Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lakeland Alert

Just to let you ladies know Lakeland have added even more items to their preserving range. I popped into our local shop in town on Friday and they now are selling Kilner Preserving jars and seals and also two different types of bottle for storing home made ginger beer a massive set of 9 and then the standard sized bottles with the proper spring lids. They also come in wooden carrying crates. They are approximately £30 a go maybe a little cheaper. They are obviously for the autumn catalogue. They are going to be ideal for making homemade cordials, squashes, home made liqueurs, ginger beer, apple pop, apple cordial. They are a little expensive but for the quantity I think it is a good buy from what I have seen on the Internet. So it may well be worth the investment because once you have these bottles you have them for ever unless you break them. I am a afraid that I am a little sad as I spot jars and bottles which are a useful size or slightly unusual and then save the bottles and seals and recycle them with my own produce in as the variation of bottles etc is not always there.

I was one of the early converts to the Tefal Jam pan which is wonderful for making small quantities of jam whilst being able to get on with something else at the same time. With the set of this you get the Mamade Type jars thick stocky ones and they are ideal for jam and ease of pouring the produce into. I have been in touch with Lakeland about this but they have no plans to add to their list at the moment. Seems a little odd providing things like this with equipment and then not being able to get it. But the only way that you will end up with the items that you want from them is by pestering them with emails. I have done the same thing with regard to a canner as this is something that I would really like as well.

I have also used the sauce bottles from Ascott and they are also very good, not just for sauces but for smaller bottles of cordial too and for storing home made fruit vinegars in. You only limit yourself with what you do with things.

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