Saturday, 14 March 2009

My Day today

Last evening I walked home as my partner had gone fishing. I enjoyed the walk and stretching my legs and hadn't realised just what flowers were out and about but spotted several clumps of primroses in the evening sunlight. However I was a tad sad as well as living in town leaves me feeling so disconnected from what to me is very important; the change of the seasons. I wish I was out of the town and back in the countryside. My mum lives in a village about 15 miles up the road from where I live; each time we go back there i feel like a chameleon and literally feel I shed several layers of skin by going back to my roots.

Today I woke early the sun was shining and I felt happy; sunlight always inspires me but I always have an upsurge of feeling as the warmer weather starts to arrive I think I feel the "sap rising". However the sunshine belied the weather today it looked lovely out of the window but the wind has been bitter all day so for the best part of the day I have kept to the house where it has been warm.

I have also checked out a couple of blogs that I haven't managed to get to for the past fortnight,and I watched Rachel Allen's Bakes which is a lovely programme for those of you haven't seen it and full of lovely tips to make things easier.

I did a little bit more crotcheting work to my blanket it is starting to grow I hope to post some pictures soon. I am calling it my "Rainbow" blanket I love the colours.

I have then set too and started to sort out boxes of old paperwork and shredding them to put into the recycling bin and also sort out all the my sewing stuff that has got muddled up in different boxes so am slowly sorting it out to get it all back together again. But it is time consuming - I have also done loads of washing and still have more to do. I have enjoyed my own company today its peaceful and I am able to think and just be and dream and be me.

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