Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Last day of December 2019

As we wait with baited breath and a slow countdown for the New Year to slowly slip in all going about our business and all doing different things.

OH has been at work again today until he was released early by 15 minutes from work whereupon he came and collected me from Waitrose.  I knew he needed a hot meal and had decided to get some stewing steak to make a hot stew to have for a late supper.  They did not have any fresh and so I have bought a bag of their frozen which does not look too bad.  It was £3.99 for the bag and I have a stew veg bag for £1 (the veg shop is closed until Friday) as well which had carrots, swede and parsnip in. I have added an onion, seasoning and redcurrant jelly together with some stock. That is all bubbling away in a casserole in the cooker and we shall have that later on.  Good comfort food to hearten the body and the soul nothing fancy just simply cooked letting the ingredients flavour the meal without too many additions and letting the food speak for itself.

I also managed to get some reduced Aberdeen Angus beef x two packs for a cottage pie and also a lasagna a small reduced pork joint, two packs of lamb steaks on the meat front so some good eating to come for which I am very grateful.  You always need the comfort food the no frills eating that is a staple of British home cooking.

Catch you soon.



Monday, 30 December 2019

Sorry for being away and a little update

I have been away longer than I had anticipated.  After being unwell the last time and having had two fits it left me feeling decidedly fuzzy and not firing on all pistons.  I apologise for being selfish and taking some time out but it was decidedly needed.  In retrospect, I think part of that was down to the job I had started.  

To tell you the truth I was not sure that I was doing the right thing by accepting it in the first place but as I needed to work and we needed the pecuniary rewards I decided to give it a whirl.  Initially because it was something new I did enjoy it.  Unfortunately I did not get on particularly well with my Line Manager which did not help.  Who constantly told me to go to her if I needed to know something and yet when I did responded with irritation and treated me as an idiot.  That was off-putting to say the least as she was not friendly and slightly intimidating.  Not a very supportive Line Manager at all and if I asked anyone else for explanation or help she used to get really awkward and then tell me off for bothering them.  Not very approachable at all.

However that is of no importance anymore as I am not working now as I could not do right for wrong and I am pretty sure that being on a computer all day and then coming home and crashing out contributed to my last attacks.  

So there has been a need for me to restore my energy and sanity and to try and keep myself calm.  I shall look for another job shortly probably back in the legal field.  I have tried the something different.

I would just like to say thank you all for your kind comments they really were appreciated.  I am slowly getting back into the land of the living.  However I have had to go back to basics with my health.  Having the two attacks has worried me significantly.  I have therefore been resting, taking things easy and sleeping a lot.  I have also ha a whole host of issues to fire fight which has not helped at all.

I am a great believer in the belief that you heal when you sleep.  I also was spending a considerable amount of time on the computer at work, coming home having tea writing a quick post for the blog and nodding off.  Not good when you are light sensitive as I am.  Then frequently dropping off to sleep completely cream crackered. not doing three quarters of the things I normally did. 

I have never been one for falling asleep like this so something has had to change. Well quite a lot has changed.  I have been getting earlier nights as well. I have also changed my medicating routine as well which I think is helping me more than the previous regime.  It was time for an update in this respect. I am fortunate that I do not have the attacks every day and what seems to happen in practice is that I have what are known as break out attacks every two to three years. This is not good but I think is down to the way my system is wired.  It is not good as these attacks could potentially harm me even more as they leave me very vulnerable and very confused afterwards and sometimes it takes a while for me to regroup and regain my equilibrium.

During the rest period when I have not been sleeping and resting I have been having a go at some knitting.  I have knitted two little scarf shawls for wearing around my neck when I have my jeans on.  I was attracted by the wool for the first effort but it is very fine and the second one I have knitted in a double knit which has worked up a bit bigger.  I am trying to get to grips with my nemesis knitting.  I have also needed to keep my hands busy.

I also have a long scarf on the go in a lovely light turquoise colour.  I intend to make a hat and mittens to go with.

I seem to be on a colour journey at the moment as I also picked up some pretty coloured wool recently to have a go at a simple jumper. It is multi coloured and I love it.  I have started knitting the rib for the back of the jumper and once that is completed will work the rib for the other pieces so that I am ready to go with the actual knitting in one fair swoop. I have also added some more bamboo knitting needles to my stash as I find these needles very comfy to work with.   There is a lot of give in them.

I also have a baby blanket to crochet for a friend who is expecting her first child.  I have chosen a lemon and cream wool with which to work this.

I am painfully aware that I need to catch up with a lot of friends and I shall be in touch with you soon.  One of the many issues I have had is that I lost my phone with all my numbers in and I did not have a duplicate copy.  I have also not had access to the internet.  Hopefully that has now been sorted.

Just also to thank you all for your good wishes and love it has meant a lot. Heres wishing you all had a lovely Christmas.

Much love to you all.

Tricia x

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