Sunday, 28 November 2021

It has been a Quiet Sunday

Very cold but very quiet. As I type this it is currently minus 1 so it looks as though it is going to be another very cold night.

We had a bit of a lay in this morning preferring to stay warm before getting up and having some brunch.  Neither of us felt like Sunday dinner so that will wait until tomorrow.  I have spent most of the day either on the computer, researching some recipes and I also have been stuck in the dining room trying to sort out a few more things and finding things that I had forgotten such as my pasta drying stand.  This will go on the top shelf in the cupboard under the stairs once that is sorted, but I have given it a good thorough wash down in any event. When it goes into the cupboard I am going to cling film it to keep it ready to use and clean for the next time.  I have pumpkin that I want to use up so making home made pasta  would be a good way to use it up, that and soup..

Washing up and drying up of other items that have found has also happened as well as cleaning the little oven in my main cooker and the top of the cooker; I have had the burners apart and given them a good scrub as well.  Will do the main oven and sides tomorrow. I do have to take the screws out of the window compartments on the oven to give them a good scrub down as well in readiness for Christmas.  OH might just have to assist with this part of it as I do not grip a screwdriver very well these days and I am a beggar at losing the screws.

The washing machine is currently on a boil wash for my tea towels as I seem to go through them at an alarming rate of knotts these days, however the house is going to be spotless by the time I have finished and super-organised so that I can find stuff that I have not located for yonks.  

I have also found some heart vine wreaths, large fir cones, Christmassy holly and cone picks to go with my Christmas items which are upstairs in the back bedroom and the box of plain fir garlands I have for decorating the front room. I have also found four medium sized Church style candles which will also need to be kept out.  I love candles in the winter months and especially around Christmas. I particularly love the Yankee Candle Ones as they are beautifully scented.

I ended up putting the winter door curtain up in the kitchen last evening as it gets so cold in there. It is a thick fleece one that I made myself and seems to do the job nicely.

I think I am going to have to sort the under stairs cupboard first tomorrow as I am finding more and more items that are to go in there and I am running out of space to store them in the interim, so despite my best intentions this will have to be done first and then I can clear everywhere else up and get the stuff put away. Goodness knows what I will find in there as the cupboard itself is a triangle shape with stuff pushed into the further recesses so that will all get dragged out for a thorough bottoming out.  

There is still a lot of kitchenware in the dining room (some in boxes) which has to go into the kitchen as yet. I have already decanted three very large poly tubs into the kitchen.  In fairness the stuff is all well wrapped and a good percentage of the items in the boxes are packaging. 

We are getting the new kitchen units delivered this coming Saturday as well as doors and new worktop.  I am therefore hoping that if OH gets them in on Saturday or Sunday that means that they will all finally be out of the way which will help a lot.  

It therefore looks as though it is going to be an early start tomorrow in any event to sort out the under-stair cupboard first.  This is where all my preserves are going and they are currently stacked up on top of the fridge in the dining room ready to be shifted.

After the under stairs cupboard is done I think I will also turf out the fireside cupboards as there is an awful lot of stuff to be sorted in there as well, and a lot of stuff such as my vases to go in there out of the way.

So it looks as though it is going to be a particularly busy Monday.  Well it will keep me out of mischief.

Keep warm and keep safe wherever you are.

Am off to do some more knitting.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

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