Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mint Recipes 2

I have that many favourite recipes for this very lifting herb I couldn't resist sharing a few more of my favourite recipes. After all it would be sacrilege not to take advantage of the new seasons bounty, and especially to put some ingredients up for use in the Winter months and at Christmas i.e into your own very special Putdown whether that be by storage in the pantry, in the freezer in a chutney; after all they say variety is the spice of life and it also helps tickle the tastebuds.

It is also lovely to breathe in the aroma from a freshly picked bunch of mint it seems to restore the soul somehow.I can never resist taking a deep breath and breathing the full aroma of the mint in. Very relaxing.

New Potatoes and fresh mint

I boil new seasons potatoes and then about ten minutes before the end of cooking I add a couple of sprigs of mint to get the maximum amount of flavour. I then drain, add a knob of butter and serve. One of my favourite ways of serving new potatoes.

Mint Raita

Chop up the leaves from a couple of mint sprigs very finely and add to a pot of yoghurt. Serve with a curry it helps calm and cool the heat from a hot curry and is very refreshing.

Mint Sprig Ice Cubes

Collect small mint sprigs and put into individual ice cube holders, fill with water or fizzy water and then put back into the freezer to set. Then in the depths of winter you can produce these fancy ice cubes for insertion in drinks or a punch for a party.

Chopped Mint Cubes (for use in the winter months)

Chop the Mint leaves after stripping them from the woody stem and chop very finely then place in individual ice cube trays and top up with a little water. Fresh mint sauce in the depths of winter. I only use one for the two of us but obviously you add more cubes to the size of lunch party you have. I reconstitute it with a little sugar, white wine vinegar and water.

Ever seen those lovely bunches of fresh herbs on the market stall then here is one delicious way to use a mint bunch

White Chocolate and Mint Mousse

4oz good quality white chocolate
8 tablespoons single cream
A bunch of mint leaves
4 eggs separated
Fresh sprigs of mint or frosted mint leaves to decorate

Gently and carefully melt the chocolate on the top of a double boiler or a bowl over a pan of simmering water or a chocolate pan/sauce machine. Then whilst this is melting at a low heat set the cream into a small pan with about 8 mint leaves and gently warm it, Remove from the heat and leave the mint to infuse in the cream.

Stir in the egg yolks into the melted chocolate, Whisk the egg whites until stiff. Remove the mint leaves from the cream and add the cream to the chocolate mixture. Stir well then fold in gently the egg whites.

To serve spoon into individual glasses and chill for two to three hours. Decorate each serving with a sprig of fresh mint or frosted mint. Serve with crisp wafers or home made biscuits.

Sugar frosted mint leaves

To frost dip leaves in egg white or paint on with a small brush shake caster sugar over and leave to dry for at least two to three hours placing them on a rack so that the air can circulate all the way round.


  1. That white chocolate and mint mousse sounds fabulaous. With new potatoes I not only cook them with sprigs of mint but I chop several mint leaves up and add with the butter so that they are coated in mint as well. You can never have too much mint as far as I'm concerned:)

  2. The mint mousse is nice and light Rowan - I like the idea of the mint butter will have to try that one. Thank you


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