Sunday, 21 March 2021

Sunday Potterings

 Not a very early start to the day.  Well to tell a lie it was I was awake at 7:00am but fell back to sleep for another three hours so you could say I had a bit of a lay in!

Since getting up have been pottering around in the house and done a bit of food shopping as well.

We had roast chicken for tea tonight.  The chicken from Stilton Butchers.  Was not too bad. Served it with plain boiled potatoes, shredded buttered cabbage, carrots, peas, broccoli and cauliflower.  Also cooked some whole garlic heads and had some of those all nice and gooey with the chicken as well as some roasted red onion and lashings of gravy. The bonus is I now have some for during the week.  I absolutely love garlic. I do not always do mashed potato as both of us like boiled potatoes that you can crush down with your own fork, which also soaks up some of the gravy and has a bit more texture.  This is how my Nan used to do potatoes for the best part and my mum the Mash!

Needless to say that it has gone down very nicely and was tasty. Sometimes simple food is the best.

I am having a night off from the embroidery tonight.  It was late when we had tea and I have a programme that I want to watch as well.  So tonight is night off and I will return to the project tomorrow night.  I have been very good working the project every night.  I feel a little guilty that I am not working it.

However I do want to have a look at some of my books so shall be browsing through them.

I must get up early tomorrow as I have a lot of housework to do,

Right am off to look at my book.

Hopefully you have all had a lovely day.

Take care

Tricia x

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