Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wenesday Evening Tea

I do not leave work until 5:30 pm and that is if I get out on time and by the time I have walked home It is usually 6:00 pm or later and by the time I get in and get sorted to start cooking tea it is often 6:30 pm before I start cooking.  I quite frequently use the slow cooker to make sure we have something nice and hot for tea but yesterday I bought some proper decent sausages (I prefer chipolatas you get about 12 to the 1lb) and so I had made my mind up that we were going to have a toad with a difference.  These days there are only the two of us but I always cook plenty as sometimes if it lives to tell the tale we have a repeat performance with a meal [that is if OH does not get his mits on things first].

Anyway this time I allowed two sausages per portion and spiralled them with the use of a cocktail stick round each other and then popped them into a small oiled pan trimmed the top with some fresh Rosemary and chopped an onion finely and popped this into the oven to start cooking a nice hot heat I had my cooker on gas mark 6..  I then made my usual Yorkshire pudding batter and then tipped it into the middle of the nice hot tin and then popped into the oven to let the pudding rise and it did beautifully and then served with some boiled potatoes and some curly kale and lashings of gravy.  A  simple meal that was incredibly tasty and warming especially on this cold autumn evening proper soul food/comfort food.   I used only 8 sausages out of the 12 and it gave more than ample serving either a meal for four or for two twice.  The sausages that are left will either go for a fried breakfast for the OH or will be utilised in a sausage sandwich.

This evening OH has been making some cheese and bacon slices and some sausage and pickle rolls to take into work with him tomorrow.  We had a right little production line going between us.

I have Friday off this week and am off to my mum's to sort out with the cleaning and Saturday I am at a workshop.  Sunday I am at home.  Monday mum is in hospital to have a gastroscopy and will need someone with her afterwards so I have volunteered to keep my beady eye on her and make sure she does not get into mischief.  I will probably take my knitting with me whilst I am waiting for her..

Right I am off to potter.

Catch up soon.



Sunday, 20 October 2013


It has been a busy week this week.  Monday night was a special evening run by the Psychic and Spiitual Fellowship we had an evening with well known Medium Colin Fry and it was fantastic.  We hope to have him back again next year.  He brought with him one of his dogs and she was so lovely and well behaved.

Tuesday night I was pottering around at home.

Wednesday night I had a Reiki treatment with a  new client.

Tonight I have been at home pottering again. I was late home as I had an urgent piece of work to complete  that took for absolute ever.  It will be a relief to be home tomorrow night however briefly and Saturday I am at mum's again.  However no peace for the weekend I will be engrossed in housework again tomorrow night.

Did any of you catch the new River Cottage Fruit programme which started last night?  I started to watch it on catchup tv got distracted and then got locked out of the pin so I still have not seen it all the way through.  I have now and am extremely impressed as usual.

Went to mum's yesterday and sorted her out.  Today I have my own housework to do I need the house all ship shape and Bristol fashion so some hard work and effort is going to be needed over the next few weeks.  Hopefully everything will come together at the end - it will not be for the lack of effort.

Right must dash I have my Mrs Mop's head on today.

Hopefully catch up with you all a little later in the day.

Catch you later



Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Carrying on with the Pumpkin theme

I am always searching for new recipes especially using ingredients that I use on a regular basis.  Whilst I was searching for my pumpkin marmalade recipe I came across this recipe using pumpkin which I quite fancy having a go at and thought I would share.  This time  the recipe is for a Chutney.  The recipe is from Country Harvest by Linda Burgess and Rosamond Richardson.


1.4kg/3lb pumpkin or squash peeled seeded and cubed
7.5c m/3inch piece of fresh root ginger
12 peppercorns
225g/8oz/2 cups shallots or onions skinned and chopped
225g/8oz/1 cup demerara light brown sugar
1 green or red pepper seeded and sliced (optional)
225g/8oz/ cooking apples peeled cored and chopped
225g/8oz/ 1 1/3 cups sultanas golden raisins
900ml/1 1/2 pints/3 3/4 cups malt vinegar


Put the pumpkin into an aluminium preserving pan, cover with salt and leave overnight.

The next day drain off the liquid and rinse the pumpkin cubes in cold water.

Tie the ginger and peppercorns in a muslin bag.  Put with the other ingredients in the preserving pan.  Bring to the boil and simmer until the consistency of chutney.  Cool then pack into clean jars and cover seal.  

Makes 2.3 kg/5lb

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Evening Catch up

Its been a bit of a quite moochy sort of day and it is still raining and we have succumbed and put the heating on as everywhere and everything was just so cold and damp.  Fortunately I am starting to warm up but I am still going to have my hot water bottles to snuggle up to and keep me warm. It stops me being so stiff in a morning and having the discomfort of achey joints etc for the first hour of every day.

Well I haven't got my fire but I did have my crumpets.  OH has worked today and so as I had not got tea on by then we had hot warm crumpets with mugs of tea just to keep the hunger pangs at bay until tea was cooked which was roast pork, apple sauce, peas, carrots. roast potatoes, roast parsnip, mash, broccoli and cabbage with lashings of gravy and it went down a treat.

The animals are scattered through the house curled up fast asleep .  After Downtown I have some ironing to do and to get packups etc ready for tomorrow.   I also have some strawberry sauce/coulis to make for Christams.

My correspondence is a little behind and I also have some emails to respond to and also some phone messages I thought if I broke them down a few at a time and worth through things methodically might be a more appropriate way of dealing with them

I am out tomorrow evening -if I get chance to pop by I will do.

Take care wherever you are


Pumpkin and Squash

They are in the shops these two beauties I bought this morning and they are destined for some marmalade and for the freezer for roasting. I watched a very good programme this morning by Valentine Warner that roasted slices of pumpkin with red onion until nicely toasted and golden and then adding garlic and serving it up as a side order or as a supper in its own right I was salivating at the thought.  And this recipe for soup sounds delish as well one I am going to try very shortly and perhaps put some up in the freezer as well.

You might have gathered but Pumpkins and Squash feature regularly on the menu here but these ingredients are so much more. I first came across Pumpkin in Australia and had it roasted and I became hooked.  in fact as a family we all love Pumpkin and Squash.

We are coming up to Halloween a festival where pumpkins feature heavily and are usually carved and the flesh disposed of which to me is wasteful especially when you can make an unusual breakfast marmalade which at first sight does not sound promising but which in actual fact is extremely delicious and delicious spread  on croissants or on toast.  Please see the recipe below:

1.8kg/4lb pumpkin peeled and seeded
3 oranges or lemons finely sliced
600ml/1 pint/ 2 1/2 cups water
1.8kg/4lb/8 cups sugar


Cut the pumpkin into small cubes. Put the oranges or lemons in a bowl and cover with water.  In a separate bowl toss the pumpkin with the sugar and leave to stand for 24 hours.

Bring the oranges/or lemons to the boil in a large preserving pan then add the pumpkin and the sugar.  Simmer until tender and setting point is reached.  Pot the marmalade in warm clean jars and cover.  Seal.

Makes approximately 2.7kg (6lb)
However there are other ways of using up Pumpkin or if that is not available Squash i.e. make you own stuffed pasta, make soup, make Pumpkin pie so there really is no excuse for not using up this much underated edible.  I also freeze it and pop some down for the winter months as the season is limited but at least this way I get to have a favourite roasted with the Sunday lunch.  I merely peel the pumpkin and then cut into slices then halve blanch in boiling water dry and then freeze.  This way round I get the best use out of the Pumpkin as I can make soup or stuff pasta as well as having it roasted.

If you have never tried Pumpkin perhaps its time to remedy that even little ones can be put to good use.  My friend at work gave me the little ones.

Rain Rain

We desperately need the rain but why does it all have to come at once!  It never stopped all last night and has rained on and off all day so far.  Its the damp that comes with it that I cannot bear and its afternoons like this where I desperately crave a log or coal fire to snuggle up next to to dry out.  Central heating although efficient just does not cut the mustard on an afternoon like today and memories  of day's like today and being at my grandpaents and of toasting crumpets on the fire come flashing back.

I had hoped to start the Christmas cake today but I think because of a lack of time it will have to wait until next Sunday and I will try and do the Christmas Puddings at the same time so that they are all done and dusted.  Might make double whammy so that have some to give as pressies also.

Anyway I am off to potter - just wish the rain would stop.

Catch you all later.




Saturday, 12 October 2013

Christmas Hoarding Part 5

This week has predominantly been acquiring accessories more so than food stuff.  The other day I popped into Primark to have a look around and in their home wares department I came across some Scandinavian/Fair Isle style throws to use to keep warm - whilst sitting watching the TV over the Christmas period.  £10 each so I bought two.  They have a similar type throw in M & S slightly different pattern and more money.  I also purchased a small red fluffy owl printed throw for £5 - I intend to get another one as the colouring will blend in with the Scandinavian/Fair Isle style throws (so far have spent £25 - which is not bad). They also had some other throws for the bedrooms at quite reasonable prices also; now I have to save up as I would like at least a couple of each. This is a particularly cold house so I like to have plenty of blankets as well as quilts etc to snuggle up into.  Ideally I need a house with a proper coal or log fire as well as central heating..

I have also purchased  a new cookie snowflake cutter from John Lewis to add to my collection of decorative cake pans, cookie cutters etc.  (I have quite a collection).  I always keep my eyes peeled for  something that little bit different.

I also popped into the pound shop today and looked at some of the decorations they had.  I came away with two packs of card stars which you can actually pop an electric light bulb into  in red and white Scandinavian styling and matching paper chain packs (I thought it might be nice to have some traditional decorations as well this year.  This would be a good one to get the children involved in making some of the decorations.  They are pre-glued on the ends.  The paper chains are also in a metallic version

A few other things I have managed to accumulate are as follows:

  1. 2 bottles of Ginger and Lemon Grass Sparkling Presse. £2.79 for two bottles
  2. 2 tins wild red salmon. £1.69 a tin
  3. 2 boxes of candy canes (need to get some more as use on the tree and for decorations) £1 a box
  4. 2 Large Bags Cinema style popcorn. 99 pence per 250g large bag
  5. 1 Packet of Cornish Wafers.
  6. 2 x bags of sultanas £1.19 per bag
So I am getting there very gradually and there is still approximately 11 weeks to Christmas to go.  There will be more from me next week.  How are you preparations going?


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Staple Ingredients

There are some staple ingredients that I have month in month out which allow flexibility when it comes to choice of meals.   These are the core ingredients and items which I buy month in month out and from which like building blocks and foundation stones all my other recipes are based and the house is run.  There are other items but these I must have else I get twitchy.  Remember if you have core/staple ingedients in you can tackle making your own pastry and even your own cheeses.

They are as follows:

Milk at least 2 x 6 pint bottles a week sometimes 3 and if experimenting with home made cheese etc sometimes 3 to 4.

A tray of eggs sometimes these last two weeks sometimes much less and if they are not shifting quickly enough do some baking.

Potatoes - I keep a sack in the house for the two of us this on average lasts 6 weeks (a family of four or bigger much less.  Potatoes accompany so many different dishes and have many combinations.

A net of Onions

A net of Shallots

Cheese for pack ups and for cooking. 

Lots of natural yogurt



Hard block margarine

Soft Margarine

Sunflower Oil

Dried Fruits various (tend to stock these up in bulk and then as run out replace so not bought every month)


S R Flour

Plain Flour

Extra Strong OO White and Brown Bread Flour for making bread and pasta





Meat  - I buy this in bulk and don't buy meat every month depending on what is left in the freezer

Various Fresh veg and fruits (yet again buy and keep what I can in the second fridge to extend its life) making the most of what I have.  To me fresh veg is important.  Veg getting a little past its best before you can use it do not waste it freeze it.

Bags of Porridge Oats for baking (flapjacks, treacle tart, porridge, granola etc.)

Cat and Dog Food

Washing Powder

White vinegar

Malt Vinegar
Fabric conditioner

Washing soda

Loo Rolls




Ham Hock or piece of Ham

Which items do you keep in as you staple/core ingredients?  Would be interesting to hear your take on this.

Catch you later on



Monday, 7 October 2013

Time and Chicken Stew

Things have been a bit hectic round here over the weekend.  I promised to come back on Saturday evening but real life got in the way and I was busy pottering organising some things that needed sorting after coming back from my mums and as a result did not get an opportunity to pop back.  Yesterday was very similar and before the blink of an eye you just do not know where the time has gone.

We had a lovely roast chicken dinner yesterday with potatoes, carrots, Kale, broccoli, peas and cauliflower and it very nicely hit the spot.  There was roughly half a chicken left so I set too and started off a  frugal chicken stew last night in readiness for tonight's tea in the slow cooker. I tend to a bit organic with stew recipesadding a few peas, carrots, cauliflower, kale, some pasta strands to the shredded down chicken and some potato to thicken up the stew.  All I have to do this evening is cook some potatoes when I get in, enough for tonight and to do a Cottage Pie, with a lovely deep cheese crust and that is tomorrow's night tea sorted.  If there is any of the stew left I will probably liquidise it and thin it down with some stock to make a soup starter for tomorrow nights tea as well.   All in the spirit of waste not want not.  Cannot waste anything especially veggies as they are totally good for you.

You can tell the weather has turned a little chillier his higness Demetri instead of wailing to go out had a lay in - when they do not want to go out you know the temperature is getting nippier.

Hopefully will be able to pop back later on.  Hope everyone has a good day.

Catch you later

Anyway I have to dash work beckons

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Good Moning

Its a bit overcast here in Peterborough and I have overslept. so I am a bit on the hoof this morning.  Just a quick drop by as I am off to my mum's for the day to sort her out and enjoy some quality time with her. Will try and pop by later on.

Catch you soon



Friday, 4 October 2013

Tudor Monastery Farm

I bought the new edition of the Good Food Magazine and was quietly perusing the same and minding my own business when  I stumbled upon a recipe for Frumenty. (described by Ruth as something between porridge and rissotto)  On closer inspection there is a recipe from Ruth Goodman and a caption indicating that Ruth and Peter (Minus Alex) will be back on the television in November for a six part series which will be on BBC2.  

There is a link here:  with further details but this time they are using the Weald and Downland Open Museum as the backdrop.  This is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a while as I love "open air living museums" like at Blists Hill and Morwhellam Quay.

This time round Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn  are joined by an Archaeologist Tim Pinfold in replacement of Alex Longlands..

Now that is something to look forward to as I find their programmes very interesting and you learn so much.



Thursday, 3 October 2013

Thursday Evening Round Up

I would like to welcome a couple of new followers nice to see you Irene and Secret Garden (and to anyone has snook in whilst I was not looking - please accept my apologies to those who I have not mentioned no offence is meant it is just that sometimes I cannot tell who is new and who has been a member for a while.   I hope that you find plenty of interesting bits and bobs scattered through my ramblings.  Grab that cup of tea get yourself comfy  and enjoy and please feel free to comment.

Its been a busy old day again and I have been a little stiff as it has been wet and I always seize up when it is damp.  Never  mind these things are sent to try us.

I was given some runner beans the other day by my friend Mandy along with some mini pumpkins and they are delightful; some roast pumpkin soup is on the agenda for this weekend I think and the beans will get used up with the roast chicken (I shall make stock from the carcass).  I am very lucky.

Today my friend Debbie has brought in some pears and apples off her tree in her garden.  Yet again I am very lucky.  There are at least three or four of us at work who are Foodies and of late we have been sharing ideas and recipes as well as a few ingredients here and there.  I think I might bottle these in a sugar syrup preparing apple slices in syrup and pear halves and I think I will label them  "Debbie's Apples"and "Debbie's Pears" in order that I have the provenance and make the best of wonderful wholesome ingredients.  For me it is all about the ingredients and making the most of them especially when they come from someone's garden  or allotment cannot get much fresher than that.

I had hoped to pop some photos up again but my camera phone is playing silly devils - if I get it resolved will pop in.

I also have some cooking apples that I am going to make some apple sauce with and some more apple slices as they are handy either way for making pies or the slices drained into home made Tarte Tatin one of my favourites especially if served with a home made vanilla ice cream.  Hot and cold completely delicious.

Right I am off to Noddy Land - I am a little shattered but take care wherever you are and no matter what is happening remember that your glass is not empty it is half full.

Love and Light to everyone

Take care



What I keep in the Pantry - Part One Tinned/Jar Goods

  I was contemplating the other day what other foodie things I tend to have in store at anyone time and these are just a few of the useful things I try to keep to hand on a regular basis.  This is just primarily dealing with Tinned/Jar Goods and there are more but I thought that this would be a starter for ten.  It makes for a quick meal or a useful addition to a substantial meal

Tinned / Jar Goods

  1. Baked Beans
  2. Whole Tomatoes
  3. Chopped Tomatoes
  4. Chick Peas
  5. Chilli Beans
  6. Cannellini Beans
  7. Mushy Peas
  8. Marrowfat peas
  9. Pasta Sauces
  10. Sweet and Sour Sauces
  11. Curry Sauces
  12. Tomato Soup
  13. Chicken Soup
  14. Oxtail Soup
  15. Scotch Broth
  16. Tuna
  17. Pink Salmon
  18. Red Salmon
  19. Crab
  20. Anchovies
  21. Sild
  22. Pilchards in tomato sauce
  23. Bamboo Shoots
  24. Bean Sprouts
  25. Water Chestnuts
  26. Coconut Milk 
  27. Corned Beef
What ingredients do you keep to hand?

Catch you all later on.



Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wednesday Evening Roundup.

Well I went puddle jumping and got drenched on the way to work.  My brolly died on me on the way to work looking something like a wonky flower petal rather than a nicely shaped brolly and then to add insult to injury my zip on my coat would not undue and I had to wriggle out of a heavy duty jacket not a pretty sight.

When I did get in this evening it was straight in and straight out as I was at the Fellowship this evening and I did not get in until 10:30 am where I have quickly grabbed a sandwich and a cup of tea and I am now in the process of getting things ready for tomorrow.  I am shattered but still have a few things to do before I wend my way up the stairs to Bedfordshire.

Catch you later


I am Going Puddle Jumping

I have woken up this morning to torrential rain -  proper September weather. I now have to navigate from home to work with the aid of a brolly;  the wind is gusting so it should prove interesting and on my past performance the odds of the brolly not turning inside out are not very great. (its not worth betting on)  On that basis it may be a foregone conclusion that I am going to get wet in more ways than one.  I think the odds are slightly stacked!

It looks like I am going puddle jumping like it or not.  So if I am going to get wet I may as well go the whole hog and let the inner child surface - well just for today.  As a child I used to have a pair of red wellies and each puddle I came to I would jump into both feet together and slosh around a bit much to the annoyance of my mother.  There is something delicious in doing something "dangerous" like this, flouting authority and just going for it and you have the freedom without expectation to actually indulge the inner child, when you are small!  It is not as simple for an adult as it becomes slightly disconcerting when an adult indulges to other adults - it breaks the norm.

Now hold on fast forward 50 years and there is still somewhere rumbling around my inner psyche that irrepressible curious fun loving child; just because I am mature does not mean that I always have to act it there is an expectation that I conform but "they" can expect all they want today I am going puddle jumping.

So if perchance you should be travelling to work this morning and you see a well built woman wielding a temperamental  brolly, jumping into puddles and letting her inner child free - no you haven't lost the plot (maybe I have for a little while - that is debatable) or maybe that just for today I have let my inner child out to play!  Tomorrow if it is dry you may find me running through and scattering leaves making their dryness crackle.

At some point I do hope to get to work but just for a little while I am going to have some fun and enjoy just being me.

Are you going to let  your inner child loose today?

Catch you later.  Have a good one.



New Crotchet Blanket for a King Sized Bed

I thought I would share the latest experiment which I have been playing with colour wise for this year's blanket for my bed.  I try and start at least one blanket a year and then have them on a roll so that when I have a few moments I can pick up and be industrious whilst sat down and able to do little bits at a time without having a permanent effect of the work being produced.

The pattern is a simple one.  I let the colours speak for itself.  I have chosen a deep purple for the centre; tourquoise, lilac pink, navy blue, tourquoise, cerise pink and then navy.  The pattern I use is:

To work centre

Work 6 chain close with a slip stitch and form a ring.

Work three chain (which forms the first treble) and then work 11 more treble round the ring and close with a slip stitch.

First row onwards

Work three chain (which forms the first treble) and then work two more treble, two chain and then three more trebles this forms the first corner.  Then work two more chain, and then three treble into corner of circle (making sure work looks even) two chain and three treble. This forms second corner; two chain three treble until you come to the first corner you worked work two chain and then slip stitch into the   Change wool or continue in same colour working same pattern which is effectively two chain three treble building up the squares to as much as you want.

I have worked about fifteen rows after working the centre part after this you can continue on working but it can become cumbersome on your lap but as long as you keep a good tension the blanket should come out okey dokey.   Alternativey restrict the rows you work to the size of square you require.  I then work in all the ends and then crochet the squares together.

Here is one of the squares worked

I just then work as many squares as are needed for the width and the length including allowance for tucking in. I can work one of these squares in an evening.  Now I just have to get the stock of wool in.

I will probably when I have all the rest out of the way try and do a heavy cotton vintage style bedspread as I fancy something a bit more complicated the next time round.

However I think this blanket will be very snug by the time it is finished.



Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tuesday Evening Round Up

It has been busy here as usual.  I was late out of the office again by 15 minutes which puts me out quite a bit as I have a good three quarters of a mile to walk home before actually getting into the house and then setting about tea.  This evening we have had chicken thighs cooked in the oven and then served with home made stir fry. Its a good way of using up all the bits and bobs of vegetables lurking in the fridge. 

As I had the oven on, and rather than waste the extra heat I nipped to the shop and got a small white loaf reduced for 38pence and turned this into Marmalade Bread and butter pudding. I had a half used jar of marmalade open and in the spirit of waste not want not I used some of this up.    I used 4 eggs and a good half pint (probably a bit more of milk) beat them all together in a bowl and put in some grated nutmeg and whipped this well with a whisk.  I then set about slicing the loaf and taking the crusts off, buttering and then spreading with marmalade sprinkling with sugar and then adding the egg mixture allowing the mixture to soak in, in between pourings.  Bung it in the oven I had mine at Gas mark 5 and cook until golden brown and fluffy.  You can serve this with stewed fruit like plums but this evening we had ours with ordinary custard.  Good comfort food that does not cost the earth.  We eventually got to eat at about 7:30 pm.  I must say I was very ready for it.  It will be a skip meal tomorrow night maybe cheese on toast or something like that as I am out tomorrow evening.

For the rest of the evening I have been sorting out the Christmas box under the stairs and getting all the items together.  I still have a way to go but the box is nearly full and that's with just doing a few things here and there, week by week.  It is mostly the bulky items in there but on the positive side buying a little like this means that hopefully I will not have a horrendous bill come Christmas as I should have the bulk in-house.  It is going to be a tight month this month as the car has cost us over £400 to get the brakes, discs and calipers replaced.  Ouch.  (thats with labour as well) but it needed doing as we need the car to get to my mum if necessary and OH needs it to get to work.  Me I use Shank's pony; it helps keep me moving and also keeps me fit.

Each time I pass through the dining room I get a waft of the herbs drying on the dresser.  Mind you I have got a few herbs drying on there that the rope is starting to sag.

Right must get ready for work tomorrow which includes preparing OHs packup.

Take care

Catch you soon

Love and light



Pinch Punch First of the Month - October

Pinch, punch first of the month, white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits

So the saying goes and tradition has it it must be spoken in the morning otherwise the utterer will bring bad luck upon themselves.  Now we do not want that do we.

So we are into October, where has this year gone!  There is a definite shift in the temperature, spiders are coming in and causing havoc with the housework, some mornings are mist laden the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn and everything is starting to close down nature's natural cycle. 

So far we have been lucky with the weather but I am leaning now to add a jumper rather than a top and a cardigan to make sure I keep warm.

Lets see what this colourful month brings.  We always used to go to my Nan's to harvest the apples and climb trees and lark around with each other.  Apple picking is a serious business but we always made time for fooling around with a father like mine it was essential. Nothing sacred.

Here's to a lovely month wherever you are.



Hedgerow Cookbook

Product Details

I am a bit of a bookworm and a bookaholic  - I do have kindle books but to me you just cannot beat the feel and smell of a new book it is so tactile and I can lose myself for hours .  I have to confess I have another new book to add to the collection  that I am rather chuffed with and I think I have purchased it just in time to make use of this seasons freebies blackberries,sloes, bullace, crab apples damsons and whats more the ladies who have written this wonderful book also have their own little preserves business and a web site with an updating letter every so often if you sign up and a blog

Want to have a look inside the book have a look at the Amazon website here:

I have quite a lot of preserving books and this one stands out there with the best of them. The photography is wonderful and the recipes look simple and superb all to maximise the flavour of the wild produce being used.

The book itself is lovely.  It is split into sections i.e.

Flowers and Hips



Fruit with stones

Fruit with Pips


Recipes include  Elderflower Cordial, Grown up Elderflower Jelly, Elderflower and Custard tart, Dandelion Marmalade, Wild Rose Turkish Delight, Nettle Beer, Rabbit Casserole and Nettle Dumplings Amazingly Green Pasta Ribbons Pickled Samphire, Bramble Jelly, Blackberry Jam Bramble Chutney Bramble Sorbet and Ice Cream Bramble Fool Blackbery Port and Almond Trifle Bilberry Jam Wild Blueberry Muffins Elderberry Sorbet Rowan Jelly  Hedgerow Jelly or Jam Sour Cherry Jam Wild Cherries in Brandy Damson Jellyh and Cheese Wild Plum and Pistachio Cake Wild Plum Ice cream Sloe Cordial Sloe Vodka Crab Apple jelly Crab Apple Cordial Crab Apple Leather etc. etc.

If you have not managed to get the book this season make sure you have it ready for the New Year so that you can take advantage of the wild harvest.  An ideal Christmas present.  It really is worth having on the bookshelf both for the lovely recipes and the beautiful photography.

I am so glad I bought this.  I have a couple of more on the Wish list and pennies prevailing I will be able to acquire in due course.  This book is  a real treat.

Take care



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)