Friday, 26 March 2021

Bit Better

 I have been a little unwell for the past couple of days but am now a lot better than I have been.

Today has been more normal, but as a result of being unwell, I have not carried out any work on my embroidery for the past two days.

To make matters worse, I have had a flare of the fatigue which I frequently suffer from as well as some other issues and so in reality have not been able to do much but rest.

Today I have taken things easy again, and I cooked a meal fillet steak with all the usual trimmings.  It went down very nicely but I could not eat all of it but that is the way the cookie crumbles.  Nothing was wasted I had assistance.

I did however receive a lovely gift from OH today.  He has bought me this dress ring.  He knew I liked Opals.  He has treated me to this lovely Opal ring.  It has purples, reds, pinks, turquoise, purple and gold tones in the stone itself.  I am extremely chuffed with this.

I am very lucky.

It will be another easy day tomorrow although I might nip into town as there are a few bits I need to pick up in relation to projects at home.

I will leave you with a shot of Missy, who has been in cheeky mode this evening.

Catch you all soon.




  1. I hope you continue to feel better each day. Your dinner looked delicious. That is a beautiful ring.

    Missy is looking very cheeky and ready for fun.

    1. Hi Susie, thank you. Dinner was rather tasty and I have been very spoiled with the ring which I love. Missy is always ready to play usually when we are shattered. She uses me as an A frame and perching point and play mate. Uses OH as an A frame and a trampet using his stomach to launch herself off! A bit of a character. Hope you are keeping well and safe. Take care Tricia x

  2. Hope you're feeling 100% real soon! The ring is absolutely gorgeous, and so is Missy!!

    1. Hi Lefting, thank you so much. I am very chuffed with the ring. I am also very biased when it comes to Missy. She is a lovely little dog though. Bought as a companion for OH when he goes fishing. However when it comes to play time with her ball she wants me as play mate and chucks the ball off the day bed if I won't play. A bit of a character. Hope you are keeping well and safe. Take care Tricia x

  3. Sorry you have been poorly but at least you listened to your body and rested up. Sounds like you've been doing too much. That meal looks so tasty.

    Missy has a cheeky face :) WHAT a corker of a ring - a proper knuckleduster. Your chap knows what pleases you anyway!

  4. What a beautiful picture of Missy, glad you're feeling better love fluffy

  5. Hi Fluffy, and thank you. She is a beautifully good natured dog unless you startle her when asleep when she is liable to snap. Hates being away from us and gets into a right state if we do leave her although sometimes we have to and then it is a con job to get out of the house without her realising. Hope you and the family are keeping well and safe. Take care Tricia x


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