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Wednesday Pottering

Last night was the best night's sleep I have had for a while and it was a morning where I would have been quite happy to stay in the warmth and not have to get up. I set three alarms just in case I did not hear them and left the phone so I had to get out of bed. It was very chilly when got up and still chilly when left for the hospital.  Had to go out wrapped up to the nines to keep warm. Eventually got to the Hospital to see my Physio for an update.  Back again at the end of December.  Have been given some new and different exercises to incorporate.  A lot of the discomfort I am getting in the top of the shoulder apparently is directly linked to the fact that one of the Tendons has completely ruptured and there is damage to the other three (which I was not aware of). Do not do things by halves me! The initial difficulties I had with the arm going out to the side and being raised are not the issue at the moment. Movement is completely smooth as it should be. This time it is to do w

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