Monday, 25 June 2012

Pottering after work

After a busy first day back at work I was pleased to get home where I was greeted by a highly excited Jack Russell who leapt into my arms as I opened the internal door and then promptly tried to lick me to death.  Once she calmed a little Squeak then pottered down the stairs and promptly sat on me as soon as I sat down demanding her share of the fuss too.  Demetri he was out and about.  He has been in for supper but these light dry nights he comes and goes as he pleases he can always get in and he has a blanket that he can curl up on if he comes in.

After egg and chips for tea with bread and butter and fruit and cream for pud I then wandered out into the garden again and got my hands dirty potting up some more seeds and also chucking out some rubbish and partly weeding the border.  Its nice to be out in the fresh air for a little while working with my hands just grounding myself down after the pressures of the day as it helps destress me.  I am hoping I can pot up a few more items and sow some more seeds tomorrow evening, weather prevailing.  My three tomato plants that my mum gave me have almost doubled in size and I am chuffed with them so far.  Tomorrow night they will get potted on to some larger pots with the culture rings on top for easy feeding.  I have had these a little while and they are quite effective.

I have quite a few strawberry plants with strawberries filling out so it wil be a battle between me and the snails and slugs which we seem to have no end of this year - must be all that damp weather.

I am tired tonight; and it will not be long before I wander upstairs.  It is still light outside and the scent of the rampant honeysuckle perfumes the evening air a sweet delicate perfume.  On this not quite dark evening with the sky littered with clouds - this house faces the wrong way.  I am one to sit out when I can in the peace of the evening.

Here's hoping you have had a lovely evening whereve you may be.  At least for the moment it is not raining here - I am hoping we have another lovely day tomorrow

Take care



An Award

I have very kindly been awarded a Sunshine Award by Julie of Dragonfly Gems who has a lovely little blog  go on check her out.  Here is the link:

Thank you Julie it was a lovely surprise.

As I understand it the Sunshine Award Rules are: 

To Thank the blogger who nominated you (Julie nominated me and I have thanked her above as well as dropping her a thank you directly to her blog.   

Now I must answer the following 10 questions about myself on the subject of my favourite things.
  1. My favourite animal: Love all animals but especially Cats and Dogs.
  2. Favourite number: 7
  3. My favourite non alcoholic drink: Elderflower cordial
  4. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
  5. My Passions: Cooking (especially preserving) and Crafts (various)
  6. Receiving or giving presents: I love to give but its also nice to receive.
  7. Favourite pattern: No  one specific one but there are lots of lovely ones so lots of choice
  8. Favourite day of the week: Sunday - especially in winter if curled up by a nice log fire watching a good movie.
  9. Favourite flower/flowers: Love all the old fashioned flowers but especially Roses of any colour preferably scented.
  10.  Favourite country: United Kingdom (we have so much here I often wonder why people go abroad especially when they haven't seen everything here.
Nominate 5 or 10 blogs to receive the Sunshine Award and let them know they've been nominated.

My choices are as follows:

  1. Jennie (Bovey Belle) of
  2. Rose of Secondhand Rose:
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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Roundup

I have been pottering around in the garden this afternoon, sowing a few seeds not that I think that they will come to much but If I don't try I won't know.   The sun has been hot but the wind has been rough; a very variable kind of day. Two tubs of cress are sown as are some pea shoots for salad. I have also started some pot marigold off and some salad and beans.  I have had the dirt in my hands, my nails have had to be scrubbed with a brush as a consequence to remove all remnants.  But sometimes its good to do this as it is a very good grounding mechanism; we all need connecting to the earth and to the seasons.   Next year is going to be very different and hopefully the greenhouse will be back in full production if not here then maybe somwhere else.  I am getting very itchy feet at the moment.  Hopefully I will get some time to myself tomorrow night to plant some more seed up and if I can do a little each day if and when it comes through at least it is going to be staggered and not need potting on in one fair swoop.  I am not a gardener but I have a go and each time I do it I learn something more, but I do love growing things from seed and see new life pour through.  Gardening is something I would really like to get my head around eventually so that I can grow my own veggies etc for my preserves and have my own fruit orchards.

I also need to get back into my routine in the house I feel desperately out of kilter at the moment; as though somethign is missing its probably the change in the wheel, perhaps its other things I am not sure but I sense that there is radical change afoot.  I am doing a lot of dreaming at the moment, it is helping me get through.  You have to dream but also make the most of each day that passes whether it be good or bad. Last night for instance I dreamed a funny dream i.e. that I had gone to my mum's and that she was having trouble with her washing machine which was an old one but that she showed me how to get into it from the side and not the front.  Now first I am concerned about my mum at the moment but she is not the one who was having grief with the washing machine I was last night and you certainly don't get into it from the side,  I do have some weird ones perhaps it is symbolic i.e. that if you can't find the answer by going head on go round the side!  My mantra is One day at a time as each day is a blank page and if things are not terribly good that is on that day as you always have to be optomistic that the next day is going to be better, which it generally is as you quite frequently see it through a fresh pair of spectacles not necessarily rose tinted.

I realised at my mum's last week that sometimes I need to take things steady and last week did me good to spend quality time with her something I aim to achieve a lot more regularly in the weeks to come but I don't find it easy to just sit I always have to be on the go.  My grandmother and my dad were both the same so I suppose it is in the genes!

The roast Pork was delicious as were the strawberries and cream for afters were too as well.  Tomorrow night will be a scratch tea  as I have a meeting with a pile of ironing; then a nice hot bath to follow.

I am back to work tomorrow no doubt it will be a busy oneand I have to walk both into work and walk home which will be a feature of this week due to OH's working commitments.  Tomorrow he will not leave work until 6.00 p.m.

I won't be late to bed this evening if I can help it

Take care, keep safe and be happy wherever you are.



Quote for the Day



A Dream is a wish your Heart Makes

(Song from Walt Disney's film Cinderella)

Foraging through my books

Since coming back from Walking Missy it has rained continually; even Demetri has come in soaking wet and I have had to towel dry him too.  After not being in the house very much whilst I have been away he is now dry and esconced on  the settee fast asleep.  He knows where his bread is buttered.  Having had so far all my plans put out of sync for the day I have been browsing.

I love books - I always have and there is no way that I could get used to a kindle to read a book.  Its the whole experience, the feel the smell and just pure joy of reading that I love so much and the place that you put yourself in.  I have a lot of books that I use repeatedly and get a lot of pleasure out of.   

However I was in the charity shop the other day and I picked up a couple of books that I hadn't got or seen before.  The main one is called the Ulitmate Christmas Cookbook, ISBN 1-897730-53-5.  I paid £2 for the copy I obtained although the price ticket on the internal sleeve showed £16.95.  So I don't think I did too badly.  There are  some very lovely recipes in this book and some simple ones that can be used day to day quite economically but also with other recipes that can be put up in advance of Christmas in the freezer to ease the purse strings a little. I must say that I am excited by this particular book as the recipes appear simple but totally different.  I am going to try a couple of these recipes in the next few weeks or so and see how I get on with them.  I love to play in the kitchen and to experiment as each experiment takes you that little bit deeper. 

 Every single cookery book I own also has a different take or presentation idea that can be included into your kitchen repertoire or give you an idea of how to do something very differently yourself.  In this book I have found a Mushroom Nut Roast recipe that I want to have a go at.  This recipe is used as a Vegetarian Christmas roast but I think this may be one I will be using through the "summer" months as well  (and at the moment I use that term loosely) served with a salad or a tomato sauce; roasted pumpkin sauce or Apricot sauce. Sounds yummy to me and may be one to try when the Puffballs start coming in.  (Not sure what OH will think to this but it sounds tasty to me and besides it will do him good).  The sauces may also be useful ones to pop up in the freezer when we get a glut of pumpkin or tomatoes.  The Apricot sauce is made from dried apricots.  There are lots of useful sauces in this book - which I really like the sound of.  Often it is the accompaniments to a meal that really finish it off and make it stand out from the crowd although in reality I am not always one for sauces, but certain dishes demand it like roast beef and horseradish.  Yum.

And the second one is The Women's Realm cookbook published in 1988 ISBN 0 7064 2986 9 and there are lots of good  recipes in here also.

Right must get on.  Here's hoping you are having a good day wherever you may be.



Walking Missy

We were up early this morning the pair of us; and so far it has been bright.  I went armed with my foraging bag which basically is a carrier bag holding a few more carriers, a roll of polythene bags, a pair of scissors and a pair of bright yellow Marigold gloves. .  I was intent on getting some Elderflowers for Champagne, Wine, Cordial and Curd and with it being bright I thought there might be a fair chance that they would be ideal conditions to pick.  OH had gone with the intention of checking to see whether there were any more puffballs, whilst I have been away he has had one or two but sadly there were none for the taking today.  Equally whilst we were out it started to rain quite heavily and so no Elderflowers today - I will have to go in the week as I want to put down quite a bit of Champagne and quite a bit of wine as well in readiness for Christmas.  I will possibly have to go in the week after work unless we go for another walk later on in the day.  Needless to say now we are back in the house the sun has now come out again. 
It was amazing just how many people were out and about and Missy ran in to a couple of her regular friends who she knows and runs all over the place with.  Otherwise apart from the rain, which did not start gently  but just came down heavily it was quite a pleasant walk despite not coming back with some foraged goodies; but there is time yet and its all down to the luck of the draw at the end of the day.  Have already spotted some cherry plums.

Having got Missy dried off and watered (a cup of tea) its now on to the rest of the day and quite a bit of pottering to boot.  I have some Cress to sow and one or two other bits and bobs.

Will catch up later.

Hope you have a good day wherever you may be


Cannot do the herbs now will have to wait until they dry out.  However I can get another bread loaf on.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday night roundup

Its been a busy day and I am now pretty shattered,  and it will not be long before I go up to bed - even if I don't sleep I will be resting. It has been a pleasant day all the same.  This evening it has been drizzling and it has gone chillier.  The honey bread did not come up as high as my usual bread recipe but it does taste very good - the sunflower seeds didn't fall out of the trap though.  Will have to have a look at that before I make another loaf tomorrow.

I managed to get two bags of cherry tomatoes into the freezer and also a bag of green and yellow peppers. They are not in big bags so will squeeze into any little gap available in the freezer.

I have also sorted some seeds out to sow over the next few days.  I have strawberries coming on in tubs and need to get a little salad stuff done  - sadly because of the weather I haven't managed to get much done this year but all being well that will be put right next year.  However I did manage to get a tray of cut and come again lettuce, some beetroot and radishes sown today; so I am hoping to get a little more done tomorrow.

I hope the weather is fine as I am due to go for a walk with Missy tomorrow if the weather is okay and I am hoping to get some Elderflowers if the weather is dry enough.

I have just seen this evening's weather forecast for the week and it should get warmer as the week progresses. { Thankfully}.  

We haven't had much of a summer so far so I am hoping we have a nice warm September for a change.

Tomorrow I also have some apples to peel that I managed to get quite cheaply.  The skins are none too brilliant but the apple itself will be okay pureed to use as apple sauce or in an Eve's pudding or individual apple pies.  I also have the herbs to start in the morning.  There is always something that needs doing

Right am off up to bed

Catch you all tomorrow



What did we have for tea tonight

Something lovely (well I think it is) and a recipe I go back to time and time again.  It is so simple to make and an ideal dish for your OH to cook (even when they are not used to the kitchen) and it is cheap too.  What did I have Hawaain chicken .  Here is the recipe here (sorry no photos still cannot find the camera) but take it from me it is delicious and an ideal meal to have if you have friends come round to supper too.  Here is the link: together with the recipe.  On paper it sounds an odd combination but it really does work and is very tasty.

For afters we had English Strawberries a sprinkling of sugar and softly whipped double cream and it was scrummy.

Right now we have tea out the way I will go and see how my honey and sunflower bread is doing.

Catch you later



Inveterate Squirrel

Whilst I have been away and with all the rain we have had the herb garden such as it is has gone ballistic so much so that I am going to preserve some of nature's bounty in ice cubes for use during the winter months.  The spearmint has really  put on a lot of growth as has the sage and thyme and lemon balm and the chives, so later on when it is quieter I am going to forage some of these goodies away.  I also intend to start drying the sage in bunches again for use during winter as it is something I use an awful lot of.  Will post instructions later on as to what I am up to.

 We have roast pork for dinner tomorrow with hispi cabbage peas carrots and minted new potatoes and some roasties of potato, shallots, sweet potato and parsnip. I also intend to make a home made sage and onion stuffing too. I have picked up fresh English Strawberries for pudding for tonight and tomorrow just served with either Cornish ice cream or cream- umm yummy.  I think also some of these wonderful fruits will also find themselves in one preserve or another during the next few weeks and I think a visit to our local Pick Your Own farm might well be on  the cards too.  Hopefully I will be able to get cracking in the next few weeks or so. I am dreadfully behind with the Putdown this year but we will get there in the end.

I have also managed to pick up a load of cherry tomatoes one punnet of which will remain out for OH - the other two to be washed bagged and wrapped and popped in the deep freeze for use in a fry up during the winter months as it brings a touch of summer to a winter plate.  They can also be used in soups or sauces for pasta or whole in lasagne or in home made chilli .  I have also picked up some reduced peppers which are also headed for the freezer.  These are always worth freezing down if you see them reduced as they are useful in chicken dishes with pizza with stir fries in foccacia and of course if you don't have them to hand you are rather ham strung in the choices that you have recipe wise which is why I always aim to have a little bit of everything squirrelled away no matter what format it takes. I am well known amongst my friends for being a bit of a foodie and indeed recently at the group I belong to we were talking about totem animals and each of the group had to guess which our individual totem animal was;  they all declared I was a squirrel.  Which in truth I am!

The Elderflowers are out and I am hoping to get some Champagne, cordial and curd put down in the next few weeks.  The weather here today has been very blustery and a little bit variable although it has gone a tad chilly here at the moment.

Right am off to go and get on with some things will comeback later on once I have squirrelled a few more goodies away.

Have a good afternoon




Friday, 22 June 2012

I am home for now

Just a quick post for this evening I am home after being away looking after my mum for the week.  We had fun and games at the hospital this morning as they were taking her dressing off; it was a four layer dressing and it was well and truly stuck mum nearly passed out whilst they were taking it off (a problem that she has and which had not reared its head for a while - the appointment should have been half an hour to change the dressing we were in there an hour and a quarter.  It would appear that the graft is beginning to take.  We will see what happens in the weeks ahead as mum has been recalled to see the skin specialist within the next fortnight.  Fingers crossed toes plaited that everything is going to be alright or PMA Positive Mental Attitude.

I am back to work on Monday back into the fray; and I have  lot to do before then - OH is working all day tomorrow so will just be me Missy and the cats for tomorrow and I have a lot to do I think it will be an early start as I want to take advantage of what little time I have to get straight.

It chucked it down most of the night last night; I was wandering in the wee hours again could not settle and I am one to get up and have a wander and poke my nose out of the window.

It is very windy here at the moment.  I hope you are all safe snug and warm wherever you may be.

Catch up soon

Hugs to everyone



Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer Solstice

Solstice greetings to everyone.  The wheel has turned yet again another cog placed in the wheel of life. The year is creeping on and I feel slightly disconnected and out of sync. waiting for something although at this point not knowing what.

I was up early this morning just as dawn was starting to creep in; mother was fast asleep I was hoping to see the dawn in full glory but the sky was overcast here in Deeping; and I had managed to get up.  I chose to linger for a while and was just on my way back when mum stirred in her sleep just before 04.00 a.m.    I crawled back into bed and hugged the quilt and the sheet.  It was later that we got the torrential rain  around 07.00 a.m. good for the plants in the garden after the stifling heat of the past few days and it also means that I don't have to water up for mum tonight apart from the tomatoes in the greenhouse which are starting to form and already have the significant tomato aroma.  It was the middle of the afternoon before the sun managed to shine and it has been a muggy afternoon.  Mum has a beautiful big border of lavender and I am hoping it keeps dry tomorrow so that I can take some home with me.  I just love the scent of lavender on clean linen and I would quite like to have a go at making some lavender sachets as well as some lavender bottles (lavender stems interwoven with ribbon)

Mum has had a wander round the garden this evening; just a gentle stroll the first time she has been out in the garden since her operation last week.  We have the hospital clinic appointment tomorrow for them to check the dressing and to make sure that her leg is healing as well as it should do and that the graft has taken.  I am so glad that I took the week off to care for her as it has not been at all easy for her; not being able to hop!

It has been a good week where I have been able to care for my mum and spend quality time with her and just be.  It is a long time since I have not had to rush here there or everywhere and although slightly frustrating in one sense it has also done me an awful lot of good and mum says she has enjoyed the company.

On my parents' Ruby wedding anniversary I bought my parents a rose called "Ruby Wedding".  It has had a whole host of beautiful lovely scented red roses out in bloom and the scent tonight has been delightful.  I love Roses.

Right I am off to make a cuppa

Catch you soon

Take care and Solstice Greetings

With love and light



Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hello Everyone

Hello Ladies and Gentleman

This is the first time that I have had internet access since being at mum's.  Mum is doing well considering although finding it difficult to sit as the Doctor has ordered doing absolutely zilch with her leg raised on a stool.  She has been quite uncomfortable and sore bless her.  She is starting to improve; It has been nice to spend some quality time with her for a change, although I wish it was under slightly different circumstances.  I have been taking advantage of her skills in the frugality department and also the crafts department so have made the use of my time away with her.  I have managed to finish the blue and white throw that I started a little while ago, which is for her to throw over her legs to keep her warm whilst she is sitting.(think she is quietly chuffed with this)  I have also been driving her mad with me learning to knit a baby's jumper.  I am more used to hooking (crotchet) than knitting and so far it has been a strong learning curve from my point of view but I am getting there.  My step daughter is due a little boy at the end of September/October  and I have three or four friends who are having babies a little later on so I am endeavouring to knit a little something for each of them.    Photos will follow on later on in the year after everyone has received their little something as I think it will be that little bit more personal and from the heart.  [There is nothing more wonderful to celebrate than that of new life.  Sadly I end up being aunty or looking after other people's children] So two out of four items I brought with me (part of the UFO collection) are done or on the way to completion - it will be nice to reclaim the drawer in which they usually reside and I intend to get all the UFO's completed in due course.  There are of course lots of things I want to have a go at but I am sticking firm on getting the UFO's finished before I start anything new for myself.

Its been a beautiful day here in Deeping today (and I have loved being back in the village where I grew up although I haven't been out and about much) we have spent most of the day in the conservatory it has been warm and it has been a lovely evening too.  I have watered up the garden for mum from the water butt at the back of the shed and the tomato plants in the greenhouse three of which are designated to come home with me.  I love home grown tomatoes don't think you can beat them.

Right I have to go and get mum settled; its still light here, but then we have longest day this week on Thursday and then from thereon after the light starts gradually to diminish.  

I hope to catch up again at the weekend

Until then take care, keep safe with love and light



Thursday, 14 June 2012

absence makes the heart grow fonder

Well I hope it does; I am at Mother's looking after her.  If I get chance to post I will hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly, but if not please bear with me.

Catch up soon



Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Things have been a tad hectic here this morning with trying to get OH to work despite a madly prancing Jack Russell barking excitedly and showing her displeasure at him leaving. in between me getting his shirt ironed etc and just being Missy.; full of fun and always laughing she is always grinning a happy little dog who just wants to play.

Peace is reigning now she is cuddled up on the settee with me pretending to be asleep.

Now its down to me with the mundane nd the routine to get myself sorted and then to wend my merry way to work, the last day until the 25 June 2012.  I am just sipping a cup of tea and savouring the quiteness of the morning now that peace has been restored.  I like peace and quiet in th morning just to come too gracefully.  I am uneasy at the moment, can't quite put my finger on it but we will see what we will see.

The sun is out so it bodes well for a nicer day.; a new day to explore and discover new situations new people all new situations to be discovered and experienced.  The blue touch paper has been lit, the wheel has turned another notch to take us to the next stage.

Right  a further cup of tea is required and pill time;  all these words so early are making me thirsty

Catch everyone later on



Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Another day

Its a bit overcast here this morning; but at least it is not raining although it is still damp.  |I know the moisture does the plants good but I tend to seize up when it is damp and have problems moving about with ease.  Although overcast it is bright  I am hopeful of a better day all round.

Pills seem to have worked for OH; he had them just gone 8 p.m. and was a jibbering fast asleep heap when I popped up to check he was okay.  He cannot remember me going in or the convesrtation I had with him - now I could really be mischievious here and tell him that he had promised this that or the other and I really could have pulled his leg.  However I was just grateful that he got some sleep.  He feels a lot better and looks a lot better this morning.  Its me that woke up at 5 a.m. again I hope this is not going to become a habit.
Not a good one as I could be getting some serious sleep.

I am hopefully meeting my friend Debs today for lunch' a trip to our local hostelry for a catch up and a good chin wag; some girly time which is often not available to me,  Debs is a warts n all friend she has seen me at my best and at my worst and is a life long friend.  

As I have naturally nearly always been a loner, I find it difficult with certain people to relax - and as a result as a youngster did not have many friends although those I had were good ones.  It is only in later life that I have found a really good bunch of friends and they are important to me and I don't like to lose them.  Even friends I have made here via my blog are important to me and I am a firm believer that people come into each others lives for a reason or a season and I thank you for your kindness, compassion and love which when I am having a bad day gives me the courage to keep moving on.  Things freak me out at times and I  become a bit of an ostrich sticking my head in the proverbial sand;  we all have to deal with things in our own way and I  usually do after the panic has settled and I can deal with things much more on my own terms.  It is a coping mechanism and we all have those and all have our own individual coping strategies

Right better get ready for work now and get some breakfast.

I hope you al have a loving rewarding day wherever you may be

And remember you are only a heartbeat away from your nearest and dearest never mind if there are miles and miles between you; your heartsong dances to its own particular beat.

Love to everyone



Monday, 11 June 2012

brrgh its chilly

Its normally flaming June  (No not my mother in high dudgeon) Its been a cold wet damp day which started really early for me 5.00 a.m. as OH could not sleep and wanted to talk; he has been having difficulty sleeping through the night only perhaps getting an hour or there and then waking up and not being able to get back to sleep.  It was decided that he would go to the Doctors just to be on the safe side- and he has been given a short term presciption of sleeping tablets to see if it will kick start some good sleeping habits for him - he is near enough out for the count now so have left him to get some decent shut eye.

Just after posting this morning Demetri turned up tired, wet but all bushy tailed and wanted some grub; he has been in and out since but I think he is hunkered down in the dining room at the moment just pleased to have some company and stay in the warm.  At least he is safe.

Have had a busy day at work non stop, but that is par for the course these days and my hands hurt; I hurt so I don't think it will be long before I am up and away to bed with the hot water bottle, the warmth might help take some of the ache out of my bones.

We had a nice tea tonight cooked in another piece of equipment that I have had for some time the cheapie version of the big lean mean machine but it did the job very nicely cooked onion chestnut mushrooms rib eye steak and then did new potatoes, spring cabbage, carrot, broccoli for tea and it was very tasty went down a treat.

I was hoping to do a bit more in the house but decided would take a rest and then get stuck in again tomorrow.  So I am off to bed perchance to dream  and get some shuteye.

Take care keep well and safe wherever you are

Catch up soon


Rain Rain Go away

Its raining again as a suspected from the soft drizzle of last evening it is now gaining momentum as the tap tatppety tap of the rain landing on a hard surgace becomes more rythmic and noiser; traffic is going through puddles and you can hear the hiss and the roar in the house despite the double glaxing.

Night has moved into day - another busy day ahead = we have members of staff returning from holiday and others starting their leave.  I have three days to get through before going to my mum's.  Bless her heart has her operation on the Thursday and her birthday on the Friday; shall have to make a  fuss of her.

Must get ready for work now - hopefully the rain will not last too long.

Demetri still has not put in an appearance - willo have to see if he turns up.

Take care wherever you may be and I hope you have a good day



Sunday, 10 June 2012

Night all

Here in Peterborough it is raining again;  we haven't got the hooley just gentle rain falling in the dark velvet of the night; just gently falling - I suppose it is best overnight but I have a feeling we may have rain again in the morning. I hope not as I have to walk to work just hope I can find a brolly.

 I am waiting for a loaf of bread to finish for OH's pack up for tomorrow it seems to be coming up well and will probably be done just past midnight.  Demetri is still not in and is nowhere to be seen; I shall leave the window on the latch for him to come and go if he wants leaving biscuits and water down for him although I am slighly concerned I have not seen him as he usually pops in for a fuss at least.

I have sorted through a pile of socks to pair up and put away and have a pile that have no partner; not just one or two a whole stack of them.   I just don't know where they get to I think the washing machine has a gremlin that gobbles them up.

I have my hair to wash before I go to bed as well which should not take too long; I always let it dry naturally.

Think we are going to have chicken done on the griddle for tea tomorrow night with some new potatoes peas and carrots which will be a quick tea so that I can get on tomorrow evening at long last I am starting to see the light with the tidying up.

Well I am off to check the bread, wash my hair and then pottle on up to bed.

I hope you all keep safe and well

Catch you soon



Sunday Roundup

Its been a busy day today after the pastie session earlier on today.  They were extremely tasty but next time I make them will add a wee bit more pepper.  

Since then I have been packing the clothes back into the walk in wardrobe the two 6 foot free standing pine wardrobes and the two double freestanding hanging rails.  I have also stripped the bed and put fresh bed linen on and also washed the nets and the windows and hoovered round the bedroom again.  I now have the undie drawers and the chest of drawers to sort out and re-pack so that everything can be found quite quickly.  Then once all that is done I have a plastic tub a large one that I now store the bedlinen in.  I am sadly missing my linen cupboard but I can't have it all ways although Ideally I would like both a large walk in wardrobe and a large linen closet; but not here.  Then all I have to do is polish again and then get the rugs down and we should have a completely done bedroom.  Thank goodness.  Lounge tomorrow when I get home from work.

Its been a bright fine day here today after the roughness of the past couple of days; the sun has been out and it has been quite mild although the wind is starting to get up again and it looks a bit black over Bill's mother's! I am getting a little concerned though as I haven't seen Demetri for about 24 hours - he didn't come in last night and we haven't seen hide nor hair of him all day.  No doubt he will turn up shortly.  Mind you I don't think its helping with Squeak standing guard by the bathroom window.  Holy terror.

We have had a scratch tea tonight; I had a joint but thought would give it a miss and ended up doing chicken chips beans and onion rings instead which went down quite nicely and it has meant I have been able to get on.

I have the radio on whilst I am pottering  and also doing a little research on the Internet on "green heating solar panels etc; it will all come in useful one day for my forever home!  Well there's no harm in plotting planning and looking into things or a little day dreaming (trouble is I never want to come back to reality).  Every so often I have a browse on the Internet to see what is available.  One day.

Anyway I am off to get on if I can pop back I will but still have quite a bit to do.

Hope you are all keeping well safe and sound 

Catch up soon



Pottering In the Kitchen -Pastry, Pasties and things

When I got up this morning the first thing I was greeted with was not good morning sweetheart are you okay but Trish will you make some pastry!  Did I miss something somwhere?  Ah well - as a result I have been kitchen bound  pottering for most of the morning - makes a change from the irnoning board.

As a result I made a load of shortcrust pastry earlier on as we got some skirt beef out of the freezer yesterday and were intending to make pasties then; however the skirt beef had other ideas as it did not properly defrost.  This time I am quite chuffed with the pastry as it has come up better than it has before but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. 

 I make very short pastry- just the way it comes up - my mum has told me that I make pastry like her mum did.  After my last attempt when it went far  too short and did not even make it to rollking out properly  I asked my mum what I had done wrong and it turned out as I was making it in the food processor that I had over worked it.  It only needs very little action which the three batches I have made all had.  

Whenever I make pastry it always falls apart when it comes to the rolling part; but this does not look too bad.  Never mind the upheaval to find the large pastry press and cutter (I have lots of kitchen equipment that I do not have storage for in the house as I only have a tiddly kitchen - couldn't swing a rat in it). but we got there in the end.  We have fourteen pasties out of the skirt beef we had available to us mixed with onion, carrot and potato - we did not have swede or turnip.  I made three batches of pastry - which was used up but there is still mixture left to probably make another two pasties.  If this lot turn out well come pay day I will be taking a trip to the butchers and getting more skirt beef and making some batches up for the freezer; as they are ideal as a snack on their own or incorporated into a main meal served with veggies and gravy.  They are cooking as we speak and the aroma smells lovely.

I have fingers crossed and toes plaited that they come up alright - think they will and if the pastry is up to scratch will think of doing some fruit ones i.e. raspberry and apple or strawberry and apple pasties which can be served as a pudding or used in a packup or a pic nic.

Once I return from my mum's I am going to have to set about seriously putting stuff up for the Putdown and the freezers.and for the pantry.  some serius work to come but then again you only get a return for putting some serious work in and I have never been one to shy away from hard work or take the easy option. 

May even involve a trip to a PYO farm we have one at Chesterton near Peterborough; but it may also involve a trip down to the coast in Norfolk - I seriously need to feel the sand between my toes and to have the inaugural paddle.  ah well we can only do what we can do.

Am off to see how those pasties are doing.

Catch you later




It has been a quiet day here today I have been busy with the ironing still have a bit to do; note to myself really must get in a routine with this.However I have been introspective my thoughts elsewhere remembering my father as it is four years since he passed. Four very hard long years.   What really distracted me today though was I heard a motorbike and thought it was him rolling up like he used to do when he was out and about for a ride just popping in for a coffee; for a moment my heart was in my mouth and then I realised that it was a friend a neighbour over the road and not my dad and then my heart sank for a different reason. 

He wouldn't want us to be morbid - which I haven't been just still remembering him for all the right reasons and in my own way.  I have spent most of the day on my own as OH is on his computer which leaves me to my own thoughts and ideas and an ever decreasing pile of ironing.

The wind has calmed down to what it was although it is a little chilly; will  not be long before I am up to bed -  think I will take the hot water bottle up again - and its another early start tomorrow.

This week my mum has her operation on Thursday so I will be away for a few days looking after her.  I will be taking my computer with me so that I will be able to post if and when I get a spare  moment.

Right am off upwards

Catch up tomorrow keep safe wherever you are



Saturday, 9 June 2012

Honest I just sat down for a cuppa

Honest I only just sat down for a cuppa and I was nabbed just like that.  Spare lap comfy seat I am grabbing some of that whilst she is sat down - she won't dare move once I am on there.  Squeak decided I was fair game, she hadn't had a cuddle for a day or so and was for that moment in time going to make the most of the fact that I was on my own with no other interference (i.e. Missy or Demetri being about).  So she sat on me and wouldn't budge.  When she want's something she can be quite persistent.

Anyway cuddle over (I wouldn't want her any other way) tea nearly drank and I am deciding what to do next.  I think I am going to get on with the ironing pile - it is slowly coming down but there is still a fair way to go.

It was really rough last night - I was starting to fret as Demetri had gone out and hadn't returned, but he came in at the last minute.  I then lost Squeak I thought she had escaped whilst I was getting Demetri in - but the little madam decided she was playing hide and seek under one of the clothes rails in the bedroom it hides her quite nicely (normally she responds when you call her - she thought it was great hoots mum running round calling and searching for her so why spoil the game!).

Its still blustery here in Peterborough this morning; still blowing a hooley - temperature has gone down quite a bit.

Hope everyone is safe and snug at home and if you have to go out please take care.

Right I am going to crack on.

Will pop back a little later on


Friday, 8 June 2012

Quick Pop In

I feel loads better than I did yesterday although the weather has been pretty miserable.  Its blowing a hooley out there and we have had rain again today ugh!

OH has not been too well today (not the same thing).

We had chicken stir fry for tea with noodles.  I was starving so it went down extremely well and was very tasty.

I am deep in the middle of a big pile of ironing at the moment (now the wardrobes are tidied out I thought it was about time I started to attack it and then get everything sorted and put away so that I can find things again.  I am watching a film at the moment which I haven't seen before "Mona Lisa Smile".  It is quite good and it is helping pass the time.  Once the ironing is done and put away I will start the lounge and get that all nice and tidy again - then that is the front of the house sorted.

Well I better get back to the smoothing board

Catch up soon I promise

Rowan -  I intend to have the hottie bottie again tonight too



Morning formm Blustery wet Peterborough

Morning everyone,

My early night did some good and I slept right through although I am still headachey this morning.  It is wet bustery and blowing a hooley this morning and I hope everyone is keeping safe.  Full Moon, spring tides, transit of Venus, all sliught variables that affect this weather of ours.  Its just I am getng fed up with the rain I could do with a little warmth in my bones again.  I got the hot water bottle out again last night and got myself cosy under the quilt and I am glad I did.  Just have to wait for this weather to blow out.

Just keep safe wherever you are and have a good day

I have to trot off to work now for another busy day

Love to everyone

Take care



Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sorry to disappoint

I am not feeling too well - I have a splitting headache and so I am off for an early night

Take care - especially to my friends in the South West (especially with the weather as it is) and to everyone else wherever you may be.

Nighty night



Is summer ever going to start

I am a bit down in the dumps today as we have rain again; so far it has been a very damp year and although we need the water it is getting me down a tad.  I just wish the warmer weather would put in an appearance soon.  We have had several urgent downpours today and the roads and drains have flooded out as the drains haven't been able to cope with the volume of water. I am so grateful that I did not have to walk home tonight.

It has been heavy going at work as I have attempted to have a go at a couple of things to do with work that have never had to do before.  It is a steep learning curve and although it seem to be one step forward two steps back; I am hoping that I will get there eventually.  Fingers crossed toes plaited!

The pancakes I had for breakfast (made two large ones with the mix I made up last night) were delicious and I served them with a fresh mandarin orange whizzed up in my kitchen whizzy thing and served it as a sauce.  I did not strain the sauce as it had mixed up well and after all we need some roughage in our diet.  But they were very tasty and I was able to concentrate better at work; I really needed to today thank goodness I had a good breakfast.

We have gammon and fried eggs for tea - not doing chips and then probably some fruit and cream for pudding.

Hopefully I will be back a little later depends how things go

Back soon



Kitchen Whizzy Thing helps with breakfast

For a little while now I have had a gadget in my kitchen which I call my Kitchen Whizzy thing; this is what I used to make the smoothie we had for breakfast yesterday; it comes with a couple of different sized blades a cross blade which is like the blade in the bottom of a Kenwood Chef liquidiser and a flat blade which supposedly is good for whipping cream.  Needless to say I got the wrong blade in the bottom of the whizzy thing but it still made a very rich thick creamy chocolate mousse which we had for tea on Tuesday evening. I shall post the recipe up later in the week.  The official name for the Kitchen Whizzy thing is the Amazing bullet and it is ideal for just doing bits and bobs for the two of us.

I have made another smoothie for tomorrow morning this time banana for OH.  I am having strawberry again as although I love bananas I have a food sensitivity to them which causes a lot of discomfort.  so its best to steer clear of them.  I have also made the batter mix for pancakes for a quick breakfast - I have a new frying pan so hopefully they will not stick. I have just used a standard batter mix i.e. eggs, milk and a little sugar.

Will let you know how this turns out tonight, but at least this way round I am trying to make sure that we are not starving; and that our blood sugar levels don't dip dramatically.

Well that's breakfast sorted ..  Tomorrow I quite fancy Waffles.

Catch up soon and hope you have a lovely day.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Late on Parade

Its been a hectic day today - I have only been home a little while as I was out at the monthly meeting of the Pyschic and Spiratual Fellowship.  It was a very good meeting with our guest speaker this month being Moira Hibbert a Minister with the SNU It is always a delight to see Moira work as she really is tenacious and likes to give all spirit a voice.

Since being in I have finished off the bread loaf that I started before I went out; I hardly had chance to grab more than a sandwich for tea before having to disappear out. I have also ironed OH's clobber for work tomorrow; the bread is primarily for his pack up.  I have also prepared a batter mix for pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.  Its another early start with me having to walk in again,, but that is par for the course at the moment.  Monday coming because of the shift OH is working I will have to walk in and walk home but on a positive note the exercise will do me good.  Tomorrow night will be time to play catch up with a few things and contacting people I have been meaning to get in touch with for a while, but I intend to sit and ring tomorrow.  I have a lot to do this weekend in readiness for me going away to look after my mum.  

Would like to say Hi to some new faces; its always nice to welcome new followers.

Right must wriggle off as I am tired and need some sleep and its another early start in the morning.  Am going to go up and cuddle under the quilt.

Catch up with you soon I promise



From Proving Bread to making Home Made Pizza

Last evening I went for a little wander again on the Internet as you do when you have a few minutes just looking and having  a mosey.   Well that was after I had put on a loaf of bread for general use as we are well and truly out of bread.  Anyway back to the Internet.  There seems to be a bread or associated bread product theme developing here.

I am always amazed at the ingenuity of people trying to solve a problem with whatever project  or task they have in mind as in the home made bread proving box referred to in my earlier post

Equally I thought a heat pad was to apply pressure and heat to a physical injury - I have never thought of using it to prove my bread but it is an original solution to a direct problem.

Where did I find this little gem, by surfing the Internet a week to ten days ago and I came upon this site whilse I was cruising through Pinterest.  The bread looks really good.

Its a method I may also look into further and I think I could use it with my wine making as well.  I try and get as many uses as I can out of  a piece of equipment and am always open to investigate a different take on things or a different view; if it is a practical skill and it works for me I end up popping it into my repertoirre.

However, the next Item I could have done with last night to cook my pizza on. (I used baking trays)  What a cheap alternative to cooking pizza in the oven.  I really like this one and think I may pop into the tile shop for a couple of very large unglazed tiles.

Oh well better late than never

The sun has really got its hat on today it is a bright sunny morning and it looks at the moment like its going to be a lovely day.

I have done strawberry smoothies as part of our breakfast for this morning and am hoping to do pancakes and waffles sometime during the week.  Umm bluebery pancakes scrummy

Hope you all have a lovely day whatever you get up to

Catch up soon



Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Last call for today

Well I got three medium sized pizzas for tonights tea out of the mix; after all that I could only eat one half of mine as I was stuffed (unfortunately I don't have a very big appetite these days) so OH finished it off for me.  They were very tasty.  The bonus is that we have cold pizza for lunchboxes tomorrow with some salad.  Not sure what we are going to have for tomorrow nights tea - shall have a think on that one.  I am out tomorrow night so I will need something nice and quick.  We had home made chocolate mousse for pudding as well.  I still cannot locate my camera - so am unable to give you photos but it was very yummy.  OH liked the pizza and the pudding

I like it when I am in the mood to cook  and also get to play trouble is when I get into the swing of things time seems to pass really quickly and I end up running out of time.  Pity I have to work.  I could have so much more play time.

Right have to get ready for tomorrow

Catch up soon



Pizza for tea

After brilliant sunshine this morning, we have had rain and now it has gone dull again and a little chilly.  I am holding fast to not putting the heating on so am wrapped up in layers to keep myself warm.  

It was full moon last night and as is so often the case because of the position of the house I don't often get to see her unless I go out specifically into the street to see her which I did last night..  It was a beautiful full moon and not a cloud in sight bringing to a conclusion yet another cycle.  I just wish I was in the countryside where there is less light pollution to see her fully in her glory like down in Cornwall or up in Scotland.

Well the bedroom is nearly done well and truly bottomed out.  I am back to work again tomorrow; and as I did not feel like doing too much for tea this evening we are having home made pizza and being as I have quite a few ingredients in it makes perfect sense to make use of what I have.  I posted about pizza a little while ago here:

But this time round I am going to split the dough into three make two circle pizzas and finish the last piece of dough off in an oblong baking tin; each pizza will be decorated individually but the tray pizza is for OH and myself to take in the lunch box with a bit of salad.  So for a little dough you can make it stretch quite a way.

The dough is busy in the bread machine as we speak and then once it has proved for a little while it will be ready for tea.  I have some onions frying in butter and a little oil as well - just to add a little more flavour.  Plus there are a couple of different types of salami some mozzarella, cheddar, pepper, tomato passata  pineapple,  anchovies, rocket, goats cheese chives, and some herbs out of the garden plus my home made basil oil.  Hopefully it should be very tasty served with some salad and home cured pickles ( have beetroot pickled onions and chutney to hand).  I am getting hungry just thinking about this.

Right have to get on

Catch up later on



P.S.  I am getting hungrier by the minute I have just processed a tin of plum tomatoes in the liquidiser and put it on the heat to thicken it up as a base for the pizza.  The onions are nice and golden brown and so far it is tasting very good.  Pizza is another good way of using up what you have to hand in the fridge.  I think with the tomato sauce and bits that we have left over that we could be having pasta of somekind for tea tomorrow night as well.


Lovely morning here

Its a lovely morning here in Peterborough sun is shining and as usual I have loads to do but hey its only the depth that varies with me.

Last night's recycling expedition did not work out too badly; I have two cotton shirts OH does not want anymore so it is a start and I have some navy, black and white cotton tea shirt fabric that is destined to be recycled into yarn.  The polo shirts I was particularly looking for in respect of doing  clippie style rug - OH had already disposed of them so I kind of dipped out there, but hey never mind its a start and can be added to very gradually and then re-purposed and used to make a mat of one description or the other; and now I know what I am looking for I can keep my eye out for very little cost apart from time and effort..  The thing is I start off one one craft and end up with it developing a mind of its own and taking me in a slightly different direction.  The scrap bag is becoming more valuable by the minute as it is rich in potential.

I have managed to get all the clothes in the wardrobe as well which is a bonus and now have an excess of coat hangers to fill with the pile of ironing I have waiting for me but at least they are now not "airing" round the house and it has freed up the doorways again.

Right I am off to clean the windows, wash the nets and  clean the carpet and let some of that fresh air in.

Will pop back later on

Have a lovely day wherever you may be



Monday, 4 June 2012

Recycling on my mind

Its been a busy day and it hasn't finished yet.  The weather after bright sunshine this morning has been very variable one minute sun the next black clouds and rain.  I was hoping to get elderflowers this weekend but that will have to wait until the forthcoming weekend.  I am determined to make at least a couple of batches of elderflower champagne this year.  I have located quite a few missing bottles - they were not where they were supposed to be, but at least I have found them.

We have had an early tea tonight home made chips, scampi, baked beans and onion rings served with bread and butter,  It went down very well.

I have a short meeting with OH in a few minutes as we have a date with his wardrobe i.e. sorting out what is good and what can go to the rag bag.  I daren't tell him I have designs on his outcasts in an effort to recycle old clothes into something that will be useful in the house.  Cotton tea shirts are going to be re-cycled this way:

I have in mind either a knitted or woven rag rug of some description or another

If he has any brightly old polo shirts like in red white and blue colours I would quite like to have a go at another kind of rug I have stripes in mind.

I think that would look quite nice in the computer/craft room.

I quite like the look of these ones which are worked and woven on a loom

And if he has any shirts that no longer fit him they are going towards a patchwork quilt; Froogs of Frugal Queen gives some lovely tutorials on how to reclaim valuable fabric.

And I have been inspired by her practical hands on no fuss approach.  Patchwork has always frightened me but it something that I want to get to grips with.

So am off to the wardrobe to see what I can recycle

Catch you all later




Good morning.  It would be nice just once to be able to come too peacefully in my own time without a Jack Russell landing on me desperate for fuss and determined to get me up playing bouncy bouncy everywhere and not being too gentle with where her paws land!   Its a lovely day here in Peterborough the sun has his hat on and there is no rain.  It has rained again all night, but it is so nice to see the sun again.  I didn't put the heating on last night even though it went really cold I just threw another quilt on the bed as I don't do cold very well and its always lovely to cosy on under a quilt  so comfy.

Demetri escaped again last night.  Not the most fortuitous night to escape; I left the window open for him but it would appear that he did not come in until about 6 am.  When I got up he was on his blanket under the table and looked a pretty sorry sight - completely knackered desperately trying to get some shut eye and there was us lot roving around disturbing his beauty sleep.  He has given up has joined us in the front room although he is distinctly bleary eyed; not a good day for Squeak and Demetri to have a hissy fit and start scrapping which happens every so occasionally usually due to madam being a bossy boots trying to dictate where he will and will not go after all she was here first!

Right must get a wriggle on today have a lot to do and very little time to get it done in.

I will return later on as I have an appointment with the bedroom - catch you later

Have a good one where you may be and whatever you may be up to



Sunday, 3 June 2012

Rust and Bread Provers/Proofers

After I posted last night I was busy minding my own business, pottering on the internet and listening to the TV. [ I have started a baby jumper and done the rib, so it will be a case of pick it up put it down until it is finished every time I get a few minutes to spare. I am not renowned for my knitting skills; its not that I can't knit I just tend to really end up momentum as it doesn't grow as quickly as crotchet.] All of a sudden a very wet cat came charging in (Demetri) and howling for his supper.  Up until then I had no idea that it was raining he was drenched poor little chap.  I soon got him sorted out and snuggled down for the night.

It then rained all night; and its done nothing but rain again all day today if I stand still too long I will end up going rusty.  Needless to say it hasn't stopped me pottering about doing a bit here and there although I have slightly deviated on what I had planned.

Its been a caravan day and caravan days are usually wet days where you can do no more than listen to the radio,  watch the t.v. (or listen as is so often the case with  myself) read a book pick up a bit of craft work trawl the internet;  That is what I have been doing trawling the internet. 

I started with a regular little blog that I read run by Moontide at  Go on check him out it is a charming little blog and he is heavily into bread making and a keen advocate of sourdough.  Moontide shares his "mistakes" as well as his successes.  What really got me excited though is that he has made himself a dough proofing box for raising the dough.  I hadn't come across this before and decided to investigate this further as the concept is something that I really need as I have nowhere warm in the house now that we do not have  an airing cupboard.  Years ago we used to have a proving drawer in my cookers but these have for the best part gone out of fashion although I see on one or two cookers they are making a comeback.  A very handy bit of kit.

First I went looking for instructions on how to make one myself; I came up with the following links if they are of any use to you. 

There were surprisingly not man links and one of them took me on to a commercial Proofer available from Brod and Taylor    They are only available in USA and Canada at present, but what I thought was helpful is that there are videos showing how it is used (they put water into the proofer to stop dryness its worth having a nosey at this. 

I then emailed  the company asking if they shipped these over and how much etc. and the owner came back to me himself indicating that Lakeland are going to be stocking this item a 240 volt version from October/November 2012. I haven't contacted Lakeland about this but this is something to look out for and whether I actually end up with one depends very much on the price of the unit, but it strikes me as being very well thought out and compact despite its size/ or whether I have a go at making my own.  Best of all though the chap who owns the company Michael Taylor makes sourdough bread himself.

I had last week come across an American blog where the owner left her bread to rise in a couple of bread pans on a heat pad  and the bread was only covered over by a tea towel but had risen really well.  I liked the lateral  cross thinking on this  one as well.  It may well be useful for my wine making in due course.  Will have to look into that one further.

 I then went on to You Tube and there are four tutorials for a sourdough bread on there using this proofer. Here  

 There is also a tutorial on how to make yogurt 

n bulk with this gadget 

 Interestingly the presenter added a little extra yeast to the sourdough base (she indicated to ensure that if you were unsure as to the volatility of the starter this would ensure a good result.

This has made me even more determined  to have a go at the sourdough bread - I am itching to have a go but that is going to be put aside until I can really play and get to grips with things.

I hope I have given you some food for thought

I am off to make myself a cup of tea and to get a few more clothes stashed in the wardrobe.

Catch you all soon



Saturday, 2 June 2012

Its been a busy day

No peace for the wicked (although I am not quite sure what I have or haven't done!)  I am trying to make the best time and use of the time I have to get the house nice and tidy prior to me disappearing to my mum's to look after her Removing furniture and items from my bedroom - I am in the process of having a major bottom out;  Curtains are going to be washed tomorrow and re-hung - the carpet is going to be cleaned and the wardrobes and chests of drawers  polished with beeswax and then sorted and any suitable items being put aside for the local charity shop.  I am also going to go through OH's wardrobe and sort out those items he does not want any more.  I am hoping that there are some shirts he doesn't want anymore that I can re-utilise in the patchwork bag and hopefully make a good start to a quilt (am thinking jelly roll here).  I have also located a small tray embroidered tray cloth which I am going to turn into some lavender sachets I have already decided that some UFOs are going with me to my mum's so that I can take advantage of the quiet times when I am  not pottering about doing housework or looking after her and it would be nice to get some of these projects done and dusted and out of the way.  I think I shall take one of my blankets with me as well as I can always make use of just a few minutes spare as it is easily picked up and put down again.  Well that's the plan anyway.

Its been grey and chilly here today but I am determined that the heating is not going on unless it has to; I have kept a couple of the windows open to let the fresh air in and to freshen up the house.  I have popped on a very thick sweatshirt with a "wicked willy" logo on it.  I have had it about 8 years and it is still going strong. One of my housework sweatshirts which is snug and cosy..

I also have to get a wriggle on and get some baby sewing, knitting and crotchet done.  My step-daughter is due her second child at the end of September [another little boy] (that's if she goes full term) and two of the ladies I work with are also expecting  within a couple of days of each other I believe they are due October/November time .  I have found some wool and a pattern now I have to find the knitting needles.  They will turn up; I have three to do to start with and if I get time I may well set about making a blanket or shawl each.  Will have to see how the time will pan out.

Once the bedroom is sorted will sort the stairway and give that a good scrubbing out too and then on to the lounge - that will probably be Monday at the rate I seem to be going at the moment.

We have had a lovely tea tonight rib eye steak onion rings, home made chips and fried mushrooms served with bread and button and horseradish sauce.  Very tasty it was too.

For dinner tomorrow we are having minted lamb chops instead of a joint for a change slowly cooked under foil with a little water for about an hour and then served with seasonal veggies.

Have been watching the Voice this evening and I am well chuffed that Leanne has won it

Catch up soon



Good Morning (or should I rename this Faith, Hope and Charity)

It is a dull grey chilly Saturday morning here in Peterborough a distinct change from the lovely weather we have had during the week and the intermittent rain.  I don 't really do grey - it is a nothing sort of colour it tends to get me down (there was grey wallpaper in this house when we moved in which has been replaced with bright pinks yellows and golds, whites lilac and purple and pinks and greens - as I love colour) but it does play its part as it helps blend all those other colours we have in our lives it fills any nook and cranny and helps hold the bigger picture in place in this rich mixture of our sometimes simple sometimes very complicated lives.

The bigger picture  - what does that mean it is something often that we know is there, but it does not always become clear or reveal itself easily  as it is made up of lots of little bits that independently don't mean much but when blended together well it can create something fantastic.  We are all works in progress.  Its like us really; we are all the sum of our parts made up of lots of little bits of experience, emotion and physical bits and bobs ooh and timing we must not forget timing; that can blend everything together superbly if everything is in its place.

Sorry for being so profound so early in the day, but change is on its way again I feel it most distinctly and yet have no idea of the route or where it is taking me as an individual or the places it is taking me to; it is just evolving with each footstep forward.

I cannot explain  my inner feeling but its as if I am waiting for something to all come together a series of events, certain people, certain opportunities - its as though I can feel them see them cannot touch but I just know something intangible is there I can feel it and I can smell it - the wheel will turn in a few weeks again another notch in the cog; perhaps all will be revealed then or maybe not.I feel as though I am in  constant waiting I do not know what for but I will recognise and know it when it happens; Its as though I am a sentinel waiting for a gate to open. 

Patience is a watchword here something I have not learnt easily over the years and still from time to time I have episodes of great impatience.  Everything will be revealed when the timing is right  and everything is in its place. Faith gives rise to hope - and when there is hope there is always a new horizon and something to look forward to something to reach for.  The one thing we should never forget is charity and kindness - they often oil the wheels of difficult situations and make everything more bearable and I think charity and kindness are conditions of the heart where we give something of ourselves which is unconditional to others; but given freely.  What greater love can there be.  We cannot help seeing good in others (even when it is not easily apparent but it is there) or how we love, and who we love - that is a peculiarly human condition but it tells us that we are alive.  Thank goodness for little mercies. Unconditional love is the purest kind of love usually meaning that you do not seek to change a person but you accept them for who they are and love them warts n all even when they make mistakes; you have to make mistakes to truly learn.  An experience which people often put a negative edge on but which really is a positive experience as it helps you learn new things.

It will soon be midsummer's day again 21 June we are half way through the year but the season still feels out of kilter; perhaps it is the long winter, then the incessant rain and then being told that we are in drout conditions but things don't seem as they normally are at this time of year.  The day when the light starts to wane again ever so gently and seasons change with subtlety and grace.  I am waiting for an explosion of colour later on in the year when harvest time comes once again and in the interim I am trying to deal with each day one day at a time and with grace.

Catch up soon

Love to everyone



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)