the day its about making things look nice and attractive and if this can be done quite cheaply, then it can be done more often just for a little time and effort but with maximum return.

I have been thinking that they could be laminated too and then recycled or used as outer cases to pretty things up.

Food for thought and something to play about with.  Will show you more when I have had a play - will you show me yours?

Take care



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)