Saturday, 31 August 2019

The Marigolds are on

And I am in the kitchen not the dining room. I have decided that I can get more sorted if I can get on in the kitchen a bit at a time.  So here we are with bright yellow Marigolds on working my way through a little then resting a bit.  My energy levels are not what they should be at the moment.  That is why I am resting a lot.  It will take as long as it takes but this time hopefully everything will be sorted out.

We had ham and salad baguettes for lunch.  We have had pork pie and cheese for supper.  I am to cook the chicken and then will use it for a main meal probably on Monday night.  We have a small piece of beef with all the trimmings for lunch tomorrow.

My radio has been relocated to the kitchen.  It would appear that part of the problem with one of the fridges had something to do with a certain cat demolishing the contents of the top of the fridge the radio was on top of the fridge.  Still not sure whether the other fridge is out of action or not.  If it is it is but I want to try and save it if I can.

I topped up yesterday on some ingredients i.e. Arrowroot, polenta, and two bags of rye flour and some couscous.  I Also bought cornflour.  I sorted out my stock pots into new containers and labelled everything so that I could find things easily in the cupboard.  Still a lot of sorting to do but am doing a little at a time.  I did say I was going to reclaim the house and I am doing it gradually.  Just a lot slower than I would prefer.

I have also been doing some research into some further projects.

I am also hoping to get the small dehydrator on the go this evening.  I have breadcrumbs, panko, croutons to dry and also mixed veggies, kale, spring onions all bought reduced to put on for use with soups, in soups and also casseroles and stews.  Every little helps as they say.  Will pop up a separate post on this  shortly.

Right must get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 29 August 2019

Many apologies

I had planned on posting last night but ran into problems on the fridge front.  I have two large fridges and for some unknown reason the fridges decided to blow a fuse yesterday well one of them anyway.  We now have the other one up and running but the other one is going to need careful looking at over the weekend.  I was worried as I had only just done a shop and concerned about losing all the food.  Fortunately the day is saved and everything is okay.

My step-daughter also rang up in a panic to check on her dad.  Her cousin had phoned her to let her know that  there was a serious fire in Peterborough last night at the factory where OH and my SS work.  OH answered phone which cheered her up.  From what I understand everyone is safe but according to the Daily Mail there would appear to be quite a lot of damage. However I really do wish they would get their facts right obviously a company who like to inflame situations (excuse the pun) down to their own sensational views in an aim to increase their readership.  Just puts me off no end and these days I don't buy newspapers load of piffle and not worth the money they are printed on.

I have to go into town again today for a short while but otherwise I am home and it will be operation dining room as that is where the fridges are and I have left it in a bit of a mess.  Needs sorting anyway so hopefully will get quite a way with it.

We were going to have chicken and all the trimmings for tea last night but because of the fault on the fridge that did not happen as I chose to keep the fridge closed to keep the cold in until OH could check it out.

Right am away to my bed.  I am absolutely jiggered.  

Catch  you all soon..


Will post tomorrow

I have had some issues to deal with at home.  Was intending to post this evening but it will now be tomorrow because of them.

Catch everyone soon.



Kitchen Notes Pantry Preserves - Plums What to do with them

Preserving is the country way of surviving long winters and putting food up to feed your family during that time to keep them fit and healthy a practice that seems to be making a comeback at long last.

I have been preserving for the best part of 40 years doing various things and increasing my repertoire with something new every year or a different technique.  Trying different recipes and discarding those I do not like or just don't work for me and hanging on for dear life to the ones that do work.  Preserving and cooking is really down to having a really good recipe and a little time and patience to play.  I thought I would share some of the things I actually make each year to capture the harvest for the cold winter months.

Remember plums come in several different varieties.  I am particularly fond of Victoria but that is what I grew up with but I also like the darker plums as well.  my grandfather used to grow Black Diamond a lovely dark plum with sweet yellow flesh.  I would love to get hold of a couple of plants if I could.  I also like Greengages and Damsons when I can get them.

Plum jelly: I always make stacks of this as I use it as a base for a Chinese style sauce in my own home made stir fries.  It can also be used as a glaze for meat, and fruit, and also for coating ham and the Sunday roast with a particular affinity to pork.  Equally it is good served with pork just as jelly and I also use it in gravies.  It is good on toast and crumpets.

Plum Jam: I use this a lot in baking, pies, pastries, tarts, cake filling, toast, crumpets

Plum and Apple Jam: Again similar uses just a slightly different flavour way. It is good to ring the changes and adding the apple makes the plums go further.

Bottled whole plums.  Ideal for plum puddings and also for making sugared Victorian Style Plums as a Christmas sweetmeat akin to crystallised ginger.

Chinese style plum sauce. I tend to use only the dark plums for this particular preserve because of the colour.

Spiced plum jam.  Ideal for use in hot toddies and also Christmas Trifle

Greengage jam and Greengage jelly.  I always make these if I can get hold of Greengages.  My Grandmother loved Greengages and she had a Greengage tree in the orchard that only once fruited in over a 30 year period.  That was the summer before she passed and that fruit was one of the sweetest Greengages I have ever tasted.  However the joy that my Nan had in seeing that tree fruit was magical and holds a special memory in my heart.

Christmas spiced chutney another and different way of using up plums.

Plum Compote I bottle this but it can also be stored in the fridge and used within a couple of days.

Plum Chutney.  Well chutney always has a place in this household as we eat a lot of cheese.

Plum Wine.  My Nan always made this and it was always sweet and sparling.  She predominantly used Victoria plums to make this.  One day I will have that Orchard.

Plum Cordial makes another interesting drink for the pantry shelf.

Plum Cheese. Lovely served with proper cheese and pate or pork pie.  Yum.

Freeze them.  You have the option then of choosing whether you use in puddings or make some more preserves when you have more time.  Crumbles, flummeries, pies, sauce, puree its up to you.

Dehydrated plums.  Agen plums are dehydrated plums so make your own.

Plum Leather I have never made this but intend to have a go in the smaller dehydrator over the next few days or so.  I have some plums to use up and which will be ideal for this project.

Plum and Apple butter.  I am going to do a batch of this in the slow cooker.  I have not tried this particular version before.

Brown Sauce.  I have another recipe for this and so I am also hopeful to clear some time and room down to have a go at this.

Plum crumble.  Can be frozen uncooked and then cooked as you need them.

So there are lots of ways of using up the humble plum and indeed the many varieties.

Now to get cracking.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Happy Day

It has been a lovely day today.  I have been with my very good friend L today.  We had hoped to go to Stamford, but real life got in the way and she had to come into Peterborough.  We had a wander around before going back to her home for a while, getting something to eat (we had Sesame seed Bagels with smoked salmon and salad for dinner which was delicious) and then we went for a quick wander round the Antiques Centre before going back and having a good old chin wag and setting the world to rights before coming home.

I have really enjoyed it even though the day did not pan out as we had expected.

They had more lovely furniture pieces in the Antique Centre - most of them pine and although it was only a quick jaunt there were lots of lovely pieces to see.  We will probably go back another day.  The dresser which I saw the other week was still there and it is still talking to me together with a couple of other pieces.

Tonight for tea we have had OH Cod steaks and chips and ME Smoked haddock with a couple of poached eggs on top.  OH enjoyed his and mine was also lovely.  There were three medium sliced pieces in the pack a little too much for me on my own but lovely all the same.  I had bought a malted bread loaf from Aldi which is a lovely loaf nice thick slices and I did a couple with butter on to go with our tea each.  Very delicious.  We then had Strawberries and cream for afters.  All went down very nicely.

We also tried a bag of vegetable crisps which we will also buy again.

So thus far very impressed on the food we have had thus far.

Tomorrow we have roast chicken with all the trimmings and I shall use the carcass to make stock.  Should get two to three meals out of this as it is a larger chicken.

I should have been out with another friend tomorrow but unfortunately she cannot make it.  So I intend to get on with the house a bit more.

I need to make room in the dining room a bit more and clear some stuff out so I shall attempt to get that sorted tomorrow which will be another step off the long list I have of things to achieve.

The evenings are starting to draw in a bit.  At 9pm I noticed that it was totally dark.  How quickly we slip from one season to another at the moment.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.



A little tip on fridge cleaning

I have two large fridges.  One for fresh stuff and the other is for long term items like drinks, butter, cheese etc.  They have white interiors which occasionally get the odd mark on which has proved difficult to get off.

Last night I was up to my arms in boiling water, lemon and washing up liquid scrubbing out my fridge and once wiped it was apparent that the beautiful white interior was not so white and indeed grubby.  Marks left from packaging.  My glass shelves are bound by plastic inserts the front and back of the shelf effectively which hold the glass sheets in the fridge.  The whole lot has to come off including the glass and then be sanitised.  It is therefore somewhat a time consuming experience.

My answer to getting the inside of the fridge spotless including those marks is to use what is known as a magic eraser.  It lifts the marks with a bit of rubbing and makes it look like new.

I obtained a pack of 6 last night for about £1.50.  It did the job well (from Aldi).

I also managed to get my produce into the nice new shiny clean fridge and sort it out so that I can find things easily.  So that was a job well done last night.  Umpteen more jobs to go.

Right upwards and onwards.  I am off for a little jaunt with a friend.

Catch you later on.



Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Another visit to Aldi

This post is not an advertisement, just reporting on something I have done and my thoughts.

I am still not sure I like Aldi.  Yes it has a great range of items at reasonable prices a lot of which I have not bought yet as the freezers still need scrubbing out.  I am hoping to get that done this weekend.  I think it is perhaps that it is a very good limited variety of stuff - and not the sort or type of shopping I usually go for.  Their meat and fresh stuff is excellent and what I have seen of the freezer stuff looks promising too.

We have had a mahoosive thunder and lightning storm here in Peterborough with torrential rain.  It has been horribly hot all day so I am not at all surprised.  It has gone horribly muggy again now.

I now have to go and scrub the fridge out and get all the new bits and bobs in situ.  For a change we have tried one of their pre-prepared curries I had Prawn Bhoona and OH had Chicken Tikka Masala.  OH enjoyed his and I enjoyed mine.  Nice and spicy but not over-spicy so that I could not eat it served with Pilau rice.  I enjoyed it.

I bought a larger chicken again, a Topside joint 21 day aged for £5.99 - more than enough for the two of us. Pork chops, bacon, gammon steaks, stewing steak, fish smoked haddock for me and cod fillets for OH.  Have also bought some cold meats and other bits and bobs and lots of salad.  I still have not bought off all the sections but Aldi is certainly good for a basic shop. The baking section look very promising. We need to get back on track again and watching the shopping budget always helps in the first instance.  We need to eat well and reasonably cheaply.  I still need to do a tinned pantry overhaul as well and I am hoping to go to B & M sometime this week to stock up on the basics.

Aldi is very different to Lidl which I love although I prefer the meat from Aldi at the moment.  There is however a lot of stuff at Lidl on the deli side that we actually like and of course the continental specialities like different flavoured chocolate spreads, and items.

So will see how it goes.  It is early days yet.  Unsalted butter is about £1.49 per pack at Aldi.  At the Co-Op I have been paying £1.80 per block.  It therefore pays if you find a stash of double cream that has been reduced to buy it if you can and make some flavoured butters for your freezer in any event.  Then you have basics at a good price and artisan at a reduced price.  What I call a "win-win" situation.

Right I have a hot date with a scrubbing brush and a cold fridge and then I have to persuade said fridge that it wants filling.

Catch up again soon.



Tinned Can Pantry 1 - Salmon Dip

I know for the past couple of posts I have been prattling on about stocking up the pantry with tinned goodies, why I choose certain items but I have not really gone into detail about what I actually make with said ingredients.

As the weather is too darn hot for my liking at the moment I am trying to get out of cooking wherever I can.  So for myself I am going to make an old favourite which is light, filling and tasty.  Namely Salmon Dip.

You will need:

180g/210g tin of salmon red or pink up to you.
7 fl ozs of Crème Fraiche (I have also used what is to hand i.e. Cream Cheese and a little plain yogurt to thin it down a little in the past)
Some capers
Some cornichons

Basically all you do is drain the tin of salmon and sort out any bones (although soft and they will mash in I have always been taught to remove these).  Old habits die hard I suppose.

To a food processor add the salmon and the Crème Fraiche (or alternatives).   Whizz it up until combined.

Stir through 1 tablespoon of chopped capers and two finely chopped cornichons.  I fold these in with a spatula until evenly combined as I still want some texture to the dip.  If I put it back in the processor it will paste it.

Taste the dip and if not enough seasoning for your liking add a little salt and pepper.

I then prepare a plate of crudites, celery, carrot, cucumber, spring onions, pepper and then add the dip to a separate bowl and place this on the same platter.  You can also use the Italian style bread sticks or chunks of baguette to serve with.

So nice and easy tea for me this evening.  Going to have to sort something out for OH though.  Mind you he is easily pleased as a rule.

Might also have to sort something out for pudding.  Will have to brood on that one.

Catch you soon.



Monday, 26 August 2019

Watching the Pennies hopefully to increase the £'s

We have been to the Cash and Carry this afternoon as OH needed to get some cans of drink for his Department's Tuck Shop.  It is a while since we have been to it but for the best part today I just wanted to have a good look around.  Some prices are a bit out there but if you have a business and a mark up there is quite a bit of profit to be made.  I have used a Cash and Carry off and on over 40 or so years.

We have had a lot of flies this year - not quite sure why but we have and as a consequence have used a bit of fly spray.  At £3 a tin from our local Co-Op it is pricey and we are soon going through a tin.  So at £3  a can x 6 tins - £18.  We have just purchased six tins for £8.99 plus £2.49 VAT so for £11.50 I have six cans and I have saved £6.50 in the process.  Better in my purse I think and will go towards something else that we use.  I have traditionally used the Co-Op a lot for shopping but I have noticed of late that there is a disparency between prices between them and other stores.  £0.60 per jar of pasta sauce or sweet and sour would go towards another jar of things.  So wherever you shop think before you buy and make sure that the price is right for you.

As I have indicated previously I am looking to stock the freezers up again. We usually do this little by little over several months to ensure that we have a good selection of items to eat and also at the best price we can achieve.  I was particularly looking at the meat section this afternoon.  We used to get some very good offers on chicken which is what we had initially gone to look at today but they did not have any.

There were several good offers on bulk buys of beef produce and we shall be going back however there are a couple of other places we need to check out to see what they have and then make a selection of the items we wish to stock up on for this month.  Even when I have stocked up on items I am careful with how I use them and endeavour to make the produce go as far as it can.  

When bringing fresh produce home from a Butchers or the Cash and Carry we have a sort it out session.  I re-package the meat into quantities for two and then pop it into the freezer.  I keep a log of what I have put in as well so that I have an idea of what I have available for meals.

However you have to remember in a Cash and Carry that the VAT is not included in the price on the label so you do have to allow for that.  Some items are incredibly pricey others very reasonable. So you have to have your wits about you as you are going around.

I use the Hyperama Cash and Carry in Peterborough. It is a card member venue. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of the Eastern Europeans, Chinese and Asians use the warehouse to feed their families cheaper.  Some of them are in business a lot are not but they seem to club together and choose what they are going to buy and then split it between them.

I was looking at chunks of Topside and Silverside from between £25 to £32 today out of which chunk I would probably get three decent sized joints.  I have decent cutting knives so this is not a problem.

However we are going to look at a couple of other shops as well to see what they have at this particular stage.

After out little trip out and because it has been so horribly hot again OH took me to the pub to save me cooking.  It was nice and cool and we have had fish to eat.  I went for scampi oh went for battered fish.  Cheap and cheerful but a good meal and reasonable.

We then came home and walked Missy. OH and Missy are now crashed out under the fan!

I am off to try and cool down a bit.  Last part of Poldark tonight.  Shall miss that a lot.  Lets just hope they decide to do another one soon.

Right off to flop.

Catch you soon.



Items I am considering buying and some of what I do with them

What Items did I choose to buy to start replenishing my pantry, why I chose them and what I do with them. Everything has to earn its place on my pantry shelf.  We cannot always eat like King’s and Queen’s every night and you have to have some of what I call “scratch meals” especially during a week night and especially if you are working on the basis that “time is of the essence” and at a premium.  Therefore, having items in the pantry or in the fridges or freezers that let you prepare something to eat quickly and cheaply is a necessity and a bonus where time is concerned as it lets you eat reasonably but also lets you make up on time.

Heinz Soups various
I will definitely be going for the 6 cans for £2.99 price tag.  Why?  If your office has a microwave to warm up food at lunch, this makes a very quick meal without spending the earth especially in the winter months.  They make a good standby for a quick meal at home if you are on the run.  They can be used within your own crockpot meals like Oxtail within a beef casserole or tomato soup with beef; or to give more flavour within your own homemade soups.  I do make a lot of homemade soup as well.

Batchelors condensed soup (Tomato, Cream of Chicken, Cream of Mushroom)
I have in the past used the chicken and mushroom soups as a base for chicken pieces which have then been mixed with cooked chicken pieces and added to vol-au-vent cases for parties.

Heinz Big Soup (various flavours)
I keep this in for OH to have in case I am not around but he also takes it with him when he goes on one of his fishing jaunts.

I use these in Falafal and in Couscous.  I also make my own hummus and add these to soup.  Here are some more different ideas for using chick peas

Batchelors Mushy Peas
 I prefer the Harry Ramsden’s version but they did not have any of these.  We like mushy peas with any kind of fish and bearing in mind that the housekeeping is set up on the basis that I work too as well and time is of a premium I opt to buy these out of convenience.  However I do every so often set too from scratch with dried peas which I keep in the pantry in any event. When you get down to it you can do quite a lot with tinned goods.

Branston Baked Beans
We were always Heinz beans fans until these came out.  Now we prefer these to Heinz.  I keep a lot of these in as they are handy for beans on toast, with a full English breakfast.  OH frequently has with pork slices or chops as a rounded meal on their own. We also cook them with sausages as a stand alone meal as well.
Heinz Baked Beans are a close second.
D’Italia Chopped Tomatoes with Herbs
Napolina Chopped tomatoes
D’Italia Peeled Plum Tomatoes
D’Italia Passata
I use a lot of tomatoes in different formats included the ones listed below in Lasagna, full English Breakfast, soups, casseroles, stews etc.

John West Red Wild Pacific Salmon
Princes Wild Pacific Pink Salmon
Cucumber Wild Pacific Salmon
Princes Wild Pacific Medium Red Salmon
Cucumber Red Salmon
I always have tinned Salmon in the house as did my Nan and my Mum before me. If someone calls unexpectedly you have an impromptu sandwich ready in minutes which can be bulked out with a little cake, scones, tinned fruit and cream.  I also use tinned salmon to make Salmon fish cakes which are lovely and a regular on my repertoire.  You can also turn it into a mousse with some cream and other flavourings and a dip with the aid of some cream cheese and yogurt.  Salmon and pasta with a cheese sauce makes a quick supper as well.  Cheese and fish don’t normally work but this does.  There are two different sized tins.  The larger tins are ideal for the fish cake making as the rest can be frozen but also for those unexpected visitors.  I tend to keep both sizes in – the smaller ones for me to have a sarnie here or there as I love Salmon OH not so keen.

Princes Tuna Chunks (in brine, oil and spring water)
I use Tuna in a similar way to Salmon and OH frequently has Tuna to take to work with him.  It is also an emergency cat food if I run out of cat food.

Ye Olde Oak Ham
Princes Ham
OH and I were only reminiscing about this the other day when I found it on the shelve at B & M.  It was always an intrinsic part of my mum and my Nan’s pantries.  It was ideal for a Sunday afternoon tea sarnie but also useful at Christmas.  During a normal working week it would often be utilised frequently on a Monday night (Monday was always wash day in our house) served with some chips and some chutney or mustard or even baked beans. We also used to have the meat cut in slices, dipped in batter and served as fritters.  Another one that is good to have in for unexpected visitors.

Spam – I don’t like this nor does OH but put it on here for those Spam lovers.  My step-son is an avid fan.

Princes Corned Beef
This is a constant that I also keep in.  We quite frequently have this cold with chips, in a sandwich, in a pie, done as fritters.

Ye Olde Oak American large hotdogs
Princes Hot Dogs
Princes Mini Hot Dogs
One of my likes.  Love these in buns with fried onions and tomato ketchup.  OH soon snaffles them up as well.  So it is always useful to have something like this in.

Smash powdered potato
Keep this in for OH for when he goes fishing although do occasionally make it up at home to have with a meal .

Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie
Makes a meal of a week night.  Not to everyone’s taste but we do not mind them.

Pot Noodles
Usually keep a few pots in as OH sometimes likes to take them for pack up.  They are not my cup of tea though.

Sharwoods Noodles
I keep these in as I use them extensively when I make a homemade stir fry as well as adding them to casserole dishes and soups

I keep these in to have filled with various fillings like, mince, pork, chicken, duck with some salad or with a sauce.  Makes a filling lunch.  OH not keen on but they are very useful.

Tilda Long Grain Rice
I keep lots of different rice in.  However, as a brand I do like Tilda and as my stash needs topping up this is a perfect price. I use this in my homemade stir fries and curries.

Uncle Ben’s Sweet and Sour sauce
Sharwoods Sweet and Sour Sauce
Dolmio Bolognese sauces various
Napolina Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce
D’Italia Pasta Sauce
Colmans packet sauces
I do use bought sauces although I am a little concerned about the sugar content.  I also make my own. Most of mine tend to be the jar varieties rather than the packet version although I do indulge on occasion.  I also re-cycle the jars as the Sharwoods and Uncle Bens jars are the same lid sizes that are sold by Lakeland.  So I recycle the jars where I can.

Coconut Milk
I use this in stir fries, Thai dishes, to drink (both hot and cold), as a base for ice cream,

Knorr Beef Stockpots/Rich Beef/Chicken
I like the stockpot stocks but have found them so pricy across the supermarkets.  I try and buy 8 pots for £2 or thereabouts and stock up whenever there is an offer as I use a lot of these.  Particularly like the chicken and the extra beef.

Sweet Chilli Sauce
Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce
Guinness Barbecue Sauce
Guinness Steak Sauce
We use a lot of sweet chilli sauce and Lea and Perrins.  The Guinness Barbecue Sauce and Guinness Steak sauce sound intriguing and I thought OH might like these.

Knorr Stock Cubes
I also use these and tend to buy whatever is on offer.

Colmans Mustard
I always keep in a jar of Colmans Mustard, and a tin of dried mustard powder in for ease.  However, I also make my own mustards. Powdered mustard can be turned into mustard sauce/  However I predominantly use it when making Piccalilli or Runner Bean Chutney.  I also use it in cheese sauces.  Lovely with Roast Beef or in sandwiches with cold meats.  Also good with sausages and casseroles.  Good for “devilling” dishes giving them a bit more umpf!

Heinz Tomato Ketchup
Heinz Salad Cream
Hellmans Mayonnaise
OH is a Tomato Ketchup fan so he uses a lot of this.  I like Salad cream and Mayonnaise especially with chips but we also use extensively on salads of any type.  All are used in pack ups as well.  Do also preserve my own Tomato ketchup and make my own Mayonnaise.

KTC Coconut Oil
Filippo Berrio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
I use Coconut Oil on occasion for cooking it is supposed to be better for you in the long run. Virgin Extra Oil I use as a dressing only.

Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing
I do buy this for ease and convenience usually when it is on offer.  However I do tend to make my own more often or not.

Bisto Best/Beef/Chicken/Pork & Lamb powder
I also use these.  The favourite being the Beef.

Yorkshire Tea Bags
I usually buy a big bag of these and keep them in one of my old Roses sweetie jars which I use as storage containers in the pantry.  OH prefers tea bags I prefer loose tea leaves.

Douwe Egberts Coffee
Maxwell House Latte
Tassimo pods variouis
I use both of these.  The Latte for OH and I have the coffee every so often.  I reuse the jars for storage in the pantry as well.
Hartleys Jellies various flavours
I keep these in to make a quick pudding but I also have a cube of jelly a day to strengthen my nails and keep them in better condition.

McVities Dairy Milk Chocolate Biscuits
Hob Nobs Chocolate Biscuits
Rich Tea Biscuits
Plain Digestives
Plain Hob Nobs
Ginger Nuts
I keep most of these in. The Chocolate biscuits are for having as a treat.  The plain ones I keep in as standard as they can also be turned into biscuit crumb for making your own cheesecakes.

Tat & Lyle Syrups (for coffee) Hazlenut/Salted Caramel/Caramel/Strawberry
These are a treat for me in the winter months with a nice hot mug of coffee.

Coffee Mate Creamer Powder
I use this for just ordinary coffee.  Gives it a richer flavour.

Marvel Dried Milk Powder
I keep this in, in case I run out of milk.  I also use it when I make yogurt.

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate powder
I use this to drink but also for baking.

ALPRO Almond Milk
ALPRO Coconut Milk
We drink this as it is but it can also be used in cooking.

Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar
Barbados Cane Sugar
Dark Brown Soft Sugar
Demerara Sugar
Light Soft Brown Sugar
I use all of these extensively for baking and cooking.  Very good prices.

Carnation Evaporated Milk
Carnation Condensed Milk
I keep these in for cooking.  The Evap milk with a jelly makes a mousse and I use the condensed milk in sweets and puddings.

Fanta (all variations)
Dr Pepper
Schweppes Lemonade
Coca Cola
I keep some fizzy drinks in house to nab when we fancy them but not as much as we used to.

Quaker Oats – Oats So Simple – Original and Golden Syrup
Ideal for a quick microwave breakfast in the winter months.  I like these because of their ease first thing although have been considering batching up my own bags.

Del Monte Peach Slices
Del Monte Pineapple Slices
Del Monte Fruit Cocktail
Del Monte Pears
Tinned fruit is always useful to have inhouse as you can make puddings, tarts, cobblers, cakes and they make a quick pudding in their own right.

Aunt Bessies Custard Sachet (singly or on offer x 3)
Birds Custard Powder Drum
Birds Custard Powder Drum
Ambrosia Custard
I usually make my own custard from the powder usually keeping in the drum but I do tend to keep in sachets and cartons just in case.

Ambrosia Rice
I keep this in for the OH.

I have yet to decide on what I am going to start with.  I believe it will at this stage be more the tinned stuff as it is a very good price.  There are also long stop dates on these items I checked some going to September 2020 and others to 2021.  You do have to make sure to check every can though as you want the latest long stop date you can get.

That ensures that you get the maximum usage out of whatever you have to hand on the pantry shelf.

I do out of necessity use some convenience foods but I do try and keep these to a minimum as I prefer to cook from scratch but we all know that real life does not always allow for that no matter how hard we try.  So I always plan in items for unexpected situations.  I prefer to buy ingredients but my Tinned Can Pantry is always extremely useful.

Do you keep in tins on the pantry shelf and if so what items do you keep for you and your family.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)