Saturday, 29 June 2019


Sadly I did not get out into the garden however OH collected me and took me to the bakery and we came back with a few bits and bobs, a couple of cheese and tomato buns and a couple of hot pasties.  I was treated to a cream iced bun and it was lush.  One of my favourite things - it is something that puts me in mind of my Nan and something that she used to buy my brother and I when we were little as a treat.  It was rather tasty - a bit naughty and nice.

OH also took me to the Italian shop the other side of town also another treat.  We bought some sweet red Italian peppers which are lush and also some Italian sausage which I shall cook with roasted veggies when he comes back from his fishing trip.  It is something that we both like very much and a good nourishing meal to look forward to.  As it is so warm we have also bought a selection of cooked meats including Porchetta which is one of my all time favourites, Palma ham, chorizo, salami and some Provolone. I also bought some coffee beans which are now in the fridge ready for grinding. So plenty to go at without the need to put the cooker on, although I have cooked a chicken I bought the other day so that should give us plenty to eat with salad which I already have in the fridge.

OH is going to take me to get some compost tomorrow.  I asked him if he could do this before he disappears fishing so that I can get on with bits in his absence.  

However for the rest of the afternoon we have sat in the cool of the house and have kept ourselves and the animals as cool as we can - apart from when we walked Missy earlier on.  However bless her despite us looking after her she did get very hot so I gave her a bath when we got in - it seems to have done the trick she has been fast asleep since and seems a lot comfier.  I used warm water on her.

I did go and buy more orange juice and ice cubes and we have had that with lemonade which has helped to keep us cool but has also slipped down a treat.  If it is this hot again tomorrow I shall do this again as it has been lovely.  Often it is the simple things that give the most pleasure.

We have not long finished watching a film and am just about to sort one or two things for tomorrow.

Hopefully catch up again tomorrow.

Take care.



Hot, Hot, Hot

......…..and no, I am not talking of chilli here as I don't do that hot, hot, hot either.

I have overslept this morning and so am not going into town as I had planned, well not just yet - may go a little later on but depends on the weather as I am unfortunately one of these people who has to be very careful in the sun as I get all sorts of problems if I am in it directly for too long, which is a bit of a difficulty really as I am vitamin D deficient and the Doctors advice is get out in it and top up.  Well there we are.  

If I do not go into town today may well go up on Monday in any event to get those last few items.

The weather is lovely, too hot, but lovely here this morning.  I have the upper windows open so there is a slight breeze going through the house and I have also popped the fan on for the dog and cats.  Gets very uncomfortable for them otherwise and of course they have free access to lots of water.

When we take Missy with us in the van I always have a bottle with an unusual attachment which turns it into a drinking container so we always have water with us for her.  We bought it from the Pets Warehouse in Peterborough was not expensive but it does the job nicely.  When we take her for a walk of the evening and she has depending on her mood been trotting around she gets thirsty so we top her up when we get back to the van.  Works well.  We don't like taking her out when it is as it is at the moment so she is better in the cool of the house. She won't like me for leaving her but common sense prevails when it is hot.

OH has found a new bakery and although he has been several times I never have so we are going to see what they have today.  I must say that I have never seen cream slices like them  - they are mahoosive and filled with a lovely raspberry jam.  The real treat though is crusty rolls.  These rolls are delicious.  We have been all over looking for the perfect rolls and thus far they have all disappointed.  These have lots of flavour just how they should be so no doubt we will get a few more of those today.  They are quite a way from us but near to where OH works so it is easier for him to go; however once I have an idea of what is what we will be able to order in advance and then go and collect.  You cannot beat a proper bakery.  Well I 

I think I am going to potter in the garden this afternoon and just enjoy living in the moment and doing stuff in preparation for another day.  It is an ideal day to set some more seeds but I have to do a little clearing first.  I also need some compost and so will ask OH while we are out if we can get some.

My new scales have also arrived so more on those a little later on.  They are quite unusual.

Right am off to get on.  My taxi arrives shortly to take me to the bakery.

Catch you soon.



Friday, 28 June 2019

Well its all been a bit exciting

…...although I suspect it is early days yet.   I have had a quiet day for the most part at home and ended up in the garden for a little while without my phone.  When I came in I had missed three calls.  One from an unknown number and two from the Employment Specialist who I met with the other day.  Whilst I was with her she had emailed an Agency as I had seen a couple of jobs for Legal Secretarial work with them and also sent a copy of my CV.  It would appear that they are quite interested and the unknown number was in fact them trying to contact me.  I then received an urgent text from my Employment Specialist asking me to contact her which I ultimately did and then spoke with the Recruitment Officer for the Agency in person later on.  I have to go and Register with them on Monday.  I am therefore hopeful that something good will come along in the greater scheme of things. Fingers crossed and toes plaited.

After that bit of excitement I then went into town and did a little more shopping.  I hit the Pound Shop, Wilkinsons, a couple of charity shops and B & M before finally coming back home.  OH picked me up and then we walked Missy.  I came home with a trolley full, including soap powder.  However I need to go into town again tomorrow for the bits I did not manage to get today i.e. the tinned tomatoes and baked beans being some of the items required.  The shopping trolley is going to have to go with me again tomorrow as I need to go to the market.  It is bright purple with lots of butterflies scattered all over it - my trolley not the market  - although it might brighten it up a bit if it were decorated like that.

I will also need to go to the veg shop for some bits and bobs as well as a couple of trays of eggs.  One for pickling and one for everyday use and baking.  I have cracked excuse the pun of boiling my eggs so I intend to get some pickled eggs put up for Christmas whilst I can.  OH is fond but its not something I am into.

It has been a lovely hot day here we have the fans on in the house and have a big jug of orange juice with ice in it and have been drinking it with some lemonade added.  It has been very refreshing especially after a couple of lovely crusty buns bought from the bakery filled with smoked bacon.  Went down very nicely.

Right tomorrow is another day am off to potter. 

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 27 June 2019

Thursday Roundup

I had a meeting this morning with the Employment Consultant.  I thought she was an independent Consultant but on talking with her I have found out that she works for the people who provide the training.  A very holistic way of helping people.  She is lovely and has offered me some assistance with Internet applications.  I have tried a couple but have not been very happy as I am not sure that they went through properly.  Anyway I am hopeful that she will be able to help.  I have another appointment with her next week as well.  Whilst there I bumped into another lady who had been on the course and we walked into town together and went for a cuppa.  We then went our separate ways only to meet up again a little later on purely by accident.  Its like buses when you want one, one is not always available and yet when you don't they are around and all over the place.

Whilst in town I treated myself to Today's Quilter, Garden Answers and Kitchen Garden magazines.  There were no end of seeds free with the gardening ones and some I believe Christmas templates in Todays Quilter - in all honesty I have not had chance to look at them yet.

I also paid a visit to Asda for a change.  Came back with a  nice joint of pork, bacon both plain and smoked (I like both OH not keen on the smoked), I have plenty so may make a quiche over the weekend.  I also bought a large chicken which we will have probably for Saturday night's tea.  I need to go back to get some other bits and bobs but which I could not carry and so I am hoping OH will oblige tomorrow or indeed sometime over the weekend.  I also needed some whole Nutmeg, Ground Cloves, and Allspice and found a large bag of Marrowfat peas (dried peas) all useful additions to the pantry shelf.  When I go back I need tinned tomatoes there is a good offer on them at the moment of a really good and expensive brand and baked beans.  I also want to look at the meat section again in any event.  I also invested in a couple of new mixing bowls, a pack of three cutting boards (some of the ones I have at present are past their best).  I am aiming long term to replace them with wooden ones.  Will see what I can find. I also bought a couple of microwave mugs for soup for when we are both on the run.

Whilst in town I bought a couple of tops but OH contacted me as he needed some new camo trousers for fishing.  He gave me the size and the leg measurement and off I went and managed to get him what was wanted. He usually goes and buys them himself. I did not manage to get everything I wanted today so I may have to nip into town again tomorrow.  Perhaps my trolley should go with me tomorrow as I need washing powder and some other bits which are quite heavy.

This evening OH took me out for a meal which was rather nice only a local hostelry but the meal was very nice. 

Since coming home I have started tidying up the Computer room/Craft room as OH is going fishing for a few days next week and I want to be able to take advantage and be able to do some of my long outstanding sewing and also do some patchwork.  I am going to continue with the sorting tomorrow as I want the room nice and tidy so that I can find things before I have my sewing session.  If I get a chance I might have a play with my embroidery machine as well. Fingers crossed toes plaited.  I want to start getting Christmas and presents ready and the session with my lovely cousin last week has really inspired me.  The polythene drawers might also go into the Computer room/Craft room with quite a lot of my sewing items so that I only have to reach over to find items rather than struggling to locate the item elsewhere.  I thought would do here so that it is thoroughly tidied and organised a bit more than it was.  I need to be more organised because if I am to go back to work I need to have as much of the house sorted as I can - so room by room is the easiest option.

My computer desk top is now clear but my large table needs clearing down so that I can do my sewing and also rotary cutting and get the Accuquilt cutter out.  The room is being cleaned as I go as well with a good wash down of all paintwork.  I am hoping to get the bulk of that done tomorrow after my trip into town.

I also have at some point to work my way through a large bag of paperwork; that however will be slow going and I will need to have the paper shredder to hand as well.  Looks like the dustbin is going to be filled up again!

Right catch you soon.



Wednesday, 26 June 2019

A little jaunt and some New Clothes

Today I have been to Stamford with my friend and partner in crime L.  We have had a lovely day again, have been looking in the ladies clothes shops.  There is an exclusive little bijou shop known as Black Orchid and it sells some pretty exclusive clothes.  The shop is like a rabbit warren.  On the face of it when you enter it appears small.  However it is not.  Also has a lovely range of home stuff right at the back.  A favourite and very special shop.

We  have had a real wander around Stamford today and some lovely cake at one pit stop and then at the Kings Head in Maiden Lane a lovely fish finger sarnie.  Not birds eye fish fingers these are created by the pub from fresh fish and are delish.  The portions are more than generous.

We have also been in one or two charity shops and into Seasalt, Fat Face and White Stuff as well as the White Shop.  Sometimes it is just nice to have a leisurely walk through and see potential items to save up for   I found some lovely green glass bowls very unexpectedly in one of the charity shops so they have come home with me.

However today for me was about clothes.  I managed to find two or three tops that I really like and so they have come home with me to pad out my wardrobe a little more.  I like Stamford, as it has so many interesting and varied shops.  There is always a lot to see and it also has some interesting vintage shops as well for antiques bric-a-bac etc.

There were lots of bits and bobs in the charity shops but apart from the green glass dishes I behaved myself for once.  They will go with some green glass pitchers and glasses I have.

Last night I managed to make another full square for my blanket project which I was pleased about.  I hope to get a wriggle on with that in the next few weeks.  I shall keep plugging away with it as it is easil picked up and put down.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.

Pattypan xx

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

How to Make Soy Sauce at Home

I was browsing You Tube the other day and came across this video.  I had not really put much thought into how Soy Sauce was actually made.  There is an awful lot of work and time put into it.  It was an interesting video to see.

Catch you later.



Monday, 24 June 2019

Things slightly went awry

Despite the best of intentions my planned day has not happened.  I woke up this morning feeling decidedly dodgy.   The kind of dodgy that leads to an epileptic attack so I subsequently went back to bed and slept for England.  Fortunately I seem to have avoided any such issue but I am still taking things easy despite the fact that I feel so much better.  Not completely 100% but a lot better than I have done.  I do not think it is helping with the weather being so muggy - it smacks of a storm or rain.  I am going to have to be careful as I do not want for things to escalate out of control again.  A case of having to be sensible.

I intend to do some of the seed sowing this evening something not too strenuous but absorbing all the same.  It will be good to get some bits underway.  I might have to do the planting tomorrow and sorting out of herb bed.  Weather permitting.  

I have been finding lots of things to have a go at - perhaps not this year but definitely next and so I am going to do some planning so that I can take advantage of the items in question.  mostly new ideas and recipes for doing things.  A lot of forward planning actually involving some of the items covered on my IT course.  I may write that book yet.

So tomorrow for the best part it will be a re-run of what I had intended to do today.  Not what I had planned but hey ho we have  to take life as it comes.  Just a slight detour needed.

Right off to eat our chicken and home made chips.

Catch you soon.



Things to do today Monday 24 June 2019

Walk Missy

The Garden
  •  Sow cress;
  • Sow Mustard
  • Sow Mixed spicy leaves
  • Sow Lambs Lettuce
  • Sow Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor;
  • Sow Oregon Sugar Pod Mangetout pea;
  • Sow Pea  Onward;
  • Sow Cucumber Marketmore 76;
  • Sow Sweet Basil.
Planting out if not raining

Herbs in the herb border.
Pot up the Tayberry Plants 
Pot up strawberry runners

Take cuttings for new plants

Lemon Verbena
Wild strawberry plants


Cook Roast Chicken
Homemade chips
Make a bread loaf
Make a bread and butter pudding


Clean kitchen


Lemon thyme, sage, Tarragon, Dill, Oregano
Gooseberries, Strawberries
Salad leaves


Do a little crochet

Well that is the general plan so that can get things moving again.

Catch up later.



Sunday, 23 June 2019

Another Lazy day

Where sadly I listened to my body again and did not do very much.  However we did go out of the house for a short while and OH and I went down to where he fishes (on a private lake) and had a good walk around.  This post is quite photo heavy.

No words just the pictures.  It was a lovely walk.  There were damsel flies and lots of wildlife and wildflowers.

When we got back later on we both dozed off again for a 40 winks nap!  Since then I hae been quite busy.  Have done some washing and drying and sorting of clothes for tomorrow.  I have watered the plants up and we have had some tea.  Something very simple; a couple of garlic stuffed mushrooms each and then a big bowl of strawberries with double cream.  Simple, not too heavy but filling.  It has gone down very nicely.   Tomorrow we have roast chicken probably with chips planned for tomorrow.  I have part of a bread loaf leftover so may well make a bread and butter pudding for dessert.  I hate wasting stuff and therefore try and use any excesses up sensibly.

It will be an early start again this week as OH is on earlies so that will mean up at 6am (I am normally awake before then).

I shall try and attack the housework which did not get done today tomorrow although I intend to go for a walk first off I have noticed that there are some small larch cones again and want to get them sorted and dried ready for Christmas decorations.  I already have my sage hanging off a couple of the mug hooks on my dresser drying.  I buy the sage when it is reduced then just hang it to dry.  My trolley is going with me so that I can gather cones, teasel heads, twigs etc.  Anything that takes my fancy and can be used in crafting.

Right time waits for no man - have to get a wriggle on.  

Catch you soon.  



Saturday, 22 June 2019


Today has not gone as planned.  I had intended on getting up early and addressing housework.  In the end I crashed out until 11am and then was not firing on all pistons and by the time the OH arrived home I still was not with it.  We had something to eat and then started watching a programme at which the pair of us fell asleep with one very happy little dog and were out for a good couple of hours woke up and then nodded off again.  I think it is as a result of being up a lot earlier for the past fortnight and a lot later together with not sleeping properly that has eventually caught up with me (us).  Tomorrow I will need to get on but today have listened to what my body is dictating for a change.

I feel more rested than I did so tomorrow it will be time to get stuck in.

A very lazy day all told - feel slightly guilty.

Catch you soon.



Summer Solstice

Already - the longest day.  It is a beautiful evening out side, the sun is still out the sky still blue birds are singing.  However where has the year gone!  I seem to have got little of my planned bits and bobs achieved.  However I have completed my IT course and should get an official qualification within the next six to eight weeks something useful to add to my CV and I really have learned a lot.

However two weeks out of what I had intended to doing is going to cause serious catch up issues.  Oh dear he we go again.  This evening I have taken off as I am a little tired.  I have not been sleeping too well and waking up at 5am after only a couple of hours sleep.  It is also taking me forever to actually nod off.  Not a good combination.

Yesterday after my dear Uncle's funeral I went back to my cousin's home.  She showed me how to frame up the embroidery panel with solvy on a knapkin.  It was an Urban Thread's design called Thistle a one colour embroidery and I am really chuffed with it.  I have added the design to my wish list and will purchase it shortly.  However here is the stitched out design.  I think it looks wonderful.  I am hoping at long last to have a go and dip my toe tentatively in the water and hope to do this when OH goes on his fishing trip.  It has stitched out beautifully.

I can see all sorts of potential for Christmas presents and the like.  I had hoped to have had all sorts of things done by now.  It looks as though I am going to have some time with the patchwork and general sewing and also on the embroidery machine.  I think I am going to have to buy myself a thread stand in due course.  Seemed to make things a lot easier for my cousin's machine.  So a lot to do all round.

Tomorrow it is get stuck into the housework time again.  Will probably do some work in the garden initially and then go into the kitchen and start scrubbing it out.  Also need to pay a visit to the veg shop.

Catch you soon.



Friday, 21 June 2019


Yesterday was an interesting day in that I was scheduled to go to a funeral.  My uncle's funeral in Lincoln.  The day started off well.  Arrangements had been put in hand that I should travel to the village where my brother lived by bus and then he would take me into Lincoln where the funeral was to be held.

The day started well.  I was up early and got myself ready and all smartened up.  I ended up changing what I had originally chosen to wear - as  I managed to spill stuff all down it.  Instructions were that we were to wear bright colours  so I changed and then came to leave the house.  Major problem no keys.  Could not get out the house.  Then I lost my phone so I could not phone OH and  ended up emailing him to come and get me and take me to the bus stop.  I had had my keys in my coat pocket the night before and had then popped my coat in my trolley meaning to bring it in later from outside the back door.  Somehow or the other that did not happen - OH went off to work taking his keys leaving me locked inside.  Fortunately OH managed to get out of work come and collect me and take me to the bus station.  Phew crisis averted.

Once on the bus and we had not even left the station news came through to the driver that there had been a bad crash in the middle of the village where my brother lives and that they were going to have a detour as the accident was just before the bus stop and he had had been told to divert via different route as the road was closed off.  Rang my brother, arranged to be collected from somewhere else which would be easier for him to pick me up from.  A little while longer along the route an update was received that the road was now clear but that they would have to stop before the bus stop as it was still out of use.  Let my brother know this and arranged to be picked up from a different spot.  This was all before I got to the funeral.

Fortunately we managed to get to Lincoln without further incident.  Met up with family - it is always lovely to see them and we always meet up as though it was only yesterday.  However more and more it is turning out to be for funerals which is really sad.

The service itself was a humanist service but so reflected my Uncle David's personality that of a kind and gentle man who had a crazy sense of humour which will be sadly missed by us all but it was a service that he would have approved of.

The only best bit about these kind of events is that for a while we get to be really close family again and share memories and time with each other.  Out of the ten siblings there are only four left.  Most of them are in their eighties or thereabouts but they are very much loved.    RIP Uncle David until we meet again on the other side.

During the appreciation of David's life, reference was made to his love of motor bikes and the fact that when he was courting my aunty her mum was worried about her travelling on the back of said motorbike.  Apparently this happened nonetheless and one incident referred to when the bike let them down was he had been babysitting (everyone thought he had been babysitting my mum when in actual fact it was me). Apparently mum had come to the rescue using a torch some res knickers and string! The last conversation I had with him was about a 78 record by Fats Domino called Blueberry Hill,  All the records that had been left over at the family home had been given to me as a youngster and I still had some of them and said that I would check it out. I did check for it but could not locate it.  We believe it was one that got broken early on.  However that music was also played as part of the service.  So on that note I feel there is nothing better to end this post than to play said tune in memory of my lovely funny uncle.  I hope you like it as much as he did/we do.

Catch you soon.



Monday, 17 June 2019

Something that happened yesterday AND Manic Monday

YESTERDAY I had a frightening experience.  Many years ago I was attacked bny a dog at my uncle's home which ended up going for me and biting me quite badly on my arm and on my legs.  It punctured an artery in my wrist.  We were 10 miles away from Lincoln hospital.  Yesterday I thought I was going to be bitten again.

On my way back from the shop yesterday  I noticed a dog go into ne of the entrances to the row of houses that I live in.  I could not see which house he had entered but on turning down into my passageway I noted that he was in next door's front garden. whilst opening the gate the dog entered into our private passageway and then proceeded to bark at me and move forward as if going to attack me.  I screamed for OH who did not appear and fortunately the dog in the meanwhile had cleared off.  I was that shaken up by the experience.  This particular dog always barks at me and I know from instinct that it is not a safe one to be around.  Under normal circumstances I would have gone and knocked on the door to let the neighbour know that her dog was out  However as it had come for me I could not be bothered.  Th neighbours are a right dozy pair and I think what had happened is that the dog had got out because the gate was not closed properly.  It is a very overweight Bull Mastiff.  I love dogs but this one has really unnerved me.

Otherwise it has been a full on day with my training course.  We have been on Excel again today and it has been a bit complicated.  The little grey cells were put into overdrive again.  I walk into town and it is a good mile and-a-half walk to the venue.  Last week OH collected me but this week I have to walk home as he is on lates. So extra walking and I am very cream crackered.

I had also forgotten that there was a committee meeting this evening so went out without tea.  A good meeting and a lot sorted.  I have also had a Chinese meal since coming home which was fab.  Now to get ready for tomorrow.

Hope you all have had a good day.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx

Why is it when I want to play.......

…… life ends up not cooperating I end up being swamped down with other things.   I am in creative mode at the  moment.  My fingers are desperately itching.  I have ideas for all sorts of things but because of this course I am on I have very little spare time to play at the moment.  So frustrating.  However, I need this training and hopefully will achieve a useful qualification at the end of it. 

After next Friday I should be a little freer time wise although I still have a load of stuff to do in the house  - plus wanting to play.    

I have eventually managed to get a browsing session in on Pinterest which is very long overdue.Yesterday's foray into the patchwork has not helped; well it has, but left me wanting more and more.

I am hoping that once OH goes fishing again (which is planned) I will be able to get into the Computer Craft Room and be able to play seriously to my heart's content without interruption.  It is planned that he will take Missy with him so I shall only have myself to please.  As I have said the creative juices are flowing and I am itching to play.  Indeed I really need the playtime at the moment.  I am tired and my mind is whirring round and round like the mechanism in a clock.  Need to calm things a little that is why I need the crafting so much as I relax when being allowed to play.

I have several Christmas panels and decorations to make as well.  It would be nice to get those out of the way with now and packed into the boxes ready for Christmas 2019.  This includes different sized Christmas stockings, an Advent Calendar, table mats, fabric for table cloths and mats.

I also have a box full of precut patchwork pieces and some jelly rolls.  I want to start stitching up the tops of these to get some quilts started and in progress. Just the simple chain piecing to start with, with the squares and the sewing of the strips with the jelly rolls.  

I intend to finish off my small baby quilt and also the sampler that I started yesterday.  So the computer room/craft room is going to have to be emptied out in the next week or so, so that I can get organised for a really serious play.  It needs stripping out anyway and I may well start this Saturday coming whilst OH is at work  

If OH is out the way that means I can also get the ironing board up in situ and can move between the sewing machine and the ironing board as required.  

I also want to make an organiser out of some old linen that I have (with pockets on and lace trim) and also some padded coat hangers. I love pretty feminine things.  I need to stop and get a wriggle on.  So I intend to down tools when he goes fishing.  In reality I have a lot of vintage mats and linen that I have acquired over the years which needs revamping into practical things so that they can be re-used and re-loved into something useful for my home. 

Time is fast going this year, and I am not quite sure where it has gone to.  This year seems to have gone before I have even seemed to blink.  It will soon be Summer Solstice and half way through the year. 

It also seems that since we started emptying the unit out and bringing stuff home that I have been on a treadmill trying to get stuff done without any break.  I am hoping to turn things around within the next few weeks and also hopefully get myself another job sorted out.  

As I have said real life has been knocking on the door and the knock is one that will have to be answered despite the fact that I have quite enjoyed my time at home.  Realistically being at home does not pay the bills and as I have nowhere I can earn a living from at home at the moment it will have to be paid employment for the present rather than my dream of having my own Reiki practice and Mediumship practice.  When the time is right things will happen and it is logistically speaking being put on the back-burner - not abandoned all together.  Its just that other things and practicalities are taking precedence.

I am sort of multi tasking whilst writing this post.  I have Kate Rusby playing on You Tube who I love listening too, I am drafting this post on blogger, and I am also backwards and forwards in between checking out different ideas for different projects from my Pinterest board.

It will soon be a time for doing and making rather than just the dreaming.  I need to strip one of the desks down in the computer room so that I can cut my other fabrics for patchwork and get more practice with the rotary cutter.

I also have a stash of UFOs that need sorting as well and I am also itching to get crafty with a paint pot, some decoupage utilising a couple of filing cabinets and a couple of furniture pieces another old mirror and a picture frame and a box of shells.  There is also decorating to do in the house.

Well I have one pair of hands. If I plan things sensibly though I think that potentially I can get quite a bit of stuff achieved.  I must say that I absolutely love my sewing machine. 

The crochet rug is being worked in the interim.  I have plans for others to be worked inbetween as well as you can never have too many crochet rugs.  Made piecemeal from squares they are easily portable and then built up into something larger they can add warmth and comfort as well as individuality to a home.  The best thing with squares is that I can get into production mode with them and get them made relatively quickly.  They can be picked up and put down when a few minutes of time is available and it always makes me feel as if I am being productive when I am sat.

It is coming to the time for the doing and the making so that I can clear my workload a little and also get the Christmas presents made that I want to achieve. That is another reason for me wanting to do them when OH goes fishing so that there are surprises for everyone.  I have in mind to make some waistcoats for the men for Christmas but I want them to be a genuine surprise so if a certain person is not around he cannot get Captain Beaky!

Hope you all have a good day.  

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)