Sunday, 21 June 2009

2009.06.21 My Day

The longest day - Summer Solstice greetings to all of you who have celebrated this special day the wheel has turned yet again we are now on new territory; where our hopes and dreams and our reality will change as will our perspective. Let your journey be a learning one done with love and compassion.

My day started with browsing my blog and preparing some posts. I had spotted two ripe strawberries last night on one of my plants and I thought that I would give OH them tonight. His worship had been nosing and came in with one each - and it was lovely. Ok small reward - haven't been doing this gardening lark long but I can honestly say that I am getting an awful lot of pleasure out of it and am now starting to harvest a little. My courgettes plants have baby yellow courgettes on them. They are planted up in pots. My mixed salad leaf trough is ready for picking as is my cress. There are a few strawberries yet to come. I am only a novice gardener but am very chuffed with what have done so far.

I have had a busy day today, but it has resulted in a lovely meal so it has been well and truly worth it. What have we had - well we always have Sunday lunch in the evening so that we can make the most of the day and get as much done as possible. I do like Sunday lunch mid-day but it is not always practical for us. Sunday lunch the most important meal of the week as far as I am concerned. We have had roast lamb stuffed with slithers of garlic and it was absolutely delicious. To accompany I did roast potatoes and roast onion, new potoates, cauliflower, carrots, peas, runner beans and gravy with mint jelly and it was absolutely scrummy.

Its ever so easy to stuff a leg of lamb with garlic, just cut some slits in the thick of the meat. I used today about two cloves of garlic cut into about three slices per clove, then cut in half again and then slipped into the slits in the thickof the meat. I then added fresh rosemary leaves, a drop of water in the bottom of the pan to start the gravy off with the meat juices; wrap in foil and then cook at gas mark 5 for a couple of hours. Take foil off about half way through to let the meat brown - keeping the foil on to srart with helps keep the meat tender. Its one of my favourite ways of doing lamb.

Well for pudding we have had gooseberry fool and it was absolutely delicious. Its ever so simple to make.


About 1lb of chosen fruit
1 Normal sized tub of double cream
A little sugar


I put my gooseberries into a saucepan with a little sugar and a little water, not too much as I wanted the tartness of the gooseberries to come through. I then simmered for a little while on a low heat until the berries started to crush. I then took of heat and pressed the fruit with the back of a sppon. You don't have to cook the fruit you can simply crush it under normal circumstances.

Then in a separate bowl whip up the cream in a bowl. I used a metal balloon whisk to do this gently and a little at a time, until the cream is really thick, and its consistency is gloopy.

Here it is at the start

And after whipping

And after combining the rough gooseberry puree

And here it is in its glasses it fills four half tumblers, which I added a little spot of the puree into the top of each glass. I then add clingfilm and put all four glasses in the fridge to chill.

I have also put some flowers for drying rose petals and blue cornflower - see separate post.

Later on this afternoon after the heat of the sun had died a little I have been out and started to dig the side border in the garden. I have only done a little way but have managed to get no end of twitch out of the soil so the new plants when I get them planted will have a chance to thrive. I would rather spend the time and get the rubbish out now than to have it all sprout back into life and cause even more of a problem, but it is tiring work. Never mind the exercise will do me good. Intend to carry on tomorrow evening if the weather is okay.

I have also managed to get all the washing done and dried out on the line - it has been a super drying day.

I have also watered up; at the moment I am having to do this by watering can but hope to get the hose pipe sorted soon which should make things a lot easier.

Ah well soon be bedtime.

Take care everyone wherever you may be


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