Sunday, 1 February 2009

Troubled Times

On my way to our market yesterday dinner I encountered a chap on his own in a shop doorway asking if anyone had any change. At the time he initially asked I hadn’t any so was unable to assist. However what struck me was this chap was grateful that I had replied to him - so many had just passed him by as if he just didn’t exist. He was quiet and unassuming wasn’t at all pushy – whereas some are. What really got to me was that it could just as easily have been me that was brought to this sorry state as him. And it was a bitterly cold day. I feel the cold badly enough anyway and I have a roof over my head, but this bitter weather really does cause hardship to those that don’t.

Anyway on my way back I had some spare change about 70p – it wasn’t much but I passed it to him – at least it would go towards a cup of coffee.

What you say – why did you hand this out – because I felt compassionate; because that could so easily be me and I would like to think if I was down on my luck as he so obviously was that a stranger would pass on the same kindness to me. We never know what we are going to be driven to in order to survive.

We don’t know what is ahead – we cannot take anything for granted that could be so easily us – all it needs is a few things to go against you and the whole house of cards may come tumbling down. You don’t even have to do any wrong in this day and age.

Therefore be compassionate and if you can help no matter in how small a way please do so – many of us are so lucky compared to quite a few. Be grateful for your blessings and take care.

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