Thursday, 9 April 2009

2009.04.09 Charity Shop Find

Since my other half lost his job last October we haven't had many pennies spare at all and any spare money has had to stay in my purse for emergencies and essentials. But today for the first time in ages I spotted a pretty china square cake plate with cornflowers all over it. It was love at first sight and was only £2.25. I am afraid I succumbed and been highly naughty but could you have resisted.

Its a cheap way or used to be of making your table look absolutely delightful; you can mix and match china quite easily I either tend to go for a pattern i.e. roses different styles or different colours and inter-sperse them with plain colour pieces as well. Trouble is you cannot always get brand new items that look as pretty or suit your pocket, so I for one certainly think that recyling like this makes more and more sense. Mix and match them with pretty glass cake stands or bon bon dishes in plain glass or coloured glass and you are going to have a table top that no one else will have because you have put it together with love. Then add a pretty tablecloth and knapkins and voila a table set for a king or queen.

I love pretty china anyway drinking from a tiny china cup is so much more feminine yet practicality tends to see us all drinking from large sturdy mugs.

And remember recyling items like this is giving them extra life and bringing back a charm of a long lost age and it will not cost you the earth.

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