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Pottering after work

An Award

Sunday Roundup

Quote for the Day

Foraging through my books

Walking Missy

Saturday night roundup

What did we have for tea tonight

Inveterate Squirrel

I am home for now

Summer Solstice

Hello Everyone

absence makes the heart grow fonder


Another day

brrgh its chilly

Rain Rain Go away

Night all

Sunday Roundup

Pottering In the Kitchen -Pastry, Pasties and things


Honest I just sat down for a cuppa

Quick Pop In

Morning formm Blustery wet Peterborough

Sorry to disappoint

Is summer ever going to start

Kitchen Whizzy Thing helps with breakfast

Late on Parade

From Proving Bread to making Home Made Pizza

Last call for today

Pizza for tea

Lovely morning here

Recycling on my mind


Rust and Bread Provers/Proofers

Its been a busy day

Good Morning (or should I rename this Faith, Hope and Charity)