Friday, 30 March 2018

All Ready for Easter

Hot Cross Buns, Hot Cross Buns,
One a penny, two a penny Hot Cross Buns
Give them to your daughters
Give them to your sons
One a penny, two a penny Hot Cross Buns

I have some Hot Cross buns on the go as we speak, from scratch made by my own fair hand - we shall see how they come out.

I am otherwise all prepared for Easter.. No meat at all today.  We have fish for our main meal.  I have a bit of smoked haddock OH has a piece of Cod and mine will be cooked in milk with and then served with a poached egg and OH will have his gently doused in flour and fried served with a bit of bread and butter that should do  very nicely.

For Easter Sunday we have a leg of lamb which will be served with veggies although it will be cooked with garlic and fresh Rosemary.

Are you all prepared to celebrate Easter in your own particular way.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Collecting things

I have always had a penchant for pretty expensive things probably spurred on by the fact that my Nan had a tiny pretty china cabinet where she kept all her best bits of glass and china things that she did not want children to touch.  My Aunty was the same and so going frequently between the two households and the fact that my mum had a few nice bits and bobs as well it was something I was brought up to.  Something I have carried on over the years. 

In particular I love Roses I always have done so particularly the old fashioned roses that my grandparents used to grow in their garden.  Roses with lots of scent and I suppose indirectly my love of Roses has "coloured" my choice of soft furnishings and things like that. 

So every so often I treat myself to a bit of something to either go with something I already have or to start a new collection entirely and my latest collection is a high tea table set.  It is how I spend my pocket money apart from on my craft work but as I don't drink and don't smoke and everything for me is home orientated when I can it is good to treat myself.  It might only be a cup here, a couple of plates there for next to nothing but it is all part of me building something up out of nothing.

A few weeks ago now I managed to buy a six piece Colclough Enchantment china tea set six cups, six saucers five tea plates for a very good price (well under £30).  Since then I have added a couple of extra tea plates so in effect I have a spare.  this evening I have purchased another three trios so we are now up to a nine piece place setting only another three and I will have a full complement of 12 pieces which is what I was aiming for in the first place. Well that's nearly done that then.  Another three pieces on the way.  I also have two large cake plates to come that means I just need the milk and sugar basin and if I can locate it a proper tea pot.

So nearly a complete set.   Very chuffed. So that's the best tea service for Sunday afternoon tea sorted.  There is also a cake stand as well  - not sure whether it is an original or one that has been made up out of some plates but (think it is made up) but I do love a proper tea table for high tea especially when little sandwiches are displayed together with little tiny cakes.  Nothing grander than high tea with a nicely laid table and a pretty cloth and lots of tea.  I was lucky enough last year to go to a friend's for a birthday tea at the Orton Hall Hotel which is where my step-son married last year and that was fantastic.  I was also treated to a full high tea by my brother and his family for my birthday present which was also very nice.

Now to source some really nice cake knives and forks and I also have some pretty shell like fruit spoons which I would also like to add to.  I have some that I inherited from my Nan and a range of other cutlery that she gave to me but not a full set but more important to me because they are link with her and my Pop, and  memories of sitting down to dinner, or tea and celebrating quality family time. So I am going to try and match them up so yet again I end up with a 12 piece set.  For me a lot of the charm is actually collecting things up and making sets out of things just with patience, timing and not spending too much cash.  The pieces that I received from my Nan were pieces that she treasured and she wanted me to have them so that I could have a nice table.  When she passed I was left a little money from her and that is what bought my pine dining table and eight chairs.  So everything has a rhyme and a reason in my home overlapping generations, memories and usage.

So that is this month's treat completed.  I might buy a few more trio sets as spares in the future but will see how things go.

This is all part of the collection for the dream house part of my way of bringing things into reality little by little and it will happen one day I am determined to do that however Rome was not built in a day and creating something little by little gives me an awful lot of pleasure.

Catch you soon.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Catching up a little safe maintenance

I am trying to be good that is for me.  I am technically an owl who gets up when everyone is going to bed and I start doing things at odd times just getting stuck into things at will. However increasingly with working full time I am finding that every couple of days or so I need to be in bed that little bit earlier in order to let my body have a chance to rest and catch up. 

To tell the truth I have not been firing on all cylinders since the flu I had at Christmas and I think I am in the throes of starting another cold - I hope not  - also another reason for going to bed earlier for me.  T

he other reason of course is that I wanted to finish my book - but now I feel bereft until I get stuck into the next one.  That aside the other reason is that I do want to take things in hand is that with these flare ups on the health front that I am starting to feel like a little old lady (no offence to little old ladies - and perhaps not a good comparison) - I am not "old" and still have plenty of living to do but I have decided that I am going to have to help myself a little more.

I am not naturally a girl/woman (decidedly confused at times) who looks after herself.  I don't wear makeup preferring the more natural look and using what I have which in the greater scheme of things may not be the best looking but it is what I have.  I do not always use a moisturiser either - my skin only needs it every so often although with the weather being as it has been I have stared using a day moisturiser only Nivea (I find it does not cost the earth and lasts a fair while) nothing too expensive and that seems to work for me.  My father did not like makeup and when I was growing up the only time I was allowed to wear a little was if we were going out somewhere special.  I don't know why as my mum always used to put her tootie on before she went out the full works and I was always intrigued as a child but it is a habit I have never really got into.

One thing I did manage to do for myself last night was my manicure.  Just a simple one where I file my nails down and then rub them with a small piece of cotton wool with either a little olive oil or a little baby oil.  It helps the nails immensely and then I buff them up which gives them a natural shine. I like nicely shaped and painted nails but I cannot type with long nails so tend to keep them nicely shaped and simple.  Some of the girls have the gel nails and they look lovely but I believe that once you use them you have to continue using them which is something I do not want to be held too.  They look lovely but so can simple natural hands and nails and with typing my nails soon split (Vitamin D level I think) but at the moment they are good.  Tonight it will be the turn of my tootsies and my toe nails.  I also rubbed some baby oil into my skin last night - I have found my skin assimilates the oil much better although I do use body cream every so often as well.   

I knew rain was coming last night - so I took a couple of paracetamol before I went to bed to help ease things down a bit.  It is not a habit I want to get into but I think it is something that I will have to go with every now and then when things become too much (I have a high pain threshold like my mum so if and when I take meds things are not so good s I tend to use it as a last resort).  Taking the paracetamol has its downside but the other reason is that the flares are inflammation where the antibody levels are high in my system and this is when the damage is done to the joints and the soft connective tissue in its simplest form. I am more at risk during the temperature flares with the epilepsy and that is what I have been told to take sorts of kills two birds with one stone i.e. the pain and temperature which can trigger the epilepsy.  It has helped, I am going to have another couple before work but the downside is that yet again I do not feel like I am firing on all cylinders.  I could quite readily go back to bed and just sleep for England.  It is just one of those days.

I have been proved right with the rain again It has been raining heavily overnight, the air is damp and I feel stiff; it is still raining.  A grey horrible day where I will end up wrapped up to the nines to keep myself and my joints .  No wonder people are getting colds because it is that inbetween time where it is neither one thing or another.

One of the other things I want to do is increase my steps.  I want to get back to the walking into work which I have not done for sometime and I also want to start at the gym for perhaps once a week as I think it will help with tightening things up a bit if you know what I mean. (sorry if I am embarrassing any of you gents but it is a fact of life to me).

On a lighter note one of my favourite tongue in cheek poems is when I wear purple.  I always used to laugh at this as a youngster but as I get older the sentiments are becoming very very true.

Catch you all later on and hope you have a good day.



Monday, 26 March 2018

Monday round up

Very busy day at work again today - been a long day as I did not sleep too well last night as a result of the change in the clocks.  Am always the same when they mess around with things.  However was pleased to see the sunshine this morning and come home in a light evening.  Its been a tad colder this afternoon I was hoping not to have the heating on but have popped it on as I have become a tad chilly whilst pottering in the kitchen this evening despite moving about.  So on it has gone.

I had a very enjoyable lunch out with my work friend today it will probably be the last time we will meet for a fortnight because of Easter. We both ended up having scampi and sweet potato fries.  Went down very well so much so I was not hungry when I got in.  However OH was so I cooked him some butter chicken which he seems to have demolished all on his own.

Last instalment of my book this evening when I go to bed only a few pages to go and then I shall hunt out the other new books that I bought a couple of weeks ago.  If I really enjoy a book I am unable to let it go as quite often I will read the book again and again even though I know the story.  If there are not too many pages might do a row or two of the needlepoint as well will have to see how it goes.

OH is back to work tomorrow.  Am in the process of getting everything ready for him once that is sorted I can start to sort myself out a bit.  I need to sort my nails out and give them a good manicure and a bit of a soak in some oil and make the, look presentable.

I have decided that I am going to try and do some self-maintenance and get my skin a little more moisturised than it is.  The older I am getting the drier my skin seems to be although I do drink quite a bit of water.  I also need to do something with my hair as every time I wash it, it seems to have a mind of its own and despite using an anti-static/frizz solution on my hair it does not seem to do much to control it.  Time for another visit to the hairdressers me thinks.  

Right had better get a wriggle on if I want to get a little time to myself before bed.

Catch you soon.



Home Made Pantry Mixes - Vanilla Sugar/Vanilla powder

I have been researching making my own dried pantry mixes for my pantry shelf to make up in bulk and then use as I need them. I am very much an ingredients person in any event but I am aware that a little bit of extra stuff here or there is added in on a lot of pre-prepared products that are not necessarily required by the manufacturers/producers - not everyone but certain ones.   I am thinking about fillers and/or extra sugar in products that really do not need to be there.

Because I like to know what goes into my food because of the different health considerations of OH and myself and because I like to keep an eye on how much I was spending I decided that I would try some mixes out for myself and see whether or not that they have a place on my pantry shelf.   Because I work full time in any event I was also looking for a simpler method in which to organise stuff so that I did not have to mess around during the week.  That is why the home made pantry mixes appealed in the first place.  In an effort to make things a lot simpler for me.

From the limited trials I have made so far I very much believe there is. However there are always other considerations to take into account as well.  In our household we tend to go for quality and flavour more than anything else but I also consider cost too.  Sometimes things can be made relatively easily and quickly and cheaply and are "win, win" recipes but it is very much a trial of what works for you and your family and very much whether you will use such things in your cooking on a regular basis.  For some it will not figure but for others very much so after all we are all different.

In any event, for me it is very much a step further along the road to make my own staples from those ingredients I have to hand. Very much on the basis that I do an awful lot of preserving in any event.  This is just a different side to it.

However so many of us are now used to buying the stuff prepared off the shelf (me included) that we do not know how to make things from scratch.  My logic dictates that if you know how to create stuff from scratch then you can potentially if you have a good base store of ingredients make your own from scratch.  Not only will it be helpful on a day to day basis if you run out of stuff rather than have to go out to the shop to buy something that you may not necessarily wish to keep in the pantry.  Equally the more you try different things and use things the more you will be inclined to add them to your requirements for your pantry especially if those products can be made in bulk and  be used.  Its only by having a go and finding out what works for you that you will work out what is right or wrong for your family.

During my research therefore I was very intrigued as to what Vanilla powder was.  From my enquiries it very much is a lot simpler to make and use than I had realised.  Vanilla powder is the name given to Vanilla Icing sugar in the States.  To us it would simply be Vanilla Icing Sugar!  It is surprising to see how many things are given different names between country to country. However I have noted that on some of the sweeter dried mixes Vanilla Icing Sugar/Vanilla powder is used an awful lot.  For me therefore it made sense to actually make a batch of this up in readiness to use for further recipes but also because I will use it in home made buttercream for filling Swiss rolls with or actually whipping up with fresh cream and then adding fresh Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries, peaches etc.  You can even used tinned or bottled.  

I frequently make vanilla sugar - it is so useful in baking and when making custards or adding into cake mixes and indeed in preserving.  It is something I have made and use on a regular basis because a lot of the time I was not able to source it and if I did the price was exorbitant.  Vanilla pods for two at the moment are somewhere round the £2.50 to £3 mark and a kg of sugar ranging from about 70p to £1 per kg of sugar.  One vanilla pod and a kg of sugar make a large jar of vanilla sugar for say £2.00 if you just pop one vanilla pod into a jar of sugar then cover and leave for a month.  The sugar will be infused with vanilla - the vanilla pod is intact and you can reuse it in another jar of sugar or just leave it in-situ which is what I tend to do and the way I get the most out of the ingredients. (there are other methods i.e. blitzing in a food processor but the sugar goes a browny colour when you do this).

If I need a vanilla pod for home made custard then I just take it out of the sugar split it in half and then pop it into the milk for the pod to infuse after gentle warming for the basis of home made custard.  Remember so far you have only made one 1kg jar of home made vanilla sugar. 

Please see  my previous posts on vanilla sugar herewith links:

However, in reality I had not really thought of what we call Icing sugar (elsewhere perhaps known as confectioners sugar) being used in this way and perhaps missing it out as a result. It was only when I started doing my research that it occurred to me.

So with the second vanilla pod  why not make the Vanilla Icing sugar as well.  For around £4 you will end up with two 1kg jars of prepared sugar (One icing sugar and the other granulated or caster sugar). I use it in puddings, milk shakes (not much just a tad) vanilla vodka, with mixed fresh fruits  There are a lot of ways you can use the flavoured sugars.

There are lots of other flavours you can make too.

Catch you soon.



Sunday, 25 March 2018

Bit out of sync

Courtesy of moving the clocks forward.  Pleased for the lighter nights and more opportunities to be in the light -  will help with my Vitamin D Levels.  The new Vitamin D pills seem to be working that much better thank goodness.

I am always the same in the first week to ten days when the clocks "Spring forward" until my body clock adjusts. When its darker I tend not to get stuck into projects basically because I cannot see what I am doing.  Now to make the most of the lighter nights and step things up a gear.  Thus far I feel very much that I have not managed to accomplish what I had intended to for one reason or another so I really need to get a wriggle on as I am really behind.  Need some concerted concentrated effort to go in.  The Spring cleaning also needs doing.  I need to get a lot more organised especially on the food front but it will get sorted eventually.  Now is the rundown of the freezers in time for re-stocking with fresh items  in ready for next winter's stockpile and I certainly want to get the garden producing a little bit of stuff particularly on the salad front so that I don't have to buy salad leaves from the shop.  I am hoping in the greater scheme of things to eat a lot more healthily and to try and lose some pounds in the process whilst at the same time put down lots of good ingredients for the winter months and to get stuck in on the preserving a bit at a time.  Little tweaks introducing new to me things a bit at a time so they are part of a well-rehearsed routine and it becomes second nature.

Easter weekend is also the first main holiday weekend in the year with lots of families going away whilst the children are off school just for a few days. Once upon a time our lives revolved around the children's commitments and when you don't have children in the house you tend to forget the timings a little.  However I do hope the Beast from the East Part 3 does not arrive as when you go away for a few days you don't actually want to be snowed in or in a position where travelling is not safe especially if you are somewhere new.

Righ am off to potter.

Catch you soon.



There is a new season of Return to the Chateau on this evening at 8:00pm on Channel 4 which I shall watch and then start to get things ready for work tomorrow before curling up and reading he next tranche of my book.  


Well I have come up for air and decided to be a little bit sociable - have to show willing.  I am still not through my book but boy am I enjoying it.  I really love the way that she manages to weave fact and fiction together to keep the reader in the palm of her hand.  I have also read Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel is the final book in the trilogy. I am about three quarters of the way through Citadel.  A lot of the facts are historically correct in it and were qualified by a programme I saw purely by chance on the War in France and in Europe which really helped to put things in perspective for me and also being relevant to the book I am reading.  It more than qualified it.  What are the chances of that happening under normal circumstances.  I could have quite happily carried on reading but felt I had to come up for air for a while and then go back to it later on although my natural inclination is to carry on reading.
The sun has also risen today and put a different complexion on the weather completely after the rain of yesterday.  I have been badly stiff for the past few days - I think because of the rain and I am still stiff so I suspect we have more rain or cold weather to come.  Just stick me on a wall I make a very good barometer.

In the greater scheme of things I am glad that I have rested up in one sense.  I have been very tired and my glands in my neck are up.  Some of the girls at work have had colds but have still continued to come into work with them so my fingers are crossed that I am not heading for something.  The sleeping, the reading and the rest will help in the longer run.  Sometimes you just have to take time out.

I am hoping that the Beast from the East part 3 does not show up for Easter weekend as I would quite like to take advantage of the few days off work and get stuck in on some projects at home which will give me a clearer run at things.  Some jobs need longer than others.  The shed needs sorting out - I still have stuff that needs to go in there Kilner jars, Ball jars etc. as that is where i keep most of my preserving stuff.  I also need to give the shed a coat of preservative and I need a relatively dry day for that. I would also like to get the stone shed sorted out for all the gardening equipment to go into.  I will need OHs assistance with that though. As I have said before I also need to start tidying in the garden and getting planters sorted out etc.  It will happen but I do need that dry day or two which is not cold in order to achieve quite a bit in a very short time frame available.  Have to make the most of it all the way round.

Fortunately, now the clocks have changed will be able to get on a bit more of an evening when I get home from work as well which will make a bit of a difference.

Right off to get a wriggle on catch you later.



Saturday, 24 March 2018

Am in Deep trouble

With OH that is as I have had the temerity to read all day.  The new Kate Mosse book I referred to earlier in the week called Citadel.  I am only half way through it and I am enjoying it very much  OH hates it when I read as I become anti social and totally absorbed.  He will just have to get used to it.  I am not giving up my reading at any cost.

Its been a wet orrible day here in any event so I think I made the right choice to read especially with me being so stiff as well.  Sometimes you just have to do what you've got to do.

Catch you soon.



Thursday, 22 March 2018

Stress and Mental Health Issues

So sorry after all the posts from the last few days but I seem to have run out of steam this evening and am absolutely shattered. 

OH has not been too well with his Bipolar condition (formerly called manic depression) and it was work related issues which spun him off course.  Consequently a lot of  my attention has been geared towards him for the past fortnight trying to be supportive and drag him out of the depths of depression.  He is starting to come out of it but it is leaving me more than a little shattered from all the emotional support and input I have been having to do as well as work and try and keep things ticking over at home. He was in a right state initially and I was seriously concerned at the way he was presenting. Hopefully he will get resolution all the way round next week when he goes back to work.  His HR Section are well aware of the issues involved and of the person who caused the issues in the first place. He has been off work for a fortnight under a Doctors certificate during that time as well.  Fortunately we have a very sympathetic GP who OH can talk to.

It will be good when OH can go fishing again and chill a little bit however the weather is still a little too chilly for him.  I believe that he would go fishing Easter weekend if the weather forecast was better than it is at the present.  The Beast from the East part 3 has been threatened so whilst that is lurking I do not think he will go despite the fact that I feel he needs it more for the peace and quiet than anything else to calm him down.  So we will see how things go.

I had planned on doing things tonight but I just do not have the energy.  I have not even cooked and we have ended up having a Chinese for tea for a change. It will not be long before I am in bed. 

I have a new book called Citadel by Kate Moss which I started last night.  I have read her other books Labryinth  and Sepulchre which were brilliant.  I love her style of writing and the plot is often based on real life events or historical events.  I really enjoy her books as she weaves some marvellous stories so much so that you could believe that they were real.  The mark of a master storyteller  Reading as always, that will help me chill a little bit.

The other evening I managed to start working some of the background to the Briar Rose needlepoint as the cream Tapisserie wool arrived.  I was always taught that the wool that is used to cover the blank spaces was always known as grounding wool i.e. the main background colour.  It is quite fine work more like petit point but it seems to be working up well.  I am going to try and do a little each night to hopefully bring it on quicker and get it completed and into the stash ready for making up into cushion covers which is the plan for these panels of needlepoint and at the end of each day you have to play a little bit as otherwise it is just work work work.  I get a lot of pleasure with needlepoint as the stitching is rhythmic and soothing and I am producing something at the end of all the effort which is individual to my home.

I really am feeling the need to get out and get the garden sorted.  I am hoping that the weather is reasonable this weekend so that I can get out and do a bit of sorting.  Just being in the fresh air makes all the difference.  We did not get to the tip last week but we really need to go this week so that I can get the front garden tidied up.  I have not set any seeds yet and probably will do if we do not get a return of the Beast from the East and plant up in my mini greenhouses and get things underway for the new season.  I still have to source some paint for the mini greenhouses as the ones I have are a few years old and starting to fade and look past their best and then there is the one from my mum's so they could all so with a lick of paint to tidy things up.

I bought some new tubs (black ones x 4) yesterday oval ones for £2.99 each which are quite deep from B & M.  I have in mind to grow some veggies in them at the moment maybe two for salad and two for Strawberries or I may go and get a few more so that I can set a few more veggies for eating through the summer months which will be a lot healthier and less wasteful than buying in salad and then not using it up.  This way round will be the freshest and I will just be able to pick what I need.  I also want to get a lot of hanging baskets up with strawberries in and also tumbling tomatoes, nasturtiums etc.  Lots of plans - I have said before that I am aiming for a potager style garden in an effort to grow what I can.  So a lot of work as usual in the offing.  I don't really get chance to get bored as there is always something that can be done.  However sometimes you just need to sit and be still and that can be just as beneficial.  I have found that doing a little gardening or growing some seeds of the spring and summer month evenings is very therapeutic especially after being in an office all day.  So I am itching to get started in the garden!

Right am off to get settled and do some reading and then its an early night.

Catch you soon.



Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Decorations for the Easter table

Last year I bought several new bits and pieces for decorating the Easter table.  I have added a few more bits this year.  So far just actual decorations rather than mugs, egg cups etc. but I think some pretty pieces all the same.  I have in mind to make some bunting as well but am not sure whether will get enough time to actually set to and do it. I have the bunting pieces cut out just need to organise the backing. Would be brilliant if I could otherwise might have to make it after Easter and put it up in readiness for next year and I really want to pretty things up.

Anyway here are the few bits and bobs I have added so far.  Nothing fancy just a few bits.

Some faux eggs and little birds on nests

Some felt baskets for presenting eggs in on the table inn two different sizes two of each.

The last is a little carrier which is ideal for putting some eggs into although I also think they would be ideal for organising sauces and the like that are in use to keep them all tidy and together just as they are on the pantry shelf.

Have any of you added a few bit and bobs to decorate your Easter table up with and if so how have you prettied things up.  Look forward to hearing from you.

On another matter......

The first batch of my backing wool has also arrived for my needlepoint and so I started working on one of the pieces before I went to sleep last night so a start has been made. I did about an hour's worth before I went to sleep last night.

Right upwards and onwards I have another busy day ahead.

Catch you shortly.



New Kits to join the stash

Just a few of the kits accumulated for when and if I ever retire if not before.

Maggie Gee's Hedgerow Honeysuckle (although it has dog rose in it too)


Vintage Transport tram

Dream cottage

Country Diary picture frame kits

Watercolour still life of a bowl of flowers (this is a Chinese kit so I think will be interesting although the canvas is printed in colours.

All our Yesterdays Ladies Bathing Huts


Cottage garden flowers

Winter Trellis Cushion Kit by Design Perfection

Another Rowandean kit

And another one

An Afternoon stroll 

A part finished tablecloth with Morning Glory on it.  It is terribly pretty.

Country Diary Poppy Spray

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Embroidery Charts

For many years I have collected in particular the Leisure Arts cross stitch charts and at one time their monthly magazines.  Then my source dried up in this country and for many years I did not see them.  However just recently I have been finding the odd charts to add to my collection (which is quite extensive in any event) on Ebay.  I have not paid very much for them.  You do have to be careful though as I have found a couple of people generating computer charts on A4 paper, nicely presented but you cannot read the charts.  On one in particular I thought it was an original chart so you do really have to be careful and read the small print.

Anyway here are a few of the new to me charts:

I have a thing about Angels.  The one below is a Leisure Arts Chart the ones below that are Lavender and Lace charts.

 I could not resist this one it is really pretty and like the others will take some working but I want to get really organised with this.

Native American Indian charts are also another love of mine.  I was looking for one that was not too complicated that I could make as a present for the OH.  He has an interest in Native American Indians as well.  I have several Native American charts including the traditional wedding blessing in the stash.

I was also quite taken with these Sampler designs I think that they could be converted to make a picture frame insert or two.  Would look stunning on some vintage photographs or indeed as samplers worked for family members.

I was particularly inspired by this Leisure Arts Afghan pattern it is really very pretty.

I have also picked up the following as well:

This looked such a lovely kit but I am finding it difficult to read the graphs which are computer generated so despite being a lovely picture I am not sure that I will be able to work it.

The Unicorn one is better but will still be a little difficult to follow

I thought this wildflower cushion panel would fit in very nicely with my Country Diary of an Edwardian lady bits and bobs.

I also have a thing about poppies and think this draught excluder is stunning.

Crochet has to feature somewhere along the line and this one is different and has been put in the pile of bits and bobs to work at some point probably utilising a lot of scraps.

And another All Our Yesterdays Chart

I also liked this footstool pattern.  Does anyone know where you can get hold of footstool blanks or indeed make my own?

And another Lavender and Lace one a trio of pictures.

That's it for now on the new charts to go with the rest of my collection.  I have at some point also to sort out a lot of crafting magazines when I can get to them.  Hopefully that will not be too long.  There are also the knitting machine magazines of my mum's as well.  Looks as though I am going to be busy for a long time coming.

Catch you soon.



Just a little plastic tub

Which arrived.  Not ostentatious just a small plain recycled ice cream tub but a veritable Pandoras box with some surprises in it. I had placed a bid on ebay for a mixed batch of embroidery threads which I won. That little ice cream box gave me so much pleasure when I opened it up as not only were there a whole host of threads there was a little embroidery hoop as well.   It was with the same satisfaction that I used to browse my aunty's button box that I gently went through this inconspicuous little gem.

The contents it was clear had belonged to someone who loved embroidery as not only were there the threads and the hoop there were a couple of prepared linen pieces with transfers already on with the vintage pattern and instructions for making embroidered cutwork mats.

This is what I saw when I took off the lid.

When I unfolded the paperwork this is what I found. It is really pretty.  I have been interested in cut work for a long time although have never tried any.  It looks as though I now have that opportunity once I have practiced a bit more.

Together with detailed drawings of the template and how to work it and also trace off further mats if I so wish.  That is what I love about the older patterns.

And then Irish linen transfer marked mats.  One is the cutwork cheval mats as illustrated above and 

the other one is Daffodils and other flowers also a cutwork piece.  It would appear to be more of a tray cloth/table mat but still very beautiful.

there was even a blouse trim/pillowcase transfer trim as well.

Over forty skeins of thread, some whole some part-used but a lovely mix of colours that will go well with the threads I already have to hand.

This latter pictures shows to Pearsall silk twisted thread.  I have never come across this before and found a heather, white, green and blue version hidden in the bottom of the box.  I may keep this aside and keep it with my vintage needlework bits and bobs.

Right upwards and onwards although I could linger going through this box for a little more time.

Catch you soon.



Meet the Moggies

  • Merlin (approx 18 months)
  • Squeak (approx 2 years)
  • Poppy (approx 16 years)
  • Tyson (approx 17 years)
  • Tinky (official name Clover approx 18 years)