Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Oh what a beautiful morning....

 .......oh what a beautiful day in the words of the song from Oaklahoma.  

The weather for the time of year has been absolutely glorious even I have ventured out in the sunshine for vitamin D and without a coat.  I am hoping the weather continues for the rest of the week then I will be able to get into the garden.

Sadly today I have other tasks that take precedence but it is not for the lack of wanting to get stuck in.  I am housebound today unfortunately.

We went off to the tip to get rid of some old TV.s and computer screens as well as loads of cardboard from recent deliveries.  We got to the tip and it was our turn to go in and we were told that they were closing the tip as there were just too many people inside.  We therefore chose to come home and will go back a little later.

Very frustrating but it is how the cookie crumbles. 

We were greeted by a very unhappy Jack Russell.  She does not like being left, but we chose to leave her today for practical purposes.  If we go anywhere without her she tends to "cling" to us when we do return.  We think she has some kind of attachment disorder as she does get into a right two and eight if left.

This afternoon I did a little sorting in the garden.  Rubbish sorting, and got a lot of stuff sorted out.  Tomorrow the procedure will be repeated.  

We also paid a second visit to the tip.  Successful this time although still very busy.

We have a load more stuff to go and so are planning on an early trip to the tip to get rid of as much as we can tomorrow.  If we have to go again later in the week so be it.  It is slowly dealing with an issue which is gradually being resolved little by little.

My fruit trees were unwrapped today and they are budding.  Still waiting for the other trees to arrive.

This evening I have been doing more embroidery.  Have completed another motif in the second red colour and things are moving along nicely.  The weather forecast for tomorrow is meant to be good like today has been which I am pleased about after that though tiz meant to get colder again.

Right am off for an earlier night being as am up early in the morning.

Catch you soon.




  1. I am impressed by you taking a lot of stuff to the tip. Would you come over to my house and remove some stuff? Just kidding, I am doing well decluttering but there is always more. It is in the 70s here and a delight to be outside, as you mentioned.

    1. Hi Terra, if you lived nearer would help you out. Really cold here again today and we had snow showers that did not settle yesterday. Glad you are nice and comfortable. I have blue fingers again! Take care and keep safe. Tricia x


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