Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Tuesday (Yesterday)

 Was extremely busy and when I eventually managed to get into the kitchen and start work in there again.  I have lots to do and lots to catch up on, but as a result of working in the kitchen and trying to get as much done as I can, still no work on the embroidery.  Will get back to it as I do not want the lap quilt to "lay" without any further work on it.  As I have said from the outset, I need to get this completed as soon as I possibly can.  It is another early start tomorrow, as I continue with plugging along with the work that needs doing.  Once everything is spick and span again I can really start motoring on the cooking side again.  I also have the fridge to scrub out but that will happen later tomorrow in any event.

I am hoping that OH goes fishing soon.  I have a particular project I want to do whilst he is out of the way, which involves decorating and sorting the cupboard under the stairs.  This needs to be turned into a general store as it were as I have a lot of expensive kitchen equipment which is currently in the cupboards but this needs to be moved so that he stuff I use on a more regular basis can be accessed more easily.  It will also house some of my general equipment like vacuum, ironing board etc.  Once that is completed I can then tackle the fireside cupboard and turn that into a vase, preserve and drink storage area. I also need to get that equipment out of the kitchen first, in order that the next stage of the kitchen project can progress. Well that is the plan in any event.

I must say that the fair weather today has been a boon.  On checking the weather forecast another similar day is predicted for tomorrow.

So tomorrow will be very much a repetition of today apart from the fact that I have  load of washing to sort out and get dried as well.  Going to be another early and busy day.   Think OH is proposing to go t the caravan to do some more work on it tomorrow.  I might whilst he is out also have a quick trip to the charity shop to have a look.  It is absolutely ages since I last visited (like so many) and perhaps the thing I have missed the most.  I also have some bits and bobs for them.

Last night I also managed to sort another bag of miscellaneous items in the front bedroom.  Intend to try and do this and get things sorted little by little that way on things hopefully will not overwhelm me.

I must say that the sun has been creeping through very gradually and the birds have been singing their hearts out this morning.  It is peaceful at the moment despite living in a busy City.

Catch up soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)