Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hello everyone

Just a quick pop in to say hello and I hope everything is well with you.It would have been my darling father's birthday today, so I have been quietly remembering my father today as I know have my mother and also my brother. Things have been slightly hectic here for the past couple of weeks and it looks as though the next few weeks are going to be equally distracting too.  My Mum has her operation on the 14 June the day before her birthday;  she has a form of skin cancer and surgery is being carried out on a day surgery basis, but she is going to be incapacitated as she is not only having  a skin graft on her lower leg but will be released sporting a plaster cast.  She has to keep her leg elevated for about a week, (apparently the skin graft is on a difficult place for it to take so she has to be careful) and as she is not too clever in moving around anyway; so  I have decided that I am going back home to look after her for a few days until she finds her feet again and I am happy that she can be left to her own devices.  It will also give me a few days of much needed rest and I aim to take some of my UFO's with me to keep me occupied.

At the moment I have a pile of ironing on the go and I am watching TV.  This recent hot weather has given me the urge to be down by the sea having a paddle and rock pooling and finding pretty shells and pebbles.  I have always been an inveterate collector and I have always loved sea washed glass and seen a use or beauty in simple things  Hopefully I will get to indulge later on in the year I am afraid the inner child is starting to flex her muscles yearning for such childish pleasures.

I am hoping to get a post or two done over the weekend; I am itching to get going again.

Hope life is treating you well my friends wherever you may be

Take care



Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Writers block

I seem to be suffering from writer'block at the moment and don't seem to be able to convert what few thoughts I do have into words and get them on to paper. I have lots of ideas - the words will come given time.

I am okay although I have had a nasty sickness bug the past few days, but today is a new day,  the sun is shining and I have a few monents grace in the peace of the ehouse before setting off to walk to work. It is always manic first thing with dealing with letting out the animals getting them fed, then there is OH getting him all sorted and ready for work so it is always nice to get a few minutes to myself which isn't always possible.

The sun is out the temeperature is warming up a little and I hoping for some warmth to ease the ache in my bones. The sun when it shines always makes me feel so much more positivie.  I wish you wherever you are a lovely day.

Pattypand xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Home Alone

I am at home today  - as I have to go to the hospital later on with my Mum to give her some support and make sure we understand what is going on (sometimes Mum doesn't always hear things properly and on this occasion she has asked me to be there which I am more than happy to do). I therefore booked the day off so that I can potter at home somewhat before going up to the hospital too get things sorted.

We have a lovely sunny morning here in Peterborough and it is lovely to see the sun; the breeze is slightly cool but it is still a lovely day.  I have the animals with me and at the moment all is well with Missy.  For the past two days she has been left at home alone and according to the neighbours she didn't stop barking the first day (she has never been left home alone before - she has always been with us) and so this leaving her she has not taken too kindly to. I received a phone call at work from the neighbours as they were concerned they could see the dog but could  not see any movement from my OH and thought he had been taken ill (their concern was appreciated) and so in the evening OH went to see them to explain what was going on. They agreed with us that she has to learn to be on her own, but equally if it is getting too much we will put in place alternative methods, but they reported yesterday she wasn't too bad with the barking and the howling.  However apart from that OH left his coat on the coat rack; we think she jumped up at his jacket because she could smell his scent and wanted some comfort and has ended up ripping the jacket to bits!  We have kept this so that she can when we go out snuggle up to it.  (we are hopeless cases)

 Today and at the moment she has me with her but is glued to the back of the settee waiting for her "Master" to return she is a sun worshipper anyway and is pointedly still looking for him but sunbathing as well. (In the meantime Squeak has laid claim to the damaged jacket and is curled up fast asleep).  Me thinks these animals have their humans well trained I think OH and I are the daft ones not them!  But hey they are part of the family after all and for the best part they are all relatively happy.

So I am at the moment Home alone/doing my Marlene Dietrich impression  (well kinda of) and enjoying some space for myself it will be a kinda pottering sort of day but sometimes those are the best sorts of days and I am just going to let it evolve.

I hope you are all having a sunny bright day and that everything is tickety boo in your world

Catch up soon



Sunday, 13 May 2012

Busy Sunday

Today has been busy busy busy.  I first woke at 6.30 p.m. the sun was blazing the bedroom got very warm; I must have dozed off again as the next thing I knew both Squeak and Missy were making themselves very much at home at which point I gave up and went down.  It was about 10.00 a.m by this time.

We then took Missy down for her constitutional walk and I went collecting nettles for making some wine. I ended up bringing back two carrier bags stuffed within an inch of their life.  I have then spent the best part of this afternoon stripping leaves from stalks and disposing of the stems. I have prepared two gallons of nettle wine and I needed 8 pints of leaves for this purpose.  I ended up using a pair of marigolds for preparing the stingers.  Hopefully I will be in time next week to make another couple of gallons of wine.  Nettle is one of my absolute favourites and it will be something to the Put Down this year

Whilst out I also spotted some Jack by the Hedge, and the leaves can be shredded and used as a topping on soups or added to nettle soup.  They have a very mild garlic flavour so I have mentally marked the spot.

I have also spotted no end of hawthorn blossom so that will be next on the list to have a dabble with.  I intend to make some wine and there are a couple of other recipes that I fancy having a dabble at, but that is for next week weekend.  No elderflowers as yet everything seems to be well behind because of all this rain that we have had although we desperately needed it.

I have also had tea on the go as well; we have had roast lamb, new potatoes, asparagus, peas, french beans, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots served with lashings of gravy. It went down extremely well followed by a few fresh strawberries and cream and very yummy it was too.

As tea was late since then I have been doing a little crotchet a UFO I had started and which needs completing; it will be a little way off being completed but at least I have picked it up again.  Just one of a long line of things to get completed.

Right I have a few things to get sorted in readiness for work tomorrow.  It is another early start.

Take care wherever you are and I hope you have had a good weekend.

Catch up soon


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Chill Out Saturday

Today has been a chill out sort of day so far or should I say extremely lazy; I decided when I got up that it was going to be a bitty bobby sort of day one to indulge the inner creative child, to watch some tutorials, to research some further ideas for future posts, but very rewarding for me from a creative point of view.

I have watched a couple of tutorials on patchwork techniques which was all the more amazing in its simplicity and a technique I hadn't really come across before - string (strip)quilting but foundation based well the technique anyway.  Its not often I get time to watch tutorials but II watched this one  for this type of block but also a variation on a theme  a broken spider block.  

A few years ago I rescued a patchwork quilt from a charity shop (I can't understand precious work that has taken hours and hours to make being given away in the first place, but then it has found a new home with me and I love it but I do have mixed feelings over this type of acquisition - I am so grateful but so sorry for the family it came from if you know what I mean).Surprisingly the quilt it is the broken spider pattern that is used throughout the block.  I like it when things come together and I can give a name to a particular type of patchwork or block as there are so many variations (at the moment is not helping as I have fabric fever), but this type of piecing does not appear to be as complicated as I though and is one I am going to have a mess with it and see what I can come up with.  I am thinking pinks and purples, but this will be the end of the month before I get to experiment and I have loads of other things to do in between.  

Whilst researching I have had music on - its not often I get the chance to lay much loved tracks but this has helped soothe me too and so at the moment I am feeling seriously chilled which is an unusual situation for me.  For the best part I am on my own; OH is upstairs playing KOC after his first week back at work; he seems to like the new job and I am pleased.  Very occasionally Missy comes tootling down the stairs  to see what I am up to and get a bit of a fuss; equally Squeak comes for a cuddle and parks herself on my lap between the pooter and me.  Has to have undivided attention you know.

I signed up to a site earlier on in the year for nothing - I was offered the course free and access to the course at any time, the course is craftsy block of the month with Amy Gibson and although I have not actually made anything yet I have been enjoying from time to time watching the tutorials and working through them in readiness to actually having a play.  sometimes I learn more by watching things than attempting to read things from a book so these tutorials are brilliant as far as I am concerned.

I have also downloaded some free pdf patterns from another site that I have belonged to for quite some time  They also have a sister site where you can buy patterns.  This particular one though is totally free and easily stored in pdf format; they cover quilting, cross stitch plastic canvass beading knitting paper crafts sewing etc. and there are some lovely projects on there.  For the time being though I am storing them in readiness for when I am looking for something to do if you have the pattern you can always go back to it.

I am also taking junk collecting or should I say recovering to a new level.  I am keeping all coloured paper that comes my way for paper crafting and re-using I have a large pressie bag full of it at the moment.  Once the dining room table is clear it will be time for a play as I can have bits and bobs out and play to my hearts content once the table is clear.

Right am off to find something for tea and also another mooch round tinternet.

Catch up soon



Friday, 11 May 2012

Little things mean a lot

I am feeling very chuffed with life at the moment; fingers crossed things seem to be on the up - well at least they are looking brighter,  I am in serious play mode on the crafting front  (but I am behaving myself I haven't started anything new) but I have been buying a few odd items here and there not very expensive and only indulging when I have a couple of pounds to spare so I am being sensible and the items I am acquiring don't cost much, but collectively together they are going to build up into useful bits for projects for the future that I want to try, but they are also giving me different ideas on top of that as well.  Buying a little at a time is also making me be more patient whether I really want to be or not.  What has spurred the most recent surge on the crafting front is that in my local John Lewis store one of the girls has made up a Union Jack cushion with braid with words on which looks very effective.  Come pay day I am going to treat myself to a couple of reels of this ribbon and have a go at producing a fabric Union Jack cushion(s).

We are very lucky here in Peterborough as the market has ever since I was a small child sported a habdashery stall originally the Button Boutique; it them moved into a shop of its own from the market stall and then sadly closed; but the market stall still exists but not known as the Button Boutique as it has different owners.  They only stock a few bits and bobs and the other week I managed to get 10 metres of tape for making some bunting for £2.  They sell three standard reels of sewing cotton for £1.50 for the three reels.  I have been there today and had a bit more of a mooch than I usually do and I have come away with 10 small heart shaped buttons in lilac at 6 pence a button and 20 round lilac buttons.  I have in the past seen miniature wire wreaths decorated with little buttons and then hung as decorations/trims to the house either for birthdays or for Christmas.  Those buttons were 3 pence a button and at these prices I aim to get a few more trimmings.  I paid about £1.20 for the buttons.  They also had a box of mixed ribbons of different descriptions at 5 bundles for £1.50 and I have come away with 3 x 2 metre bundles of a good inch wide broad ribbon in a wonderful spring green, one in gold of the same width and then a ribbed pale yellow ribbon with spots on.  This will come in very useful in due course as I do use a lot of ribbon in my crafting with ribbon weaving being one of my favourite pastimes although it is fiddly, but it does look very special.

These little bits and bobs are just simple things and probably not of any consequence to anyone else, but with a little bit of ribbon or lace even a few skeins of embroidery thread and some embroidery stitches can be made into something very special; but it is the possibilities which really excite me as there is so much scope. 

I also intend to obtain some Calico as I want to have a go at doing some candlewick embroidery.  I have a very good book on the subject and I want to have a play and see what I can produce.

Colour as bright as possible has very much been a theme for me this week probably because we have had so much rain and we are still in drought.  I was bought a rainbow coloured cream jug and sugar bowl by my friend for my birthday present which is lovely and I would like to get the mugs to match it is so bright and cheerful.  I still cannot find the camera which is driving me nuts.

However I have also been on Attic 24 drooling at the wonderful crotched bedspread done in all wonderful colours.  This one is going to have to be one very much for the future please see the link here 
if you scroll down a bit, it is absolutely gorgeous and looks so snuggly and comfortable.  Its on the wish list as I just love comfy.

But I am content I have a few things to play with together with some other bits I had already got, and since bringing today's buys home I have also had another couple of ideas/possibilities but I am going to need some more buttons for that.  It is true that it is the little things that mean a lot.

I hope life is treating you well wherever you may be and that you too are also getting pleasure from simple things like me.

Catch you soon



Just a quick note

Before I wend my way to work.  We have bright sunshine for a change this morning instead of rain although the wind is blowing a hooley.  Now OH is working I have  to walk to work but the exercise will do me good even though for the past few weeks I have been extremely uncomfortable on my pins and have had to use extra pain control to ease things up a bit.  I am not one for popping pills it really goes against the grain bu when the weather is like it is I have very little choice.  The wind has blown over my growing frames fortunately there was nothing in them so I am hoping to get them sorted out tomorrow I am hoping that the weather is fine so that I can do some sorting out and I still have to transplant my strawberry plants that were bought last week. I have the tubs and the compost and it is very much a matter of getting them potted on.

Sorry its short and sweet but I have to run  will hopefully catch up later on.

Hope you have a good day wherever you may be

Catch up soon



Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Recent Colour in Mediumship workshop

The last fully weekend in April I had a fantastic weekend and a very enjoyable time all round.  Meeting up with old friends and making new friends as well.  Yesterday I went to my friend and mentor's (Jackie Lesley's)  most recent  psychic workshop for beginners and intermediaries where she concentrated on colour and how important a tool this can be in psychic and mediumistic work but also in every day life.  I respond to colour I like lots of it  and in my Reiki work I use the chakras (the energy centres throughout the body which are all denoted or associated with a colour i,e. the throat chakra is associated with the colour blue which is a cool colour.  Sometimes however these energy centres get blocked and there are various ways of assisting in releasing the energy.  Sometimes a crystal known as a blue lace agate (pale blue) is very beneficial for assisting with a sore throat.  If you wear one of these crystals round your neck on a necklace or if you place one of these crystals into a tumbler of cold water (especially good if you have a sore throat) it can help relieve the problems without the need for any drug assistance.

We quite frequently refer to colour in our speech i.e. "Feeling blue or in a black mood".  We use colour association quite a lot in our every day lives often without even realising it and our brains seem to find it easy to recognise colour instantly and a lot easier in some instances than words.

Then out came the artists tools; these consisted of various different mediums crayons, chalks, graphite pencils, felt tips, charcoal etc. We were then asked to draw either a round shape or an oval shape (some of us did freehand others used templates which represents our aura or the person for whom we are reading's aura); once this was prepared we were then asked to pair up with a partner who we did not know and to do a psychic reading for each other.  This time  the reading was marked with a difference in that we had to prepare an Auragraph for our sitter, on a past, present and future basis and to draw and colour in what information we obtained from our sitter.  I really enjoyed this its years since I played with crayons and actually attempted to draw something; and considering things didn't turn out too bad.

I had wanted to show you the Auragraph that I had professionally done a few years back and the Auragraph that was prepared for me by an absolute beginner at this workshop, but unfortunately my camera has now done a disappearing trick although I had located the battery charger.  Hopefully I will find this soon so that you are able to get a better idea of what I am on about.

We all deal with colour on a day by day basis half the time we don't realise we are using it. 

I enjoyed this workshop and I am looking forward to exploring this medium a little further in due course.



Sunday, 6 May 2012

Catch up on Saturday a day for shopping of all kindss

Yesterday was a busy day - my step-daughjters birthday  - we went round to see her she was out and about (fortunately we have caught up with her today).

Yesterday started with a  a visit into Peterborough.

I had a lovely mooch around Lakeland and spotted several items that I would not mind in due course. It always gets expensive when I go in there but it is a favourite shop.  I was particularly looking at the cake decorating equipment and decorations they have really expanded their range considerably just recently and I like to see what is available even if I don't buy anything at that precise moment.

I was also trying to find something nice for my stepdaughter's birthday  which I eventually found something that is totally quirky just like her.  I was also on the  look out for something to buy with some of my birthday money and I eventually located some books I was after Phrophecy by S J Parris, Realm by James Jackson and to Defy a King by Elizabeth Chadwick who is a favourite author of mine so I have some lovely chill time reading to look forward to.  I also found a new foraging book (please see separate post on the Thrifty Forager) and the other Homemade Gifts Vintage Style by Sarah Moore which has some lovely recycling/upcycling ideas in it and one I am, going to have a good mosey through.

I also picked up some flower plunger cutters which are spring loaded cutters in the shape of flower petals and also rose leaves with all the veining for cake decorating but they can also be used on salt dough marzipan etc.

I then headed up to the market; we have a plant store that is quite reasonable, and is a stall I use year in year out.  I bought 12 strawberry plants for £5 from there and am going to plant them up in some garden planters I have.

I then came home; and that is when the food shopping commenced.

I started at the Asian food shop/paper shop and bought 2 x 6 pint bottles of milk (£1.99 a bottle) that is our basic milk for the week [sometimes I use more it depends on whether I have been cooking a lot] four bags of sugar and a bag of dessicated coconut.

I then went to the veg shop and came back with two trays of eggs (I have some baking to do) a cauliflower, cabbage, 1kg tomatoes 1 kg of cherry tomatoes £1 a basket, a basket of mixed peppers and a aubergine (£1 for the basket) some courgettes (the plan is to make ratatouille which we love) some fresh asparagus (English) some french beans, and some celery. [I have plenty of onions and potatoes in and some carrotts].

I then went to the Co-Op and bought some Spinach, mixed salad leaves, some new potatoes in mixed herbs at £1 a tray and when I went round the first time, I bought a lamb shoulder reduced from £9 to £5 and a piece of loin pork from £8 to £4.99 so I was well chuffed as that is Sunday meals covered for a couple of weeks. So approximately £17 worth of meat for £9.99. now that is a saving worth having. We had already arranged for roast pork for dinner either on Sunday or Monday.  So I really was quite chuffed with this state of affairs.  I was very fortunate to have some money on me so that I could take advantage that made alll the difference.

I had to go back to the Co-Op a little later on and I happened upon the young lady reducing items in the chillers again.  The shop has only recently been upgraded to new fridges new freezers and a different chiller lay out to what they had before and they are stocking more items in the range.  The therefore have more items that are being reduced. 2 trays of new potatoes in mixed herbs should have been £1 a tray but reduced to 80 pence per tray.  I managed to pick up four trays of chicken thighs for £1.05 a tray (should have been £3 a tray or two trays for £5) so that was a good saving too and two trays of minced beef £3.50 a tray or two trays for £6 yet again for £1.05 per tray  and two trays of two chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon for £1.22 a tray should have been £3.50 a tray = £7 but £2.54 for two trays x 4 breasts). Needless to say all these goodies are in the freezer - the last two items we had for tea served with french beans, new potatoes, carrot crush and broccoli served with gravy and it went down extremely well.

So I am well satisifed with the bargains found yesterday, the money it saved me and the fact that I have topped the freezer up with much needed new supplies. Another reason for this is that OH starts his new job this Tuesday and we will not have any funds to hand until he receives a pay packet and I get paid again so things are going to be a notch tighter or so until we get into the swing of things and if you have food in the house it is one less thing to worry about because at least we are going to eat.

Catch up soon I am still playing catchup from earlier in the week. and slightly out of synch.



A new book

With some of my birthday money I bought a new book from the Remainders shop which is known as The Works in Peterborough.  I  was browsing along the shelves as you never know quite what you are going to find when I espied this little gem.   What tickled me most about this book was the way the book starts and I quote


I have something to admit.

I have been lying to you.

every time I've served you up spinach be it in soup, pies pr risotto.  I've actually been feeding you wild things.  You've had stinging nettles dead nettles, purslanes and oraches.  I've fed you fat hen, good King Henry and goosegrass.  You've eaten dandelions and thistles.  They have come from the side of train tracks, along the river, in the parks and sometimes my garden.

You've gone back for seconds and had it on the following day, so I guess youve' like some of it.  Actually I think by now you must know that spinach is a pretty loose term in our kitchen.  I hope you don't mind but I don't intend to start growing it anytime soon.

Lots of love


Intrigued I was completely taken  by this wonderful paragraph, and  as I stared to browse I realised that it is the most different foraging book that I have come across to date.and what's more is I love it.

The book The Thrifty Forager by Alys Fowler her of  The Edible Garden fame and also head Gardener at BBC Gardeners World programme.  This is her follow on book which is currently for sale at around £16.99  recommended retail price and I was lucky enough to find it for £4.99.  Bargain bought with some of my birthday money.

This book outlines that weeds are only plants that set themselves where most of us don't want them but that instead of discarding them or depositing them in the compost bin we are missing a trick as many of them are edible.  I was particularly interested in the recipes that are littered through this lovely gem too including for fruit leathers and membrillo.

If you love foraging then this is certainly one for the book shelves.

I think serendipity came into play yesterday with me finding this book, as in the morning we had walked our canine friend Missy and I had noticed that the Hawthorn blossom is starting to come out and having read a little about the leaves not being bad eating I decided to try a few.  The common name is "bread and cheese"  for the leaves  and on eating some of these leaves I must say that I totally got this and when I offered them to OH he could not discern what I had i.e. the faint flavour of bread and cheese but he didn't mind it either.  So I might forage a few later on and add them to a salad..

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thank You

Its my birthday today and I am another year older!  Too many candles for the cake... (need to know basis only)

The celebrations started last night at the Fellowship, my friends had clubbed together and brought me surprise pressies consisting of wine, chocolates a big bouquet of flowers, a gift set and numerous other private presents - all behind my back, but oh what a lovely surprise.

I have also received handmade cards from Second Hand Rose (Rose H) and Kadeeae(Kelly) with little surprises in.  And email cards from Anne at Silver Sewer, Leanne at  - thank you so much ladies it is very much appreciated.

I have also received pressies from family and friends and greetings from colleagues at work and messages from family and friends on Facebook and here on my blog.

Thank you so much for spoiling me rotten with your love, greetings and presents - I feel slightly overwhelmed but am very grateful as you have all each and every one of you made my day extra special.  I am very lucky to have such friends and family as you.

Thank you for being part of my life it means a lot

Here's to the next one I intend to age gracefully in my own distinctive style!

Thank you 



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)