Sunday, 26 April 2009

2009.04.26 My Day

I didn't sleep well last night courtesy of our new neighbours. They are a young couple but seem to spend most of their time watching television in their bedroom which is on the front of the terrace where ours is. There is only a thin party wall between the two properties. However they seem to have one of these big screen tv's on the wall in the bedroom and at 5 a.m. this morning it was still on full blast. And if it is not the television it is bump bump bump loud repetitive stereo on with what purports to be music. I think I am getting old. I love all sorts of music but this is not even headbanging stuff - just weird I wouldn't even give it the description of music!

So have been a little out of sorts today not feeling as though have been firing on all cylinders. Unusually this afternoon I went up and had a lie down and fell asleep. Trouble is when I woke up about an hour later I felt even worse than what I did before that will teach me to nod off.

Have done a bit of washing today but the best part of the day has been spent pottering around in the garden again. It has been a lovely day again in Peterborough. We are not far from the Nene Valley Railway and have heard the chug chug of the steam engines throughout the weekend carrying their passengers on the short journey down at Orton. The good weather nearly always brings the public out and about and the Nene Park is a lovely place to roam in nice weather as there are all the water sports associated with the River Nene and the boating race track as well.

Have sorted out the growing frames and planted more seed up today. Only small portions of flowers though not trays as don't want to be over-run with plants. Have sown some Snapdragons, Hollyhocks, Delphiniums, Nemesia, Morning Glory, Night Scented Stock, Dahlias, sweet peas, poppies, petunia, sweet williams and wallflowers. I am sure I have some Aquilegia seeds (Grandmothers bonnets) and lupin seeds and Pot Marigolds somewhere but I cannot find them at the moment. I have also planted some clematis seed a variety called radar love which apparently is a very quick grower and flowers within three months of being set according to the seed packet. I will reserve judgment on that until later.

I usually do my own hanging baskets and flower pouches and pennies permitting would also like to do these and small hanging baskets. I quite like doing these very therapeutic. Have seen an idea for a flower ball in one of the magazines as well which could be interesting.

I went up to the market the other week and they had six mixed plants for a fiver including geraniums, fuschias, traling ivies and nepetas so will have a look at those later on in the week. They also had some seed plants so might also be worth a look. We normally locally go to a plant centre called The Barn, which has a nice selection of plants and then of course there is always Wilkinsons. Saw some onion sets there the other week which were not too pricy and some Shallots and Horseradish.

When we went mooching the other week they had some heartsease in different colourways which were quite reasonable; there is the bonus that these can be crystallised to decorate cakes with a little gum arabic, rose water and caster sugar.

I am sort of attempting to have like a cottaqe border and then a veg/potager style plot with the emphasis being on veggies and/or useful plants to start with. Once the veg patch is cleared will then set peas, mangetout radish beetroot etc. We like our food and veggies in this household. No doubt I will make mistakes but that is how you learn.

I am also hoping to get hold of a couple of standard Marguerites - have managed to get these two years running so fingers crossed. I also want some French Tarragon plants and some Lemon Verbena plants. Mum has started me some Aloe Vera plants off - she has a large one and as I am always catching myself on the oven shelf so anything to soothe is always appreciated.

Have lots of ideas some of which are not practical for where we are, but I quite fancy a border of lavender along what will be left of the lawn as lavender is a good fly deterrent and can be used in cooking, and for making lavender sachets, etc. I am also hoping to have a go at doing some lavender and/or rosemary and bay standards - it is apparently easy enough to do with a little time and patience all of which I have tons of. Trouble is in the shops they cost an arm and a leg especially bay - but they do look so impressive - especially at Christmas.

I also quite fancy some roses - scented ones and fancy a rambler and some bush types - a proper cottagey/practical garden. Will have to see what we can achieve. And that's before we even start on the fruit side of things. Have set some Glaskins Perpetual Rhubarb seed - now that seems to have taken. Will try and sort the fruit out a bit at a time - practically speaking even if I get the bushes this year they are not going to fruit properly until next.

Have spent most of the weekend out in the garden and enjoyed the space and the freedom and fresh air. Last year I bought some solar lights and put them in the shed and forgot all about them. Found them this afternoon and they are now in situ in the herb garden and look quite good so am well pleased.

Well bed calls time for some shuteye.

Catch you all soon

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