Saturday, 18 April 2009

Good Morning

Good Morning the sun is out and invading every nook and cranny it can it speaks of warmth but at the moment the wind is a tad cold it still has that edge to it, but hey at least its cheerful. The wind is bobbing through the branches of the blossom trees at the bottom of the garden, the cherry, the elderflower, the lilac and apple blossom

I am hoping it will warm up a tad as I want to sow some more seeds today. First I have to do battle with a new cover for one of my mini greenhouses which should be interesting. No doubt the assistant gardeners will put in an appearance before I go into battle. My cats are very fussy and company orientated and still full of fun and very mischievous.

I also have the sheets whirring round in the washing machine and then to go out on to the line to have a good blow. Installs the laundry with such a lovely fresh smell. And clean sheets - its one of those things that cannot be bettered and is akin to new made bread.

I have eaten had a lovely home made breakfast of toast and marmalade. Nothing spectacular, but simple and everything made with love. I made the bread the other evening and although past its best for sandwiches and the like it makes the most yummy toast with lashings of butter on. I topped mine off today with home made Seville Orange Marmalade which I had made earlier in the year. It is dark, sticky and has the most wonderful tangy flavour. It is much more flavoursome than the bought variety.

I have over the years made various home made produce like jams and jellies but it was only due to the support and encouragement of the ladies on the forum at Creative living (there is a link to the web site on the side panel)that I had a go for the first time last year of making my own marmalade. I have since put Seville Marmalade and Marmalade on my make list every year.

What are you saying no I can't do that. Course you can. Go on dip your toe in and have a go at making some yourselves. Although Sevilles are now out of season you can make other versions like lemon or three fruit marmalade. If you need support and advice the ladies on this forum are some of the most helpful and friendly that I have come across thus far. Its well worth making a batch or two as you can always pass on any excess as part of a hamper for birthday or Christmas presents. Everyone always appreciates home made produce.

Well upwards and onwards housework calls and a woman's work is never done and all that.

Catch you all later on


  1. Pattypan, you certainly speak to my Taurus side :) Everytime I read your blog, I feel content and happy then I'm off to the kitchen to eat! :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth - I am a Taurean! I am glad its getting you into the kitchen though if only to eat. Food - my father always used to say when I was growing up that a way to a man's heart was through his stomach!

    I am glad you like the blog and that it gives you a sense of happiness - that is lovely to know. I just speak from the heart.

    I think food is very much an emotional thing for me too; I have always been rather well built as a result. We show our love and care to our loved ones through food; family occasions centre around food its always in there somewhere along the line whether it be a full scale banquet or a lasagne and garlic bread and friends round for an impromtu lunch. In a way its a celebration of life.

    Take care



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