Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I am a planner and a plotter and often if I have a little money left over will start purchasing the odd item here or there that I am going to need later on when trying out new crafts new skills or different types of cooking. I have little stockpiles for all sorts of things and it tends to go easy on the pocket doing things this way on. I also take advantage of multi buys or bogoffs on certain products as well.

This kind of practical thrift seems to have worked well in the long run as it means that when times are hard you still have enough stuff to get by during the mean times. I locate recipes for making anything and everything - when you don't have many pennies it works out cheaper to make your own things that is why I have reintroduced a baking day once a week and every so often have freezer days as well. I also take advantage of the cheaper food stores like Aldi and Lidl - they have a lot of good items that do not cost the earth so it pays to go shopping there first to see what they have and then if there are still items you require from elsewhere at least the basics are not going to cost you the earth.

I also use this method for purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables for making jams and chutneys and bottling produce as well. Keeping things like home made passata in the pantry can be the basis for a tomato soup, a pasta sauce or home bottled cherry tomatoes are lovely done with balsamic vinegar and served on toast or served with a hone fry. I don't buy frozen chips - I buy a sack of potatoes and do my own. I have some Mung Beans and intend to try growing these myself so that we can have a home made Chinese meal once a week. I make my own yoghurt. And if you can pick up a load of cream at a reduced price you could make your own butter. Add some chopped fresh herbs and you have a flavoured butter that can be stored in the freezer and then added to accentuate your meal. Every little thing you make the effort with pays dividends somewhere down the line for you and your family.

So for everything that you want to have a go at the plotting and the planning are very important too the completed item is the icing on the cake.


  1. I've always been like that too, and doing a bit of it now. I have decided, after a very long think, that I'm going to try my hand at sewing and am now starting to acquire bits and pieces that I'll need for my new hobby even though it will be weeks yet before I even have a machine! lol

    When it does arrive, I'll be ready to dive right in and give it a go. Starting completely from 'scratch', knowing nothing so should be interesting :-)

  2. If you just take your time and find your own way round things it will come; just remember that every piece you do is made with love and you will make mistakes but that is what makes it your work and helps make it unique. You will get better each piece you do so please don't get despondent if things don't go right. If you get stuck yell and I will see if can assist. Don't know everything but I know people who do.

    Take care Kadeeae


  3. Aw, thanks for the offer, I appreciate it. I'm sure I will need help along the way, but am determined not to become too frustrated. I really want to succeed at this as I have so many things in my mind I'd like to make when I have some experience under my belt.

    And it will be a completely new experience, made on thing about 30 years ago and that was a disaster, but I was young and gave up. Not this time :-) Thanks again


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