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A gentle day

Nothing much happening really, just plodding along doing a few things here and there.   I managed to fall down the other day and I am now sporting a 3 x 2 inch bruise on the top of my thigh. Not a pretty sight! Trouble is when I fall I fall heavy, and because I do not have much upper arm strength tend to fall a second time as well despite putting my hands out.  It does not help that my arm is not playing ball either.  Am waiting for an Ultrasound for that. In retrospect age seems to be no barrier as I was always a tumble tot with plasters always over my knees and when I fell my front teeth used to go through my bottom lip! Something that was remedied by a brace when I was a teenager.  All I can say is beware of low flying "Pattypan"! Tea tonight was supposed to be Cottage Pie. The something with mince. In truth I got absorbed pottering and did not realise what the time was and so we ended up still having a good tea,  This time a fry up with eggs, chipolatas, bacon for OH (not

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