Saturday, 30 April 2016

Cream Crackered

We have been at the storage unit most of the day shifting items already stored into a larger room and I must say its been a revelation as some of the things I had forgotten I had.  Especially it would seem I have picked up quite a few pieces of green vintage glass which will go very well with those pieces recently acquired.  Funnily enough I had been looking at similar items on Ebay. 

We have shifted most of the stuff  just a little bit more to go and then to start on what I have in the house.  So both of us are cream crackered but it will be a job well done when it is all finished.  I have also tried to sort out different areas of the unit where specific items are stored so that when we are looking for something in the future I will have some idea of where to look.  Certainly all the Christmas decorations are being stored at the front of the unit as they are required every year as is OHs fishing equipment.  We want to try and free up as much space as we can.

It was cold in the unit as there is no heating and my hands went blue so OH took me out and we grabbed a Macdonalds and in my case a nice hot chocolate to warm my mitts up then I called at the house and got my gloves and gilet as I was freezing.  We had dinner outside as the weather has been lovely but then had a rain shower which pelted down on the roof just after we got back to the unit; but otherwise it has been a lovely day.

For this evening we have just flopped although I am going to take some of my mum's furniture and also my green glass to place in the unit tomorrow so I have to gather that together tonight in readiness for an early start.

Thank you Dawn for the award will pop it up tomorrow but it is appreciated just a tad busy at the minute.

Quite a few things have been happening but will tell you more later.

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 28 April 2016


Well we appear to have a garden clearer on board and he intends to start tomorrow. Yippee - a lot cheaper than the original quote and much cheaper than the lad who came yesterday but I have to keep an eye on the pennies.  Lets hope he clears up well and does a good job and leaves us with a clean canvas to start again.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.

Today has been a strange day as I had half a day off as I had an appointment with my Physiotherapist who is helping me with exercises for my core muscles and in controlling them which should ultimately help my back.  So everything has been topsy turvy today because this afternoon I was back to work.  I have been very stiff today and as I keep joking to my work colleagues stick me on a wall and I would make a very good barometer.  When I am really stiff it is usually a good indicator that there I rain about.  Its currently raining cats and dogs.  I think the barometric pressure has something to do with it as when there is rain about my arthritis is always that much more painful.

We have had sirloin steak with chips onion rings and large field mushrooms with a side salad for tea and very tasty it was too.  The steak was lovely and tender with a lot of flavour.  Not bad for two steaks for £8 the pair and they were a reasonable size.  I always cook steak on a griddle pan as I think you get a more even result with the steak and I add a little butter to the oil to cook it with. 

We also have a busy weekend planned decluttering the house of some of my stuff and my mum's stuff and it is going into the storage unit for safekeeping. I am a clutter bug not a minimalist and from past experience when I have been persuaded to get rid of things I have needed them a few weeks later and as this house is not our forever home I am holding on to certain items that might have otherwise have gone.  Needs must when you know stuff is still going to be useful and it will also be a good time to get rid of some of those things I just do not want anymore.  Tastes change as you progress through life. 

However it would be nice to get to the bulk of my craft stuff and have space to play which is one of the aims of the operation.  I think secretly OH wants the computer room back but it was always prepared as a dual room. 

Once the back bedroom is clear I will be looking for a table on which to work but first things first we have a lot of work to do before we get to that stage.

Fortunately the storage facility is not too far away from where we live but it just means lots of shuttling backwards and forwards to get everything in situ and sorting as I go.  A lot of the stuff is in boxes and I am not sure what is what.

And then on Monday I am off to Stansted College to spend the day on one of their Open Days which for me is always a big treat; it is such a peaceful place.

My door handles have arrived to replace my kitchen unit knobs and I must say I think they look very nice. I am very pleased with them.

I have also won a bid on a tablecloth that apparently originates from World War II and was used as an occupational therapy piece. It is only part worked but I think it is lovely.  It should fit in well as I am very fond of poppies.  I have an Alfred J Meakin dinner and tea set that was a wedding present when I was married that I have been adding to and the pine dressers that I have were bought to show off said crockery and I have one or two other poppy items as well.  I especially love the ears of corn.  It is only part worked so another one for the winter months.  I think embroidery was the first craft I really loved - my mum was really good at it.  I class myself as a novice so I hope yet again I am going to be able to do justice to the piece.

Right had better get a wriggle on I need to defrost as it is absolutely freezing out.

Catch you later.



Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My Green Glass Collection

Is slowly coming together and I have managed to pick up quite a few things for a reasonable price.  I have been lurking on Ebay a lot of late studying form and prices and learning how to be savvy with the bidding and the buying.  All a new learning curve.  I love the buzz of researching finds and the bidding process so much so I am thinking perhaps of maybe popping up a few things that I do not really want.  Just musing about this at the moment but something I am contemplating.  Saying that though I am not sure that the selling will be as satisfying as the procuring.

Here are a few items I have picked up recently.

Now this bowl I really love (the one above).  It is quite heavy and substantial and very different and attractive very arts and crafts.

The bowl below is I believe known as a handkerchief bowl.  Will look lovely on the table at Christmas with lots of sweeties in me thinks. 

I just love different.

This little flower bowl is also very attractive with a beautifully marled colouring to the glass.

I had bought a fruit bowl set and five dishes  (photo below) as I really loved the pattern on this one.  Unfortunately the large bowl became the only casualty as it had smashed within the packaging.  I will however keep my eye open for a stand alone bowl to go with these little dishes.

I have so far managed to source 9 of these lovely little dishes and one large fruit bowl.  They really are pretty.  I have another three to source of the small bowls and I would quite like another large bowl to even things out a little.

The two items below were sold as separate dishes but I believe they are part of a set as if you look closely there is a drainage hole in the bottom of the dish on top.  I believe this to be a salad draining set.  I just love the pale greens of this beautiful glassware and I count myself so lucky.

The Sundae dishes below are quite lovely and substantial what I call proper Ice Cream Sundae dishes.  I have six of these little dishes.

I have found lots of beautiful pieces in America but the charges for postage are off the beam and often cost more than the item itself.  Thus far I have not been tempted as even though the pieces are different and really lovely you have to be realistic at the end of the day.

There are further items but I thought I would share these few lovely pieces with you.  I love beautiful things and I am so lucky to have these few.  I am particularly fond of the older pieces.

Right must get on.

Catch you soon.



Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Bit of a let down

We have been let down by the gardener.  I contacted him through a local site in Peterborough and we made arrangements for him to come around to quote for the job.  He came and saw the state of the garden and quoted quite a bit of money (to me anyway) for doing the same.  I accepted the quote by email - the only drawback was that he was just about to go on holiday to Canada and would start the job when he came back.  He was due to start the work around the 13 April; but I received a text message saying he had been let down by the chap with the skip and would come the following week.  Again I heard nothing - I assumed that he would come that was supposed to be last Friday.  After chasing and chasing he eventually indicated that unfortunately he had had a bit of a bad day and apologised for not being in touch.  I then received a message indicating that he was bogged down and that he had asked his brother to contact me.  The job was supposed to be started again tomorrow.  His brother came round and thought that what his brother had told him was not achievable within a day.  He would be in touch later on.  He has now texted to say that he cannot do it  but is looking for someone to assist with it. 

I am extremely cross as they have wasted approximately five weeks of my time and I have scrimped to save the money for the job and quite frankly cannot afford anymore.  Needless to say I am making further enquiries of my own.  I will name and shame later on as I am so very cross at the moment.  It used to be that people did not let people down like this and were reliable.  They have lost more work than they realise.

Sorry  - had to let off some steam.

What would you do in such a situation?



Quick catchup

So far this week has not gone to plan at all.  Yesterday I was ill with a tummy upset which had me up and down during the night and then needing to be close to the bathroom.  Fortunately things have calmed down a bit.

Today I had booked off as the Dentist was going to do a longer appointment with a treatment assessment and then an extraction.  When I arrived he seemed a bit phased that I had not been to an assessment appointment prior to an extraction. I replied that this was how he had booked it the last time.  Then things settled down a bit.  However I have not had the extraction today.  I had to have a full mouth X-ray and this revealed that I need two extractions.  Apparently it is like spaghetti junction in my mouth below tooth level and so I have been referred yet again. (Because of the epilepsy and the fact that I will need anaesthetic they tend to let the Hospital deal with me as they are better equipped if I have a reaction under the anaesthetic - insurance companies do not like patients like me). 

I have however had a couple of deep fillings to keep me going.  I am waiting for the numbness to wear off from the injections - a bit lop sided as he has worked on both sides of the mouth.  Desperate for a cup of tea but safer until I let the numbness wear off otherwise I will be dribbling for England!

I am now waiting for another hospital appointment for two teeth to be extracted.  That's along with seeing the Rheumatologist the physiotherapist the orthotics clinic (I have to go and see them this afternoon).  I also have the back class to go back to at some point (apparently I am being referred back to it) and because of when it is I will lose 2 1/2 hours every Monday which I will have to make up.  So I am working this in advance so that I am in credit.  I also booked an evening appointment with my GP which I could not get for a fortnight i.e. 9 May 2016.  This appointment is for me feet i.e my bunions for the referral to a specialist as per the Physiotherapist's recommendation.  I am just concerned as how all of this is going to fit in.  Well at least I am being helped which is the main thing.

Right have to get on.

Catch you later.



Monday, 25 April 2016

We are in Spring

And the call of the craft fairy is getting more and more persistent and I am getting more and more frustrated. 

There has been a hiccup on the fishing front.  The Lake where OH goes fishing has been taken over by a private syndicate and at the moment it looks as though he has lost that particular lake.  He is a bit miffed about it as less than two months to be told that the lake is being taken over and no more is a bit of a bummer to say the least and hardly gives you anytime to find an alternative let alone gives me any time for crafting on my own.  Oh well these things are sent to try us.  Things will sort themselves out no doubt.

Anyway I was browsing Pinterest and I came across this little make from the site Rachael Elizabeth creates.  A silk flower creation where you do not have to spend an arm and a leg.  Very pretty.  I have the wreath base already as I tend to keep a couple of these in. 

I would like to make something similar to this for my bedroom.  Now I have to source the flowers and that may take a little doing just because I am itching to start it.

I would also quite like to do one for the front room as well but on a willow wreath base.  I managed to get a small one at the charity shop the other day for 50p.  I also fancy doing a couple of silk flower/dried flower baskets.  Does anyone know of a silk/dried flower mail order suppliers whose prices are reasonable or someone they have used that they would recommend.

The link to the wreath is here and I think it is terribly pretty.  Quite like the idea of doing one for the dining room as well.  Will have to see.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

A little win

On a scratchcard - I won five times totalling £40.  So some nice things do happen sometime.  I was a little gob smacked.

OH has the second door done and it all looks nice and tidy.  That's another good job dealt with.

As I am busy I am not cooking today he has gone to fetch a Kentucky for quickness ease and no washing up!

Have a small table from my Nan's that needs tightening up that's a job for OH as I am not very good with things like that do not have the strength in my hands to either grip or hold things let alone tighten some bolts up.  Then it will get a dressing finish.  Its an old table and has one or two scratches so it is going to get an oil and vinegar clean/polish to tidy it up a bit.  The oil and vinegar method has worked very well on my pine dresser.

Its gone very chilly here after a really warm afternoon yesterday.  My Squeak (who is my old lady has the right idea - fast asleep).

Toast and Honey

When we went to stay at our grandparents when we were little we always had home made bread served in thick slices toasted and then my grandfather's honey slathered all over it for breakfast and it used to be delish as the toast was always done on the Rayburn and the bread was cooked in there too. So this morning we decided that we were going to have simple toast for breakfast but then I remembered the untouched jar of honey I obtained from the farm.  I had drooled to myself when I saw it a it looked perfect.  I am funny with honey I like it set but it has to be the right consistency otherwise I am not keen. I mean sugar crystals but not hard and the honey then just spreads as you can see from the photo below and it is just divine on hot buttered toast.

The jar from the farm was £5.75 its a lot of money but if you like it - it is not.  This is an optimum product - it is pure and has not been blended with loads of other honey as per the big brands such as Gales.  That's why I always like to try and find a local producer.

When I did my Beekeeping course many moons ago at Sacrewell Farm in Peterborough we were taught a lot by a traditional beekeeper an old boy who knew his stuff.  One thing I did come out of that course with was an appreciation of the bee; and what it brings to our lives.  We would not eat if it was not for this small intrepid insect as it pollinates all the plants that produce our food.

As soon as I can I will have my bees.  I am going to be planting bee friendly plants so that they can live and co-exist with us and collect their nectar.  I cannot here because of the next door neighbour.  He has heart issues and the bees coming home to the hive or swarming would send him into a right twist.  They cannot even cope with bumble bees. And as we are rented  - its less hassle as I do not want the landlord breathing down my neck either.  But it does irk me.

Labelling with honey can get a bit dodgy as well as you cannot always guarantee that the bees have produced their honey from one particular plant and therefore it is wrong to label the honey as one specific variant as it depend on what is available to the bees.  It can be a predominant ingredient but not sole as the honey is produced from a range of pollens that become blended in the hive.

So this morning I have dined with the gods on bread and honey.  What a lovely start to the day.

Catch you later.



Saturday, 23 April 2016

Saturday Round Up

Well the Pantry door has had two coats of varnish and we like it and the rest of the doors are going to be done like it.  I referred to this in my earlier post but this is now a definite.  We just need to locate the sander and buy some sanding sheets and then he can start on doing the rest of them.  It will be a much better hard wearing finish in the long run especially with cats and dogs.  With the varnish on it will make my life easier with the cleaning as it will just need a wash and a buff up with a duster.  So things are slowly happening. 

I have been scrubbing floors and have got a bit overheated hence this extra post for tonight whilst I have a breather.  I have a hot date with the scrubbing brush a little later.

Once the garden is cleared I want to save up for a very large shed that we can put down the garden or sheds and pop the two freezers into and a load of the other stuff we are having to keep in the house so that I can free the dining room up at which point we can replace the floor and decorate the dining room out.  Once that is all done I can then get my larder fridge and it should free up a bit more space in the dining room.  The fridge can then come out of the pantry and I can get it -re-shelved out and the laminate carried through and then I should be able to keep all the food in the pantry not in tubs here or there.

Lots of plotting and planning and doing things sequentially to get them sorted properly.  The cupboard can be sorted out in the dining room as well the paint needs stripping off, new hinges and new shelving.  Work that is long overdue but you can only do what you can do.

Right am off again might surface again tomorrow at some point.

Catch you soon.



Saturday Follow on

Well its been a bit fraught this afternoon as OH set to with the Pantry door.  There have been one or two choice words (unrepeatable) especially when he nearly put the door on upside down.  They are four panelled solid knotted pine doors and the deeper part is normally at the top with the smaller bit at the bottom.  Guess who got it the other way round.  Lets just say I raised my eyebrows at this point and sorted him out without being overly critical.  I held my tongue.  Sometimes quietness speaks volumes.

Anyway Pantry door now nicely fitted and fitting snugly.   Sporting new white handles (I have round china knobs on the rest of the doors in the house but the pantry and the understairs door get a lot more use so have gone for white metal ones) they match in well they are white.  The door has just got to be varnished.  Thankfully after me insisting on new hinges we have bought pin ones which mean that we can just remove the doors without removing all the gubbins so they can be removed for varnishing without much fuss.  I have put him in charge of this after he has fitted the understairs/jam cupboard door.  Hopefully that will go much smoother without the choice words  and getting into a taffle.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.  Then he can varnish the doors outside and leave them to dry so there is no interference from our feline friends who just have to rub themselves either round your legs or the furniture.  Do not want hairy doors!

The sun has been out this afternoon and it has been glorious whilst we have been working on the door outside the back door.  Very pleasant.

Still have not received my china knobs for the kitchen units.  They will come at some point.  At least the kitchen floor is down but we have the dining room to do.  That will probably happen at the end of next month depending on the pennies but it wants doing as it has been down about 25 years and is sadly past its sell by date.

We seem to have been doing lots of little bits in different rooms which all need doing but working this way often means you do not see a finished room.  However everything needs doing that we are dealing with and hopefully it will all come together at the end. 

Now the pantry door is done I think that I will be putting some paint stripper on to clean off the old paint on the architrave, then give it a rub down and then get undercoat and a top coat on and the radiator needs doing as well this is just in the kitchen.  I can then paint the kitchen.  Then we start on the bathroom.  Then the dining room which I am just going to wallpaper in a textured paper and then paint - yellow again I think because it is a cheery warm colour and should look good with the pine dressers.

When we replaced the other doors in the house we gave them a wax coating but this needs stripping off as we go along and the doors sanded, refitted (some have dropped) so that I can get them closed properly and then each one of them will be varnished as well.  We have two main doors at the top of the stairs to replace and a couple of doors like the ones we have done today for my walking in closet in the bedroom and for the cupboard in the computer/craft room then that is all the doors done.  Well that's the plan.  Should tidy everything up a bit.

Right am going to get on.

Have a lovely evening - sort of evening where I want to be in the pub sporting a nice long cold cider - unfortunately I have a date with the housework so that will not be happening tonight.  Maybe another week.

Catch you soon.



Garden Hiccup

Well the Gardener did not turn up yesterday and I was a little disgruntled to say the least as the date was the date he suggested.  However it appeared that they had a bit of a disastrous day yesterday for one reason or another and he has assured me he will be here on Monday.  I do hope so otherwise it will be back to square one again and I want to get on with all sorts of things as per usual.  So I am in the hands of the gods.

Its not very warm here this morning although the sun has been out intermittently. 

We have already been to Homebase this morning and then had breakfast outOH is in the throes of putting on a new pantry door and to follow a new understairs door to match in with the ones already replaced.  So things are happening but too slowly for my liking but at least they are happening.  I think I need to learn to be a little more patient than I am which may or may not happen any time soon.

Right I had better get a wriggle on I am preparing the area around the door for him to get on under the stairs and then no doubt I will have to clean up again after him!

Catch you later on.



Monday, 18 April 2016

Choosing Paint

Well I have gone and done it - chosen the paint for the kitchen and for the bathroom and bought it.  I have chosen a pale lemon for the kitchen called Beach Resort. I already have bright yellow tiles so I needed something that would tone in with what I already have in situ and something light as it is a narrow room.

And a pale aqua for the bathroom aptly named water.  Yet again I wanted something light and clean looking.

With white paintwork it should look lovely and clean when finished and should go well with the slate laminate flooring.  Now all I have got to do is to start painting.  The pale lemon goes well with the tiles already in situ and the apple green I have decided to put with it in the form of gingham curtaining goes well and looks fresh with the lemon.  That might have to wait until the end of the month until I get paid but every little bit that gets done makes it that bit further on with the project.  Now I need to source new bathroom mats, and pedestal mats, new waste bins and toilet brush holder. I also need a couple of towel rails for the backs of the doors.   I  already have some new turquoise towels (Egyptian cotton from Waitrose) but I fancy a coffee coloured set to go with them.  Yet again I say source and then when I have the pennies put to one side or saved up I can just go and get them.  Rome wasn't built in a day and I have found from past experience that getting everything at once does not always pay off.  I always like different eclectic things that blend in with each other, and sometimes getting that effect means taking your time and building things up layer by layer and actually making things yourself or restoring second hand items.  I quite like the idea of getting a chest of drawers carcass painting it up and then siting the bathroom ink in it.

The replacement knobs for the kitchen units have been ordered and paid for. They are a pale green in the shape of a pumpkin (they are called mint green but from the photo look a more appley green which would not matter one zilch.  I am hoping they will arrive soon.

I already have white ceramic knob handles for the main doors in the house.  However they are pricey.  So I have opted for some ordinary plain white handles for what I call the utility doors i.e. the pantry door and also under the stairs door.

So things are slowly moving on a bit.  When its all finished I will pop some photos up.  Promise but not until it is finished.  Might show you bits but not until it is all done.

Catch you later.



Frosty Start

to the day brrgh!  Wee bit parky! so on has gone the central heating to warm up the house just as I thought would be able to ease up a little.  Well these things are sent to try us but the house is nice and warm and toasty now. 

So jumpers and gilet it is again today.  The office where I work is always cold first thing on a Monday morning due to the office being closed up for the weekend so I always go well prepared.  The cold makes me very stiff so I wrap up in layers and then as I warm up or get too hot at least I can strip the layers off one at a time.

Right had better get a wriggle on.  A little Jack Russell has buried herself under her blanket and I still have a couple of things to do before I go to work.

Hopefully it will be a good day for one and all.

Catch you all later.



Sunday, 17 April 2016

Strawberries and Cream

They looked nice but I was a little cautious. We have been taken in before by lovely looking Strawberries from the supermarket only to find that they were sour and had little flavour.  These were the right price too. £1.50.  Sometimes it is difficult with OH knowing what to give him but I just fancied these and I did a bowl each with no sugar on.  They were not bad just served simply with some clotted cream ice cream.  They went down a treat.  Plus there are some left so we may well have smoothies for breakfast too.  I love fresh fruit for breakfast especially raspberries picked straight from the garden.

My gardener who is going to clear the jungle was let down by the skip people.  He was meant to have started last Thursday but has re-arrange for this Friday. 

I did not cook dinner today as OH treated me to a super duper jumbo hot dog.  I only managed to eat half of it and was stuffed.  Hence the reason for something very light for us as we just had no room for anything else.

I also have some stewing steak which is about to go into the pressure cooker with some onions and some stock and a little of this and that to make a base for a home made steak pie.  I have the lard in so will make the pastry myself; just a short crust one and that will make a meal for one night in the week.  I will have to keep it or them in the fridge though  - no room in the freezers.  We are going to have to start wading through the freezers and just buy the essential bits that I do not have in- so hopefully a reduced kitchen budget for a couple of months and an opportunity to put some other bits and bobs in stock, use up the freezer contents and then replenish again.  Trouble is once you have one you see the opportunities for many more especially if you grow your own.

I have also got a couple of chickens to cook and then use in wraps with some salad leaves and some sweet chilli sauce or salad cream for pack up during the week from one chicken and the other will also form the basis of a meal during the week as well probably do a variation of my peaches recipe.  That's as long as the weather keeps fine and is not as cold as it was yesterday.

Right now need to get ready for tomorrow.

Catch you later.



Saturday, 16 April 2016

Comfort Food and Lazy days

Whenever I get in the doldrums (as I did yesterday) I tend to go for comfort food.  Food such as mashed potato, mixed veggies, peas, and sausages in onion gravy or toad in the hole.  Being as it has been wet, grey and miserable here we have had sausages in onion gravy.  I got them reduced and will get two meals out of them.  Its good and heartening to have good simple food on days like this.  The simplicity of the meal speaks for itself.

What we are going to have today though is another question.  Unusually I have not as yet got my head around that one yet.  Probably something simple maybe pilchards in tomato sauce on toast or boiled eggs and bread and butter soldiers!

I have had a bit of a lazy day today but I need to get a wriggle on as I have a lot to do as usual.  I have to clean the kitchen out again as OH has scattered dust to the four winds and all the scrubbing out I did last weekend has all to be done again.  But at least I got my floor done.  I am very grateful for small mercies in that regard.

Because of the weather OH did not go fishing and so I did not get to have my much needed sewing time without interruption.  We share the same room i.e. the computer/craft room but I cannot cope with him interfering as I am doing something as it breaks my concentration then puts me all wrong.  Hopefully  he will go next weekend.  I want to try and start doing one of the patchworks I have in mind.  I also want to start on some embroidery, so I thought I would work on a UFO get it out the way and then maybe do a couple of more before doing something new. 

I am keen to get cracking on the calico panels for the Christmas quilts I have in mind.  I have the embroidery threads, the patterns and the fabric. I only have to source some Christmas fabric and a backing fabric; and I have already been looking for something there. I intend to embroider the panels and then make up the quilts so that I get an efficient use of my time.

I have also been on the internet looking for needlepoint canvas, and linen for making tablecloths etc. from scratch; especially after speaking with my friend Alison during the week who has sourced hers from Ireland.  I love proper linen has a lovely feel to it and it sets off beautiful pieces of china and glass off to perfection.  I have a long and wide table and so want to make a couple of sets of table cloths and knapkins to match to fit the table properly.  It is well over 90 inches in length.

I also have the unfinished embroidery sourced from Ebay to tackle as well.  I have a load of embroidery threads to go through to match up the colours where I can, but those I cannot source from home I will have to buy new but I will try and keep costs to a minimum where I can and utilising the stash I already have to hand.

I normally like to feel the threads and see the colours of both embroidery threads and also needlepoint wools.  John Lewis in town sell the embroidery threads but does anybody know of anyone who sells Madeira, Appletons or DMC wools on line whose charges are reasonable as I am putting together the materials for some more cushion panels that I have the charts for all flowers/roses based.  These will be ideal for working in the coming winter months.

I also have a tablecloth that was embroidered by my Nan and Aunty and given to my mum.  It has a deep hem that has ben hand sewn with a stitch that leaves a gap in the fabric.  I am not sure what stitch has been used but part of the stitching has come away and frayed as per the photos below. 

If anyone can tell me what stitch it is or how to go about repairing it any help would be gratefully received.  I suspect the problem is that the fabric has frayed and that there is not much that can be done.

This particular tablecloth was a big part of mine and my brother's childhood - it was mum's best tea table cloth and the one that was always used for visitors and I would like to restore it if I could.  The cloth itself is not linen but is a mixture of a man made fibre which frays terribly.  Cannot think of the name of it at the moment.  The embroidery is on all four corners of the cloth set at an angle.  I can definitely see my Nan's work here as I have a couple of other pieces which she had embroidered.

Would love to hear from you if you can help.

Catch you later.



P.S.  OH bought in fish and chips - so I did not have to sort out tea after all.  Yummy they were too.


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Time for some new nets and other bits and bobs

That is only for the back of the house.  The ones at the front are a thick cream Victorian Lace style panel net and I love them a lot.  However I am after something a little simpler for the back of the house.  Probably a plain voile. I will have to see what they have in store and then make my mind up.  Not sure whether to go for white this time or cream again.

The door handles all 16 of them are all ordered and sorted. I have got a good deal on them they were 79p each are a mint green pumpkin shaped handle with gold trim.  If you ordered over a certain number you got an extra 10% discount so they will cost approximately £15 - free postage too.

I have also been hanging my nose over some pink rose handles for the furniture in my bedroom.  Might have to defer on that for the time being but there is no harm in looking at the moment.  No harm in a little plotting and planning.

I have also ordered 6 fat quarters of mixed green fabrics to go with a plethora of different pink coloured fabrics I already have.  I have bought a new patchwork book which has a basic patchwork quilt in consisting of large squares which I thought might be a good one for me to start on and as I am using pinks, creams, and greens and was a little light on the greens I have bit the bullet and added to the stash.

Oh if only I had been a little earlier to the Charity shop I might have been in time for the dressing table.  It was perfect.  You know how it is you know something is perfect as soon as you see it but are unable to give a detailed description until you actually see it.  I have never had a proper dressing table of my own and as my bedroom furniture is also pine it would have matched in very well.  One day.  I already have my green glass dressing table set to sit on top.  I bought that quite a few years ago.

I am getting more and more interested in repairing and reusing older furniture - not everything just specific pieces.   I think the recycled furniture has an ambience all of its own a certain charm that no new stuff ever emits. That's another reason I need a shed so I can go and play and renovate  I have two round backed spindle dining chairs that are dropping to pieces and I quite have a fancy to gluing them back together; stripping them and sanding them down and then painting them and making cushion pads for them - more as bedroom chairs than anything else - you know the kind of chairs that come out when you have a crowd of people in the house.  At the moment I am thinking green - told you I had a green thing - but then again it could be ivory.  Will have to see.

Now I need to source my apple green gingham.  I have one source but I am not sure that they are going to have enough fabric for my requirements.  So will have to have a shufty and see what I can come up with.

Flooring is more or less done in the kitchen.  It looks smart think the bathroom and the dining room are going to be fitted out with the same flooring as well.  It looks a lot smarter.  Need the two doors for downstairs and the paint for the bathroom and the kitchen will just then need the two doors for upstairs.  That will be those done then for a little while. Need to look at the hall and see if can get someone to come and decorate - we do not have ladders and OH not too good with heights so I think it will be safer if someone else does this.  Going to have to look into this too. 

The Gardener has called off until the 22 April (next Friday) so hopefully things will start to move properly then. 

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.



Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Work has started on the kitchen

Work has started on the replacement kitchen laminate flooring and things were getting a bit tense in there earlier on- especially after OH had managed to cut four boards wrongly.  So I beat a hasty retreat and let things cool down a bit.  It is coming along well and looks good.  So good I think am going to get him to pop it down in the dining room and also the bathroom (which is downstairs on the end of the kitchen).  It certainly looks and feels a lot better than the old stuff. Once that is all down I can then paint out the kitchen and the bathroom and make it all nice, clean and tidy.  I have already been looking at paint and some tiles.  The slate grey is a very good contrast for my pine units. 

Originally we had a small fridge in the kitchen that OH had put under the work top.  Could he get it out  - another few choice words and a lot of hammering later and it eventually came out - in pieces.  Oh well its out.  It did not work anyway so that needs to go down to the tip together with the other rubbish that has accumulated.

As I have pine furniture in the dining room (two 6 foot Welsh Dressers, a Corner Dresser, an eight seater table with six chairs and two Carvers and a Wall Dresser shelf rack and a CD triple chest (as well as two freezers a chest one and an upright) space is at a premium. 

I think I have mentioned before that I need two sheds to house the freezers in as well as all the rest of a paraphernalia from a garden and also the house (we have no sheds, no garage and cannot get into the loft easily). 

The ultimate reason behind this being that I would quite like a tall upright larder fridge but the only way I can get this in is to get the freezers out.  That should free up some space in the long run. I need a large fridge as I cook a lot and the small one we have in the pantry is okay but does not hold what I need it to.

I also thought it would also be a good contrast to use the same flooring in the dining room and to carry the flooring through room to room without any floor strips to trip over.  The flooring in the dining room has had it but then again it has been down an awful long time.  It needs wallpapering in there. I have not seen anything that I like yet so am considering papering with Anaglypta and then painting in a warm yellow to freshen everything up.  That is the plan of course unless I happen upon a wallpaper that I like in the meantime.  So a lot to do and so little time to do it in.

But hey ho a start has been made and it will be lovely and clean.  Now I have to source some china handles for the kitchen units and also some apple green gingham for window curtains a sink and washing machine curtain, a curtain for the cubby hole under the work top and also to cover the cubby hole where the microwave and small electric rotisserie are housed.

And the Gardener starts on Wednesday morning clearing the garden.  So little steps but very slowly we are getting there.  It needs tidying up and I aim to get it all tickety boo.

Catch you all later.



Monday, 11 April 2016

I just cannot resist a bargain

Some more finds from a quick visit to the Charity shop recently.  I do not always get around to have a look and can sometimes go for weeks.  Today however I popped around and found a charming dressing table complete with mirror and little drawers on the top of the table only to find it had been sold.  It would have gone beautifully into my bedroom.  Was only £35 in excellent condition and had four deep drawers underneath.  Never mind another one will come along when its right; but I did like that particular one.

I also picked up these little bargains all for under a £10 all told.

4 x little heart Le Creuset moulds in a lovely shade of Green - £2 the lot.

A Lakeland Shortbread Mould with thistles on - £2

A Green Leaf dish I quite like this and thought if I could get hold of a few more I could have a real centre piece in the shape of a flower especially if I can find a little green bowl to go dead centre - £2

I was right about the tablecloth showing off my green glassware.  I seem to have had a real thing about the colour "green" just lately.  It seems to go with all colours and is a perfect foil for mixing and matching items in.

And the piece de resistance.  My first piece of Carnival Ware for the princely sum of £4.  My Nan had a full fruit set with six little dishes that was only ever kept for special occasions (usually Christmas).  Don't know what happened to that!  This should look lovely on my Christmas table.  Will have to see if I can find anymore to match. 

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.



Saturday, 9 April 2016

Something Old, Something New

I have had a little dabble here and there just recently on Ebay.  Not knew items second hand ones that I liked and this particular one is something very old but something very new to me as well.  Something I intend to work at when I get a chance.  It is a part worked tablecloth and two full corners have been worked and one partly worked the fourth is yet to be done.  It is very fine work on linen and it is a lovely large cloth.  I like hand embroidery I always have so this will be a lovely item to finish off and then be able to use. 

It will go beautifully with some of the green glass that I have been collecting recently.  What threads there were have also been sent which I was not expecting and so I will have to carefully match them up on a trip into town soon.  It is a lovely piece and someone has spent a lot of time working on it.  It will go beautifully with some of the items I have inherited and some of the items I already had. Needless to say I am very chuffed with this cloth.

The pattern seems to be a combination of flowers foxglove, honeysuckle, Rose, stylised Lily and sweetpea and lots of greenery.  I am going to see if I can trace the design from the unworked section so that I can use it elsewhere.  I really am taken with it.

Right must get on deep cleaning the kitchen  - deep deep joy.  Must be done.

Catch you later



Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tuesday evening catch up

Its a bit manic around here at present.  This evening on the way home from work we went to stock up on cat food. Then following that little diversion I persuaded OH to go to B  & Q to get the flooring sorted.  That has come home with us and OH is hoping to get it all sorted before he disappears on his fishing trip this weekend.  I have chosen a grey slate laminate which I think will look smart once it I finished.  Hopefully once he has gone fishing I will be able to start concentrating on some of the UFOs I have and possibly some of the new projects as well.  I have a lot of things that I want to get done. 

I went and got stocked up on needlepoint needles, and embroidery needles in diferent sizes at lunch.  I have also purchased some of the red ( a really deep crimson) embroidery cotton for starting the calico embroidered panels for making up into quilts for Christmas intermixed with Christmassy patchwork effect fabrics.  So I am getting little bits together which is always a start. 

I have found that with working full time if I need to do close work like embroidery I need to be in extremely good light and it is no use me struggling of an evening as sometimes despite a proper halogen lamp I cannot differentiate between the colours.  I have a lot of cross stitch in the pipeline and also needlepoint panels as well, so I really need to get into a routine with everything so that I can have my downtime.  Another problem I have encountered is that sometimes during the week I do not have much time to actually do anything so this is where a pick up put down craft like crochet sustains the need for doing and making something useful, it grows quickly and is forgiving in the pick up put down stakes where knitting might not be as forgiving.

Tea went down well.  I had a surprise as in each pack of Lemon sole I have bought there were two fillets so the other pack has been popped into the freezer for another day.  They only cost me £1.50 on the reduced counter.  I served them with home made chips, petit pois, lemon slices, onion rings and home made parsley sauce.  It went down very nicely, and despite us being later home was ready reasonably quickly.

Right must get a wriggle on have a lot to do as usual and so little time to do it. 

Catch you all soon.

Nighty night make sure the bed bugs don't bite.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)