Saturday, 29 February 2020

Topping up the groceries

It has been a blustery chilly day here in Peterborough although the sun has been out for most of the day. It has been for the best part a laundry day here thus far washing and getting clothes dry for the coming week.

I nipped out for a little while to the shops.  OH had come home with some Italian sausage for a repeat of this cooked with roasted mixed vegetables.   It is fast becoming a favourite meal in this household. That will be for Sunday night tea in any event.  

However as I was low on veggies I needed to go and get stocked up.  I buy quite a few veggies but I do quite a bit with them.  I have bought today, courgettes, carrots, summer cabbage, parsnips, onions, turnip, swede, kale, squash, Calabrese, tomatoes.  I need to top up on potatoes and I also need some peas.  I needed a tray of eggs but they did not have any left so I am going to get a tray on Tuesday when the egg man pays a visit.  I already have bacon, and sausages inhouse.

With plenty of veggies you can always make soups, stews and have roasted veggies, or make quiche to make the food go as far as it can.  Quiche served  hot with chips and a little salad is always very tasty.  I like to keep topped up with veggies as you can do so much with them.

Yorge is in full flight.  It is bitterly cold out tonight and the wind is howling and blowing like a banshee.  Think it is going to be a noisy night.

Keep safe wherever you are

Catch you soon.



Just a few of the projects Part 2

I have many kits to work in my stash as well as lots of fabric to make things.  One of the issues I have at present is not being able to focus and get stuck in on a particular project.  My sewing area is not sorted at the moment and until I have a work space where I can move a lot of the projects  are on hold, my sewing and patchwork projects being at the forefront of these.  However there are loads of other projects and kits besides this.  

Below is a beautiful cushion project which is strung on its frame for working. A project which has been started  but which has not gone very far.  It is too beautiful a cushion not to carry on with and so it is in the UFO Box along with loads of lovely other goodies.  I just love the colours of this one and it is designated for the front room.

One of my crochet blankets which is not far off completion.  I need more wool for this to finish it so until I can get to buy that it remains in the UFO box.  That is one of the reasons I am currently working on the other one. The new one is just in the white and turquoise colours.

One of a couple of cushion panels worked in thicker wool in cross stitch for completion.

Prima Nasturtiums kit.  This is designated for my kitchen.  I have two of these panels one of which is three quarters worked.   The chequer board effect is time consuming to work, but they are lovely individual panels.

This was a cushion cover panel that I bought off Ebay.  Whoever made it up into a cushion did not really do a good job of it.  It therefore needs taking to pieces and a new case cover made for it.  The needlepoint itself is very nicely worked.

This is a butterfly cushion chart that I have. I just love the colours so this is in the list of cushion panels to work in due course.

Another one of my blankets/throws.  Blends beautifully with the butterfly chart above and also the cushion right at the top of the post. I love colour.  I cannot get at this at the moment but it will be liberated shortly. I just love the colours.

Some patchwork bundles I bought.  I need to buy more fabric to complement it in due course to make a couple of single quilt/throws.

Another shot of the crochet blanket opened out a bit.

This needlepoint kit was the most I have ever spent on a kit.  It is still in its packaging but is one of the panels designated for my front room cushions in due course.

This is perhaps my oldest outstanding kit to work.  I started it when I was still married over 40 years ago.   A cross stitch traditional sampler.  Cannot find the threads at the moment so if I cannot locate these may have to substitute some from my stash.  It is very similar to a sampler I bought already worked a few years ago very different colourway though.

I absolutely love Glorafilia kits.  I am looking forward to working this one as well.  Will go with my Country Diary stuff.

A finished Lily of the Valley and Wild Violet picture.  Designated for my bedroom.  Need to find a suitable frame.

This is a kit I bought to work a crochet bedcover for my room.   It is safely put away to work when some of the other items have been completed.  OH has ideas of me joining him on outings a bit more at the weekends during the better weather which will probably involve him fishing, so an ideal opportunity to take some of the hand work with me to get it out of the way with.  I can crochet whilst travelling in the van as well.

As many of you regular readers will know I have a fascination with the English seasons and I also love the imagery of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady range.  I have many of the original designs and items collected over many years.  This includes the craft book and included in that book is this vintage style cotton crochet bedspread worked in squares.  I aim to work this in due course but as my bed is a super king I am going to have to make some adjustments to the pattern.  However it is worked in squares and then joined together.  I intend to work this in a cream colourway.

This Christmas stocking is finished and in the Christmas decoration stash.  It was worked from a kit.

This is another one of my crochet blankets that was worked about 5 years ago for a work colleague who was having her first baby.  It was made nice and big so that when she was nursing at night, she could cuddle under the blanket with her baby son and so it would keep them both warm.

I am fortunate to have so many lovely things being worked or which are in the pipeline to be worked.  I am hopeful that in the months to come that my completion time for turning over items and getting them finished increases.  a lot of my pocket money over the years has gone into these kits and items.  My home is my weakness.

Catch you soon.



Just a few of the projects Part 1

I have been trawling through my photo albums recently and I was quite surprised at some of the projects I have dealt with over the years.  However they still need making up into their final pieces and this is where some of them have come to a stop, either due to lack of time, or I have not quite decided what backing fabric I am going to use etc. etc.  I thought it might be a good idea to create a photographic list and then as the items get completed show a then and now index.  Here are just a few of the things I have dealt with over the years some of which are to be worked, to be completed, or they are completed and I cannot decide on the finishing pieces to complement them.

The first item is a sampler that I have had on the go forever.  The original pattern came from a Prima magazine.  This really needs to go into the UFO box for completion.  I need to lay my hands on it first though.  It is for my bedroom.

The second item is a Christmas tree decoration.  Basically it is a polystyrene ball, which has been studded with pins and beads through a sequin.  There are a few more of these to go as well.  This one is in the decorations box but there are a few more to be worked yet.

The second bauble is a bought glass bauble which has been covered with a beadwork over-coat.  One of several beadwork decorations in the box. They do take some time to complete.  I need to be able to focus in peace and quiet when working these though as you really do need to concentrate on what you are doing.  They do look spectacular though.

Squares from an old UFO blanket.  The bulk of it is joined together it is the outer borders that need working.  Hopefully this one will be out of the way with soon.  I have bedding in these colours with cream, together with a vintage feather quilt in pale yellow satin.  They are for the spare single room in due course.  Another one for the UFO box.

Similarly a cotton bedspread which still has to be completed.  Purple and white flowers are to be popped into the middle eventually.  Just a simple blanket.

One of several lavender hearts being worked in fine petit point designated for the wardrobe to be hung from coat hangers in an attempt to keep moths at bay.

These next few pieces are some of my beadwork which is in my costume jewellery box.  Only simple in design but very effective.

A small petit-point cushion insert.  This is designed to go into a cushion cover for my front room.  Colours in all the panels must have pink, cream and green somewhere, be of a floral nature and be home made.  I want a completely individual home, with personal touches, and personal individual art pieces, eclectic china, and lots of needlework of different descriptions.  I want it to be pretty, practical and most of all my home a reflection of me which will hopefully make people feel comfortable and very much at home.  Or as I keep referring to it the dream home.  Cushion panels will all be made up at once so am concentrating on the panels for the time being.  Jury still out on which fabric I am going to use.  Have several options, all with the same colourways  This will be something that evolves.

This was a beginners needlepoint kit worked years ago.  As I have a passion for cats, this one will probably end up in one of my rocking chairs where I can make myself really comfy.  It reminds me of Squeak and Demetri.

Another cushion panel for the front room.  I have another three of these to do.  I like deep couches with plenty of comfy cushions.

A small Pansy Panel there is a further larger cushion panel further down this post.  Yet again to be made up.  Think a green velvet backing would look good on these panels.

Other half is fond of Ducks and this one is designated to be made into a cushion for him.

Some of my ribbonwork which will be turned into bedroom cushions.  They are a bit wrinkled just need pressing out and the cushion cover panels made.

This was my first needlepoint kit worked 40+ years ago,  It is for the small bedroom with it being yellow and will go well with the bedding and the items I have for this room.  Proper countryside theme.

This wreath was from a small kit bought one year from the Crafts for Christmas event at the NEC.  It is very dense polystyrene and you take small squares of lining fabric which has been cut with pinking shears and prod them into the base.  It lives in my bedroom.

This is an anemone kit worked in long stitch.  I am not sure whether to turn this into a cushion or put it into a picture frame as I had initially thought.

Noah's Ark cross stitch.  Designated for one of the spare rooms.  Needs a mount and framing.  Will source a second hand pine frame for this piece.

A needlepoint picture worked many years ago.  Needs stringing and a suitable frame and mount sourcing. The needlepoint is complete.

Faye Whittaker cross stitch Carousel.  I love her work and have loads of kits in the stash to work in due course.  Need also to get a new magnifying lamp for working the cross stitch and embroidery as my eyesight is not what it was.

A couple of Flower Fairies.  They need mounts and framing otherwise finished.

I have several pieces of long stitch work of scenes of the Lake District and Scotland.  They need suitable frames and mounts.Otherwise they are finished.

The above item is a long stitch humming bird.  I would like to find a box I can pop this into the top of as I quite like this panel.

A couple of cross stitch panels which are to be turned into cushion panels for my bedroom.  Together with a patchwork cushion cover worked in Laura Ashley vintage fabric.

A small country cross stitched scene

A cross stitch piece worked as a pot pourri bag.  Cross stitch is complete needs making up.

A patchwork centre panel for a cushion.  Still needs to be completed.

One of my crochet glass mats.  Six are worked there are another six to complete.

Another cross stitch panel.  Not sure what to do with this yet.

One of a set of two picture panel.

A little gift I made for my mum and when she passed it came home with me.

A vintage tablecloth I bought part worked.  I really love the pattern on this and I want to work some smaller pieces of embroidery to get back into the swing of things.  I do not want to ruin the beautiful work already completed.

A pre-bought completed embroidery.  This is due to be framed once OH has the time.  I have the frame but I do need to arrange for a suitable mount.

So there is a lot going on and uet a lot more to go on.  It will all be worth it in the long run though.  I know what I would like and I am determined as I can be to make that dream a reality.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)