Saturday, 4 July 2009

Come Walk with me

Come walk with me my friend a little way
To keep each other company as we travel on our paths each day
Through thick and thin through strife and many problems all untold
Its the depth that varies, not the thickness nor the fold

To smell the roses, love the light and dance the dance
Be it a waltz a quick step or a quick romance
There are days that are happy, full of smiles and grace
Where sun shines lovingly and fleetingly upon your face
A grin that glows and spreads panoramically from ear to ear

Then there are days of gentle summer dripping rain
Trickling, till puddles form again
Or sunny soothing warm enchanted days
With brilliant sunsets in the sky beautifully displayed
Or gusty winds that gather speed apace

Whether it be on a country path or polluted city road
Or through a wood, or bending river or the lode
Or lightning and thunder completely in your face
Its the journey that defines who we are and what we we face

Not the objects or scoring points or causing strife
Its the lessons that we learn that define our fate.
We remember, learn and then hold onto someone else's hand.
It offers comfort and support and strength of mind

So come dear friend lets share and pass what time we have
And make the most of opportunities that come our way then pass
And to love each other for our good points not our bad
To do any other would make me sad.

A Warts and all friendship where we don't have to explain
We are loved unconditionally for ourselves not state of play
So come dear friend, walk a little way with me
As our walk takes us near and past the sea
Where the shell bleached white it rests on the golden sand

In the distance the dolphins and the porpoise play and have such sport
And the waves gently break, on the golden sand
Where the sea horse runs not walks.
So come dear friend walk with me a little way
For tomorrow we may not pass another day


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