Thursday, 28 February 2013


I read this

And thought how very true!


Thursday catch up

Boy have I been getting my knickers in a knot this week for some unknown reason I thought yesterday was Tuesday and in fact nearly put Tuesday Catch up today at the top of this post.  Unfortunately I should have been out last night and because I thought it was Tuesday I was convinced I was out today i.e. Wednesday.  Needless to say I was disappointed to have missed an evening with friends;  I then realised that I was at the hospital today so had to get myself organised for that.  Do you ever loose days in the week?

In any event I tottled off to the City Hospital saw my Consultant and the upshot is they are extremely pleased with me; somewhere down the line I am doing something right; my blood tests were good as was my liver function tests which is a big relief.  I have had problems with the Reynauds Syndrome more so than previously , but I am just to continue keeping gloves on and keeping warm; and I also  explained about the recent flu - as I do not want to be that poorly again I asked if I should be having the flue jabs and she said yes it would be a very good idea if I did and she would write to my GP about this.  My back hasn't been as bad although as luck would have it, it kicked off again this morning but she chose not to give me the injection - if I need it I am to contact the Department secretary and they can see me relatively quickly but I am going to try and do without that way if I do need it will have more of an effect.  Whilst there I mentioned that I had been having problems with my Achilles tendon and that I had been to the GP about this last year who had told me to rest up.  My Consultant does not want me to stop moving about and has after examining me arranged for some further treatment.  I have a lump in the base of my ankle which is pressing on the Achilles tendon when I walk and causing pain.  The treatment consists of ultrasound treatment to try and break the lump up, but they will send for me in the next few weeks or so for this.  So all being well that will happen in the next few weeks.  However what I did find strange is that I got an appointment for next February exactly a year ahead and I still have the rest of this year to get through yet.  So I class myself as very lucky and although it has been trial and error I think I am getting somewhere with the immune system problems I have, I have just got to keep an eye on my weight and try and lose a little more if I can to lessen the impact on my joints.

Now I am going to have to get that provisional driving licence application applied for so that I can learn to drive and then get about under my own steam.  Things are looking up and I feel very blessed.

Take care everyone

Catch up soon.



Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Its wet here in Peterborough today that gentle horrible drizzle that seeps into everything makes everything damp and is a nuisance. My joints are stiff this morning and moving around is a bit laborious and feels like toothache in my bones constantly burning away.  I have had my medication am just going to top up  with some paracetamol just to help things ease off a bit.

 OH has gone been gone since early on suitably armed with his salad and ham buns (the ham has turned out well).  The chicken legs I will probably turn some of them into Coronation Chicken spread for him for tomorrow (not all of them as we want to leave our options open) as to what to do with the chicken and it saves getting tired of eating the same thing over and over again..  Now I need to research some sandwich/salad boxes for the pair of us (I will probably go and have a mooch around the Pound Shop to see if they have anything suitable either today or tomorrow) will have to see how things go.

I have done a little more crotchet am hoping to catch up a bit with that this evening..  Right must skiddaddle.

Hopefully I will catch up later on.

Hope your day is everything you want it to be and more.

Take care



Monday, 25 February 2013

Workshops At the Psychic and Spiratual Fellowship


My friend Jacqueline Lesley is hold another workshop at the beginning of March here in Peterborough.  For those of you living outside of Peterborough there is local hotel accommodation near to the Nene Park one of the outdoor leisure areas in the City.  The details are

Workshop Day, Saturday 9th March 2013 - Peterbrough.
Dare to believe in yourself and your spiritual potential
‘Are you Psychic?’
  • Have you wondered if you may be psychic?
  • Do you just have a feeling that maybe there is something different about you?
  • Have you had unusual experiences?
  • Are you drawn to find out more about this subject?
Ability Level: Beginners & Improvers
With over 20 years of experience as a medium and tutor, Jacqueline will lead you on a voyage of discovery about your own intuitive abilities, which will help you to open up to the possibility that you too may be psychic! You will learn how to be open to contact with the spirit world and how to attune psychically to your own and other people’s energy. A day of infinite opportunities awaits you in a relaxed and calm atmosphere with others just like you. Even if you are a total beginner, don’t be shy. This is YOUR chance to take your exploration of this subject to another level.
Your commitment: £60 pp.

This course far too early and you need time to save up.  Jackie is running another course on:

Saturday 20th April 2013.
(Jacqueline has been asked to repeat this days workshop again by popular demand. Book early to avoid disappointment)
‘The Art Of Psychic Readings?’
Did you know that using colour is one of the easiest ways to learn to give psychic readings?
Ability Level: All Welcome
We often describe things about people and our surroundings using colour, eg:
  • Every cloud has a silver lining€
  • I'm feeling blue€
  • He made me see red
  • She has green fingers

Anyones intuitive abilities can be greatly enhanced by using colour in various formats, either through the mind or utilising art materials, even if you are an absolute beginner. Many psychics give colour readings which are amazingly accurate just by holding coloured ribbons, crystals, drawings or just perceiving colour in their mind. You can quickly and accurately begin to ‘tune in’ to another person by using the colour methods you will learn at this workshop day.
Working with colour can also help give insight into your own life and personality, bringing understanding of your own physical and spiritual life. It is a very healing and relaxed way of working with your intuition and an enabler to help you raise your psychic awareness.
Your commitment: £60 pp.

One thing is for sure you will have a lovely day, learn a lot surprise yourself and will come away wanting to learn even more.  You could not be in better hands than you are with Jackie  and she is an excellent Tutor to boot - I shall be at both courses too.


For readings, workshops, one to one tuition, individual past life sessions, gift vouchers or any further information
please contact Jacqueline:

Telephone: 01733 347164

Mobile: 07779 202602

PS  If booking a course direct with Jackie please mention that you came across the course via Tricia

A Need for Packed Lunches

I am in the lucky position in that two days of the week I meet friends for a sit down lunch - usually on a meal deal somewhere at our local pub two meals for under a £10 - or for a hot drink and a piece of cake also well under £10.  My friends and I take it in turn to pay and it is a good opportunity for us to play catch up.  However for a couple of days a week I usually wonder around town and usually skip lunch but I am determined to put this right as I want to try and get a bit fitter than I am.  I walk everywhere but some days I really struggle with pain in my joints and stiffness and I also have an Achilles tendon problem. I just get one side right and then the other side goes AWOL.  Today was the first day that I walked to work in over a fortnight and boy did I know it.  My legs have been rested for the past fortnight (when I went to the Doctor she told me to rest my leg more) so off the Achilles tendon goes again.  If I don't walk I put weight on  which I can ill afford due to the joint problem and I am still bigger than I should be at the moment  then  it all becomes a viscous circle.  But that is going to be tackled I shall mention it when I go and see the Consultant on Thursday.

Anyway I digress OH works on a site out of town where they do provide food but at a price.  After having sarnies for high tea yesterday I had some bread buns and salad and ham left over so I packed OH the buns up for his pack up and did myself a couple of sarnies today (I had wholemeal bread) and I really enjoyed them.  However yesterday I paid out for packaged ham (our Coop does not have a deli counter as it is only small) and they did not have any joints to cook either .  However I have popped in this evening and obtained an un-smoked gammon joint for £4.  That is busy bubbling away with some onion, dried thyme, fresh bay leaf, and some pepper and once cold I will slice it up on my meat slicer ready for pack up for the OH and myself during the week.  I also have the addition of some useful stock so will also make some soup.  OH has access to a microwave at work and so do iI.

 I have also bought some chicken legs and am cooking those also at the moment.  They can be served as is or stripped down and served shredded with some salad leaves either as a salad in its own right or in a sarnie or maybe with a satay sauce.  So for just under £10 OH will have pack up each day either in the form of sandwiches or as a salad for six days this week with me for three days so not too bad.  We can also have some tinned fruit or fresh fruit to pad things out and have much healthier lunches.  Could also add rice or couscous as well so I am going to enjoy exploring my options.  Much better we will get to eat decent food with no additives and hopefully will not be so hungry and pig out on our evening meals.  I will do the final calculations later on at the end of the week.  I really need to get myself more organised than I am at the moment, but I will get there.  I have lots of ideas.  Watch this space.

Catch up soon.



Walk a Little Slower

In this hurly burly life of ours sometimes it does us good to stop, listen and smell the roses.  As adults we often forget what the world appears like to a small child., big hurly burley and frightening.

 I found this recently on the web and loved the sentiment.  I hope you do too

We all walk in the footsteps of our parents and many of our ways and habits are learned from them but sometimes seeing things throug a child's eyes gives you a whole new perspective.

Take care and have a good day



Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tea for Two and Sunday musings

It has been bitterly cold here today again and we ran out of gas, but have now topped it up and everything is lovely and warm in the house again; the cats are curled up snug and warm.

Today I have not cooked and for a change we have had a simple tea for two consisting of ham and salad buns, some crisps, crumpets, meringue strawberries and cream and some cake oh and lashings of tea and it has been simple, unfussy and to be honest made a lovely change a blast from the past if you like and I really enjoyed it.

Because of work commitments and wanting to get the most out of the weekend we still eat at the weekend at night, carrying on the timetable like it is during the rest of the weak. Having proper high tea this afternoon bought back memories of the routine we used to follow as children in  that on a Sunday we would have roast dinner at mid-day followed by high tea later on a rhythm a routine part of the cycle of life.  Part of that cycle of life was that Sunday was special the only thing that was cooked on the Sunday was the roast dinner and the accompanying veggies; the baking everything else was prepared during the course of the week or on Saturday.  

I sometimes think that we have lost something special with our way of life now we have too many options  and so the little time; and the more options you are shown the more you want.  Really we need to seek balance and moderation in reality we cannot have everything but equally we have to make the best of what we do have. Less money breeds creativity as you come up with solutions to fill a gap or a need/purpose; just because you cannot afford something does not mean you have to go without there are other methods and often quite a bit cheaper than that item you "must have".  When you work home made pieces you put some of yourself into them no matter the quality of your work.  I was lucky being born into a family that has always valued practical skills and also academic skills (on both sides of the family); but I was lucky that I was taught cooking and needlecraft at school too.  They should never have got rid of the lessons as not everyone is academically minded both types of skills are needed at the end of the day not just the acadamic and both skills should be valued in their own context without people denigrating either the practical or the academic.  I know people who are practical and can turn their hands to anything but equally I know highly intelligent people that cannot boil an egg.  Such is life but both skills are required at the end of the day they are ying and yang and if those skills were shared between family members our way of of life would be so much richer as we each have something to bring to the table.

It has been a pleasant afternoon I have been mostly left to my own devices; I have pulled my crotchet down again  - lack of concentration on my part and wanting it to be the best it can be, but that happens periodically and I do not want to hurry and spoil the finished item.  Once this blanket is out of the way any surplus wool can go into my rainbow blanket.

I have my hair to wash a little later.  I have not long massaged some almond oil into my hair and I have to sit and leave it for an hour or so before washing it and letting it dry before I go up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

Catch up soon and hope everyone is well.

Love and light



Saturday, 23 February 2013


 Week 1

Well I have started very gradually working my way through those UFOs that have been lurking here and there throughout the house.

So far this week I have managed to complete three such said UFOS which are now FINISHED (mind you there are still plenty more to wade through).  I thought that I would keep coming backwards and forwards adding and updating this post  so that I have a visual record of those finished items; sort of like a homework report card.  Thought it might keep me on my toes and keep me motivated.

1.    Rainbow coloured spiral scarf

2.    Pink marled spiral scarf

3.    White cotton crotcheted flannel

In between I have been working my large cream crotchet blanket and I have also knitted another square from the part work Knit n Stitch; a throw made of of knitted squares in various stitches and crotchet squares which I receive by way of a monthly subscription.   I shall continue to keep working these when I have time in between everything else.

The Plan for Week 2

The plan is to finish working a small crotchet throw that I have been working in a teal colour and cream.  The blanket rather than being worked in individual squares is worked in alternate colour strips.  It is a lap throw and so  I am hoping  I will manage to get this finished.   If I do I will turn my attention to another UFO and add it on.   I will report again and update when I ave got a little further.

P.S.   Here is the link to the free spiral scarf pattern for those of you who want to have a go :



Report on Week 2
Week 2 went well lthough I did not have as much time as I had hoped to set about this UFO, but I am pleased that I have at least managed to complete a full strip of 9 patches and sewed it on to the existing blanket.  I am hoping that I will get another two to three strips out of the wool I aleady have and then I will edge the complete throw in cream as I have plenty of that at the moment.

Plans for week 3

More of the same as last week.  Time permitting I will sit for a little while each evening and be able to work at least a patch a night.  Will see how it goes, but I am determined to get this one out of the way with as soon as I can.. There is a good reason for this as the wool I  using this blanket is Aran wool and iit housed in one of my wicker baskets which I want to rescue, and then line and use it in due course for something else.

Lazy Saturday and Natural home medicine

I am still not firing on all pistons and today is a quiet day by design here at my home.  We have had one or two flutters of snow but it is not settling and is fey and just disappearing and is cold, but then I really do feel the cold compared to everyone else.  Fortunately I am snug in the house and for once enjoying being at home where I am quietly trying to tidy and sort the front room out.  I haven't been shopping either trying to make the most of what I actually have in the house and only just popping out for necessities like milk and eggs if required.  The washing machine is on whirring away and shortly the tumble drier will go on  (it is a condenser type tumbler and I recycle the water for feeding plants etc)- I use this a lot during the winter months as we do not have a fire source in this house or a drying area so needs must; and with the damp air jiggering me up I am not going to introduce too much moisture into the atmosphere although I do on occasion hang things up on coathangers to dry and then get into trouble with the OH because he has to duck and dive the drying garments.

With the medical conditions I have it has been affecting my skin quite badly  and it has been a lot drier than I am used to so in an effort to do something about this and improve the condition of my skin I have taken to adding a little almond oil (if you cannot tolerate nuts use baby oil) to the bath or when I hand wash (we do not have a shower) which seems to be working as the condition of my skin seems to be improving and more supple.  Almond oil is one of the more gentler oils and has always been advocated for rubbing into babies scalps if the suffer from an over dry skin.  Fortunately I have a ready supply of almond oil from my local Asian food shop where it does not cost an arm and a leg and also coconut oil..  Both are very good for the skin and rather than pay through the nose for beauty products I would rather use something that is already in the house such as olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil (all can be used in cooking).  To make them smell nicer you can always add a few drops of essential oil of your choice (which I also tend to keep in).  I think there is a "Hedge Witch" in there somewhere trying to escape as come autumn I really do haunt the hedgerows and I really am interested in alternative medicines and forms of healing.

I am also trying to improve the condition of my nails; last year one of my finger nails became discoloured and seemed to have an infection (I am not sure how) where the nail was uneven and kept weeping I tried all the usual methods to no avail and in the end I slapped on a honey bandage.  Result the infection cleared  and dried and the nail has healed.  I am a great believer in keeping honey in the kitchen cupboard also as it is a very good natural expectorant (helps bring things up) if you have a chest infection and good for cuts it helps seal a cut and minimise scarring.  Honey is naturally antibiotic and if you have a cut with muck/infection  in it if you pop on a honey plaster or bandage it will get rid of the nasties. It has taken me a whole year to get the quality back in the nail without any ridges and uneven bits so I am now going to start doing a regular manicure to help strengthen my nails and make them more nicely presented.  I have in the past used a cube of jelly a day and it does help increase the strength of my nails.  I also rub in a little neat oil with some cotton wool into the nails once a week as well.  Will have to see how things go.

Right am going to potter on hopefully will be able to pop back later on.

Hope you are all okay



Friday, 22 February 2013

Answers to your Prayers

Thought this might make you smile

You know all those silent questions you ask well here's the answers

You just have to be patient

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Thought for the Day

What if

Your Cat Had you that well trained he turned round and said

It would leave me speechless - how about you!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekend Roundup

I have had a very quiet weekend this weekend  - still not a hundred per cent from he flu and the chest infection and so I have taken things easy for a change.  I had the luxury of a lay in yesterday - quite a long one for me which was sheer indulgence.  Yesterday evening I started one of my UFOs a spiral scarf that I had started a little while back this one in rainbow marled wool.  I have four on the go and I had run out of wool on all of them.  A couple I have not been able to find any wool to match (I had used what was in my leftover stash) and I intend to get a toning colour to go with them so that I can also finish them off and then then can go into my chest of drawers so that I can use them in due course.  I will show some photos when I get them all finished - have a UFO post for the year so that I can look back to see what I have achieved during the year.

Today I have not done much either.   We walked Missy earlier on and gave her a good run.  The river is still swollen though and part of the intervening bank has nearly disappeared and the water is extremely high. I do not see the river on a day by day basis  so I had no idea how high it is most concerning.

I have been doing a lot of Internet surfing today, doing research for future projects and learning things along the way.  It is good to learn keeps the little old grey cells ticking along.  I have also been watching a series of programmes on TV about Tutankhamun which have been very interesting.

This evening we have had a bit of a disaster for some unknown reason the upright freezer has partially defrosted - and we have lost a fair bit of meat which is not funny.  Will have to see how things go.

I am late to work tomorrow morning as I have to go for blood tests at the GP in readiness for my forthcoming appointment at the hospital at the end of the month.  I do not like going for bloods at the best of times so am not looking forward to this one little bit.

Right upwards and onwards catch you all again soon.



Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day to everyone.  There's nothing like spreading a little bit of the love word about.

It has passed in its usual fashion today unmarked but hey thats all part and parcel.  With OH and myself having been poorlies (he is still not well) and because it affected our taste buds I decided to go to a certain M & S and blew a little money on their £20 meal for two with trimmings. However I spent a little more on some extra veg as I am keen on plenty of veggies - we eat meat but not excessively big pieces.  It made a real change to spend a little money instead of keeping to budget. So today I bought for starters Orkney Crab Gratin for two which was absolutely delicious; we then ad 28 day old rump steak with a peppercorn sauce not big pieces, new potatoes a bag of mixed veggies, some stringed beans and carrot and swede mash together with some fried onions, followed by a hot chocolate and raspberry pudding served with some cream.

I for one really enjoyed the meal it has pepped up my taste buds and there are still the chocolates and wine to go.  I think we will save them for another day.  It seems to have done OH some good as well despite complaining he was not hungry he finished the lot.  That to me speaks volumes.

It has been lovely for a treat.  I am going to have a rootle through the freezer in a bit to see if I can find something nice for tomorrow night's tea.  Might be something simple tomorrow after blowing out today.

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines Evening wherever you may be.

Take care

Catch up soon


P.S.  Thank you for all your lovely comments and also welcome to two new ladies


Sunday, 10 February 2013


It has been a quiet day here I have rested up a bit, its been cold and miserable out and now we have the heating on it is nice and snug in the house.  My cold is a lot better than it has been I am still bunged up a bit but I am returning to work tomorrow.  OH is still not very good but then he is at least three days behind me on the cold.  

Yesterday I was able to do a little craft work (the rest of the week I have been in bed).  I was working on my large king sized Aran blanket for a while and then starting on a throw.  So far I have made about five squares to the blanket/throw, which is worked in different textured yarns and stitches a sampler quilt which uses both crotchet and knitted pieces.  A bit of a steep learning curve for me as I am not really a serious knitter I am slow, I lose track and end up pulling bits down somewhere or the other.  I do like lovely things though and this is one way of me getting nice things for my home.  Sometimes you have to pay for things or find something very like it.  

Whilst I have been quietly working away I have had the Rugby on TV - I was mainly listening like I used to as a child at my grandparents when my Dad and Pop used to get down to it in the front room.  Happy days.

We have had roast chicken tonight for tea although I still do no have the use of my taste buds.  I am hoping they will return in due course.

Right must get myself organised for the morning.

Catch up soon



Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone, I am okay although I have been very poorly and have been off work all week.  I ended up with the flu which has been a bit of a nightmare on top of which I have sustained a chest infection which I tried to get to see the Doctor about last Wednesday but could not get an appointment at the Surgery. However managed to get to see the Doctor on Thursday and I have been prescribed three 500mg Amoxicillin tablets a day 1 x 1 three times a day and I have started to feel a lot more comfortable although am still full of cold. The crippler has been the hacking cough that has gone alongside this bug as you end up being so sore on the inside with the constant coughing. I have also had the aches and pains and temperature fluctuations and just wanting to sleep and sleep.  Unfortunately I have also managed to share it with the OH who is a good few days behind me on this.  We haven't eaten very much either as this seems to have affected our taste buds so everything tastes strange or not right.  But there we are these things are sent to try us.  I have made French Onion soup with garlic that helped soothe my throat, plenty of oranges, curry to help sweat things out, hot ribena, Hot Toddys, Elderberry Rob, anything to keep my throat moist, and to stop another coughing fit.

I am slowly on the road to recovery and feel an awful lot better than I did earlier on in the week it has been a real stinker which I would not wish on my worst enemy.  The weather during the past few days has been a little brighter a bit more spring like and at least we have heating now which makes all the difference.

A week last Thursday the manufacturers representative turned our boiler off as it was at risk of exploding because it was noisy.  It had been making this noise for quite some time when the boiler was switched on but hey what do we know and our own serviceman was not unduly worried about it.  He was furious when he found out they had switched it off. They did not have a spare part in stock and so sent to Italy for it.   So not only have we had the cold but have had no heating apart from one small electric fire which I have used to keep the lounge warm and where OH and the cats and Missy have all piled in to keep warm and it has been perishing.  Even the hot water bottles have been in regular use to try and keep me warm.

They have since been put in the new part and guess what the boiler is still making the same noise.  Guess what I was told by the serviceman as he left after fitting the part - its an odd foible of our boiler that it makes this noise (more like he doesn't know whats causing in) but it appears that this noise the same one it has always made  is now not dangerous.  But hey  I don't care its good to be warm.

I am hoping to return to work on Monday morning.

Hope everyone else is doing nicely and looking after themselves.

Catch up soon



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)