Sunday, 27 October 2019

Busy Day

I have had a lovely day it has been super.  I also managed to find the photos OH took for me of the socks and have updated the post accordingly.

I managed to find a few more terracotta herb and spice pots.  I had originally found some at a car boot and had had them for quite a while and today I found some more to add to them and contrary to my initial belief I don't have a duplicate of any of them.  So am quite pleased with that little find for £3.  I found a herb and spice book and that was it.  A relatively good day with little spent. I saw loads of lovely stuff and there were a couple of items that I would have liked but I am holding off at the moment.  We will see what we will see.

The river in Stamford and indeed in Peterborough is near the top of the banks we have had that much rain.

I am on earlies again this week so it is going to be a particularly long week at work and I need to go shopping tomorrow.

Tea was lovely roast belly pork with stuffing, calabrese, kale, cauliflower, carrots, peas and roast potatoes and shallot and mashed potatoes went down a treat and there is plenty left for tomorrow night.

Tuesday night's tea will be stew.

So since I got in have been quite busy getting stuff ready for tomorrow, doing the washing and the ironing etc.  Seem to have less and less time for doing anything at the moment.  It will sort. We have also had the heating on and it has been lovely and warm it is cold out tonight.

Catch you soon.



Saturday, 26 October 2019

Dirty Day

It has been a dirty day here in Peterborough today.  It has not stopped raining and the temperature has dipped quite markedly.  A desperately orrible day.  Proper autumn weather.

Plus tonight we put the clocks back an hour!

I have been at work today and am now quite tired out - hence me not tackling the knitting tonight.  However it has been a productive day at work and I have been with a good bunch of fellow workers.  Six weeks ago I did not think that I would ever be where I am now with the work as there has been so much to take in.  However six weeks later on and I am further along the line although there is still a heck of learning to do and things constantly change on a day by day basis.

There seems to be all sorts of learning on all kind of fronts and some of it is a bit in your face for the normally cautious me, and in some cases I am learning to leap right in and have a go - contrary alien to my normal way of dealing with things.  So it is a learning curve on many different levels which is worrying me in some respects but I am going with it and trying not to prevaricate because things are moving faster than I am used to.  In the longer term I think it will do me good.

On Friday when we went to our Butcher to get chipolatas (which he did not have in any event and we ended up with sausages) we ended up buying a small belly pork joint with stuffing in and that is what we are having for dinner tomorrow together with mashed potatoes, roasted pumpkin, parsnip, shredded cabbage, cauliflower cheese, peas and carrots.

Yesterday I also bought a bag of shallots (I have more on the way for next week), my pumpkins, and maybe some more next week, onions, cooking apples (some for mincemeat) and some for bottled apples - will get more of these next week as well.  So there is quite a bit of movement going on in the kitchen as well.  I also need to make some of Pam Corbin's Souper mix for the pantry as well.  I also need cucumber, red cabbage and beetroot.

We had intended yesterday to sort the shed out and get it re-roofed.  Unfortunately it has done nothing but steam it down with rain for the past couple of days and so that has been potentially put off until next Saturday.  Hopefully it will be fine then as I need to get the freezers sorted out and the shed tidied and sorted out so that I can find everything.
As we are shopping from work on Monday, I am also when I get back from going out with my friend tomorrow going to put on a big stew which will hopefully see us good for two meals in the week.

Right must go have stuff to get ready for me going out tomorrow.  When I get home tomorrow I have to strip the fridge out and clean it in readiness for filling the fridge on Monday night.

Catch you soon.



Two Stitches forward Ten Rows back

My mother was a beautiful needlewoman; a perfectionist who always produced beautiful work especially with hand knitted garments and she produced some beautiful Aram garments for nearly every member of the family.  She always had something on the needles. However she lost patience with me and knitting.  I am a slow learner, I have to get it in my noodle and re-arrange the furniture upstairs so I understand what I am doing and my parameters before I am able to do anything successfully.  Sometimes things are painfully slow.  However life itself is a learning curve so why not a little bit more for my plate than buying a knitting kit.

Most of you long term readers will know by now that knitting is one of my nemesis; it is not that I cannot knit, its I become bored with things and much prefer crochet which grows a lot more quickly.  However that aside, I have always wanted to knit myself a pair of socks not just any pair of socks though a pair of socks with cables in them.  Therein itself lays another story.  I have never cabled in my life before.

Yesterday we paid a flying visit to Aldi to get something to eat - not a full shop but just bits and bobs.  The full shop is scheduled for Monday night after work.

Well I found something that fitted the bill perfectly.  This little kit for £3.99.  OH volunteered to buy me it - he bless him thought that it was a completed paid of socks he was buy and he was therefore a little surprised when the knitting needles came out last night.

This is the kit I found.  I must say that as a beginner kit it is quite the value for money. They had gloves also.  Indeed, I am thinking of buying my step-daughter and my daughter-in-law a kit each as part of their Christmas pressie and then giving them a lesson each.  Thought it might bond us a bit more.  Especially as both girls love to craft and my step-daughter has requested some assistance with crafting.

I just loved these as soon as I saw them.  Are they not a pretty pair of socks.  There is three balls of wool in the pack, a pair of needles, which are lovely to work with.  

In any event, when I came back home last night I was completely knackered and decided to start on the kit.  I pulled it down five times and re-knitted it up.  I got as far as the first part of the cabling and looking at the pattern I was three stitches adrift - I know I counted them up and worked it out from the pattern.  It was only when I turned over to the stitch glossary that I found the three stitches, in essence after bringing 3 stitches forward on the cable hook you then knit another three stitches then "twist" the needles on the cabling needle and knit them afterwards.  That was not apparent from the pattern but I eventually worked it out after reading the glossary.  Then there was no stopping me and I knitted up six repeats of the cabling pattern, got to the first part of the heel turning completed and I realised I had gone wrong.  I actually needed seven repeats of the cabling pattern.  I had gone wrong again.  I unfortunately am not good at unpicking my knitting when I have gone wrong.  So quite a bit of it has been pulled down and I am going to have a look probably one night during the week if not tomorrow to see whether I can pick up and then insert the missing cable repeat. Otherwise I might have to pull it right down and start it again. I had really felt a sense of achievement as well in working out how to do the cabling and was feeling very chuffed with myself.  First time ever I have done this.  

However the bonus is that each time I knit it up it seems to be coming out that bit better, that is apart from the fact of my casting on.  No matter how I do it I am never quite satisfied with the result.  Do any of you have any tips on how to produce a nice neat cast on. I have tried the wool and one needle method and the two needle method but it always seems to come out a bit "gappy" no matter which method I employ and it makes the overall result look a little messy.  I do pull up each stitch in between as well, and I don't seem to get it tight enough.  My tension is usually quite good or am I being a tad too faddy.  Any tips would be gratefully received.

Unfortunately cannot show any photos as no camera still which has slightly saddened me as I would have loved to have shown my results.  

The wool inside my box was not the beautiful cornflower blue but like a dark green, still a lovely colour though.

So I am little by little facing my nemesis "knitting" and starting to work things out a little bit.  I am hoping to one day be able to knit socks on a regular basis and then use them for Christmas pressies as well.  My Nan always used to have socks on the go.  She used to make them for the men-folk in the family and my dad greatly valued them as they kept his feet so warm and comfy and as my tootsies are permanently cold these days it would be good to have a supply of cosy socks to wear day in day out.

Any help for this novice on the knitting front would be gratefully received.  I was hoping to take a photo of the pattern as well but that may have to wait.  I also thought that the knitting would help with keeping my hands supple, especially in this colder spell of weather we are having at the moment.

Catch you soon.



Updated with photos of pattern and my feeble attempts - but I got the cable bit right just the casting on.


Thursday, 24 October 2019

Christmas cooking

Will commence this weekend.  I intend to get some of the Christmas puddings out of the way and done with and also some of the Christmas cakes.  I have five cakes and five puddings to make. I had intended making them before. I love making things like this so it is never a chore.  I also intend to get some mincemeat on the go as well.  I am very behind on doing things due to one thing or another so now I really must get to grips and play catch up.  Mustard is also on the cards.

Some much needed therapy time in the kitchen is required cooking, preserving and dreaming.  Dreaming with a wooden spoon in my hand, gently stirring the contents of a simmering pan, being somewhat of an alchemist and turning fruit, vinegar and sugar or fruit and sugar into something tempting for the pantry shelf.

I was supposed to have been going out with a friend tomorrow night but it has been rearranged to another time.  Tomorrow I am at home as I have to work Saturday.  Tomorrow is my day off in lieu.  OH and I have a hot date with the shed.  It needs a new roof, and the whole shed needs stripping out and tidying.  The freezers need to be sorted too.  It will be work well done but there is a lot to do in there to bring it back up to scratch.  Once that is out the way I can get the freezers back on and then I can start stock-piling the freezers again which will be a good thing in the greater scheme of things.

Part of that includes freezing home made goods such as sausage rolls, mince pies, coconut cheesecakes etc. so that they can be frozen raw and cooked fresh as they are required.  Part of it will be for regular use but initially a lot of it will be required for the Christmas stash.

Once the shed is up and running properly again, I can then tackle the pantry and get that sorted out and painted out and ultimately re-stocked.

I also want to decorate the dining room out.  I am thinking an anaglypta style wallpaper and paint it in a very pale green. Thought that this colourway might be a good choice for this room as it is a perfect foil for Christmas decorations as well as other decorations during the year i.e. Easter, birthday celebrations, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  Especially with the pine furniture I have which does need stripping down. I do have my Country Diary Wallpaper but I am choosing not to use it here.  I think the anaglypta will be a more practical choice for this room.  Will see what happens.  I also need to sort out the fireside cupboard and also under the stairs as they both need decorating out as well.

We also have the loft to board out.  I suspect that will be the next job after the shed and freezers are sorted out as I need to get the Christmas decorations out of the way and safely out of the way.  Once they are sorted I can get stuck in elsewhere.  It will be good to restore some order to this household somewhere down the line but it is going to take an awful lot of hard work.

We intend going to the butchers tomorrow in any event to stock up on our favourite chipolatas.

Right am off to get tucked up and get warm under the quilt.  Someone who does not usually bother with my quilts is safely tucked up under it at the moment fast asleep and it looks as though I am going to have to wrangle it off of him!  This is from the person who cannot stand being warm.

Catch you soon.



Monday, 21 October 2019


I am looking forward to buying a couple of pumpkins at the end of the week.  One for making pumpkin marmalade.  This believe it or not is lush.  The other for freezing pumpkin for roasting with our Sunday dinners.  I usually prepare the pumpkin by stripping out the flesh and the seeds and removing the peel.  I then cut into pieces and blanch it quickly before draining well.  To cook it I bung it in with onions (usually shallots) but pickling onions will do just as well or even ordinary onion cut into wedges.  Putting onion in helps caramelise the juices and then makes the potatoes, or pumpkin or even sweet potato pieces go nice and brown and toasty.  

I am also considering canning some pumpkin as well as we do love pumpkin. I have never done this before so am a tad nervous.   They make very good eating.  I have also recently been coming across some cake recipes where the pumpkin flesh is used so it would be useful if I could "kill two birds with one stone" and make sure that I have a steady supply of ingredients to hand in the pantry.  However, I am also thinking soup.  Particularly this recipe here I am itching to try.

I also have a recipe for a chutney which I want to give a whirl as well.  

I am off on Friday when I am going to spend sometime with Geoff.  I will get my pumpkins then.

Right I am very tired tonight.  It has been an exceptionally busy day and I am shattered.  Early starts as usual and then later finishes.  Oh well it keeps me out of mischief.

Catch you soon.



Sunday, 20 October 2019

Out and about

In Stamford with my friend today. We went to the Antiques Centre at St Martins and we had lunch at No 14 St Mary's Hill.  See the link below.  We sat in the window and we had a very light lunch of salmon pate on toast served with sun dried tomatoes that were delicious.  Followed by a piece of cake each.  I love a pot of tea and this was a proper reasonably strong cuppa served in a little teapot with a tea diffuser in the top.

Could not fault lunch it was light but enough to satisfy you without feeling stuffed.  Just enough and oh so tasty.

It was cold when we went out and I had wrapped up in lots of layers.  We had gone to a small Vintage Fair at Stamford Arts Centre.  Not big but lots of lovely little stalls.  My friend bought me a little brooch of a cat looking through a window with a mouse sat outside of the window on the ledge.  A piece by Kenneth J Lane.

Whilst there I also stumbled upon some unusual preserve jars with clamps on them something like these but not quite the same.

These are not my images but I found this item for sale on Etsy.

I let my friend haggle for them.  She is an expert.  I bought six of these jars three with clamps three without for £1.00 apiece.  Didn't she do well!

Since getting home in the early afternoon, I have been look for some paperwork that seems to be evading me.  Last night I started clearing some stuff in my bedroom looking for it.  This afternoon it has led to some of the stuff in the dining room collapsing and I have had to sort that out but still have not located the paperwork.  It is late now and I still have not found it.  I have in the past hour managed to sort some loose Christmas glass baubles into a large tub for safety's sake.  I have a lot of precious ornaments which I do not want broken and I managed to break  a snow globe during the week which I was not happy about.  I will start again looking for the paperwork tomorrow night when I get in.

It was very cold again last night and I slung a big patchwork quilt on top of the bed.  That did the trick and warmed things up a bit.

I am waiting for a load of washing to finish so that it can then go into the dryer before getting myself snuggled down for the evening.  It is chilly again tonight.  Heating will go on next weekend.

Right had better get myself sorted for the morning.  I think it is another early start.

Catch you soon.



Saturday, 19 October 2019

Countdown to Christmas 2019 81 Days to Christmas - Sewing Practical Presents

I am thinking pinnies, aprons and bags.  Anything that can be crafted quickly.  However before I can start I have to really sort out the crafting room.  Another problem but I am going to get there.  There is a lot on the cards for me at the moment.  I am off this Friday for the day and intend to spend some time with G for once and hopefully get some stuff done in the house.  There are some things he might be able to assist me with and which he can get on with whilst I am sorting out other stuff.  

Anyway I digress I am sorting out patterns and things for stuff I want to do so that when I decide to steam ahead I can get on with stuff.

I found this cross over apron from Hobbycraft which I like the look of the finished apron.  It also gives you a freebie pattern to download together with a list of the bits and bobs and instructions to make the same.

Its not my picture but this is what it looks like.  You  need about 2 metres of fabric to make this.

I also like the tutorial for a more traditional pinny which is here

With the tutorial below

And for bags:

Well that will do to start with. I do not want to over complicate things.  Might be a good way of using up some scraps I have lurking in the cupboard with the Tote bag.

Right am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



The Great Escape and a Comedy of errors

I was out and about this morning with a friend and had a lovely catch up with her.  I have very much missed seeing my friends.

Since coming home I have been out and about and have bought a tray of eggs from the veg shop. I have ordered  my shallots and will see them at the end of the week to collect them.  Will also be going to get stocked up with fresh veggies and fruit. I had a chat with my friends at the shop and then come home.  

As I have opened the door with tray of eggs in hand, Molly was poised and ready for her escape which she did quickly taking me by surprise, so much so I dropped the tray of eggs . Fortunately I only broke four eggs; four eggs too many. I was furious with her as I was desperate to go to the loo as well (Molly is a house cat only who has not been spayed).  She was down the garden by the time I caught up with her and came to me moderately swiftly (whether that was down to the fact that I was waving a pouch of cat food in my hand or not I am not so sure of but she was swiftly captured and returned to the house where she has curled up again.  Little minx!

We have chicken for tea this evening which will go down very nicely.  I will make some soup tomorrow with the remains.  With it having gone so cold need something filling and warm to have to keep my internal central heating going.

Right had better get on a little more still lots to do am going to get stuck in again.

Catch you later.



Friday, 18 October 2019

Phew it has been a long week

………..and it is likely to be a busy weekend.  I am looking for certain paperwork and need to turn the house upside down looking for it.  That will not start until tomorrow afternoon as I am out in the morning.  It is important I find it for all sorts of reasons.  I also have some other jobs to deal with as well and as the house is still upside down it is going to be a  miracle if I can locate it.  However I am going in, armed with intent to locate the rascals.

I am tired.  The cold weather is having its usual effect on me making me tired and aching.  It is dark in the morning when I go into work and it is dark when I leave the premises so I am hopeful we might have a little sunlight tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

I am having an early night tonight because of the tiredness and besides its very cold here tonight.  So time to snuggle under the blankets and quilt.   I intend being up and about early tomorrow as I am out early and there are some things that I need to do beforehand.  So no rest for the wicked.  The work will truly start when I get home.

There is an awful lot to do and I need to get into gear and into the groove.  Especially if I am to achieve some of the things that I have on my list.  I also need to get in gear for getting things sorted out to put in the attic.  Hopefully we will get the flooring done at the end of the week.  That will help a lot with space and I want to get like things packed with like so that they are easy to find.  I think some very large boxes will be bought at the end of the week into which to pack a lot of the decorations into and so that I can find stuff easily. I intend to have a schedule for each box listing the contents with a large label for outside of the box to denote what type or ornament resides within. There is a heck of a lot to do.  Some of the stuff could be done of an evening (like sorting and packing stuff and scheduling items) when I get in from work as long as I am not too tired and the bigger stuff can be achieved at the weekends.  Need to get to grips with lots of things.  It will happen.  I have every faith its just a matter of when!

I also need to have a look at some of the embroidery patterns I have already purchased and get the machine on the go.  I have lots of plans and have seen some patterns which I would quite like to have as well which could result if I get a wriggle on with some lovely presents.

Right am off to get an early night.  Hope all is well with each and every one of you.  You are all precious.

Also another welcome to quite a few new readers.  Make yourself comfortable there is lots to read and don't be shy.

Take care.



Delia's Classic Christmas Part 3

And finally part 3

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane or indeed found some new items to add to your own repertoire.

I also hope it is helping you get into the Christmas spirit.

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 17 October 2019


This morning started off as it usually does both of us in a scurry in an effort to get to work on time.  Just up down the road and round the corner we go past the junction to Thorpe Hall a superb old pile of a place that is in fact a Hospice a very special Hospice run by Sue Ryder.

There is a lot of parkland surrounding the Hall and this morning as we came round the corner it looked as though we had walked back in time and that the ghosts were coming out to play.  There was a thin stream of mist just surrounding the edge of the meadow and if I had had a camera with me it would have made a fantastic photo.  Unusually it was only in the one spot.  Most of the dykes and the river are in flood.  The river is more or less to the top of the bank at both the main river and the Electric cut.  so the earth is warm and is letting off steam.   The sun was out this morning on the way to work and I think that was part of the magic.

On our return journey home this evening, we have seen the mist start to rise again.   When we walked Missy this the mist was starting to gather off the land.  However I am grateful we have had no more rain today although it is chilly again.  If we keep having the damp weather I think the mist will be getting thicker.  I am feeling the change in temperature and have been for a while.  I think the heating will definitely be going on sooner rather than later.

We had a chicken curry this evening for tea which went down very nicely served with rice and Naan bread.

Right time to get ready for another day at work.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Delia's Classic Christmas Part 2

Here is part 2 of the series.  Would be rude not to publish it wouldn't it.

Lots of "food for thought" excuse the pun.

I am going to try and get as much as I can into the freezers.  I am going to have to source some more tins for storing Christmas cakes in and also bowls for Christmas puddings.  That's five of each to make thus far plus some fruit loaf.  Looks as though I am going to be busy.

Plus I want to get bread sauce into the freezers so that is done and dusted.  When fresh cranberries come out I also intend to make my own cranberry sauce with Grand Marnier in it.  Yum it is delicious.

So it looks as though the next few weeks are going to be a tad busy.

Last night was spent sorting some stuff out.  I was looking for some things which I still have not found and will have to have another dabble tomorrow.  Hopefully once the loft is boarded out a lot of stuff can go up out of the way.

Right time for bed said Zebedee!

Catch you soon.



In search of Pattypans

My user name for my blog i.e. Pattypan came from my given name of Patricia Anne (which I hasten to add I am only ever called when I am in complete dooh dooh! 

Someone when I was tiny called me Pat and I turned round and asked my mum who Pat was!  It is a name I never really associated myself with believe it or not.

When I was at school I was always called Pat or Patty despite protestations. My family and close friends have always called me Trish or Tricia), however for my blog it has been of use and gives me a whole alter ego!

However at the moment I am looking out for some more vintage Kitchenalia for use in the kitchen.  I am after some "pattypan" tins like the one I picked up from the East of England Antiques Fair for next to nothing.  I believe I am going to a small Antiques Fair at the weekend and so I shall continue to look there.  You never know quite what you are going to find. 

Especially as last weekend I found some lovely Kitchenalia at the Antiques Centre.  I am hoping that some of the items will still be available when I go back.

Will have to keep my eyes peeled as the saying goes as I really want some more of these vintage tins so that I can get a lot of the pastry baking out of the way with and into the freezer.  I also want to make cheese straws, vol au vents and other fancies made from puff pastry.  I also thought that I would have a go at some home made croissants and make a couple of batches and put them in the freezer uncooked.

So the latest mission is to look for Pattypans for part of my Christmas baking.

Catch you soon.



Countdown to Christmas 2019 - 82 Days to Christmas - Lace Snowflakes a little Crochet

These are not my photographs but from the beautiful blog below. These are just so lovely and I thought that if I shared you would just see how beautiful they are.  Even if you did not get time to make them this year then at least you stand a chance of making them next year.  I will if I get a chance make some this year and make more next year. They are so dainty and a touch of lace is always a beautiful extravagance. Once you have the links and the patterns you can pick up, start and make to your heart's content and this pattern is free.

The Pattern can be found here:

What a lovely make.

There are lots of beautiful patterns out there.

Something else to make your Christmas all the more pleasurable and making family heirlooms.

Catch you soon.



Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Rain Rain go away

It was lovely to come out of work this evening in the sunshine albeit very briefly however the locality has suffered badly from flooding.  The river is creeping up to the top of the bank and there are large sections of flooded riverbank. Orton Staunch is badly flooded too. When we have weather like this I always feel very sorry for the wildlife and the flooding really does disrupt everything.

It still feels as though we have more rain to come though and gradually the temperature is starting to drop of an evening as well and it has been very cold. The temperature has dropped again tonight. The heating will go on at the end of next week and I have a lot to do in a very short time.  Trouble is my time is more limited these days and everything appears to be rushed which is not my style at all. I like to prepare properly.  No peace for the wicked.  I just hope I did a good job of being wicked as it were!

I would just like to welcome all the new recent followers; welcome to Pattypan's scatty life. Make yourself comfy and grab that mug of tea or coffee.  You could be sat down for sometime.  You will be either bored rigid with my ramblings or find something that is useful (I hope for the latter) There is lots to trawl through going back some ten years or so covering a multitude of subjects but predominantly cooking and preserving based with a generous dousing of real life as well.  I am what I am, and make no excuses.  However I do love life, love people and do anything I can to encourage people to have a go at doing something new but always with a positive and loving vibe.

I am tired again tonight and it will not be long before I am wending my way to Bedfordshire.  It is a long week this week.  Up at 6:00am out of the house before 7:00am and not back home until about 5:45pm.  So it makes for a long day.  Am ready to nod off these days ever so easily.

This weekend am out with a friend on Sunday at this moment in time I believe it is a vintage fair in Stamford but plans could change.  I am out Saturday; and not this weekend (but the following weekend I am down to work Saturday again).  I therefore should have a day off during the week.

Right am off and upwards to Bedfordshire.

Take it easy everyone.  Catch up soon.



Delia's Classic Christmas Part 1

Thought this might get you all in the mood for Christmas.  This is not the original series but the revamp of it.  Would love to get hold of the original series as I have the original book that I  use year in year out religiously.  Strangely I never bought the revamped updated book.

Getting everyone in the mood for Christmas in this household is a necessary thing.  I am absolutely nuts about Christmas but about making it special rather than going OTT and subscribing to getting into debt to celebrate Christmas.  We learned many years ago that it was a false economy and we gradually got out of that catch 22 situation and have not for many years paid out on credit cards.  Last year was a particularly tight Christmas but it was Christmas none the less.  We did not buy each other presents but the special food we bought was our present to each other not that we went OTT as we did not.  This year will be no different.  However, next year Christmas WILL start for us on January 1st as I will start making stuff for next Christmas and I already have a few ideas to make stuff for a Christmas Fair next year whether that will be cooked items or sewn items.

I am aiming to get the freezers on again in the next few weeks and I shall make up a load of sausage rolls, mince pies etc. for the freezers' if necessary slipping in a batch here and there so that I have a "stock" of uncooked baked goods that can be cooked from frozen and enjoyed at their best.  For me it makes sense to do this as it means that my time limitations will be used in my favour and my time maximised.  So if basic stuff is out of the way with it gives me more time to play.

What gets you in the mood for Christmas?

Right must dash.

Catch you soon.



Whilst Mooching in Stamford

We had a good trawl around the charity shops.  Cancer Research had a lot of lovely new items in on Christmas decorations as did many of the others.  Here is the link for the Cancer Research website:

It is worth poking your head in to see what they have.  A lot of them are doing new items for sale in their Christmas ranges and they have a lovely selection.  I went into one of the charity shops and found a lovely wooden and painted advent calendar for £20.  Shall certainly look for that again next time we pay a visit.

We also nipped into M & S and they have their decorations out too.

I am afraid I am going more and more towards home made stuff much more unique and different although I cannot resist a decent set of glass baubles!

My mum when I was a little girl always had a ballerina with a golden crown with a yellow net dress which crowned the top of the tree.  She had silver card wings and was quite simple compared to those that are available today.  

This one here is very similar although I think this is a later model.  Ours certainly did not have the tinsel on or the bustiere top or the base stand.  However the pose was very much the same.  It was also a three quarters dress much more like a traditional ballerina's dress.  I thought I still had it as I had put it to one side but so far I have been unable to locate it.

Now that would be precious to locate now that so many loved ones are no longer here.  A proper link to childhood.

Did you have a fairy, an Angel or a Christmas star that topped your tree.

Love to hear from you.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)