Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Cheese, Pickle and Biscuits

I love cheese and biscuits, the stinkier the cheese the better. My mum is very responsible for this as whilst she was carrying me someone mentioned a cheese called Gorgonzola> Mum had never had it before but she suddenly developed a craving for this and had to have some. So I was innoculated from the first with stinky cheese.

Needless to say when Mum found out that she was carrying my brother it was early days and being superstitious she didn't tell my Nan until she was sure everything was okay. Well that was the intention, because mum developed a craving for Gorgonzola and my Nan took one look at her and said not again. She knew.

Mild cheese is not an option in this house - it has to be strong and have flavour.

Well cheese and biscuits is a common repast in this household, or a ploughmans or cheese sandwich served with a lovely crispy apple and a bit of chutney. Even the cheese is served with chutney or relish on the crackers - sometimes even a fruit cheese, although I have still to get to grips with making these. The last time I had a go it spat at me and burnt me quite badly.

I also serve leek relish or onion and garlic marmalade with the biscuits and with goats cheese - very moorish. We love our cheese and all the bits and bobs that go with it. Believe it or not a teaspoon of relish or chutney on top of the cheese and cracker really does bring the flavour out. I also serve fresh fruit such as grapes, plums and pears oh and of course the celery. Go on have a try it does pep up.

Oh I nearly forgot - you must have Pickled Onions - especially if serving Pork Pie as well.

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  1. Okay, you've made me hungry...again! :) One of my loves for England is the food and way of eating, it all agrees with me. My Brit ex-husband introduced me to 'proper cheese' while there, meaning not a weak, American cheese and I fully agree. I love cheese and had tried the best cheeses while over there and the ploughmans lunch is a favorite I still eat here. Although to buy imported British cheddar and Branston relish costs a fortune :( so it rarely happens. I'm trying to get over it, haha!


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