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Playing Hooky

I don't know this is fast becoming a habit.  Was awake at 6:00am was checking my phone eventually nodded off again about 7:00am and was awake again quite a few hours later.  If I am awake early tomorrow I will be getting up. So today has not really been about anything in particular.  I have done some Internet surfing and then I set too and tried to create a meal out of nothing. We are getting to the end of the month where fresh veggies etc are getting low, and some of the contents of the Pantry have run out as well.  I had run out of a sweet and sour sauce So I decided to have a go at making one with what I had.  No real recipe just a little bit of this and that a lot of tasting in-between as well. Basically I had some Broccoli, carrots, red onion, some dried noodles a jar of my homemade Sloe and Crab Apple jelly (which is very plummy in flavour) but which I quite like, some white wine vinegar, three cooked chicken breasts, some mixed herbs, some vegetable bouillon, a tin of pineap

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