Thursday, 28 February 2019

Self Help and daily round up

Tuesday I felt on top of the world.  I did not ache.  I was moving around like a spring chicken.  Yesterday not so mobile today I have been crippled up.  Something has got to give.

From all the research I have done on auto immune disease and disease generally I understand that most Doctors believe that most diseases stem from the gut.  To me this is logical as some people's systems are a lot slower than others, and therefore their "waste" in their system does not filter out quickly and remains for a longer period of time and I believe thus causes the body to absorb some of the toxins.  

Most people with long term conditions end up with what is called "leaky gut".  Generally their systems are not able to absorb all the goodness out of food or indeed with some medication.  It does not matter what they do in this respect they just do not absorb or their systems do not absorb as much as they should and this leads to other issues.  I have a sensitivity with my stomach and I have been diagnosed with IBS. A lot of the more effective medication I cannot have because I am sensitive to it.  Long term medication can also lead to ulcers and the Doctors and I want to avoid that at all costs. I also have acid reflux, acidosis, hiatus hernia amongst a whole load of other things which I wished I did not have;  but a lot of that is down to genetics.  My mother had these, and I believe her mother did also.  So where you are able it might be an idea to map the issues you do have in your family.  You might find that it develops a pattern.

In any event.  I am 60 in May.  I don't feel it - now my body does not co-operate but I honestly do not feel it. I want to remain as mobile as I can but with this cold and damp weather I am shot in the foot before I have even started. 

I have read a lot about Turmeric being very useful with long term conditions and I have recently found this drink which I am going to trial and see how I get on with it.  There are no nasties in it and it might honestly help me.  But then it might not.   I am pretty open minded about this but if it does not help and is not effective then I will ditch it. However nothing ventured nothing gained.   

However I am a big believer in food being able to help you most in the longer term and I would rather prescribe food for myself than pills. Fortunately I am not on a lot of medication.  I have epileptic pill, vitamin D pill and quinine pill twice a day.  I also have an Omezeprole once a day (reflux and acidosis).  So if I can help myself in anyway possible I will.  Yogurt helps with my stomach natural live yogurt and helps protect your system from ulcers and also helps your body absorb things more effectively as it puts a lining on the stomach.  I make sure that I have yogurt as part of my breakfast routine.

My grandfather used to go to see the bone man. My Nan used to see the herbalist.  My dad was a natural healer and he also used cider vinegar and honey of a morning to help with arthritis.  He had a touch of arthritis but not like I have so I think there is something in some of these things.  For full details please check out the links here.

Basically the ingredients are:

1 teaspoon of Turmeric
Small piece of fresh ginger root, peeled and grated
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
pinch of black pepper
2 cups of coconut milk
1 teaspoon of honey (optional)
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (optional)

Basically you put everything into a small saucepan and then bring to the boil for 5 minutes and then you can drink it.

I topped up on ingredients today and have everything apart from the ginger.  I shall get that tomorrow and then make it up.  I may not like it and may end up going onto the cider vinegar and honey with some hot water first thing of a morning.  But we shall see what we shall see.

Doctors are very good in the greater scheme of things but when it comes to dealing with things on a day by day basis it is something you have to find  and work out for yourself.  Your body is your body.  We are all treated as if we are the same but in reality you may be allergic to something that I am not sensitive too and that will throw up a whole host of symptoms and may mean that particular option is not appropriate for you.  For instance I cannot take Tramadol as it makes me sick and dizzy.  Also Tegretol and Epilim.  They ended up causing full blown seizures.  With the Epilim I just did not function and was like a zombie!  It was though I was watching everything in slow motion.

Right am off to bed.  Its been a busy day. I sorted my CV and then went into town and met a friend.  Had a lovely lunch with her then came back via town and Waitrose.  I needed a new small frying pan and also a pancake pan. I have ended up with two cheapies both different sizes but ideal. I love pancakes and OH does not always want to indulge and it is better if I can make a mix up for both of us rather than just for me - I have been known to do it though.  However it is pancake day next Tuesday and I am rather keen to indulge.  In the interim I am going to source oranges and lemons, and some different sauces to ring the changes. M & S do a very nice lemon and gin sauce which is lush so another bottle of that is on the list.  I have honey, and some maple syrup and golden syrup.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Beautiful day again

And I have had a really good time out with my friend today.  In fact the time passes far too quickly.  We had cake and a good natter and then a wander around town.  

Unfortunately I will be unable to meet with her next week as I am on a computer based course for Xcel for the week.  I need the help with this.  In the past I have had a go but then not been able to use it and these sorts of programmes you need to use otherwise you just forget it. So I am hoping to put this into action at home pending me locating a job.  Well that is the plan anyway.

Chicken for tea tonight which has gone down well.

Weather has been beautiful and warm again but the temperature has dipped quite considerably this evening - bit nippy - but then it should be for the time of year.

I am off to see another friend on Saturday and am to have another tutorial with the patchwork.  Will have to take my machine but I am keen to progress with the patchwork and because of other commitments and engagements I have not been able to move forward.  I might get to play a bit on Friday which would be good. 

I also bought a scratch card this evening and won twice on it £10 each - so that made me a little happier.  Sort of gave me a little boost. So chuffed.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.



Tuesday, 26 February 2019

What a beautiful day ......

today has been.  Really warm for this time of year and I felt good for a change. The sun was out, I did not ache like I normally do.  Life felt good.

I met a couple of good friends today for lunch and had a good time. We don't get a lot of time of a lunch hour but we surely make the most of it.  I am blessed in my friends.

OH had to go today for a check up with the Diabetic Nurse and so subsequently took a day off work.  All seems to have gone well. He has lost a couple of more pounds in weight and more importantly to me his blood pressure was normal.  For the past four or five years this particular element has been very difficult to control.  Despite me putting into effect all sorts of measures on the food front.  We have cut back on our bread and pasta consumption. Yes we have it once in a while but not as regularly as we used to.  Basically we have to watch the carbs.  I don't cook with salt - and we have plenty of veggies and fruit  - we have meat but not like we used to.  These days we have far more veg on the plate and to tell you the truth although I do not think I will ever be vegetarian we do not eat as much meat as we used to.  Fish I prefer fresh but we do not have that every week either.

I came back via Waitrose but I did not look around like I normally do.  I may nip in there tomorrow or on Thursday when I have more time.  There are a few bits I am after. However that may well be after I have spent the day with  my friend. I may concentrate on smaller more innocuous items like dried herbs, grapefruit segments in syrup, blueberries in syrup, home made pesto frozen in ice cube trays; that sort of thing - all of which play their part in the greater scheme of things.  Finding reduced tomatoes and making home made pasta sauce or bottled tomatoes; finding reduced spring onions and freezing them for adding into stir fries, beef dishes, frittata etc. Finding reduced cream and making home made butter, and flavoured butters. There is always something that can be done.

However I did have a nosy at what plants they have.  Nothing much to my taste at the moment although I was eyeing up a couple of their pottery planters.

On the way back I also had a nip round the Charity shop.  Nothing took my fancy there and I had a quick look at the veg shop.  Yet again will nip in later in the week and hopefully take advantage of some offers.  They did not have much out when I went by today.

I also nipped into the Co-Op and found a reduction on five packs of chillies at 30p a pack.  So they have come home with me and I am going to research a few more recipes for the pantry shelf in order to use these up.  We use a lot of sweet and sour chilli sauce so some more of that could be on the agenda as well as some chilli oil.  More on that another time.

Since coming home I have been internet hopping.  Doing some more research finding new blogs to follow that sort of thing.  I should really be settling down to creating something I want to but have the fidgets. It happens every so often. It will pass I usually settle eventually.

Trouble is with this lovely weather I am itching to get out into the garden.  I am hoping to do a bit on Saturday and Sunday weather permitting.  Unfortunately even if it is nice because of previous arrangements I will not be able to get into the garden before then.

I also have a fancy for lighter food to eat.  Quite fancy Frittata tomorrow night served with lightly fried/sautéed veggies and maybe a home made fruit salad or indeed blueberry pancakes with a little cream.  Yum.

After a lovely day it has now gone really chilly.  I suspect we will wake to another frost like we did this morning.  However I am grateful for the lovely sunny day we have had - very welcome to these old bones.

Catch up with you all again soon.



Sunday, 24 February 2019

Movies and Films and thoughts of filling the freezer

Today has been sunny, clear skies and warm in the sun although chilly otherwise but for the time of year it is blooming amazing and I am very grateful for that.  We walked Missy first thing and had a really good walk with her.  She was shooting here and there and I remarked to OH that we should have called her "Bullet" as she was running off at speed.  She just never has a minute.  You would not think that she was nine years old!

Afterwards, we paid a visit to the Iceland Food store and had a good mosey around to see what food they actually have on offer.  We need to start re-stocking the freezers so I wanted to see what was on offer, even though it is not shopping day and I also needed to get something for tea today. There were several very good offers on.

Sometimes the offers that are available in stores such as Iceland relate more to the ancillary items that they have on offer.  Today I saw several things which I hope to top up on come pay day.  It would be foolish not to take advantage of such offers so we shall be going again come the weekend.  I remarked to OH that where possible I like to take advantage of such offers as it keeps the food bill down and still keeps us well fed.  One of the bargains was a 12 pack of Branston Baked Beans for £5.  Up until now I have been finding four packs for £2 and buying them in when I see them.  So this will potentially save £1 which can be used elsewhere.  There were also good offers on fresh meat, and also washing powder and fabric conditioner.  It might be worth you checking out your local store to see what offers are on in your local store.

One thing we have always bought in bulk where we can and if it is of a nice strong variety is a big block of vintage cheddar to be used more for general everyday cooking but I do like a nice strong cheddar.  So today we have bought a smaller block of the same cheese to test it out. That will help us make an informed decision as to whether to buy or not.  I am pleased to say that the cheddar is quite nice and has quite a tang to it. 

I do not just use freezer shops alone.  I use a full variety of shops when stocking up the freezers and buy where I can - mostly on genuine offers. I try and save as much as I can so that we eat well for less.  I also need to stock up the Pantry again.  I suppose really I do a really good stock up of the Pantry in effect once a year stocking up on basics and then just topping up on offers.  The same in effect with the freezers although it takes three or four months of freezer shopping to fill all thee freezers, a deep large chest freezer and two upright ones.

One of the issues I have when I go shopping and browsing in that I cannot always carry the stuff home, which is frustrating.  I have my shopping trolley but in such stores where I find bargains when I go into town on my own I need to use a trolley in the store and I need my trolley to bring stuff back in as I quite frequently walk home - it is cheaper.  However it becomes a bit of a bind managing the store shopping trolley and my trolley plus contents.

I bought some swede and carrot crush, mashed potato, cauliflower and broccoli cheese, steak pies for tea.  OH did not go into the freezer again yesterday not that there is a lot in there but there is still some to clear.

Unfortunately we did not have what was planned as OH did not feel very well so we have that for tea tomorrow night. Otherwise it has been a bit of a lazy day.

Aside from books I am also quite fond of watching movies/films whether that be on DVDs or via You Tube or some other service.  Today has been a low key kind of day and I have indulged in some film watching.  OH is not keen on films and so armed with my earphones I can watch to my heart's content whilst OH watches the other TV and we do not end up disturbing each other but both of us get to do what we want to.  It works.  We are in the same room, not wasting resources by being individual rooms so it works.  We both have different interests this way we both get to explore them.

Right better get a wriggle on usual Sunday night routine getting the ironing etc. done for OHs clothes for the week.

Catch you soon.



Saturday, 23 February 2019

A little Day Dreaming

On the way back from my interview at the Job Centre a fortnight ago I came back through our John Lewis store via their kitchen Department.  I had a quick look around the cookers, more out of curiosity than anything else as I certainly cannot afford one of the big range cookers I like or indeed have anywhere to put it where we are at the moment.  But it was the end of the day I had been very busy and had worked hard so I decided to indulge in a little day dreaming and so started to work my way along the range type cookers in the store. I found a Smeg cooker and a Rangemaster cookers and they offer all sorts of possibilities.  

First off it was the Smeg I fell for a beautiful cream range cooker with lots of gas hobs and a wok hob on the top.   Here is the link here:  Smeg Range Cooker.

Since looking online I have also found this one as well:

Further along I came across a smaller model Rangemaster with a long side cooker with a deep set of shelves in. That I could see would be very very useful.  I am going to look into both cookers a little further on the specs etc and to see what else they actually do have.  I liked the Smeg one as it had a warming drawer but at £2,100 or thereabouts.  It would definitely have to be a lottery win to afford the same.  

Fast forward ten days.  I met up with my friend last Wednesday and as usual we trawled through John Lewis to see what they had.  She is looking to replace her kitchen and wanted to have a look at what they had in store and whether they had any particularly nice ideas for internal storage.  We therefore went for a mooch and on the way down to the kitchen area we passed the range cookers.  Independently, and without me having said anything to her she stopped in front of the Smeg cooker and said that was the one that she thought would suit me to a tee!  I had not said a thing to her.  Told her then what had happened and her eyebrows raised a tad.  We had a look at the other one as well and I said that I did not know which was the best model to go for in the event that I won the Lottery!  L pointed out that one of her other friends had bought the second model with the long narrow cooker to the side and she had been very disappointed with it as it was not really that big.  It is tall in length but not very deep.  That kind of finalised things and put them into perspective for me.  So at the moment the dream cooker is a Smeg range cooker unless of course I can afford an Aga!  

Sometimes though it does you good to dream.  Mine are getting a tad expensive.

Catch you soon.



Creative People

I spotted this sign yesterday and thought that it was very appropriate for my home at the moment. 

It really resonated.

Catch you later.



Friday, 22 February 2019

Weather - Gorgeous and a variation on Spaghetti Bolognese

Has been a lovely sunny day here today although the wind still had a little chill to it.  But still lovely to see the sun out in all its glory after such a grey winter thus far.

I met up with a friend for lunch  - time goes too quickly when you enjoy yourself.  We only get about an hour but it is time enough to catch up.  

I then came back home via Waitrose.  Nipped in and got some milk (6 pints), a tin of carnation evaporated milk, a pack of Aberdeen Angus lean mince, a bag of frozen mixed veggie leaves, a 1kg bag of spaghetti a bag of prepared Soffrito.

I had in mind a recipe I had seen where some pasta was cooked and then topped off with just a passata sauce, grated cheese and some cooked sprouted broccoli.  However I did not have the broccoli saw the mixed leaves which were frozen and relatively cheap and thought that they would make a good substitute.

When OH came back from work we walked Missy and gave her a good run and then I came back and cooked tea.  With the assistance of some strong cheddar out of the fridge and a jar of tomato passata, I set too and gently fried the lovely lean mince until browned and then added half of the bag of the Soffrito mix, mixed in and then added some dried chives, marigold powder, a couple of beef stock cubes, some Herbes de Provence, two garlic loves, some salt and then the tomato passata. I then cooked this through and then added the rest of the Soffrito.

In a separate pan I then cooked a good two cupfuls of the frozen veggie leaves until cooked but still retaining their shape and still being crisp as opposed to soggy.  I then set these aside to strain in a colander and put a cloth over the top.

In a separate pan I bought some water to the boil and then cooked the spaghetti. When cooked I then drained these.

I then layered the spaghetti on two plates, then added a good ladle and a bit of the ragu mix and then piled half of the green veggie leaves.  These were then topped off with loads of grated cheese.  

Normally I am not too keen on spaghetti Bolognese I have always found it rather starchy and heavy.  However with the addition of the mixed veggie leaves it really lightened the dish up and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I shall certainly be cooking this one up again.  

When I cook if I don't have the necessary ingredients I do tend to use what I have usually using something very similar and strong cheddar cheese instead of parmesan.  Makes for cheap, filling and tasty cooking.  OH said he had enjoyed it too.

Right had better get cleared up.  A lot to do tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 21 February 2019

A light tea

After a quiet pottering day at home I was not really very hungry.  OH did not know what he wanted and in the end opted for a chilli chicken.  After me being unwell the other week I am steering clear of chilli for the time being so no way was I going there.  In the end I opted for a Caemembert which I had with carrot and celery sticks and some five seed crusty bread and it has gone down very nicely.  Topped off with a few seedless grapes and I have really enjoyed my tea this evening.   The only thing I should have done was put some garlic into the cheese but otherwise it was lovely.

I have since ended up on Pinterest and You Tube and have been squirrelling up information and bits and bobs on how to do different stuff for an hour or so. Particularly with regard to Patchwork and sewing, and food, and preserving, and recycling pieces of fabric and also furniture made from old window panes and bits and bobs like that. Old habits die hard.  However it proves invaluable when I am looking for something to do and am not sure what to make. I then go browsing through my stashed patterns and items and it saves money in the long run.  Either that or I pick out another UFO to have a go at and believe you me there are a lot of them.  I will complete them but every so often I am going to insert a new item to make into the list.  That way should keep my interest up and keep me whittling away at stuff.  Well that is the hope anyway.

Right had better get a wriggle on have to get some stuff ready for OH for tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



A day at home

is a complete and utter luxury of late.  I seem to have been on the hop from one day to another. I also seem to have been on the computer for the past couple of days trying to sort paperwork out.  I am waiting for a friend to call in to collect some paperwork for a group I belong to. I do not at the moment know what time she is coming for.  However it is not preventing me from getting on with stuff.

OH whilst walking the dog this morning nipped to the local shop and brought me back three hot croissants.  What a treat.  I have been sat eating one of them with some of my home made strawberry jam.  Sheer indulgence.  I shall save the others for later - my appetite is not that big in any event.

I have also had a small lay in compared to the rest of the week which has been welcome.  Now to start on the kitchen. Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye!

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Things have been a bit hectic

Today started with another early morning where I went on the computer to try and prepare yet another version of my CV from an online template which I was not very convinced about.

So I spent a good three hours trying to sort out my CV to bring how these are prepared up to date.  Apparently all sorts of things have changed since I was taught how to prepare the same and it would appear that I am giving far too much information.  Well one cannot help how one was taught!  I am afraid it is in my nature to dot the i's and cross the t's!  Rather too much information than nothing at all has always been my way.  Will have another look tomorrow.

Then into town and spent time with a good friend.  Had a lovely lunch and "girlie time"! Put the world to rights as per usual.

Had an appointment at the JC and have managed to get myself some training on Excel.  A four day training course.  I am not very good with Excel and so I am hoping that this will sort me out a bit more.  It will come in useful.  So very pleased about that.  Might help me a better position in the long run.

Have had fish and chips with mushy peas for tea.  Has gone down well boy was I hungry.  

Tomorrow will be a cleaning day.  Hopefully at some point I am going to stop off and do a length of a bunting kit.  If not during the day in the evening.  I want to get something done on the machine.  

I am at home tomorrow so no gallivanting.

Bit cold here this evening.  Mind you it was really cold last night.  Think I might be dragging out the hottie bottie.

Hopefully catch up tomorrow.



Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Eco ways

As a follow on from yesterday's post I have since found the following on Pinterest.

It is well worth the reading and a simple guide as to how to be more eco friendly at home.

I surprised myself because I am already doing a few of these things.

I already use cloths that can be washed and re-used.  I have done this ever since I was first married.  I also use a boiling pot for cleaning such cloths on the stove.  I have a couple of pots that were originally intended to do preserves in but they are not quite up to snuff so they make ideal boiling pots.  Basically I put whatever needs cleaning into the pot with hot water and some soap powder and bring to the boil.  I then let it simmer for an hour or so and then tip into the sink and drench with cold water.  The cloths should be clean by this point.  It takes less time on the top of the cooker than in the washing machine so it is cost and time effective.  Plus you know they are clean.

I do the same with floor cloths.  I buy in a thick felted floor cloth and then do the same with them.  When they get too gross they go into the dustbin.

I also use soft cotton cloths for dusting. Quite frequently I dampen these down before dusting and can use several in one session but they are eco friendly and of course washable.

Please note that microfibre cloths are not decomposable and take years to break down.  Sticking to cotton is best I think in the overall plan of things.

I have not and do not use paper napkins.  I have always had cloth ones.  Now I have the sewing and embroidery machine I shall be making a batch up out of an old cotton sheet and then hopefully use the embroidery machine on the same. These will just be for everyday use.

I already have a load of re-usable cloth bags, including small calico bags for things like grapes, plums, bananas etc. rather than plastic bags.

The next stage for me is using glass containers for storing food in the fridge.  I already have a few suitable jars but I will need a few more.  I shall add these a few at a time and make do with what I have around the house to start with.  After all "Rome was not built in a day".

I already buy a lot of stuff in bulk in any event.  I always recycle jars that I can get replacement lids for use in my jam making and chutney making.  I also do the same with small bottles and wine bottles for when I make home made wine.  I particularly recycle the Hex bottles as I have a stash of lids in stock.

There is however also an interesting article on zero waste cleaning.  This I am particularly interested in as despite many of my cleaning methods being old school there is always something to learn.

The article is here:

Quite a useful article.

I already where I can use white vinegar in the laundry both as a fabric conditioner and also it brightens your whites up.  I also use lemon or orange vinegar to deal with harder stains when cleaning the kitchen, particularly greasy areas.

I have a main steam cleaner and also a hand held steamer, which are used and perhaps need to be used a little more often according to this article which suggests that carpets should be steam cleaned once a month to keep dust at bay especially in homes where there is an allergy to dust or pollen.

We only have the one carpet in the front room the rest of the flooring is laminate at the moment. 

There is also of course the option to sew and make your own items such as replacement Swiffer covers, ironing board covers, cleaning cloths etc. and there are several such articles and posts on Pinterest which are extremely helpful.  You are then making your resources go just that little bit further and working for you.

There are also a couple of other articles on this blog.  The one I am particularly interested in is reducing food waste at home.  The link is here:

I think that this is the area in which I need to work harder.  I already do some of the suggested things, but could do better.  Well they say practice makes perfect. 

Catch you soon.



Monday, 18 February 2019


When it works is marvellous.  When it throws an iffy it is not.  I have spent the best part of today typing up Minutes.   The first set went marvellously the second which was a part-prepared document in any event was just not playing ball.  Would not let me amend or change the document in any way. Would not even let me type in on the keyboard to do a search of my emails.  Left no image of letters at all just would not budge.  OH came home and had all the keys out, the keyboard, and also completely rebooted the system even putting new batteries in and trying two other keyboards as well which we had to hand.  I was pulling my hair out by this time as I also need to do some further work on a brand new CV.  Which I just have not got to.  Will try again for tomorrow as I need it for Wednesday.  However happy to say computer now co-operating.  This always tends to happen whenever there is a software update.  Don't think the computer likes it at all.

Anyway  I managed eventually to get to my meeting.  It was a quick one this time around fortunately and then I came back home.  We had a scratch meal of baked beans on toast which went down very nicely.

Now just chilling (apart from typing this post).

The weather has not been too good today; hardly any sun and a wee bit chillier.  We then had rain (it is a rarity these days) so am thinking about another water barrel.  Especially after last year.  Can never be too prepared.

Needless to say I did not get to the housework.  May have to sacrifice my crafting day tomorrow to get the housework back on track.  However I do have the option of doing a little simple sewing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I am meeting friends on each day but can work the sewing around that.  The housework is not so easy and so I really need to get stuck into it.

Its gone chillier again this evening and so have popped the heating on for a little while.  Hopefully I will feel warmer soon.

So up early again tomorrow so that I can get stuck into the housework.  

Catch you soon.



Do you wear a pinny

From being a little girl I always had to wear a pinny.  In fact I still have my favourite one that was given to me by my aunty it has holes in it, is pretty faded and of course is far too small.  It is sentimental really but I just cannot let it go at the moment.

Mum also had me wearing a pinny.  All the ladies in our family wore pinnies when they were cooking.  Indeed my Great Auntie used to make everyone a pinny as part of their Christmas presents.  I still have some that she made for my mum.

At my first senior school in Peterborough, the girls all had to make an overall pinny to wear in the cooking class.  Peterborough schools at that time were teaching the new syllabus (not secondary modern syllabus) where we were taught a lot of stuff that my father classed as complete and utter nonsense.

Then when I went on to my final secondary school and did Domestic Science lessons as they were called then all the girls were expected to wear a white pinny with a frill all the way round it.  They were devils to iron but that was part of the expected uniform for when we were actually cooking.  They did look smart and pretty though.

Later on when I married, I had several pinnies.  These wipe down PVC funny ones that came out in the seventies. 

My last modern up to date pinny has died.  It has been worn out and I am looking to replace it especially as I now have the sewing machine going.

Yet again I have been nosing around Pinterest and I have found the following pinny patterns which I quite like the look of.  The one I am interested in is the Mobious one and it has a print out pattern with it.  Might have a look at this.  I do have some old clothes in any event which I always wear for doing housework as it really does not matter what happens when wearing them.  They are past going out clothes if you know what I mean.

Anyway the links are here:

It is the third mobius apron that I have my eye on.  I also thought that having a go at an apron or aprons will get me back into proper machining again and will give me practice that I sorely need.

Do you wear a pinny to cook or do the housework in? Or is it just me a creature of my time period.

Catch you all later on.



Eco Food storage and implementing the same

I am keen to be more eco friendly when it comes to food storage and indeed have made myself some fruit and veg cotton bags for when I go to the veg shop so as not to use carrier bags and have smaller bags to hold more fragile fruit etc.  These bags will wash at the end of the day whereas plastic etc. goes into landfill and does not necessarily break down.

Whilst I am not buying any more plastic containers per se, I do have a lot already in existence and it really would be defeating the process if I were simply to dump these which will only add to the landfill problem.  What is here is here and if it is capable of still being used properly I will do so unless and until a day comes where it cannot be used again.  However in the process that also raises up a whole load of problems.

I have a lot to learn in this respect and as a result I have been reading various articles to see other people's take on this issue.  Including articles on making and sewing bags and helpful items myself.

I came across the following post which made me think about my food storage generally.  I certainly like some of her ideas as to what she stores in what. 

This is also another useful site again with some different ideas on storage.  Each to their own though and sometimes these little differences help you incorporate different ideas into your cooking repertoire. 

This I have found to be a very useful article which shows some very resourceful and useful ideas for storing food in her fridge. This article has certainly opened my eyes in what I can and cannot do and how to extend food shelf life in some instances.

I know that Kilner have brought out a range of zero waste storage but thus far I have not come across any.  They are a little expensive but if it is safe long term storage I would not mind investing in the same.

The Kilner jar site is here and this is the section for these storage options. They can be used in the fridge, freezer and the microwave (not the lids in the microwave) as they have metal on them.

One of the areas of concern to me is what do we do to store freezer stuff.  I think many of us have stored our food in the freezer bags over the years or if a sturdier storage has been needed a small box or the like  or even Pyrex dishes. Now that is something I am going to have to look into further.

I have also found this site which gives a list of shops that supply items on a zero free basis across a full spectrum of things and also the same for other countries.  Looks to be a very useful list and I am going to investigate this further.

Link is here:

I only buy stuff if I really have to and if I can do stuff at home I will do.  There are various different posts on You Tube for making your own beeswax wraps.  There are also lots of Pinterest posts for sewing said accessories like fabric or breathable bags for fruit and veg, bread bags and cloths for yourself.  If you can do stuff cheaper at home it pays in the longer run to do it to keep costs to a minimum.

Bread bags:

Bread bags and other items

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Sunday catch up

It has been a busy day today and I have not got half of the things I needed to get done accomplished.  So it will be all systems go for the next couple of days or so.  On the weather front it has been another lovely day with the sun out again.  Hope it is like it tomorrow and during the week as I would like to start getting stuck in with the garden a little bit.  Tidying and clearing in the first instance but it needs to be relatively mild for me to go out and get stuck in.

We had some roast pork for tea with all the trimmings.  Went down very nicely and the crackling was nice and crisp.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am not quite sure where this weekend has got to.  That tends to be the way when you enjoy yourself and I certainly had a good day yesterday.

Right have a couple of more things to do before retiring in readiness for OH going to work tomorrow.

Hopefully will get in a longer post tomorrow.

Sorry got to scoot.

Catch you later.



A few of the incredible Donations for PROJECT LINUS

Received at the Crafting Day held yesterday and which I attended.  This is only a mere fraction of the amount of quilts and blankets received.  Alison's car was stuffed to the gunnells by the time we left.  So much beautiful, loving, incredible and talented work all donated to this very special project by some very special people.  Thank you to you all.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)