Sunday, 15 March 2009

2009.03.15 Angel Card for the Day - Love

The Angel Card for today is love. What is love. It is different things to different people and there are varying depths, colours and hues - therefore everything is not always black and white but also grey too. It is a form of self-expression and of sharing with no preconceptions just done with genuine feeling. It is a intention not to hurt anyone but to enjoy them for themselves. We do not choose who we fall in love with it just happens and it is one of the purest feelings there is.

Love makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside whole appreciated and wanted it can be a multitude of emotions all in one go. But there are different types of love and you can experience different kinds at the same time.

The colour of love is often referred to as pink or red; but it can be any colour you choose and which you identify with. In the rule of order with chakra's or energy centres in the body the heart is often green. But to me it has always been a soft fluffy pink.

Puppy love; love of a young person for another one of the sweetest forms but it can still be painful but is a great learning curve.

Unrequited love is loving some one from afar but not letting that other person know how you feel as somehow it would spoil the fantasy making it less than perfect.

There is love of one's mother, father, brother, sister nephews, nieces, grandaparents aunts uncles. There is love of one's fellow man.

There is forbidden love where you fall for someone who is not available because of existing circumstances the most difficult of them all.

There is passionate love where we dive in to a new relationship wholeheartedly and just enjoy the moment.

But the greatest of them all is unconditional love; where you accept the person warts and all and forgive any wrongdoing you just love them for themselves not for what they do. You love them body and soul.

There is soulmate love where the object of your affections is like the missing half of you together you form a whole and often are able to finish off each others sentences and often premeditate the reactions/behaviour of the other - in its truest form like mind-reading.

There are many other forms of love these are just a few.

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