Monday, 13 July 2009

Sweet Smelling Gifts

Earlier on I posted about collecting ingredients together to make your own home made pot pourri etc. At that time I asked my lovely mum if she would mind collecting any dried flower heads from her garden, particularly the roses. Tonight we popped over to see her for a little while - didn't tell her we were going and surprised her. Bless her she has done as I asked of her she has been collecting the flower petals for me and drying them as I asked and tonight I have bought two jars of dried rose petals home with mer. I am rather chuffed as when it was my parents' 40th wedding anniversary I bought them a Rose for the Garden called Ruby Wedding. It has been a prolific flowerer ever since and it is this rose's flowers that make up the bulk of the petals.

On an even more romantic note, my Grandfather George (mum's dad) on the day that my mum was born he was down at his allotment and brought back a huge bunch of red roses for my Grandmother Dora, and being as she was born in June, mum was called June Rose.

But that is not all I am sat next to a lovely big bunch of lavender which has dried in mum's conservatory and it smells absolutely gorgeous. I am definitely going to be making some lavender bags, to slip into my undies drawer and to keep the sheets sweet smelling in the airing cupboard, and I have a recipe for soap so I think some lavender oil and dried lavender soap is on the cards too.

I consider myself doubly blessed. What a lovely gift.

Thank you mum - I know you pop in from time to time.

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