Monday, 23 March 2015

Sunday Evening Catch Up

Well tonights roast dinner turned out pretty well and the meat was definitely tasty.  I shall definitely do belly pork joints this way again.  This type of cut would also be good for Rilletes.

Anyway here are the photos - I think they speak for themselves.

I have also cooked the ham for pack ups  this is now cooling down in the pan; the beauty of this is I have more stock for gravies and soups with lots of flavour which is heading into the freezer this time in individual ice cube trays which will when they are frozen then be bagged up with labels.

Tea was late as I had not started it until later  - I fell asleep again this afternoon on the settee and have lost another couple of hours.  Watched Poldark and then started pottering in getting things ready for tomorrow.

I was going to pop up a post this evening about what we were experimenting with but this will have to wait until tomorrow when I will pop up a post tomorrow evening.

Catch you then



Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Afternoon

Its been quite busy here today and I have been really full of energy - must be the sunshine it so glorious to have the benefit at long last.

I have spent the best part of the day engaged in housewifely duties, washing, dishwasher on, cleaning the kitchen. So quite an industrious day.  Really I want to be in the garden but that will be next week weather permitting as before I can start on the herb garden there is some junk that needs sorting and then taking to the tip.

I have been shopping in the freezer and we have a piece of plain belly pork for tea this evening  not a rolled piece a flat piece which is going to be simply roasted (hopefully with lots of crackling) and I have also got out a gammon joint for pack ups during the week.  I am going to serve some roasted veggies with the Pork and whatever veg I can find in the fridge I think there is a cauliflower, carrots and some peas in the freezer so enough to make a meal and some  fresh home made apple sauce as I have a couple of apples lurking that need using up.

Am going to enjoy my mint tea and then it will be time to get  wriggle on again.

Will pop by later on.

Catch you soon.



I am sat nibbling on an experiment at the moment; something that you may have come across before but something I have not come across to date.  I have been washing them down with copious amounts of mint tea which is very refreshing.  Lets just say that what I am eating really is setting my mouth alive and then when drinking the mint tea afterwards I very much like.  Will let you know what we have been experimenting with later on.

Here comes the sun

After  the sun being conspicuous by its absence yesterday I have woken today to bright sunshine shining through the window; a sight to warm the cockles of your heart.  I have been sat just enjoying the moment and the quietness of the house whilst OH walked Missy.  Sometimes we need the quietness to help restore energy levels. Just to be able to sit and simply be. A lot of the time I do not get the opportunity and I relish it all the more when I do.  Sometimes we just need peace quiet and solitude to simply grow and to unravel information and experiences that come our way.   It is on mornings like this that I want to be down in Cornwall in the countryside not far from the coast.  A chance to chill in beautiful surroundings and the chance to go to the beach and feel the sand between my toes and a quick paddle - there always has to be a paddle.  There is something oh so wonderful about the light in Cornwall even on the greyest day. But it is oh so good to see the sun after what seems to have been a long grey winter; simple pleasures.

I am off to get some vitamin D

Catch you later



Dried Mint

I use a lot for fresh mint as both other half and I enjoy a mild curry every so often with which we serve home made mint Raita which cools the taste buds down after the onslaught of the heat from the spices. However there is always mint left over which gets wasted which I absolutely hate at the best of times.. Therefore jut recently  I have taken to drying the leaves.  I simply use a tea tray and man sized tissues starting with a layer of tissue I then strip the leaves off the stems and lay then flat on the tissue.  Pop a layer of tissue on top and carry on in this fashion and leave to dry.  After a week the leaves should be dry but  still retain their mint smell at which point I decant into jars.

I have been using it to make mint tea.  Will carry on doing this a it comes up very well.
Catch you soon Pattypan

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Rest of the Day Catch Up

Nothing much has has happened for the rest of the day apart that from in the first instance I was watching the TV - the next thing I knew I was out for the count;  three hours later!  Probably due to the fact that it was cold outside lovely and warm inside I think I got a little too snug!  Never mind.  As a result I was late to the shops and the veg shop had closed.  But I nipped to the Co-Op and managed to snap some bargains up, a couple of bread loaves white and brown for about 60p, four nets of peelers at 55pence per net, two bags of new potatoes 35p per bag, a bag of everyday potatoes for 30pence, two trays of sausages 8 per pack 51 pence per pack 2 packs French beans at 33p per pack 3 packs of onion bhajis for 50p per tray so I have not done too badly.  I always try and take advantage of reductions where I can as it saves on the housekeeping and what I cannot use there and then goes into the freezer for another day.

Because it was so cold I decided to cook something nice and warm for tea was in need of comfort food as I was cold on the inside if you know what I mean.  Being as I had got the sausages at a bargain price and I did not want a lot of messing on the cooking front I cooked the two packs of sausages with golden friend onions with stock to make an onion gravy and then mashed potatoes so we ended up having a very cheap supper which cost about £1.60 in all; there was really enough to feed four but OH ended up having seconds as well.  

Needless to say it went down very nicely.

I am now shattered very sleepy again so may try and get an early night tonight.

Take care everyone



Saturday so far ....

Its very cold here in Peterborough today bitterly cold a complete reversal to yesterday the beginning of the Spring Equinox and the day when we had an eclipse of the sun.  I walk into work every day and so gradually saw the eclipse little by littlea; it was  special and emotional time full of hope for the days to come.  My colleagues and I also kept checking through the window at work until we saw the complete cycle everywhere went dark but there was a purplish goldeny clouds round the outline of the sun so much so that we (my colleagues and I could empathise with people years ago thinking it was a bad omen and that the world was coming to an end.

That was yesterday today has been an early start. Neither us really wanted to get up because it has been a long week.  However we had an invitation to go out. My step-son invited us out to breakfast to the Iron Horse Diner in Market Deeping the men had fried breakfast, but us ladies - Louise had a bagel with bacon egg and cheese served with hash browns and I had 3 large pancakes with lots of blueberries and ice cream.  It all went down very nicely washed down by mugs of tea. We have been there before but it makes a nice social occasion to meet up.

Now back to the nitty gritty housework catch you later.



Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A little treat

I popped round to the shop this evening to pick up one or two bits and whilst I was there they reduced the flowers in the shop.  I love flowers and because they are so pricey I do not very often indulge despite growing up in households where a bunch of flowers on the bureau or on a side table was the norm. In fact my grandmother had a cutting garden and there were always flowers in the house.  The flowers that were reduced were pretty bunches that were £10 per bunch for three of the bunches I eventually bought and the biggest one was £20.  That is in total £50 for all four bunches - it is for this reason I do not buy them as that amount of money is a lot which could do a lot more for things that we do really need.  So it comes down to practicalities in the end and a conscientious decision at the end of the day to get more for my money.  Its not because I do not love flowers because I do I think they cheer up a room no end.

Needless to say I am over the moon with my little treat today  - its good for the soul a little indulgence now and again.  I picked pinks and whites to go into the front room and yellows and blues for the dining room.  Both colourways match the colours in both rooms.  I shall take further pictures once I have them arranged in their vases.

And the price per bunch of flowers £1 each - so for £4 I now have £50 of flowers and I feel completely spoilt.

Catch  you soon.



I have popped the flowers into vases - I am no flower arranger but I have a go.  I also collect Vases that I like from Charity shops.  I am particularly fond of the ones that I have used here.

They have not come out too badly and as they start to open they always give a little bit and settle down.
I am so chuffed with these.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Trying to get organised

Well I am trying to ressurect my mojo it seems to have walked off in a huff at the moment!  However in an effort to try and get things organised and to make me feel as though I have achieved something I have purchased some little tiny books that can be kept in my handbag as aide memoires for what I actually need or am after.  Each book has different contents i.e. Ingredients for making Gravlaxs, Bacon, etc just marked up with the ingredients required.  Another one is Garden orientated with a list of seeds I already have, plants I have, seeds and plants would like, fruit bushes and canes, fruit trees etc so that if I do come across some bargains I will be poised to make the most of them.  List after list, but all concisely kept and not too much of a nuisance in my handbag (I have a bottomless pit of a handbag).

I have also sorted out a bag of seeds I had into an old shoe box so that they are easily accessible and out of the way of the cats (they have a penchant for re-arranging things if they get the chance with disastrous results. I have also popped the new seeds into this box.

Small steps still a long way to go.
Come pay day I will look to pick up some more seeds, plants, shrubs consumables etc.  In the first instance I will look in the pound shop, Wilkinsons and the market.  I need a couple of new propogators and some covers for my mini greenhouses to start with as well as a new watering can and some wellies as the ones I have have about had it - I have had them years.

I am now sat working a few squares for the present I am making for a friend.  So upwards on onwards.

Monday, 16 March 2015

The Sap is rising Spring has arrived

Can you not feel it excitement in the air as the sap rises the more I want to be out of my winter cocoon.  I hear the birdsong first thing a sure sign that  Spring has arrived.  From early on in the morning you can hear all the chattering and squabbling and the bird song.  I would hear it more in the countryside.  The more the sap rises the more I want to be out and about - I still have not managed to get out into the garden to get stuck in hopefully shortly.  And soon we change the clocks again to make the most of the daylight hours.  I think it is the 28th of this month.

I have today bought 8 Lily of the Valley plants.  Lily of the Valley is my birth month flower, but my mum recounts a story about just after I was born.  I was destined to be born at Lincoln Hospital however for one reason or another they were full.  Mum was therefore shipped to a local cottage hospital with roses around the door and with a big garden.  Mum said that one of the things she remembered most was going for a walk in the grounds and there was an absolute profusion of Lily of the Valley in bloom which smelt wonderful and she picked a bunch and brought them back to her bedside.  I think they are a wonderful flower.  I am going to pot them up into two planters to start with. My mum did this with some that she was given and they have done very well.  I love all the old fashioned flowers especially the scented ones.I am particularly fond of rambling old fashioned scented roses, honeysuckle, clematis, Lilacs.  

So that is polyanthus and Lily of the Valley plants to date.  I am after popping more flowers into the garden this year if I can.  If I get a patch of garden free I would also like to create a cutting garden if I can with Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, etc.

I have seed potatoes maincrop sorted. 

I have Maris Piper and Rooster.

I have bought some new seed today mixed packets of seed from the Pound Shop which includes, courgettes, celery, Black Cherry Tomatoes, San Marzano Tomatoes, Sweet Bell Pepper  - Yellow, Fennel, aubergines, green courgettes, Rocket, Plum Tomatoes,Sweet Peppers, Oregano. Beef Tomato Radicchio, Opal Basil, coriander,Oriental Spicy Leaf, Sweet Pepper, Chilli cayenne, Mustard Greens, Chilli Habanero, Thai Chilli, Dwarf Bean Tendergreen, Borlotti Beans, and Broad Beans.Not bad for £4. 

I am after some yellow courgettes though as they really are delicious.  I am also after some shallots if I can get hold of some and intend to start them off in individual cells and some onions. 

 Herbs I will get thyme, rosemary, basil mint and chives, oregano and marjoram from Waitrose as plants.  They are nice sturdy plants which do not cost too much and they are usually a bit bigger as well.

I am also looking for Rhubarb, Horseradish, Garlic, Strawberry plants, Raspberry canes, blueberries, Tayberries and Blackberries, Redcurrants, Whitecurrants, Blackcurrants and Gooseberries.

I also have a yen for some trees but I would like to put them in large planters so that I can take them with me should we move from here.  Is it feasible to grow apple trees in planters to start with I am looking at Apples, Cookers such as a Bramley and Eaters.  They have some in Wilkinsons at the moment from £7.  I am also interested in plums, pears, peaches, cherries and a Quince.  Would I be okay to pop them in planters to start with or would it be best to leave alone.  The trees are talking to me though?  Any advice gratefully received as every so often I come across bargains and this year I would like to be able to take advantage if I possibly can.
Pipe dreams at the moment; but at least I have made a start.  I also would like to have some tumbler tomatoes in hanging baskets as well as strawberry plants as well as my planters.  I like doing hanging flower baskets from scratch but have not done them for the front of the house since my plants bought for my birthday one year were stolen off the front.  I do like gardening I find it very soothing.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.



Sunday, 15 March 2015

Catch Up On Saturday and today

After my post yesterday I went shopping and hit some bargains in the reduced counter.  A chicken for £3, 2 packs of Hunters chicken @ £2 per pack = £7.00, 2 packs of Hereford Beef mince @ £1.60 per pack = £3.20 Total  £10.20 so I did not do too badly.  So that has all gone into the freezer apart from the chicken which is being cooked for pack ups during the week i.e. Chinese chicken wraps and /or ordinary sarnies.

For the rest of the day I was doing some research on the Internet and just had a generally lazy time for once.  I felt completely drained when I came home on Friday evening and I am no now starting to feel a bit more with it a bit more charging on all cylinders although I did flake out on the settee again this time for about three hours.  So although I could ill afford the time doing nothing for once I had to listen to what my body was telling me and just rest.  I can play catch up during the week.

Today has likewise been leisurely although interspersed with pottering around doing some household chores and also cooking dinner.  We have had a small piece of leg of lamb (the thick bit at the top) which I found reduced for £1.88. I cooked this in a slow oven studded with garlic and fresh rosemary roasted under foil with hot water mint and rosemary as a starter for what will become the gravy together with vegetable juices, redcurrant jelly, and stock.  The foil comes off half way through for the meat to brown and then once cooked it is left to rest for half an hour.  Needless to say it was delicious.

We then popped to see my mum - she had spent the day with my brother and his family and was home for 5:00pm. Spent a little while with her and then came home.  Watched the voice and am now about to watch the net instalment of Poldark.

Catch you soon



Saturday, 14 March 2015


Thank goodness I slept well last night playing catch up on a week where I have not really slept when I needed to.  I feel much more refreshed.  However it is grey and chilly at the moment  (2 degrees C) and I have a Jack Russell grumbling at me because she thinks I am in "her" seat!  So I do not think that today will be a day for "mud pies" unless the sun comes out a little.  I am itching to get on with some gardening though.  Maybe some planning and plotting instead a little later.  .

So far today has been lazy.  I have had a new book arrive which I have been poring through and which I am really chuffed with.

By Fiona Bird ..... and what a cracker lots of lovely ideas.

The book is split into sections:

Flowers and Blossom

Woodland and Hedgerow

Fruits and Berries


Sea and shore

Recipes include Elderflower Scotch Pancakes, Wild Elderflower and Gooseberry Curd, Honeysuckle and Sorrel Sorbet,custard tarts with violets, Violet Gin, Violet drinking chocolate. Sweet violet Syrup, Wild Cherry Panacotta, wild sourdough open sandwiches (these look lovely and tasty), Douglas Fir Chocolate Pots, Wild Hazlenut and chocolate ice cream pots, Wild Hazlenut and chocolate spread, Wild and Wicked After Dinner Treats, Wild Rumbledethumps, and an extensive section on seaweeds, shellfish and their uses.  This is a real cracker as there are some simple solutions to cooking techniques (particularly with regard to producing flower waters at home) and there are loads more recipes in the book that I have not mentioned.

Very inspirational and I am so glad I have the book now ready to use in the season ahead.

I have also taken to watching the Taste of Britain programme with Janet Street Porter and Brian Turner; they are a perfect for each other with the programme showcasing food and producers in this country including a Charcuterie down in Dorset.  Today has been located in Devon showcasing the cream tea. Yummy.

Now I really must get on.

Catch you later.


Friday, 13 March 2015

Friday Catch Up

Today did not really start very well.  I did not sleep well and I was awake at 5:00pm (call of nature) got OHs clothes sorted "mufty day" at work (jeans had been in the tumble drier) and then got back into bed.  Promptly fell into a deep sleep slept through two alarm calls and by fluke woke up at 8:30am.  Mad dash to get ready feed the menagerie and then walk a good half mile to work. I have to be in work by 9:15am got into work for 9:18am but it put me wrong-footed for the rest of the morning playing catch up.  Never mind these things are sent to try us.

At lunch I met up with a very good work colleague and friend and we hit the Beehive a pub literallly just round the corner from where I work in Peterborough.  We take it in turn in paying; this week it was my turn.  The Food really is tasty and moorish all produced in their own kitchens.  Today my friend had fresh salmon and cucumber sandwiches and I had fish  finger sarnies with mayonnaise and ketchupNot ordinary fish fingers cut from fresh fish and they were absolutely delicious.  We had some of their fat chips between us and it was gorgeous.

Its been a lovely day weatherwise - shame I was cooped up in the office it was quite mild too.I can feel the sap rising as well and I am desperate to be by the seaside to feel my toes in the sand, check out rock pools and feel the wind in my hair.

I am hoping that I will be able to get out in the garden for a little while tomorrow as I want to start tidying my herb border up and get some slug pellets and rings down - my chive plants have been nibbled by something and been given a severe haircut so I need to find out what is going on there. I do not normally do pellets because of the animals but as they do not have access to the garden it might just help clear up what is eating the vegetation.  I had a healthy crop of parsley but that seems to have gone too. I also need to ground myself by feeling the soil between my fingers and under my nails.  It would seem that even as adults we never really get past making mud pies.  I have main crop potato sets chitting too.  Because I am cooped up an office all week I do like to get out in the garden when I can just to be out in the fresh air for a little while especially after a busy week. I need to sort my seeds out too.  Once the border is sorted I can then establish what I need to top things up.  My Loganberry and Blackberry plant seem to have come through well together with my passion flower and my scented pelargonium.

Right desperately need some shuteye have a lot to do tomorrow.

Catch up soon



I nipped to the shop earlier and by golly has it gone bitter out there.  I have the heating on this evening trying to keep everyone and the animals warm and snug.  I don't do cold.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Making use of ..... Spring Onions

How often do you go by the reduced section in a supermarket cast your eyes over what's in there and there are the remnants of some spring onions - not very inspiring or is it. If I take them, what am I going to do with them once I get them home?

 I tend to grab them as in my kitchen they are extremely useful. You can use Spring Onions wherever you use onion and you can blend a couple of different types of onion to really get a full flavour  Its a green vegetable full of flavour quite frequently used in salads or as an accompaniment to Peking Duck.  Yesterday I found a load of spring onions reduced so I brought them home and then went to Farm Foods yesterday and got 3 bags of Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce and pancakes for £10.  So that is what we had for tea on Sunday together with cucumber sticks.  Yummy it was too.

You can make  relish, use them in a soup, pop them into Coleslaw, in Champ, in dips, just substitute them instead of using ordinary onions. Pop them into quiche

But don't leave them lonely on the shelf you can do so much with them with a little imagination.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Wednesday update

Spring is starting to put in an appearance the sap is rising and the Sun has started to put in an appearance hurrah.  The photos above are of the plants I bought last Saturday and are due to be planted up this weekend.  So cheerful so pretty.

Its been a sunny day here but the wind has had an edge to it which has been a bit nippy. I was glad to get in to the warm.  However  I fell asleep on the settee again after I got in, this is becoming a little bit of a habit of late.  There is someone else who has been catching up on a bit of shuteye too.  Pampered pooch does not come into it.

I think she has her humans well trained!

Catch you soon.




Preparation is everything

I am preparing the shirts that I have bought for making patchwork throws/quilts by cutting them down and liberating what fabric I can.There is quite a bit of fabric in a man's shirt and I have been buying the extra large shirts so far as there is more yardage in the shirt which means more uses on the patchwork front for me.  I intend to use any small remaining pieces of fabric in Dresden plate designs and also folded patchwork with the bulk of the fabric going towards squares or blocks.  I am starting simply but I see the potential in the fabric for even the smallest scraps.  

The first batch of shirts is a mixture of blues, reds, whites. I intend to use like a strip pieced quilt in the first instance from this colourway.  The second batch is pinks and lilacs in small squares and this third batch is pinks/reds, greens and white which will be a medium sized square.  Most of the fabric has been sourced from the charity shops.  I have paid no more than £2.50 a shirt.  On the pinks apart from the check shirt the fabric came from a cheapie book shop that sells quite a lot of fabrics so it is new but will be mixed in with lots of recycled material from shirts

I have sat and carefully cut a pretty check shirt up as best I can.  This was originally intended to go into a single quilt for the computer room but it mixes in particularly well with some pink and green fabric I have been collating.  The photos only show some of the stash. I now need the seam ripper to remove the top stitching.  Even the buttons have been recycled.  Sometimes I have bought the shirt for its fabric  - but these are often smaller shirts so not as much yardage but it adds a lot of interest.  Makes one feel very thrifty but then patchwork was one of the original thrifting methods of using up material in times where material of any kind including flour blags was refound/recycled.  Nothing was wasted.

The colours have not come quite true probably because I have my freestanding craft light on.

I thought I would do all the preparation of the shirts first, then cut the relevant strips [oblong shaped like victorian tiles] or squares and then do all the stitching - working one quilt at a time.  I will however back the quilts individually and then probably hand quilt using a tambour frame.  I quite enjoy hand quilting.  I have never tried quilting with the sewing machine.

However I also see the potential of using the fabric from shirts in smaller projects as well.  I will just look out for further nice fabric from shirts whether that be women's or men's.  I can strip a shirt in a day.  I usually do this first thing in a morning (although not every day) time permitting. I am starting to get a nice little pile of assorted cotton material towards my quilt(s).  Its a start but I have a long way to go yet.

Catch you soon.



Monday, 9 March 2015

Its been a long day

Especially after a busy weekend.  

However work aside, I popped into town at dinner on the look out for crafty things.  I have two new books one on cushions and in particular there is a cushion created from Suffolk Puffs that I am quite interested in.  I have also seen a bed throw created in the same way.  These two projects would marry up very well and could be worked a little at a time. I have some small pieces of pretty fabric which I think would look lovely made up like this.  I also bought another crochet book.  In fairness they were from the cheapie book store in town The Works so I have paid nowhere near the full price.

When I was younger I liked everything to match as I am getting older I like things to blend hence my interest in patchwork and my crochet projects.  Colour is important to me.  Refound items are being used along with items that I have had from new. Over the years I have found some beautiful needlework items where they are damaged  - say on the frame or the mounting and they have had a new frame added or new mounting and the item is as good as new.  That type of reclaiming pleases me the most.

I had to go and get some more wool for the present project I am working on at the moment and also a couple of more balls of wool in readiness for the highly coloured throw.blanket I have my eye on.  A deep purple and a lilac were purchased today.  I shall keep adding to the stash as and when I come across other colours that I have not yet sourced.

I have also bought some more beads to make some more necklaces and bracelets.  The beads were 20% off.  So I have saved a little.

Right I must be off.

Catch you soon.



Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday Potterings

Its been a bit wet n miserable here today and I had asked OH if he would take me to Farm Foods today - they have extended our local store and I had not been since they upgraded.  Potentially we went just  going for a look around.  However there were a couple of pit stops before arriving there.

OH decided that the car needed a real good clean and we have a very good local hand wash service which is not too ridiculous once a month and so we went there first.  There was a queue so I left him and went and had a look around Dunhelm whilst he waited in the car and then once that was done he would come and fetch me.

So I had a little time to have a good mooch around in Dunhelm.  I am going to need some new bedding shortly so I was having a good look at what they had sheet wise and I think I may well be having a closer look in a month or so. I love soft furnishings of any kind and I was also having a good look around the section with the cushion pad blanks as I have some fabric I picked up cheap at Christmas (expensive by the metre) for next to nothing and there is enough to make some cushion covers which will match in with what I already have as well as enough to use some in a patchwork throw or two.  I might start buying a couple each month - I also need some blanks for bed pillows as well. I prefer feather pads.  The ones I have are washable and come up well  - i tumble dry them - I also fluff the pads up in between by popping them into the tumbler.

I picked up a wicker basket quite a large one - fully lined which will make a lovely craft basket.  I have a thing about baskets - but this one is large enough to hold all the wool for the crotchet gift I am in the process of making at the moment.

I also had a good look around their fabric and sewing/craft department as well as the cooking equipment section.

I also found two large mugs which I am quite chuffed with.  I hope when I go back at the beginning of the month they will have some more as I really do like them.

At long last I have also acquired a new set of kitchen scales which I have been after for a little while; I have been struggling with a small set but spotted these today.  I think they will be ideal.  

We then went on to Farm Foods and took advantage of some of the offers.  Today was really about having a good look around but I had to remember that I only had so much space in the freezer so did not get some things that I would have under normal circumstances.  That will happen another time.  The beauty of Farm Foods is that they have offers on lots of other pantry stuff like corned beef Princes £1.65 a tin which is quite a good price.  I always keep  corned beef in as it makes a quick meal with  home made chips, fried egg and beans. I also picked up some lockwood mushy peas at 29p per tin.  There was lots of other stuff available some of which I took advantage of.  Needless to say the freezer is now topped up.  I also bought three bags of mixed frozen fruits at £1 per bag which will be ideal for smoothies first thing for breakfast might give my mojo a bit of a boost and a bit more energy.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)