Sunday, 31 July 2011

2011.07.31 My Day

Its been a busy weekend and I have managed to get all the washing done and air dried this weekend which is quite an achievement as there was a lot.  Now I have a large ironing mountain to deal with.  Guess what I will be doing tomorrow evening.

Its been a lovely day here today and even now it is still well warm and very muggy.  I have been busy as usual in the kitchen today.  I cooked tea tonight after a few weeks off.  We have had roast pork with home made sausagemeat stuffing roasted courgettes, roast potatoes, fresh baby carrots,cabbage and cauliflower with gravy.  Very tasty  it was too.

I don't use salt to get the crackling.  I have a gas cooker and for the first hour I blast the joint at Gas Mark 8 to give it a real nice crispy crackling.  OH has high blood pressure so I tend to avoid it if I can.  Here you see the joint and the stuffing after only ten minutes or so.  I also add a pack of lard to the bottom of the tin so that I can use this for roasting potatoes in the next few weeks.

You will see here that the joint is really coming on well this is after about the first hour and I turn the temperature down to Gas mark 5.  The potatoes I part boil to remove some of the starch, then drain them and add them to the nice hot fat.  The courgettes are just sliced and popped in.

 And of course there has to be home made apple sauce.  Just two cooking apples cored and peeled and then sliced, a little water added and a little sugar (I like apple sauce tart) until all the apple is pulped down.  I then transplant to a bowl on the side and leave to cool down.

 And here we are all ready to serve up it looks scrummy if I do say so myself.  I then drain the meat and put on a roasting dish together with the potatoes and the courgettes are popped into a dish and popped under the grill to keep warm.

Dished up ready to eat.  It was lovely and tasty.  Served up with a glass of Crabbies Ginger beer it went down a treat.  Like Crabbies love it to bits, but also love Cider.

I am now sat on the couch am just about to put my feet up.  I am going to work another square for the antique style cotton cushion cover as they are quick to do. (to go with the bedspread I hope to crotchet in the forseeable future road testing the stitches.

Hope you all have a lovely evening and that you have all had a lovely day.

Will catch you all soon.

Hugs to you all wherever you are.



Puffball Magic

Well I think we are in for an early autumn this year.  There is not much way by hips and haws in the hedgerows round here at the moment - not as good as last year so far in any event.     I have not managed to get any yellow bullace from the hedgerows - there was a prime spot that we went to last yearconsisting of several bushes, but there is also a large community of Polish and the like in this area and they had stripped the tree bare before the fruit was even ripe so I am assuming that they have turned it into alcohol of some sort or another. One of the rules I have always followed when foraging is that you are not greedy and harvest from various spots rather than just the one and then stripping it bare.  I am always mindful that the wildlife eat these fruits too and that it does not have any exclusivity just to us mere humans, but there should always be some left for others too.  Anyway that is by the by - I will keep looking out for different spots and see if I can locate yellow bullace or cherry plums elsewhere.

However I do have my horseradish spot marked which has several large plants, a crab apple already, various blackberry bushes (they are just starting to ripen round here in the wild) and several elder bushes where the elderberries are starting to form.  I am eager to make the most of what comes my way.  I only usuallly manage to get to walk at the weekends and I relish the freedom a chance to compose the muddled thoughts, breathe fresh air and connect with nature and the land.

However this week OH came home with several Puffballs.  Far earlier than last year but delicious all the same so I am going to preserve these down later in the day.  We simply cook them in butter on a gentle heat in a frying pan and pop some fresh cooked chives in out of the garden and eat them on their own - if you haven't tried them they are absolutely delicious.  I intend to have a go at drying some down this year too to pop into winter casseroles to add a little more substance and flavour I also intend to make some more of this mushroom sauce that I made last year.
I have taken some photos of the bounty found so far but unfortunately cannot locate my camera lead so will add this in later.
We had a fry up for tea tonight.  Smoked back bacon, leek and stilton sausages, fried bread, fried egg, fried puffball slices, tinned tomatoes served with bread and butter and it was delicious.

My bay tree is also due for a haircut in the imminent future and no doubt I will string the bay leaves into mini garlands again to help dress the welsh dressers up for the winter months as well as using their fragrant leaves in my cooking.  OH has supposed to have been pruning it for the last two weeks.

Well must get along things to do not enough time to do it.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wish List of Things to Try

I posted recently that there were a lot of things that I would like to do before I die list.  Some of the items are more practical things on a lifestyle basis others are things I would like to experience to exhiliarate the soul  This is by no means comprehensive but is a start is in no particular order just as my rambling mind thinks of things and "spills"
  1.  Set my intent and focus and share the love there is too much discord in this world.
  2. Learn to tread lightly and live simply.
  3. Learn to drive so that I can regain my independence - I hate having to rely on people to transport me here and there and there are things I am interested in that I cannot get to because of lack of transport or the good grace of others.  I like going to car boots, antiques fairs, needlecraft shows, etc. etc.  I also love doing the charity shops and not all are easy for me to get to.
  4. Progress my Mediumship training in whatever way I can WIP
  5. Take my Masters in Reiki so that I can teach and help others
  6. Learn more about herbs and their uses on a practical basis
  7. Go on a Mushroom forage and/or training course to help recognise the different varieties and as to whether they are edible or not. 
  8. Get Food Safety Certificates.
  9. Go on a couple of the River Cottage courses specifically the preserving courses and also the meat courses relating to making your own bacon and salamis.  I know I do a lot already but there is still lots I need to learn.
  10. Live in Cornwall near the sea and in the countryside; my creativity is stifled here in the town I need the freedom of the open places to let it flow and grow and I feel at home in Cornwall always have - plus the climate is milder than up here which would be better for my health, even though I glory in those really cold crisp snowy mornings.
  11. Re-learn to ride a horse - I got as far as learning to show jump before and took place in my first gymkhana before being thrown by the mare I was riding and sustaining an injury to my eye which resulted in a hole in my cornea which ulcerated.  Haven't been back on since - would like to get to grips with this to quell my fears as it gave me so much freedom and I did love being with the horses.
  12. Ride a horse bare back along the sand and on a beach where the tide is in - so that the spray splashes up and to experience the exhiliaration and the freedom.
  13. Have a bedroom with windows in the ceiling so could go to sleep looking up at the moon when it is out and visible  - there is something so soothing about moonlight  [oohps need a house first - then a possible loft conversion]
  14. To Own my own home again in the countryside  so that I can put down roots and work with what is available to make a strong foundation - which at the moment is looking pretty unlikely unless divine intervention or a win on the lottery arises and being able to stamp my own imprint on and make my own things for, either recycling, restoring, buying occasional new things or making things from scratch.  I have this vision in my head that I cannot get away from - its getting stronger instead of weaker - whether that is an indication that it is on its way or not I do not know but it is there.  I am very much a home body and although not house proud I like things to be nice and an expression and reflection  of who I am.
  15. Have a large Pantry and I mean large to put in all my home preserved goodies.
  16. Have my own large veg garden and orchards
  17. Have my own chickens, geese and ducks, pigs, cow and possibly a couple of goats.
  18. Have my own bees (have been on a beekeeping course but where I live at the moment we have neighbours who are a tad difficult and kick off very easily.  It would be carrying on  a family tradition as my Grandad kept bees, my uncle kept bees, my dad kept bees.
  19. Travel a lot more than I do, but then if  learn to drive and pass my test this is feasible and achievable if the Doctor says yes.  That one little world "If" means so much to so many and all with a different take.
  20. Visit sacred sites throughout the country and take in the magic and tranquility of those said sites.
  21. Find out who me really is [major problem]
  22. Learn to listen to my inner voice more than I already do - not an easy lesson at the best of times.
  23. Have a business/businesses of my own have some ideas but other things need to be in place before this can happen WIP
  24. Try and live my life as honestly as I can without impacting on others unnecessarily or on the environment I live within.
  25. To be true to myself and just "be" without other people's expectations of who they think I am getting in the way.
  26. Try to live within the present and take each day as it comes and for each gift it presents us with.
  27. Be generous of nature and of heart.  I always feel I can do more than I do already.
  28. Learn to Waltz
  29. Learn to read music
  30. Learn to play piano/squeezebox
  31.  Be a better person especially in the face of adversity
  32.  To help others where I can
  33. Learn to make my own soap
  34. Learn how to make sourdough bread
  35. Get a Canner
  36. Get an Excalibur Dehydrator
  37. So that I can do more preserving than I already do
  38. TBC

The Wordsmith

From a very young age I have had a love of words; I have always read and written pieces of poetry but words they have always fascinated me.  And a group of words formed into a sentence or into a book or a small poem, prose - needn't even rhyme but it conveys so much meaning, and so much hidden passion it surely is a truly beautiful thing.  

On a spoken word basis I don't always manage to convey how I am feeling or am able to communicate that fact, but give me a piece of paper and an opportunity to form my thoughts and write them down - then that is a slightly different scenario.  However, for one reason or another  - whetther I am too highly critical of myself or not - I always come to the conclusion that things can always be a lot better.

As a child I always had a bedtime story I was very lucky it was a regular event in our household - I like to hear people speak; I loved the folk tales and local legends; my dad made up stories and so did my grandfather.  They kept us children entertained and enthralled for hours.  They were born story tellers who had a gift with words; who also loved words like myself.  Because their passion for storytelling was so great and the stories always relayed with love, warmth and certainly lots of humour and because of their passion for words I have found very few people who match up to their exacting standards and the extent of the feeling that they relayed.  That is until I started reading this blog by Heartpoet.  I think you will agree with me he has a definite creative natural flair with words; and those words create all sorts of images in my minds eye which is what words are supposed to do.  I hope you will agree with me that Heartpoet is a Master Wordsmith.  I would like to see more of his work, and certainly in print.

For those of you who are not aware of Heartpoet he can be found here.

Heartpoet is the Husband of Kimmie at the Serendipity Cafe - yet again another excellent blog

This creative couple really do complement each other.  Go check them out I am sure you will agree.



Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Just a Quickie

It was cold here last night and I woke about 5.00 a.m. this morning perished I quickly flung the quilt back on and snuggled down.  Today or should I say this morning was dull grey and cold - I ended up putting a jumper and trousers on and by the middle of the afternoon was far too warm - just cannot win with the weather round here.  I understand other parts of the country have had a nice warm sunny day.  Lucky them.  I am hoping the weather is going to improve over the next few days or so

All went well at the Doctors apart from the Nurse I managed to draw wasn't very good at getting my blood  my vein collapsed and wasn't giving any blood up and I had two tests being carried out; she was a bit rough with one of the other procedures I had to have which was uncomfortable.  But at least its over with now just have to wait for the results.

Then I was wheeled in to see the Doctor I  updated him as to what had been happening - got my medication sorted have been prescribed Omeprazole 20mg gastro resistant capsules have to have two a day  so will see how we get on as I do get a great deal of discomfort usually mid evening and I don't eat large meals or any huge amount because of a stricture that prevents me swallowing food in fact it gets stuck and then I feel like I am choking its usually bread, chips or dry foods that cause the problem.  Will just have to see how we get on.

I really fancy going to a car boot or descending on a charity shop to have a good old mooch about but I don't think OH will be accommodating in this respect.  I love going to places like that or finding "treasures" or materials to have a go at making things myself. The creative streak is pulsing strong in me at the moment, but to create I always need time on my own when I can play to my heart's content and just go with the muse without someone telling me I am doing things wrong or trying to help.  Sometimes with the greatest respect in the world having other people around can be a hindrance and a restriction in the nicest possible way if you get what I mean. 

I think I am going to have to look into seeing when I go back to the Doctors whether he will sign me off so that I can learn to drive. Its been about three years since I last had a do. I need to be able to get around under my own steam and so if there is somethign I want to do I could clear off and do my own thing as it were.  I get so frustrated when I cannot do the things I really want to do and others are not cooperative in helping me do things because they are not interested.  I have only one life, life is not a rehearsal but should be an adventure to experience new challenges, new lessons and about living life to the full.  Its about expansion and growth and one of the ways I have achieved this in the past is by taking up something new or experiencing new situations, new challenges.  Like when I went Belly Dancing!  But that's another story.  When you learn things with people of a like mind you tend to end up having a lot of fun and making what I call "warts n all friendships" with people who are in your life for good.  People who accept you just for yourself and don't try to change you or make you conform

I am going to compile a list of things to do before I die  consisting of things that I would really like to do or am interested in and then see what I can achieve from thereon in.  I'd love to hear of what you would like to do too.

Catch you all soon



Tuesday, 26 July 2011

2011.07.26 My Day

Its been a busy day at work I have been billing all day and it is ardous time consuming work and as a result my eyes are feeling strained this evening and I am very tired again and
so I am not indulging in any craft tonight.  Its cold again or at least I am feeling the change in the temperature. My toes have gone cold!

I didn't fancy much for tea and in the end just had some hot crumpets with some butter on - seemed appropriate in view of the change in the weather which according to this evening's weather forecast is liable to be variable for the next few days.

I have for once managed to catch up with the National News - usually I manage to pass it by, but did you see the article about the lady who went over the cliff at St Agnes down in Cornwall.  Someone was watching out for her today, (surely a miracle).
Oh and I had a surprise present from my friend yesterday.  Normally year in year out I have an Angelica plant or plants that self seed themselves, but last winter saw the end of my Angelica and I had been looking for a decent plant to pop into my herb border.  That mission has now been accomplished and so I am looking forward to making my own home made Angelica for cake decorating next spring.  Needless to say it has now been transplanted into my border along with the Lemon Verbena.  

Well I suppose I had better go and retrieve the cat - she has been out since early evening and hasn't been fed yet then no doubt she will deign to accompany me to bed, sit on me squash me and get herself really comfortable but she has to be cuddled up not covered up but cuddled up.  But then I suppose if we are really honest about matters we all need a good cuddle now and again its the hugs that make all the difference.

[HUGS] to all of you wherever you are.
Keep calm, keep safe catch up with you soon


Monday, 25 July 2011

Evening All

Just a quick flit in and out before I wend my way upstairs to Bedfordshire.  Its been a long day today and I feel a little out of sorts; am very sleepy today and is it me but its been colder today - I feel the cold or change in temperature quite badly and I have had to sling a jumper on it seems to have got very dark - pitch black very early tonight too. It smacks of autumn yet its summer.

OH on his computer in the back room so will probably see him tomorrow morning sometime with Missy - Squeak is camping out with me.

I have the Doctors first thing on Wednesday morning, not only with the Nurse who apparently needs to take some more of my precious blood out of  me (the hospital have had it as welland according to them the medication I am taking for the scleroderma is working) but with the GP.  Have to get this medication sorted out for the hiatus hernia and what with me being backwards and forwards to the hospital quite a bitI have a follow up appointment at the hospital to see the Consultant for the haitus hernia on the 18th, and am waiting for an appointment from the Phsyio department too.  Ah well it will keep me out of mischief or get me into it one way or another.  Brings to mind issues with my grandfather who used to practice yoga well before it became popular; only trouble was in later years when he assumed the  full lotus position every so often he would get stuck and my grandmother would have to unplait him.  But he used to enjoy it.  I don't mind exercise - in fact I have been quite sporty right from school,  used to play a lot of netball, basketball, hockey, aerobics, swimming, going regular to the gym, but  had to give the gym up after OH lost his job as could not afford it.  

These days I walk everywhere - even in Scotland when climbing up the hills, although I have been out of puff to start with by the end of the week have been able to walk up and down quite freely without any of the huffin puffin.  I like to explore as much as I can and like to be out amongst the trees, near water preferably the sea it is so peaceful and renergising.  I like my own space and because of that I am often classed as a loner although I am not really.

I have been worried about what exercise to do for the best so I intend to make full use of the visits to the physio when the appointement/appointments come through. Anyway thats enough of my rambings before I send you all off to sleep. Everything happens for a reason and often it is not what happens to you its how you cope with it that really matters  i.e. the journey.

Hope your journey is an interesting one too

Nighty Night Catch everyone soon



Sunday, 24 July 2011

Yesterday n Today

I have few vices in life, but one of them is Food.  I love trying new things, I love being able to go and buy good quality produce or in the event of a limitation on my purse the best | can buy for the money I have available, but one thing I will not do is compromise on flavour as flavour is everything to me and a well cooked full of flavour meal is far memorable than one not so well cooked and lacking in flavour. 

Unusually for me yesterday I did not go to the veg shop but I did got to the Butchers instead.  I have fresh veg I have frozen myself in the freezer that needs using up and as we needed to top up on some meat for simple meals during the week it was more cost effective to deal with matters in this way.  I do prefer fresh veg over frozen but have found that if I freeze veg myself it has more flavour and at least I have the provenance of where it has come from.  That is apart from peas!  I love fresh peas but I am also very fond of frozen too.
We don't eat meat every day, as I intersperse the main meals with quicker simple food like a cauliflower cheese or a casserole etc.  I think all in all we spent £45 at one Butchers - Willowbrook Farm please see here for deals for people local to Peterborough

I came away with a large steak and onion pie, a jar of mint jelly, a tray of eggs, four of their kebabs, 1lb leek and Stilton sausages (I wanted the wild boar but they did not have any so thought would give these a whirl as OH likes Stilton) one of the meat packs that Willowbrook do for £25 which consisted of 1lb mince, 1lb sausages, a joint of pork, two chuck steaks, 4 lamb chops. 4 beefburgers

We also went to Franks the Butchers  [Franks are purely Pork Butchers]   to my mind make the best Pork pies in the Peterborough area - we prefer them over Melton Mowbray pies - its all down to flavour.  So I nabbed a pork pie, a 1lb of their Smoked Back bacon  [this has quite a delicate smoked cure and not over strong as although I like smoked food I don't like it strong] and 1lb of their chipolatas which are to die for.  I use their chipolatas for when I cook sausage and tomato  supper. The sausages as they cook go all sticky but oh they are so full of flavour.  I also use the chips for cooking with the Roast Turkey at Christmas and also their sausagemeat.


Has been a lovely day weather wise here and I have managed to get a lot of the washing out and dried.  I do like the smell of fresh air dried washing.  I have also been pottering around checking out some new blogs and have a general read around all told.  So have been in and out all day.
I didn't cook a roast tonight for some unknown reason I wasn't in the mood to do any cooking today so we have just had a scratch tea.

I am rather mixed up at the moment because the season is telling me that it is much further on  (or at least it appears to me to be) we are in the middle of summer and yet the light on some days has been like that of a late autumn day rather than a summer one  Confused  - I am certainly that, but I have also seen blackberries in the wild round here give it another week or two and it will be worth going berrying.

I did however manage to get the second pick on the blackberries in the garden.  I will relocate the plants when all the berries are picked because these self set plants really are producing large sweeter berries and it would be a shame to lose them, so relocation it is.   I keep finding bits of thorn on my clothing and have managed to get my arms scratched but hey I am well pleased with the pickings.  Think this little lot are going to get turned into Blackberry and Apple pies for the freezer.  Yummy.

I have also managed to crotchet another square to the yellow, green and cream single throw that has been work in progresss for a little while.  At the moment it looks as though this project is going to be one of the quicker ones to complete and as I am running out of wool on some of the other projects I sort of do a round robin  until I can afford to go and get some work wool.

Catch up soon



Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Crafts

This is the book I was referring to last night in my post of Crotchet. It has some lovely ideas in it for decorating your home and it is a book I have had from new and for quite a few years.  Its one to look out for at the car boots or charity shops as it has lots of useful instructions. I taught myself how to do ribbon weaving from this book never having done it before and have gone on to make several pieces which have yet to be turned into little creations.

The next two photographs show the heirloom style bedspread that I want to make for myself together with lots of other little projects.  The second photo of the bedspread shows the detail in the stitches.

The rug below is worked in cross stitch

The photos above of the cushions on the bed shows the cushion I am crotcheting or at least have started to crotchet.  I also have the fabrics for doing the other cushion covers.  I like the traditional old style charm of pretty things brought together some old some new, some rejuvenated it adds its own individuality and charm.

Here is the first square worked last night, I love the texture of this square although I had to work it on a smaller hook as I could not locate my crotchet hooks in their case, but as it is the cushion cover and it was a new stitch to me, it serves a purpose, although I shall hunt the larger hook out to work one of the bedspread squares and then decide whether to stick with the larger hook or stay with the smaller hook.  Working the double knitting crotchet cotton with a 3.5 mm hook has given a firm texture to the piece worked above but there is a nice firmness to it too.

I have only worked the one square so far and am trying to do some more to my other blankets first - I just had to try it as was in the mood to play a little last evening

The book covers all sorts of crafts, but I have also managed to pick up quite a few Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Kits over the years. 

If you are patient, careful and selective you can pick up things that go together.  When the Country Diary homewares stuff came out I wasn't able to afford it, it is only in latter years that I have picked up bits and pieces.  I picked up a full range of year plates and also a partial dinner service by Noritake which I hope to add to in due courseI would like to make the following projects in due course at some point as well.

The pine chair in the bottom picture is very like my rocking chair, but mine is a fiddleback, but the same shape - I have pine furniture in my bedroom too.   I also have the antique lace nets throughout the house too.  One day I will get there and get everything completed.

Do you have any projects on the go or are in the process of collecting bits and bobs to create a project that it is work in progress.  Would love to hear from you.


Wool Addiction Craft and Crotchet

A couple of weeks ago I was given a copy of a crotchet pattern for a scarf to crotchet, a little bit of whimsy a neck warmer.  Since then I haven't been able to stop crotcheting and have made three so far - these are for myself for wearing at work during the winter months.  See separate post for further detailst  They are simple and quick to make and an ideal small Christmas present, so I am getting stuck in and making one or two., three or four, five or six etc...

The pattern is a free one on the Artesano Website - it is the Corkscrew Scarf by Birgit Chaplin which can be downloaded as a pdf.

It is quite a way down the list.  So even if you don't intend to use the pattern now it might be worth dowloading it so that you have it in readiness for when you do want to use it.
Trouble is that this has spurred my latent hibernating wool addiction and I don't seem to be able to stop eyeing up the wool in John Lewis everytime I go in.  I love colour and the different textures and feel of the different wools and cottons.  I am the same with fabric too.  I am a very tactile person.  

The original pattern was worked in a  artesano silk - but as pennies are tight as usual I have been using what I have to hand already in the house.  One of the scarves I have used a variegated baby wool for and it has come up well and is extremely colourful and best of all it seems to be coming out really well.  Well I am chuffed  and it  is a fairly simple pattern to work.

I know I promised no more projects, but I have run out of wool for my big rainbow blanket i.e the cream inbetween and I want some more purpley and greeny colours to blend in with what I have done so far (will have to wait until the end of the month to top up) but I do have other throws I can get on with, - I can make one of these scarves in about half a day and it is keeping my hands going.  

I will get everything done eventually just might be a bit longer than I first anticiapted.  In any event I intend to have a blanket of sorts always on the go made from bits and bobs as a constant standby easy to do working piece.   I think the next one may well be made  from different shades of pinks, plums and creams, probably along similar lines to my Rainbow blanket which is lovely and snuggly and warm already and its three quarters completed. [Because it is a hefty blanket worked all in one, I have to clear the room out when I am working this and I usually end up with Missy and Squeak vying with each other trying to lie on the blanket  whilst I am trying to work it - both Missy and Squeak have their own crotchet blankets in any event, but it doesn't stop them].  However that will most definitely not be started until next year, although I am starting to sort out the odd ball of wool and putting it up to one side so that I have a stash ready to start next year.

Today I also received my next tranche of The Art of Crotchet Magazine partwork together with four more balls of wool for the throw (which I really am going to get stuck into during the winter months) a square could be easily achievable of an evening, but some of it is new stitches so will be reading from the magazine to try and work out how to do these so may take a little longer.  But it is such a colourful throw.  There are also lots of lovely other patterns in it as well.  

I've certainly got the crotchet bug at the moment and a passion for working new stitches, previously I have only kept to simple treble or double crotchet or squares consisting of trebles  For a lot of years I have had the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady Book of Crafts, by Annette Mitchell which has a lovely crotched antique style bedspread in it, together with some matching cushion covers..  I happened to have some spare balls of the Patons double knitting cream crotchet cotton and so I have started to work the squares for two of these cushion covers, with the bedspread to follow on once I have mastered the stitches, I only started this evening just playing really and practising following a pattern and I have nearly completed one of the 8 squares required to complete one cushion cover; that means just for two of the cushion covers I have at least  16 squares to crotchet.  I will need approximately 800g of cotton to do this.  I am determined to be busy but then again I have a passion for lovely things and it gives me a lot of pleasure to make new items from scratch; I also like restoring things that are a bit unloved and bringing them back to life again.  I hope you get as much enjoyment out of making things as I do.

Catch you all soon



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)