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Sorting out some vintage glassware

 I love nice things and one of my passions is collecting vintage glassware.  I have a love of nice things from my Nan and my Mum.  Nan had a lovely China cabinet with all her precious bits in and my Mum did not have a cabinet but she had lots of lovely items out on display. My first ornament was as a little girl and for a birthday present from a friend I was bought the sweetest little China cat in a basket.  I still have that somewhere amongst all the other bits and bobs I have collected over many years. Some come from Charity shops, some were inherited, some came via Ebay, some were gifted. Some of the items in the following photos are only some of the items I have the rest are in other boxes so there are a few more to match up. There are four of the amber coloured Champagne Coupes. They also have an embossed gold design just under the rim. In the back of the picture on the left hand side as you are looking at the picture, are two of the smaller glasses. I later packed up two larger o

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