Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kirstie's Home Made Home

I have been watching this new series on Channel 4 and I have to say I am charmed and everything Kirstie is recommending resonates well with me. Just because it is old doesn't mean to say that it has no aesthetic use or practical use. In fact I take a great deal of pleasure in picking up bits and bobs or small pieces of furniture for next to nothing even if they do need restoring. My Treasures as I call them. To me that is making something live again with a little bit of time and TLC.

The other part of it is that not only am I acquiring often beautiful and pretty pieces but I am also making a home with items in unique to me. You have probably gathered I love making things, cooking things and growing things. I have for years collected pieces of china and glass. Sometimes you can find very unusual attractive glassware for pennies and then I mix it all together. I am currently collecting pale green vintage glass pieces.

I would like more small pieces of furniture to do up - I have a Chinese style rosewood table upstairs as well as a small octagonal occasional table and chairs and stools to start doing up. I have also acquired a long stool which I thought was covered with sea grass. On cleaning it up it is yellow string, but it has cleaned up a lot better than I anticipated, although it needs another going over to make sure it is absolutely as I want it. I picked this stool up for £4. It is a little quirky as the front beam has an indent in it but I love it and its potential.

I will post further photo's as the piece is slowly restored.

If you haven't had an opportunity to watch the programme yet or want further information this is the link

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  1. Yet another similarity! I also shop second hand furniture and either leave it in it's shabby state or sand it down and stain it or just paint it altogether! Thanks for the link, have a wonderful day, Pattypan :)


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