Friday, 12 June 2009

Thank God Its Friday

Whoa what a week and the past two days have been absolutely barmy at work. I have been "it" secretarial wise being the only one and secretary in and yesterday I had three fee earners to support today two. I haven't stopped typing both days running - my poor little digits ache quite badly. Oh well its just the depth that varies.

Well its been an interesting week; one of the fee earners has just become a grandmother for the first time when her daughter gave birth on Monday to a lovely little girl who has been given the name of Skye. So she has been off work; Another of the secretaries has been taking final legal exams - if she hadn't she would have qualified but she flunked it last year and is now on holiday recovering in Turkey;the other girl is part time anyway - she lost her mum about three weeks ago very suddenly and is a young mum herself. So its all been a bit harum scarum.

So I am very much suffering Thank God Its Friday syndrome. Have just watered up all the plants and have awarded myself a glass of wine which I am now sipping. Its been a beautiful day here and a balmy evening. Its just nice to sit in the quiet as day turns to night and just breathe. I like this time of day watching the stars gently appear in the night sky as though someone is pressing a light switch and they are slowly pinging on; same as I like first thing in the morning around the dawn when the sun peeps in from behind the clouds and gently bathes this world of ours in gentle golden light. Trouble is weekend days go far too quickly and it is soon round to Monday again

Have a good evening folks - wherever you are and whatever you are doing

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