Tuesday, 9 June 2009

In Memory of my Father

By the day it is a year today (Monday) that my darling father passed away. By the date tomorrow (Tuesday) is the actual day he passed. I miss him terribly (as do my mother, brother and his family (especially my two nephews who he absolutely idolised) and I cannot believe it is a year since we lost him. I miss him terribly but I often feel him around me - strange, but true. I think that is why I wasn't able to grieve for him like my mum and my brother - I was looking after them but I could still feel him - he is never that far away.

I feel things - even other's pain as I am an empath too. Although I cannot always express what I feel to others, I do feel. My Dad was one of the few who understood me and was able to get past the defences. As a child he used to reason with me and spend time with me - sometimes it would take him six hours or more but he would press on and make the point that needed to be made. The worst thing for me is not being able to hold or hug him; but I know he checks in every so often to make sure everything is okay - especially when I am feeling a little low like today.

But my dearest father would not want us to be morbid - he lived his life to the full and still had a lot of living to do when he was taken too soon. He could not bear waste of any kind and would want us to move on and carry on developing in spirit and
in life. Each of us touches another in this life's journey - we don't always see the imprint or the help that has been given as we don't always know who we have helped.

People come into our lives for a reason sometimes they stay sometimes they go sometimes they pass but always with love - it is their love we remember as they move into the light.

Until we meet again - dearest dad

Your loving daughter


  1. How blessed you were to have such a wonderful father in your life :)

  2. Yes very blessed he was such a special person - the life and soul of any party he was well loved and a very kind gentle sensitive but underneath a shy man - he wasn't perfect - I used to tell him he fell off his pedestal years ago and that I loved the warts n all dad - he used to chuckle.

    Take care and enjoy those special people in your life



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