Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Crafts Completed Part 1(a)

I thought I would show you some of the items that I have made to date.I am not an expert at crafts by any means but I have a go.

My great-maiden-aunt was a beautiful needlewoman especially when it came to crotchet. I still have some of her beautiful mats that she made. My Nan and my mum were always knitting and sewing as well. Mum used to make all my summer dresses and winter pinafores when I was a child and there was always a jumper on the go for one of us. I think back then people sewed out of necessity because they could not always afford what was in the shops.

It also turns out that my mother's real talent lay with embroidery. She had apparently started a tablecloth for her bottom drawer and had ended up leaving it at the family home. Her sister found it and mum told her that she could have it. Aunty packed it away in the drawer and forgot about it. About 20 years ago she found it and she and her daughter then completed the cloth between them and showed it to me. Prior to that the only thing I remember my mum embroidering was doing the smocking on my brothers nighties. Mum's work was absolutely exquisite. You couldn't even see the joins on the back of the cloth.

Mum has in recent months been fed up of an evening so I suggested to her to have a go at the embroidery again and supplied the bits for her including the transfers for her to play with. She has got into it big time but it is giving her a lot of pleasure. She has finished a couple of pieces (I haven't seen them yet) but just goes to show you are never too old to have a go. Mum is well into her seventies.

I am also a novice beader; I haven't done a lot of work - as since starting to learn this my eye-sight has deteriorated but I have done a couple of pieces and I will take photographs for you to have a look at. I really need to do this at the weekend when the light is better and I have more time to concentrate without interruption. Hopefully I will be able to get stuck into this in the summer months when the OH goes fishing.

I also like doing needlepoint which I can also sit at during the week.

I would really like to get my head around patchwork as well I tend to be a bit cack handed until I get my head round things - this will come in time and is on the list!

Here are a few photographs of some projects that I have already completed although they are not completely made up into the finished items. Some of the items are only small ones but mounted on a wall together they should have their own particular charm. I have an idea that I would like to utilise all the bits eventually. - I have tried to match and blend things so that they will all work together. Ideally I would like a room with some very large sofas and lots of cushions of different sizes with roses and flowers in needlepoint i.e. pinks greens, beige, reds mounted on pink/green or red velvet backing. I haven't finished them off because I would like the backings to reflect the colourways that I use in a room and am trying to leave as much flexibility and scope as I can.

Cross stitched knot garden design for pot pourri sachet

Cross stitch scene

Laura Ashley Patchwork cushion cover

Pieced patchwork top/basket lid

Cross Stitch Haw berry design pot pourri sachet

Cross Stitch Friends Wall Plaque

Crotchet Coaster one of 6

Cross Stitch Butterfly picture

Cross Stitch Flower Picture

Three small cross stitch pictures

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