Wednesday, 28 August 2019

A little tip on fridge cleaning

I have two large fridges.  One for fresh stuff and the other is for long term items like drinks, butter, cheese etc.  They have white interiors which occasionally get the odd mark on which has proved difficult to get off.

Last night I was up to my arms in boiling water, lemon and washing up liquid scrubbing out my fridge and once wiped it was apparent that the beautiful white interior was not so white and indeed grubby.  Marks left from packaging.  My glass shelves are bound by plastic inserts the front and back of the shelf effectively which hold the glass sheets in the fridge.  The whole lot has to come off including the glass and then be sanitised.  It is therefore somewhat a time consuming experience.

My answer to getting the inside of the fridge spotless including those marks is to use what is known as a magic eraser.  It lifts the marks with a bit of rubbing and makes it look like new.

I obtained a pack of 6 last night for about £1.50.  It did the job well (from Aldi).

I also managed to get my produce into the nice new shiny clean fridge and sort it out so that I can find things easily.  So that was a job well done last night.  Umpteen more jobs to go.

Right upwards and onwards.  I am off for a little jaunt with a friend.

Catch you later on.



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  1. Cleaning the fridge is a job I postpone but you are reminding me it might be time. I like those magic erasers too, the ones I buy are white Mr. Clean erasers and they work well to take marks off of walls too.


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